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33 Engaging Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids to Keep Their Tiny Hands Busy

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your kids extra love and attention, and there’s no better way to do so than with fun crafts. Read on to discover the coolest crafting projects to keep children busy on February 14th.

Valentine's day crafts for kids

Crafts are a fantastic way to engage kids and foster their creativity, especially when words fail to convey their feelings. These activities offer numerous benefits to children and adults, including enhanced problem-solving skills, improved motor skills, reduced stress levels, and self-expression in a safe environment. Additionally, children can work together in teams and develop their social skills. Here is a list of the Valentine’s Day crafts for kids, including preschoolers and toddlers, described in this article:

  • Heart candle
  • Heart candle holder
  • Yarn-wrapped paper heart
  • Yarn-wrapped pipe cleaner heart
  • Pebble heart wall decor
  • Wine cork heart hanging decor
  • Heart tissue paper suncatcher
  • Hanging tissue paper puffy heart
  • Hanging ribbon heart
  • Romantic tassel garland
  • Paper heart garland
  • Paper heart wreath
  • Twig monogram
  • Cupid’s twig arrows
  • Glittery heart
  • Toilet paper roll heart stamp
  • Geometric mosaic heart
  • Painted newspaper hearts
  • Clay heart love tokens
  • Salt dough handprint frame
  • Paper heart creature
  • Heart pom-pom monster
  • Heart ladybug
  • Hugging paper heart
  • Heart paper puppy
  • Animal candy huggers
  • Heart lollipops
  • Heart candy pops
  • White chocolate bark bites
  • Soft sugar heart cookies
  • Handprint pop-up card
  • Glitter handprint card
  • Handprint Valentine

Read on to discover more information about each Valentine’s Day craft for kids, including tutorial sources and answers to frequently asked questions.

1. Heart candle

Heart candle

Making a heart candle is a great way for kids to contribute to Valentine’s Day decorations at home and craft a beautiful DIY gift for a friend, parent, or teacher. They’ll have fun working with colored yarn and felt, and it’s a good opportunity to teach your child about fire safety. Check out our article to learn how to craft a romantic candle.

2. Heart candle holder

Heart candle holder

A heart candle holder goes hand in hand with the heart candle; it’s an easy crafting project for kids to play with glue and paper hearts. This DIY project requires pink and red paper, an empty jar, white vellum, scissors, a pencil, white liquid glue, a red ribbon, and a brush. Learn how to make a heart candle holder from our tutorial.

3. Yarn-wrapped paper heart

Yarn wrapped paper heart

Making a yarn-wrapped paper heart is an elementary crafting project for kids to create Valentine’s Day decorations. Hang the hearts in your home to proudly display their creations. Have the kids draw a heart to use as a template, or provide them with the printed template of a perfect heart. Make a cardstock heart cutout and then wrap yarn around it. Discover more in our yarn-wrapped paper heart guide.

4. Yarn-wrapped pipe cleaner heart

Yarn wrapped pipe cleaner heart

A yarn-wrapped pipe cleaner heart is a variation of the yarn-paper heart since kids use pipe cleaners to shape the heart for their Valentine’s Day decorations. Get all the details from our yarn-wrapped pipe cleaner heart tutorial.

5. Pebble heart wall decor

Pebble heart wall decor

Teach kids how to make their own artwork using pebbles to shape a heart for Valentine’s Day. This craft calls for several tools and materials, including ribbons, pebbles, hot glue, paint, a wooden board, and spot glaze. It’s a lengthier project, especially since you must paint wood and wait for the paint to dry, but the results are worth it. Check out our step-by-step instructions for making pebble heart wall decor.

6. Wine cork heart hanging decor

Wine cork heart hanging decor

A wine cork heart hanging decor is a cool Valentine’s Day crafting activity for kids to play with wine corks. And you can take advantage of this opportunity to teach children about recycling and being resourceful. This crafting project involves chopping up wine corks using a kitchen knife, so it’s best for adults to handle that part safely. Follow our guide on how to make this wine cork heart hanging decor.

7. Heart tissue paper suncatcher

Heart tissue paper suncatcher

Have your kids make a heart-shaped suncatcher using cardstock and tissue paper for Valentine’s Day to hang it in a window, catch natural light, and create beautiful color patterns in their room. Check out Makobi Scribe for more info.

8. Hanging tissue paper puffy heart

Easy valentine crafts tissue paper puffy heart

A hanging puffy heart made from tissue paper is a lovely Valentine’s Day craft for kids that would look great on an empty wall. It’s easy to make, and you can help the little ones with cutting shapes and tying ribbons. This DIY project is budget-friendly, too, since you can use any leftover tissue paper. Learn how to make a hanging tissue paper puffy heart from our tutorial.

