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35 Easy Valentine Crafts for a Romantic Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner which means it’s time to break out the roses, chocolates, and crafts.  Although roses and chocolates are very much appreciated, there’s nothing better than gifting something homemade. Show your loved ones how much you really care by creating and giving a homemade gift. 

 Easy Valentine Crafts

Alternatively, DIY home decor is another great way to get into the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Fill your home with beautiful, unique, and handmade decor this season. 

We’ve organized a list of easy Valentine’s Day crafts that are completely doable for all ages. Whether you need festive home decor, homemade gifts, or any other love-themed item, we’ve got you covered. 

Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts 

Whatever your plans may be, we’ve compiled a sweet list of 35 romantic crafts that will definitely spice up your day! 

1. DIY Candle 

Valentine candle

This simple heart-themed DIY candle is the perfect way to set the mood. You can use this candle as a table topper, centerpiece, or even bathroom decor. Check out the instructions here

2. DIY Tassel Garland

Tassel garland

If you’re going to be hanging around this Valentine’s Day, this easy tassel garland acts as a wonderful decoration. This unique and easy decor item won’t take longer than a half-hour to make and you only need yarn, twin, and a couple of other supplies.  Head here to snag the details! 

3. Valentine Wall Decor

Hanging heart wall decor

Create a cute little heart to hang on your wall. The instructions and materials are so simple. Grab some pipe cleaners and red string because this is the perfect craft to do with kids. Find the info here!

4. Love shirt

Love sequin shirt

We’re LOVING this adorable sequence shirt. Upcycle an old or new shirt for a charming look on Valentine’s Day. You’re only going to need a few materials like sequence, scissors, and a thread and needle. No sewing machine required to rock this love shirt. Find the instructions here

5. Valentine’s Day Creature

Paper valentine's creature

Here’s another craft that’s excellent for kids. Not only is this creature cute and easy, but it’s also very customizable. Your kids will have a great time using pipe cleaners, paper, and yarn to put this little guy together. Instructions can be found here

6. Paper Flowers

Paper flowers

These Paper Flowers would look great on a mantel. They are so easy to personalize to match any existing decor. You’re going to need some tissue paper, construction paper, and a few other household items. Check out the rest of the info here. Side note – these flowers would pair great with the DIY Tassel Garland mentioned above. 

7. Pom Pom Monsters

Pom pom love monster

These Pom Pom monsters are absolutely adorable. The instructions are so fast and simple that it’s easy to make a lot of little creatures in a short period of time. This Valentine’s Day monster is perfect for you if you have a long list of people awaiting gifts. 

8. Candle Holder 

Valentine's candle holder

If you’re looking for a gift for that special woman in your life, look no further. This Candle Holder requires common household materials and can be made in under an hour. It would look lovely on a side table, in the bathroom, or on a mantel. 

9. Dessert Kabobs

Valentine's day heart kabobs

Calling all bakers! These Dessert Kabobs transform any traditional dessert into a festive, loved-themed, Valentine’s Day Treat.  Try them out with chocolate-covered strawberries, brownies, candies, or anything else your heart desires. 

10. Floral Ice Bowl 

Floral ice bowl

This Floral Ice Bowl is so creative but easy to put together. Chill your drink in an ice bowl filled with tulips and roses to wow your guests, spouse, or whomever you spend Valentine’s Day with. If you’re feeling creative, you can add different types of flowers or other furnishings – like glitter.

11. Wood Love Sign

Love wood sign

This DIY Wood Love Sign is perfect for Valentine’s Day OR a year-round family sign. Create this functional DIY in minutes using only 3 materials. Find the instructions here. 

12. Concrete Heart Candle Holder

Concrete heart candle holder

If you’re feeling extra creative on this upcoming “love-day,” then this is the craft for you. This DIY would make a wonderful gift especially since it’s so easy to personalize. Embellish this Concrete Heart any way that you’d like with glitter, candle sents, candle shapes, and/or different colors. Snag the full instructions here.

13. Yarn Wrapped Paper Heart

Yarn wrapped paper hearts

Again, we have another craft that’s perfect for kids. This craft can be created in no-time no-time since the instructions are simple and you only need four materials. Check out the rest of the details here. 

14. Love Letter Wood Sign

Love letter wood sign

This Love Letter Wood Sign is an easy way to show the person you love some love. You’re going to need a wood letter sign, sharpie, wax paper, and a writing utensil. That’s it. If you’re worried about drawing, the instructions here will tell you how to draw the perfect design, without any artistic skills. 

15. Heart Tote Canvas Bag

Heart tote bag

Hope on the anti-plastic movement by making this Heart Tote Canvas Bag. This would work well for the grocery store, running errands, or a festive purse. And… it’s eco-friendly. You’re going to want to grab some paint, a canvas tote, and a few other things to create this bag. Find the full instructions here. 

16. Easy Ribbon Heart

Ribbon hearts

You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to take some ribbon and transform it into festive decor. To make this Ribbon Heart your own, all you have to do is determine which colors you’d like. It’s that simple. This fast and adorable craft would make a great gift or look wonderfully as decor. Instructions here

17. Roped Cup Cozy

Roped cozy

There’s nothing better than a hot coffee on a cold morning. Creative this fun, festive, and useful cup cozy with a few simple craft supplies. This would make a great gift for a coworker, friends, or maybe for yourself. Find the directions here

18. Heart Paper Earrings

Heart paper earrings

These Heart Paper Earrings would make an ideal last-minute Valentine’s Day accessory. This craft is extremely easy to make and you might already have the materials at home. Check out the full instructions here

19. Valentine Card Display

Valentine card display

This charming card display from Design Improvised provides an adorable place to show off all those cards you’re going to get. It surprisingly simple to construct this display with only a few materials. It’s also quite easy to customize so it matches your existing decor. 

