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5-Minute DIY: How to Make Earrings From Paper

There’s nothing that I love more than an easy and fun project. I decided to make some jewelry to wear to a Summer party last weekend. And I didn’t go out and buy supplies. Instead, I used an unexpected medium — Paper!  If you need a beautiful and easy gift for a friend or a about a last-minute accessory for a special outfit check out the 5-minute DIY.

DIY Earrings From Paper

How to Make Earrings From Paper Materials

For these super cute, heart earrings, you’ll need just a few supplies: craft paper, Elmers craft glue, earring backs or clasps, a heart paper punch, and hot glue or E-6000.You will want to cut all of your shapes first. Use the Friskars heart punch or any craft punch to create a lot of paper hearts. Try to stick to simple shapes so it’s not too difficult to cut them out. Choose your shapes and papers according to preference. Here I’ve used a basic pink cardstock, but you can also use a heavy, pre-patterened paper. I love the glittery paper especially and scrapbooking paper that has some texture to it. What ever you choose, make sure it is flexible, and sturdy for this project.  Silk paper works great as well.  It cuts easily and is stiff but malleable enough to create stud earrings.

How to Make Earrings From Paper Cut

You can definitely do this craft while catching on the latest episode of your guilty pleasure TV show. Punch out at least 12-20 hearts for each earring using your Fiskars heart punch.

How to Make Earrings From Paper Glue

Next, glue your hearts together with your glue stick for liquid glue. I quickly found that a glue stick works better and dries faster for this project. You don’t need to use a lot of glue, just use enough to cover the whole heart.

How to Make Earrings From Paper Put All

Once you’ve glued together two equal stacks of tiny hearts, use just a dab of hot glue or E-6000 glue on the flat part of your earring back. Quickly place the earring back on your heart stack, pressing very gently. If you press too hard, the glue will spill over and become sloppy.

How to Make Simple Earrings From Paper

That’s it, you’re all done! Now your DIY earrings are ready to wear. This is also a great DIY gift to hand out to your friends on Valentine’s Day. Try a couple different shapes and sizes with this method. You can make a ton of variations and according to your tastes and desires. Find the necessary supplies and get down to work. Earrings are cute addition to every outfit and always add a healthy dose of style.

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