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DIY Wooden LOVE Sign – How To Create a Custom Family Project

Valentine’s day is just around the corner! If you looking for a quick and easy DIY Valentine’s or family sign to hang up in your cozy home this project is perfect for you. This wooden love sign only requires a few items that you can easily grab at your local craft store, and it only takes about 5-10 minutes to create this piece. This simple, yet bold sign can be displayed in your home all year round– everyone needs a little love on their walls.

Wooden LOVE Sign

Materials you need to create a wooden love sign:

  • 4 Wood cut-out letters: L O V E
  • Wooden rectangle plaque
  • Permanent craft adhesive

DIY Wooden LOVE Sign Materials

  1. Take the wood cut-out letters and arrange them on the plaque. To ensure the letters are perfectly aligned you can measure out the spacing in between with a measuring stick.

DIY Wooden LOVE Sign Step 1

  1. Once you have decided on a placement work with one letter at a time, carefully applying the adhesive on the back of the letter. Then glue it onto the plaque.

DIY Wooden LOVE Sign Step 2

  1. When your done gluing all the letters onto the plaque, let it dry for 3 hours before displaying your sign.

DIY Wooden LOVE Sign project


Your sign is all ready to hang up just in time for Valentines day. Just an idea, if you looking to add a little pop or if you just want to add some festive colors, you can paint the letters red or pink. Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial. Happy heart day guys!

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