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45 Valentine’s Day Crafts for Adults and Couples to Express Affection

There are many DIY crafts for adults and couples to show their affection for one another on Valentine’s Day. Read on to discover the best February 14th crafting projects for grown-ups if you’re looking for ideas.

Valentine's day crafts

Crafting is a fantastic way to express your feelings on Valentine’s Day when you want to make something special. Crafting has been shown to improve mental health, reduce stress and elevate happiness. And it’s excellent for sharing the experience with your significant other, building teamwork, and creating lasting memories. Whether you want something simple, like paper heart decor, or something more complex, like custom jewelry pieces or personalized photo frames, we’ve got plenty of options. Here is a list of the Valentine’s Day crafting projects further described in this article:

  • Handmade Valentine’s Day cards
  • Valentine card display
  • Love coupons
  • Date idea arrows
  • Twig monogram
  • Paper flowers
  • Paper flower balls
  • Geometric heart flower vases
  • Valentine branch tree
  • Wooden LOVE sign
  • LOVE letter wood sign
  • Hanging ribbon hearts
  • Yarn-wrapped paper hearts
  • Mini heart string art
  • Button heart wall art
  • Felt flower wall art
  • Pinecone flower wall art
  • Canvas heart art
  • Coffee filter wreath
  • Baby’s breath heart wreath
  • Tassel garland
  • Jewelry organizer photo frame
  • Wooden photo frame
  • Button picture frame
  • String art photo holder
  • Framed silhouettes
  • Sparkly candle
  • Romantic candle
  • Mason jar candle holder
  • Concrete heart candle holder
  • Strawberry heart soap
  • Bath bombs
  • Floral ice bowl
  • Marbled love mugs
  • Roped cup cozy
  • Heart paper earrings
  • Wire heart with beads
  • LOVE sequin shirt
  • Embroidered boxers
  • Heart tote canvas bag
  • Heart tea towels
  • Heart iPad cover
  • Red heart crochet box of chocolates
  • A mason jar of chocolate hearts
  • Love potion cinnamon whiskey

Keep reading to learn more about each Valentine’s Day crafting project for adults, including necessary supplies and tutorial sources.

1. Handmade Valentine’s Day cards

Diy valentine's day cards

Handmade Valentine’s Day cards are a romantic crafting activity for couples to express their love and appreciation for one another. Although it seems childish, adults can take this opportunity to put their feelings into words, exchange love letters, think outside the box and find unique ways to share sentiments. For instance, add favorite lyrics, poetry, movie quotes, stories, sticky photos, or illustrations to portray relationship milestones. Check out our Valentine’s Day card ideas for more inspiration.

2. Valentine card display

Diy valentine card display

Craft a card display to proudly showcase the romantic Valentine’s cards you receive from your significant other. Or take this opportunity to hang romantic motifs and add charm to an otherwise dull room. To start working on this project, you need a chicken wire frame, pink acrylic paint, heart buttons in various shades of pink, and a mini felt garland. Head over to Design Improvised to get the complete details.

3. Love coupons

Diy love coupons

Making love coupons is a classic Valentine’s Day craft for couples since they present an excellent opportunity to spend more time together and share activities. To make professional-looking love coupons from the ground up, we found a cool guide at Sarah Hearts that calls for A2 envelopes, a glue stick, white cardstock paper, scissors or an X-ACTO knife and a straight edge, and a color inkjet or laser printer. Use the free templates that say cuddle, home-cooked meal, dinner and movie, day without chores, weekend getaway, dinner without electronics, hug and kiss, or favor. Alternatively, download the blank coupons to include your own messages. Visit Sarah Hearts for all the details.

4. Date idea arrows

Diy date idea arrows

Crafting date idea arrows is an innovative Valentine’s Day project for couples who always have trouble deciding what to do on date night. As far as supplies go, you need dowel rods, felt sheets, tacky or any fabric glue, scissors, mailing tubes, wrapping paper, round hanging labels, and a pen. Write a bunch of date ideas, hang them on arrows, and have your partner pick an arrow to easily make a decision for date night. Visit Sugar and Cloth for detailed instructions.

5. Twig monogram

Twig monogram valentine crafts

Making a twig monogram is an adorable Valentine’s Day craft for couples since they can create the first letter of their names and hang it on the fireplace mantel or somewhere in the garden. For a more complex craft, spell entire names out of twigs. It’s a fantastic crafting idea for those who love rustic design. For this project, you need a pencil, acrylic paint, a paintbrush, a lace ribbon, felt in two different colors, scissors, hemp twine, pom-poms, a glue gun, and branches. Check out our easy tutorial for step-by-step instructions with pictures on making a twig monogram. There’s also a video guide available.