20. Heart Pinatas

Valentine heart pinatas

Talk about these Conversation Heart Pinatas by Studio DIY. These hearts are just darling and they’re the perfect way to spice up whatever Valentine’s gathering you chose to have. You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy these festive pinatas. 

21. Valentine’s Day Wrapping Paper

Valentine wrapping paper


No matter what gifts you decide to give this Valentine’s Day, you have to make sure the packaging is superb. Wrapping is an art itself, and It All Started With Paint has the best ideas for DIY Valentine’s Day wrapping paper. You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to make gorgeous wrapping paper with common household items like wine corks and twine. 

22. Baby’s Breath Heart Wreath

Baby's breath heart wreath

The DIY Baby’s Breath Heart Wreath from Lars will give you the best-looking front door in the neighborhood. This is a fun spin on traditional baby breath wreaths for under $20. Not only that, but you only need six craft supplies to construct this beautiful decoration. 

23. Geometric Heart Flower Vases

Geometric heart vase

A normal glass vase works just fine for flowers, but it’s fun to switch things up for the holidays. A Kailo Chic Life walks you through how to make one of these eye-catching vases.  Hint – it’s easy to personalize and easy to construct. 

24. Valentine’s Yarn Wrapped Heart Wreath

Yarn wrapped heart wreath

Design Improved has the perfect idea for Valentine’s Day indoor wreath. You’ll simply need four craft supplies and a small chunk of free time. If you have extra yarn lying around the house, this might be the perfect way to put it to use. 

25. Heart Branch Decor

Heart branch decor

This Hanging Heart Branch is the perfect minimalist-style Valentine’s Day decoration. Shades of Blue Interiors suggests that you upcycle some old twigs to get a fun and textured look. You’d be surprised how easy it is to transform sticks into beautiful home decor. 

26. Jewel Picture Frame

Jewel valentine frame

Design Improves has the cutest Valentine’s frame that’s ideal to create with kids. Customizing this frame is a breeze by choosing different colors of paint, glitter, jewels, and/or images. You and your kids will have a wonderful time expressing yourselves with this easy DIY Valentine’s craft. 

27. Date Idea Arrows

Date idea arrows

Instead of shooting your S/O a text, “shoot” them with one of these Felt Date Idea Arrows from Sugar and Cloth. All you’re going to need to make these arrows is felt, wooden dowels, tacky glue, and a pair of scissors. This is such an easy and creative way to ask your special someone on a date. 

28. Glitter Candle

Ombre glittered candle

No better way to decorate for Valentine’s Day than with glitter. This Ombre Glitter Candle from A Glimpse Inside would make the perfect centerpiece for a romantic dinner or even a fabulous gift. Grab yourself a mason jar and glitter of your choice to create one of these charming candles. 

29. Fabric Stuffed Hearts

Fabric stuffed hearts

If you’re looking for neutral Valentine’s Day decor, look no further. These Fabric Stuffed Hearts from It All Started With Paint provide a cute and minimalist look to holiday decor. This is a great way to upcycle some old fabric scraps you may have lying around the house. 

30. Valentine’s Day Tree

Valentine's day heart tree

This Valentine’s Day Tree from Lars is the perfect balance between simple and whimsical. The supply list and assembly is so simple that all ages could make it. Another great Valentine’s Day DIY centerpiece. 

31. Valentine’s Day Canvas Heart Art

Heart canvas wall

It’s so easy to get creative with these Canvas Hearts. Designed Improvised outlines of how to pull anything red or pink out of your craft box and turn it into the beautiful decor. Some examples include pom poms, glitter, stickers, felt, and more. 

32. Heart Bath Bombs

Heart bath bomb

No better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than a relaxing bath. These DIY Bath Bombs from The Suburban Mom are perfect for winding down after a holiday. Use basic household supplies like baking soda, cornstarch, Epsom salt, and more in this easy DIY. 

33. Valentine Heart Pom Pom Pillows

Valentine's pom pom pillows

These Pom Pom pillow covers from Tatertots & Jello are absolutely adorable.  Creating your own pillow covers is a great inexpensive way to update home decor. Grab your sewing machine, felt, fabric, and pom-poms to design your own V-Day pillowcases. 

34. Valentine Wreath

Paper rose heart

If you want to really “WOW” someone this Valentine’s Day, then this is the craft for you. It All Started With Paint has the best DIY wreath to upgrade your holiday decor. This is a homemade and cost-effective spin on popular roses. You’re going to need red tissue paper, cardboard, a hot glue gun, and a couple of other basic supplies.  

35. Floral Soap Pops

Valentine soap pops

These Floral Soap Pops would go hand-in-hand with Valentine’s Day Bathbombs mentioned above. Take a break, wind down, and relax with a nice hot bath. To make these romantic soap pops you’re going to need melt and pour clear soap, flower pedals, silicon mold, popsicle sticks, and a few other general supplies. 

Parting Words + Quick Buying Guide

There’s a lot of different supplies and materials that go into these easy Valentine’s Day DIYs. A few items like yarn, popsicle sticks, tissue paper, twine, etc. are repeated throughout multiple crafts.

Here’s a short buying guide if you need some supplies. 

If you end up making any of these crafts, don’t be afraid to drop a comment and tell us how it went. We love hearing from you guys. 

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