9. Hanging ribbon heart

Valentine's day crafts for preschoolers ribbon hearts

A hanging ribbon heart is a kid-friendly Valentine’s Day craft that requires basic papercraft skills. It’s an easy decoration with only four crafting supplies (paper, ribbon, scissors, glue stick), so children can whip up at least a dozen of these hanging ribbon hearts within a day. Proudly display the hearts on the wall, the ceiling, or by the door. Check out our guide on how to make this easy ribbon heart.

10. Romantic tassel garland

Valentine's day crafts tassel garland

A romantic tassel garland is an easy craft to keep kids busy during Valentine’s Day, and they will proudly hang their creations in their room. You only need a handful of supplies, such as yarn in three colors, black and white baker’s twine, cardboard, scissors, and a tapestry needle. Check out our article on how to make this romantic day tassel garland.

11. Paper heart garland

Paper heart garland

A paper heart garland is a simple Valentine’s Day crafting project for kids to decorate their rooms. You need colorful paper to make the hearts and twine for hanging. Assemble the hearts into a garland to hang anywhere and create a festive atmosphere. Go to How About Orange for the tutorial.

12. Paper heart wreath

Paper heart wreath

A wreath made from paper hearts is a lovely Valentine’s Day craft for kids, especially when you can decorate an interior door or an empty wall. For this DIY project, you need colorful paper, scissors, and glue. For more information, visit The Hybrid Chick.

13. Twig monogram

Twig monogram

A twig monogram is a fantastic Valentine’s Day craft for kids; they can use their initials or spell their entire name. It’s also a cool idea for making personalized gifts. You just need a string, glue, and paint. For that extra romantic touch, add felt flowers and leaves. Check out our article on how to craft a twig monogram.

14. Cupid’s twig arrows

Cupid's twig arrows

Crafting Cupid’s arrows out of twigs and felt is an awesome Valentine’s Day crafting idea for adventurous kids. The best part is inviting them to search the backyard or a park for twigs. Add felt arrowheads and feathers and wrap baker’s twine around the arrows. For more information about this project, visit Carolyn’s Homework.

15. Glittery heart

Glittery heart

A glittery heart is a cute Valentine’s Day craft for kids to play with glitter and Mod Podge, as long as parents don’t mind the mess. The goal is to cover a heart-shaped object, like a small cushion, in glitter, use Mod Podge to make the glitter stick, and apply clear glossy spray for an extra sparkly touch. Check out Make Life Lovely for more info.

16. Toilet paper roll heart stamp

Toilet paper roll heart stamp

Create a heart stamp using a toilet paper roll to keep your toddler busy on Valentine’s Day by letting them paint all day long. The makeshift stamp takes under three minutes to craft, but it will provide your little one with hours of fun. Just keep them away from furniture or walls. For example, give your kid plain wrapping paper and let them decorate it with heart stamps. Go to Blog a la Cart for more info.

17. Geometric mosaic heart

Geometric mosaic heart

A geometric mosaic heart is a cool Valentine’s Day craft for preschoolers who love piecing together puzzles and playing with shapes and glue. Give your child a heart-shaped cardstock and have them stick paper hearts, flowers, patterns, raindrops, or anything else they want. Head over to Small for Big for the instructions.

18. Painted newspaper hearts

Painted newspaper hearts

Painting newspaper hearts is a fun crafting activity for kids on Valentine’s Day who love working with watercolors. This DIY project requires a newspaper, liquid watercolors, brushes, a heart template, watercolor postcards, scissors, and rubber cement. Check out You Are My Fave for more info.

19. Clay heart love tokens

Clay heart love tokens

Clay heart love tokens are an excellent opportunity for kids to play with air clay and craft lovely Valentine’s Day gifts for their friends. Small for Big teaches you how to make clay heart love tokens using air dry clay, a cookie cutter, a bird stamp, and paint. Besides giving away the love tokens as gifts, kids can use them as part of more elaborate projects, like making necklaces or keychains. 

20. Salt dough handprint frame

Salt dough handprint frame

A salt dough handprint frame is a Valentine’s Day crafting activity involving parents and kids. Parents can use baby pictures to craft a timeless keepsake that kids will appreciate later in life. You need salt dough, a heart-shaped biscuit cutter, Mod Podge (glue and sealer), a sharp knife, and small photographs. For more information, visit Messy Little Monster.

21. Paper heart creature

Paper heart creature

Children will have a blast making their own toy in the form of an adorable paper heart creature for Valentine’s Day. You need colored cardstock to make the body, pipe cleaners for the arms and legs, yarn for the hair, and a pair of googly eyes to make the creature look lively. Read our article on how to make this paper heart creature.

22. Heart pom-pom monster

Heart pom pom monster

A heart pom-pom monster is another delightful Valentine’s Day craft for kids to make their own toys. This DIY project requires a red pipe cleaner, pink yarn, red felt, googly eyes, hot glue, scissors, and a pencil. There are many customization options since you can change the monster’s color, design, and shape. Check out our guide for making a heart pom-pom monster.

