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How to Craft DIY Hanging Heart Wall Decor in 3 Easy Steps for Valentine’s Day

DIY hanging heart wall decor is a simple and romantic way to express your creativity and affection for someone special, especially on Valentine’s Day. Continue reading to learn more about crafting this homemade hanging heart wall decoration for February 14th.

Diy hanging heart wall decor

Hearts and the color red symbolize love and affection, and this DIY hanging wall decor has them both. It’s made from a heart-shaped pipe cleaner filled with red and white baker’s twine. The red and white combination represents spring and renewal in many European countries, so you can keep this home decoration throughout spring. In addition to sprucing up your home decorations, you can use this handcrafted hanging wall decor to give a meaningful gift to someone special.

This guide details the supplies and step-by-step instructions with images for crafting a DIY hanging heart wall decor. There’s also a video guide, together with tips and tricks for improving the design and making it your own. This project shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.


Diy hanging heart wall decor step 1 materials

  • Red pipe cleaner to create the basic heart-shaped frame.
  • Baker’s twine (red and white) to fill out the heart frame.
  • Red yarn to create the hanger.
  • Scissors to cut the pipe cleaner, string, and yarn.

How do I craft a DIY hanging heart wall decor?

Follow these step-by-step instructions for making your own hanging heart wall decoration:

  1. Shape the heart: Cross the ends of your two pieces of pipe cleaner and twist them around each other to fasten them together. Then, bend the two pipe cleaners inwards and twist the ends, forming a heart-like shape. Depending on how big or small you want the heart to be, there will be excess pipe cleaner on the inside; snip it away.Diy hanging heart wall decor step 2Diy hanging heart wall decor step 2cDiy hanging heart wall decor step 2d
  2. Attach the hanger: Cut a piece of red yarn about 6 in (15 cm) long. Tie it in a knot around the center of the pipe cleaner heart. Then tie the loose ends in a knot around each other, right near the tips, to create a loop for hanging the heart.
  3. Weave the string: Tie the end of the baker’s twine around the twisted piece at the top center of the heart. Start wrapping the live end of the string around the whole heart at different angles. After weaving the string web, tie a knot around the bottom part of the heart where you first twisted the pipe cleaners together.Diy hanging heart wall decor step 4Diy hanging heart wall decor step 4b Diy hanging heart wall decor step 4eDiy hanging heart wall decor step 4gDiy hanging heart wall decor step 4h

Video tutorial

The video below shows how to craft a DIY hanging heart wall decor step-by-step. It’s only 3 minutes long, simple, and easy to follow.

Check out our tips and tricks for improving your DIY hanging heart wall decor:

  • Add an accent of your choice: Feel free to add a tiny charm or any other decorative object at the center of the heart frame. For example, make two tiny hearts from pipe cleaners to hang from either side of the bigger heart.
  • Be careful when wrapping: When weaving the string web, don’t wrap too tightly or pull too hard since pipe cleaners bend easily; you risk ruining the heart shape. Instead, use just enough tension to keep the string in place.
  • Replace the pipe cleaner: If you feel like the pipe cleaner is too malleable, use something more rigid, such as jewelry wire. Wrap the jewelry wire in felt or red string to obtain the same effect from our guide.
  • Use beads instead of fuzz: When using a more rigid alternative to pipe cleaners, like jewelry wire, take a step further and add beads. Here’s an example of a lovely heart decoration that uses wire and beads to form a heart.

Closing thoughts

That’s about it for our tutorial on crafting a DIY hanging heart wall decor. Make this unique decoration with just a few simple supplies and patience. Gift the hanging heart to someone special or keep it for your own holiday decorations. For additional projects like this one, check out our selection of Valentine’s Day decorations.

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