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How to Craft a Floral Ice Bowl in 4 Easy Steps

A homemade floral ice bowl is fantastic for chilling white wine, champagne, sparkling water, fresh fruits, or snacks on special occasions. Read on to learn how to make your own floral ice bowl in four easy steps.

A floral ice bowl is a decorative centerpiece made of food-safe materials, such as flower petals or herbs, filled with water. The bowl is then placed in the freezer and left for approximately two hours until the water has frozen into an ornate, icy pattern. Floral ice bowls are often used as decorations in restaurants and other venues since they don’t take up too much space. A floral ice bowl is a great centerpiece for chilling drinks or serving fresh fruit on special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, housewarming, or graduation parties.

This tutorial describes the necessary supplies and step-by-step instructions for making a floral ice bowl. It contains images and tips and tricks for improving or changing your design. This DIY project shouldn’t take more than 2 hours; most of that time is spent waiting for the water to freeze.


  • Large bucket, ceramic bowl, or another freezer-safe container for molding the ice bowl. It should be small enough to fit your freezer. A deep container is necessary for a tall floral ice bow.
  • Small bucket, ceramic bowl, or another freezer-safe container to fit the large one and create a space of at least 2 in (5 cm) between the two containers.
  • Rocks or anything heavy to weigh down the small bucket inside the large one.
  • Rose petals or flowers, which you’ll use to decorate the ice bowl. You can also use leaves, herbs, and fruit or fruit slices.

How do I craft a floral ice bowl?

Follow these step-by-step instructions to craft a floral ice bowl:

  1. Prepare the containers: Place the smaller bucket inside the larger bucket, centering it to create a symmetrical ice bowl.
  2. Add water and flowers: Pour the water and the flower petals into the space between the two containers. Add as much water as needed, depending on how tall you want the floral ice bowl to be. Place heavy objects inside the small container to prevent it from floating. The small container mustn’t touch the bottom of the large one, or you will have a bottomless ice bowl.
  3. Freeze the bowl: Place the ice bowl in your freezer; the water will need about 2 hours to freeze.
  4. Remove the containers: Take the bowl out of the freezer, hold the large bucket in one hand, and use your other hand to grab the small container; gently pull until the small container pops out. Next, turn the large bucket on its side and tap it gently until the ice bowl slides out. Your floral ice bowl is now ready!

More tips and tricks

Check out our tips and tricks for improving or modifying your floral ice bowl:

  • Make a lasting design: Prevent the ice bowl from melting on the table by filling it with ice cubes. Save it for another special occasion by placing it in a large freezer-safe bag and moving it back to the freezer.
  • Make clear ice: To make the ice bowl crystal clear, boil the water and let it completely cool before freezing it.
  • Use malleable containers: To remove the ice bowl from the containers easier, they should be made from a malleable material, such as plastic or silicone.
  • Use resin instead of water: Resin creates a timeless design for your ice bowl. Pour resin instead of water and add the flowers before the substance hardens. 
  • Make a fruity ice bowl: Add fruit, fruit slices, or herbs, such as lemon, lime or mint leaves, to change the ice bowl’s appearance.

Closing thoughts

Creating your own floral ice bowl is a fun and refreshing way to enjoy a cool treat on hot days. It’s an excellent addition to any setting since it will keep your champagne or wine cooled. For more romantic decorations, check our our list of Valentine’s Day decor.

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