23. Heart ladybug

Heart ladybug

Ladybugs are at the center of this kid-friendly Valentine’s day craft, and your kids will have an easy time making them. Googly eyes, colored cardstock, and pipe cleaners will be their best friends here. Use the heart ladybugs to decorate their room walls with double-sided tape. Learn more about this craft at Crafty Morning.

24. Hugging paper heart

Hugging paper heart

A hugging paper heart is an endearing Valentine’s Day craft for toddlers and preschoolers. It’s a simple creature made from heart-shaped paper with googly eyes, a smile, and two folded strips of paper with tiny hearts at the ends that serve as the creature’s hands. Check out No Time for Flash Cards for more info.

25. Heart paper puppy

Heart paper puppy

A puppy made from heart-shaped paper is another lovely Valentine’s Day crafting project for toddlers and preschoolers. It requires red, pink, white, and black construction paper, scissors, glue, a black marker, and a folding card template. Go to Crafty Morning to download the free template and read the full instructions.

26. Animal candy huggers

Animal candy huggers

Animal candy huggers are an easy and inexpensive craft for kids on Valentine’s Day. They involve making cardboard cutouts in animal shapes and molding them to hug decorative candy wrappers. Optionally use paints to make the animals colorful. Kids can draw the animals by hand, or you can download the free templates from Lia Griffith.

27. Heart lollipops

Heart lollipops

Kids will get a kick out of making edible heart lollipops for Valentine’s Day to share with their friends. For this project, you need candy canes, white chocolate, and almond bark. Check out The Idea Room for the complete instructions.

28. Heart candy pops

Heart candy pops

Teach kids to make tasty heart-shaped candy pops as their Valentine’s Day crafting project. You need candy melts, disposable decorating bags, Valentine’s Day sprinkles or small candies, scissors, rubber bands, wax paper, a baking tray, and lollipop sticks. Use candy melts in any colors, but stick to the holiday theme using red, white, and pink. Take this opportunity to teach the young ones to use the oven safely. Head to The Decorated Cookie for more information.

29. White chocolate bark bites

White chocolate bark bites

Baking white chocolate bark bites is a bonding activity for kids and parents on Valentine’s Day. Use this opportunity to teach your child how to use the oven safely. To make these delicious treats, you need white chocolate melts and sprinkles. Turn these white chocolate bark bites into party favors for a Valentine’s Day event for children by wrapping them in treat bags. Learn more from Number 2 Pencil.

30. Soft sugar heart cookies

Soft sugar heart cookies

Let your kids help you in the kitchen by baking soft sugar heart cookies together as a Valentine’s Day crafting activity for the entire family. For example, the young ones can make the cookie dough or use cookie cutters to shape the heart cookies. Get the complete recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction.

31. Handprint pop-up card

Handprint pop up card

Suggest your kids craft handprint pop-up cards for their friends, teachers, and family for Valentine’s Day. It’s a simple activity where children can leave their mark and personalize the cards by drawing outlines of their hands. The hand-shaped card opens to reveal a pop-up accordion heart, where kids can write a message. Learn how to make a kissing hand pop-card card from Buggy and Buddy.

32. Glitter handprint card

Glitter handprint card

A glitter handprint card is an adorable Valentine’s Day craft for toddlers and preschoolers to create personalized cards for their families. It requires pink cardstock, Mod Podge, a paintbrush, chunky glitter, a pencil and eraser, school glue with a precision tip, and fine glitter. Visit The Craft At Home Family for more info.

33. Handprint Valentine

Handprint valentine

Toddlers and preschoolers will have a blast on February 14th when making Valentines using their handprints. It’s a tear-jerker for parents, and your kid will be proud to give out these cards. You need white cardstock paper and red paint for the heart design and markers or crayons for the text. Get more info from The Idea Room.


Discover more helpful information about Valentine’s Day crafts for kids.

What kind of materials will I need to make a Valentine’s Day craft with my child?

You will likely need basic crafting supplies like scissors, construction paper, markers, glue, and craft sticks. Depending on the type of craft you want to make, there may be other materials involved. For example, for making cards or gift boxes, you need cardstock and adhesive tape. Check the project’s instructions ahead of time to prepare all supplies before you start.

Are there any age-appropriate crafts for younger children on Valentine’s Day?

Yes, many Valentine’s Day projects are suitable for younger children, including preschoolers and toddlers. For example, they can create simple cards or decorations using paper and markers.

Are there any safety precautions I should be aware of when doing crafts with kids?

Yes, adults must provide close supervision when completing crafts with young children, as these activities often involve small objects which can easily be swallowed or cause harm if mishandled. Moreover, hazardous materials such as paint or glue should always be used under adult supervision and kept out of reach when not in use so the little ones don’t accidentally consume them.


Making Valentine’s Day crafts with kids can be a fun and rewarding way to spend time together. However, it is important to remember that safety should always be the top priority when crafting with children, and close adult supervision is key. Additionally, ensure you have all necessary materials ahead of time and familiarize yourself with the craft project so you can guide your children through the steps.

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