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Valentine’s Day DIY Lovely Heart Decoration – Make Something from the Heart

Small signs of love are what keep relationships going and a small handmade present will certainly remind them of your feelings. So, this time around, let’s prepare something for Valentine’s Day – a lovely heart decoration. This one is pretty easy to do and you just need a bit of free time and a few easy-to-get materials.

Diy lovely heart decoration (2)

It can be a great addition to anyone’s shelving area or even for their office desk. Whomever you choose to gift this to will certainly be lucky.

Materials for lovely heart decoration

  • rock
  • wire
  • silk ribbon
  • white and red beads
  • white and red acrylic paint
  • paintbrush
  • pencil
  • scissors

How to make a lovely heart decoration

Before we get started, you should make sure you have all the materials on the worktable. Get everything you need so you don’t run around looking for items you forgot about.


Step 1: Paint the rock

Let’s get things going! Get the pretty rock you found and thewhite acrylic paint,as well as thepaintbrush.Start painting the rock with white paint. You want to get the paint everywhere, so leave it dry for a few minutes, then turn it over.

Lovely heart decoration (1)

Make sure the white paint looks as even as possible all over. Once you’re done, set the rock out to dry.

Lovely heart decoration (2)

Step 2: Make a heart

Fo the next step, you’ll need thewhite and red beadsand the wire. We used jewelry wire – malleable but strong. You don’t want to use a very thin wire, as it will not be able to stand up straight, which is what we’re going for. Start adding the red beads to the wire.

Lovely heart decoration (3)

Lovely heart decoration (4)

Once you have a bunch of red beads on the wire, try giving the wire the shape of a heart. In this way, you’ll know how many more beads you need for the design.

Lovely heart decoration (5)

Lovely heart decoration (6)

Lovely heart decoration (7)

You need a few more beads from here on out. We suggest you count how many red beads you added through to the middle point and then add the same number on the other half of the heart.

Lovely heart decoration (8)

Lovely heart decoration (9)

When you’re done adding the beads and forming the red heart, twist the end of the wire at the base. You’ll want to twist it several times, to make sure it doesn’t get loose later on.

Lovely heart decoration (10)

Step 3: Create the white stem

Now that the heart is done and you’ve secured the beads, you need to start building up the white stem. So, get thewhite beads and start adding them to the wire.

Lovely heart decoration (11)

Lovely heart decoration (12)

Add as many of them as you feel will give the design the height you’re looking for. It also needs to look good with how big you made the heart.

Lovely heart decoration (13)

Step 4: Pencil in the love

By now the rock should be pretty much dry. Get thepenciland the rock and write Love on it. We chose a handwritten script rather than print letters, as it gives the design more personality and warmth. It will also be a bonus point in your favor since it will remind the recipient of your love for them.

Lovely heart decoration (14)

Lovely heart decoration (15)

Step 5: Paint the letters

Once you’ve written down the word love and you know exactly where each letter needs to be, it’s time you take out thered acrylic paint and thepaintbrush. You should use a thin paintbrush, so pick one of the smallest paintbrush numbers you have on hand.

Lovely heart decoration (16)

Trace the letters as closely as you can, trying not to make any mistakes. Covering the red paint over the white background will be nearly impossible and at that point it’s just better to use a different rock altogether.

Lovely heart decoration (17)

Step 6: Finish the decoration

This next step will have us wrapping up the job. Turn the rock face down and wrap a loop of wire around it. When the longer piece of wire reaches back to the base of the decoration, where the beads start, twist the wire.

Lovely heart decoration (18)

Lovely heart decoration (19)

Wrap a couple of loops around the base and turn the piece upright, so you can read the sign. When you’re in the middle of the second loop, extend the wire to the right and wrap the wire around the rock once more. You’ll create a + sign with the wire as you wrap the whole design around the rock.

Lovely heart decoration (20)

Lovely heart decoration (21)

Pass the tip of the wire underneath the first loop around the rock. Pull the whole thing through.

Lovely heart decoration (22)

Lovely heart decoration (23)

When you reach back to the top, push the wire underneath the rest of the wires. Pull the entire length of wire through there and then start looping the wire around the base.

Lovely heart decoration (24)

Lovely heart decoration (25)

Make sure you twist the wire as close to the base of the beads as possible. Do this several times. If you don’t have too much wire, you may want to continue doing this until you’ve wrapped all the wire. Otherwise, you may want to clip the wire after twisting it a few times.

Lovely heart decoration (26)

Lovely heart decoration (27)

Step 7: Add a bow

We know the heart and the rock look nice as they are, but every decoration could do with a cute bow. So, get thesilk ribbonand cut a piece of it.

Lovely heart decoration (28)

Get the ribbon around the base of the decoration, tie a knot and then a ribbon.

Lovely heart decoration (29)

Lovely heart decoration (30)

Lovely heart decoration (31)

You don’t want the bow to be too big, so make sure you do it as tight as possible so it will look cute and in proportion with the rest of the decoration’s elements.

Lovely heart decoration (32)

Ta-da! You’re done! Look how cute this decoration looks! And it didn’t even take you too long to create! It’s really a lovely heart decoration that will make a thoughtful gift for your Valentine.

Lovely heart decoration (33)

The heart decoration will always remind them of your feelings for them and make them think of you when they see it. It’s truly a project worth putting the time and effort in, especially since it’s also pretty easy to do. Also, you can make changes if you want to, but is there a more iconic color combination than red and white?

Diy lovely heart decoration (3)

We would love to see how your heart decorations turned out, so drop us a photo and a comment so we know how it went for you.

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