6. Paper flowers

Romantic paper flowers diy valentine's decor

Making delicate-looking paper flowers is a charming Valentine’s Day crafting activity for adults to add romance to every room of the house. Keep using these decor pieces when the romantic holiday is over, or move them to your Valentine’s Day stockpile to reuse them the next year. Regarding supplies, you need white crepe paper, construction paper in two colors, a paintbrush, watercolors, a pencil, scissors, and a hot glue gun. Read our full guide for making Valentine’s Day paper flowers.

7. Paper flower balls

Paper flower ball valentine's day home decor

Paper flower balls are a Valentine’s Day crafting activity for adults to create and place charming decorations throughout their homes. To work on this project, you need scissors, pearl head pins, a glue stick, small pots, a ribbon, a polystyrene sphere, a pencil, a hole punch, colored paper, dry foam, and a wooden stick. Consider making an arrangement out of several paper flower balls to create a focal point in a room, such as a table centerpiece. Or place the balls in small spaces, like windowsills or shelves. Read our thorough guide to learn more about crafting a paper flower ball.

8. Geometric heart flower vases

Diy geometric heart flower vases

Geometric heart flower vases are a stunning piece of decor for Valentine’s Day and an awesome craft for adults. Make several flower pieces in bright colors to instantly add cheer to every room of your house. To get started, you need paper mache heart gift boxes, acrylic craft paint in various colors, plastic or glass flower vases shorter and more shallow than the boxes, and a utility knife. Visit A Kailo Chic Life to get the assembly instructions.

9. Valentine branch tree

Valentine branch tree

A Valentine branch tree is a cool crafting project for adults interested in lovely February 14th decorations. To begin, you need scrapbook paper in pink, red and glitter, pink and red baker’s twine, clip-on birds, branches, white spray paint, and a white pitcher or a vase. Check out The House That Lars Built for detailed instructions.

10. Wooden LOVE sign

Diy wooden love sign

Easily make a wooden LOVE sign with your significant other for Valentine’s Day to decorate your home in a rustic style. For this project, you will need a wooden rectangle plaque, LOVE wooden cutout letters, and permanent craft adhesive. Read our guide for making a wooden LOVE sign to get the step-by-step instructions.

11. LOVE letter wood sign

Diy love letter wood sign

A wood letter that spells LOVE or with your partner’s initials is a romantic Valentine’s Day craft for couples. Take this idea further by customizing the wood letter with a message, such as LOVE. To start working on this project, you need a letter wood sign, a thin-point black marker, waxed paper, and a pencil. Check out our complete guide for making a LOVE letter wood sign.

12. Hanging ribbon hearts

Easy ribbon heart valentine's day decor ideas

Hanging ribbon hearts are an easy crafting activity for couples on Valentine’s Day. Consider making a few pieces to hang around the house, especially if you have a Valentine tree. To start this project, you need scissors, paper in various colors, a glue stick, and a red ribbon. Since the hearts are paper, store them in your Valentine’s Day stockpile to use them year after year. Learn more about making hanging ribbon hearts by reading our in-depth tutorial.

13. Yarn-wrapped paper hearts

Yarn wrapped paper hearts valentine ornaments

Making a yarn-wrapped paper heart is another paper craft that adults will have fun making for Valentine’s Day. It’s a simple way to craft beautiful decorations for the entire family. To start, you need a glue stick, red paper, yarn in various colors, cardboard, and scissors. The yarn adds depth to some otherwise dull-looking paper hearts. Hang these decor items on walls, windows, or doors. Discover more information in our full guide about making yarn-wrapped paper hearts.

14. Mini heart string art

Diy mini heart string art

Making tiny heart string art is a fantastic way for couples to express their love on Valentine’s Day. It’s a simple crafting project that requires finishing nails, a hammer, a wood plaque, a marker, scissors, thread, and a pencil. This design is customizable since you can add any message on the wood plaque, such as I love you, your partner’s name, or the current date. Find out more about making heart string art in our intuitive guide.

