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DIY Candle Art – How to Make the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

This Valentine’s Day you can give crafting a go. Since this is a pretty easy craft, it’s perfect for beginners. You don’t even that many materials!

Diy candle art (1)

When you make something from the heart, you’ll end up spending a lot less, but you’ll be gifting something you put your time and heart into. Let’s see how you can make one of these candle art crafts!

Materials for candle art

  • candle
  • rhinestones
  • silk ribbon
  • sheer ribbon
  • scissors
  • glue gun

How to make candle art

Did you collect all the materials you’re going to need here? You don’t want to go running around your house looking for whatever it is that you don’t have on hand right when your glue gun is ready to use. So let’s get started!

Diy candle art materials

Step 1: Prepare the ribbons

First up, we’re going to use the sheer ribbon to wrap around the candle. We’re going to place this particular ribbon near the bottom of the candle, so measure it out around the base.

Diy candle art steps (1)

Diy candle art steps (2)

When you’ve gone around the candle once, cut the excess ribbon.

Diy candle art steps (3)

Then, you want to go through the same process with the silk ribbon too. Wrap it around the candle and cut it to measurement.

Diy candle art steps (4)

Diy candle art steps (5)

Step 2: Glue the ribbons

Next, we’re going to glue the ribbons to the candle. Get yourglue gun and apply hot glue to the base of the candle.

Diy candle art steps (6)

Place the sheer ribbon over the hot glue and start going around the candle, applying more hot glue and pressing the ribbon into it. Go as slow as you need to make sure you place the ribbon straight.

Diy candle art steps (7)

Make sure you add some hot glue over the edge of the ribbon and place the other end over it, so the two overlap slightly.

Diy candle art steps (8)

Diy candle art steps (9)

Then, you want to start adding hot glue to the middle area of the sheer ribbon. Over the glue, add the silk ribbon.

Diy candle art steps (10)

Just as you did the first time around, go slowly and apply more smaller patches of hot glue before pressing the ribbon into it. You want to apply the ribbon as straight as possible, so going slowly is understandable.

Diy candle art steps (11)

Diy candle art steps (12)

Step 3: Decorate the candle

We’re going to start decorating the candle now. Our pattern resembles a sun or a snowflake, if you will – it really depends on your perspective here. Before you get started, make sure you know which rhinestones you’ll be using. We chose a bigger one to place in the middle, two sizes of pearls, and several diamond-shaped. We’ll also need a different model, but that’s going to be later on.

So, get theglue gun and the big round rhinestone andapply some hot glue to its back. Place it in the middle area of the candle, so you can build the model around it.

Diy candle art steps (13)

Make sure you hold it pressed for a few seconds so the hot glue sets perfectly.

Diy candle art steps (14)

Then, grab the diamond-shaped rhinestones, apply some hot glue to their backs, and apply them on the candle. We applied 8 of these, marking the cardinal points if you will, and then the spots in-between.

Diy candle art steps (15)

Diy candle art steps (16)

Then, start applying small dots of hot glue to the candle and press the smallest pearly rhinestones you have.

Diy candle art steps (17)

We added about 11 of these, but you can obviously change that number. It all depends on how much you space them out and how big the ones you’re using are.

Diy candle art steps (18)

This is delicate work, so go slowly. There’s no hurry here, so make sure each rhinestone is in its rightful place.

Diy candle art steps (19)

Now, let’s build up the design. Get more diamond-shaped rhinestones and add them in the areas between the same-shaped rhinestones one level below. We placed the pieces about half a level up.

Diy candle art steps (20)

Make sure you don’t add too much hot glue to their backs as it will leave traces when it overflows as you press the rhinestones into the candle.

Diy candle art steps (21)

Next, get the larger pearly rhinestones. Add hot glue to their backs and start pressing them above the original cardinal points you created with the diamond-shaped rhinestones.

Diy candle art steps (22)

Try to give all of them the same spacing so the design does not look off.

Diy candle art steps (23)

Use those same pearls to add in between the diamond rhinestones you originally added, since there’s some space left there.

Diy candle art steps (24)

Go around the design and place them in all those empty spots.

Diy candle art steps (25)

Finally, get some more rhinestones, add glue to their backs, and press them over the silk ribbon. You want to make sure you space them out correctly, so try to use something to know how far to space them, even if you’re just putting your pinky finger in between them.

Diy candle art steps (26)

There you go! What a beautiful candle you have now! It’s going to be a cute decor piece for whomever you plan on gifting this to. We’d love to see how yours turned out, so drop us a message on social media.

The great part about creating candle art is that you can go for whatever design you want, use different colors for the rhinestones or the ribbons, and so on. Any other candles you make moving forward can have different designs, with your imagination being the only impediment.

Diy candle art (5)

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