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Valentine’s Day Crafts for Adults

Many holiday themed crafts are geared towards kids. Whether they’re extremely simple to make or cute to receive, they’re often just a little too young for your adult Valentine. For craft enthusiasts, however, buying Valentine’s Day gifts just doesn’t cut it sometimes! Check out these fun ideas for thoughtful Valentine’s Day crafts that are fun for you to make and your grown-up Valentine to get on February 14th.

Embroidered boxers

Valentine's Day Embroidered Boxers

A little hand sewing will show your Valentine how much time you’re willing to invest in a thoughtful but useful gift!(Source: Creativebug)

Custom couples’ silhouette

Custom couples' silhouette

Tracing your profiles and placing them on a background that reflects your relationship is simple but romantic.(Source: Fave crafts)

Crocheted chocolate box

Crochet Box of Chocolates

Maybe your Valentine is more into handmade things than super sweet treats? You can still give them Valentine’s chocolates! These decorative ones will last a little longer.(Source: Redheart)

Knitted Valentine’s blanket

Knitted Valentine's blanket

A knitted blanket is a lovely warm gift to receive and a fulfilling one to make!(Source: New Heritage Knits)

Valentine’s Towels


Remind your Valentine that you love them throughout their day with a cute, simple towel.(Source: Handmaker of Things)

Heart iPad case


This felting project will keep your Valentine’s electronics safe and remind them that someone cares.(Source: Lil Blue Boo)

Valentine’s glitter slime

Valentine's glitter slime

Okay, so maybe glitter slime is more of a kid’s gift, but what adult doesn’t need a whimsical break in their work day? Give your Valentine a laugh with this silly DIY gift and accompany it with a note that says “You make my heart melt”.(Source: Growing a Jeweled Rose)

Pucker up


The candies are delicious and the “punny” label will make your Valentine laugh. Pucker up!(Source: Shaken Together)

Valentine’s Day coupons


Make your Valentine redeemable cards that they can use year round for cute favours from you, like back runs and breakfast in bed!(Source: BHG)

Tic Tac valentine

Tick tock for valentines day

The craft is simple, the contents are useful, and the sentiment is sweet! Make a custom Tic Tac label for your Valentine.(Source: The Idea Room)

Bath bomb valentine


Pamper your valentine a little with relaxing homemade bath bombs and a cheesy-but-cute “You’re the bomb” label!(Source: Crazy About my Baybah)

Valentine’s marshmallow pop


Candies and treats are nice, but handmade candies and treats are even better! Show your valentine how much you care by creating something sweet for them instead of buying one.(Source: The Decorated Cookie)

Valentine’s snow globe


Who says snow globes are only for Christmas? Valentine’s Day is a winter holiday too, and the “snow” in this globe will contrast the heart inside gorgeously!(Source: Whipper Berry)

Conversation heart pillows


Sewing enthusiasts will have a blast making their friends and loved ones these little pillows covered in sassy sayings!(Source: Brit + Co)

Have you given your adult valentine other gifts they really appreciated? Tell us about them in the comments!

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