15. Button heart wall art

Button heart wall decor valentine hearts

Button heart wall art is a fun Valentine’s Day crafting idea for adults that allows their imaginations to run wild. They can sew buttons on linen fabric to come up with romantic designs, such as hearts or the first letter of their name. As far as supplies are concerned, you need artificial flowers, a glue gun, a paintbrush, a wood glaze, a wood frame, buttons, a pencil, linen fabric, a lace ribbon, and scissors. For more charm, glue artificial flowers on top of the frame. Discover more about making button heart wall art in our in-depth tutorial with a video guide.

16. Felt flower wall art

Felt flowers wall art diy valentine's decor

Use felt flowers to create wall art with your significant other, thanks to this Valentine’s Day crafting activity for adults. This project calls for pom-poms, a lace ribbon, a pencil, scissors, acrylic paints in three colors, a glue gun, a wood board, felt in various colors, and a paintbrush. Check out our tutorial for more thorough instructions on making felt flowers wall art.

17. Pinecone flower wall art

Pinecone flowers wall art valentine decoration ideas

Creating pinecone flower wall art is a lovely Valentine’s Day crafting activity for adults and a great way to put several pinecones to good use. You need acrylic paints in various colors, garden pruners, scissors, pinecones, a paintbrush, a silk ribbon, a glue gun, a branch, and a wooden board. Check out our guide for making pinecone flower wall art for the complete step-by-step instructions.

18. Canvas heart art

Diy canvas wall art

Make canvas heart art for Valentine’s Day with your significant other to decorate your walls and gift your friends. Start by gathering small, square canvases, heart doilies, pom-poms, foam heart stickers, small artificial flowers, yarn, tissue paper streamers, and heart confetti. It’s a versatile project since anything can be used to form hearts. Visit Design Improvised for more information. Check out more Valentine’s Day decor ideas.

19. Coffee filter wreath

Diy coffee filter wreath

Craft a Valentine’s Day wreath from coffee filters using this practical DIY project for adults. It’s a great way to put a bunch of white coffee filters. To start working on this project, you need cardboard, an X-ACTO knife, coffee filters, a hot glue gun, and a pencil. The wreath is lightweight since it’s made from cardboard and coffee filters, so you can hang it on a door using glue or scotch tape instead of nails. Head over to Over the Big Moon for more info.

20. Baby’s breath heart wreath

Diy baby's breath heart wreath

Make your front door the neighborhood star by decorating it with a baby’s breath heart wreath, thanks to this Valentine’s Day craft for adults. To work on this project, you need Baby’s breath, cardboard, spray paint, floral foam, a string, and glue sticks. Head over to The House That Lars Built for the complete step-by-step instructions.

21. Tassel garland

Romantic tassel garland valentine's day garland

A romantic tassel garland could be a fun Valentine’s Day craft for adults who want to decorate their homes with lovely pieces. It’s a colorful project requiring baker’s twine in two colors, a tapestry needle, scissors, cardboard, and yarn in three colors. Check out our tutorial for making a romantic tassel garland.

22. Jewelry organizer photo frame

Diy jewelry organizer photo frame

Make a stylish photo frame to store and organize your jewelry using this easy Valentine’s Day craft for adults. Place it on top of your dresser or in front of the vanity mirror. It’s also a lovely gift idea for the special lady in your life, whether she’s your spouse, sister, or mother. To work on this project, you will need a picture frame, burlap, decoupage paper and glue, silk and lace ribbons, acrylic paint, a glue gun, a paintbrush, and a pair of scissors. Read our full guide for making a jewelry organizer photo frame to get the complete instructions.

23. Wooden photo frame

Wooden photo frame valentine's home decor

Making a photo frame with your significant other is a romantic Valentine’s Day craft since you can hang your favorite pictures together. To begin, you need a thin paintbrush, moss, wood slices, acrylic paints in various colors, a cardboard picture frame, a glue gun, dry plants, and a pencil. It’s a simple project since it’s just a matter of assembling all pieces together with glue. Since the frame is made from wood slices, it blends well with farmhouse decorations. Hang the picture frame on the wall or lean it against a vertical surface. Read more information about making photo frames out of wood in our tutorial.

24. Button picture frame

Button picture frame valentine crafts

A button picture frame is another adorable Valentine’s Day craft for couples that involves buttons. For this project, you need a photo frame, buttons, a glue gun, a lace ribbon, scissors, a paintbrush, and acrylic paint. For more details on making a button picture frame, check out our in-depth tutorial.

25. String art photo holder

String art photo holder valentine hearts

Craft a string art photo holder with your significant other on Valentine’s Day for a cool way to display your pictures. A string art photo holder is also a lovely gift for family and friends when paired with a wholesome photograph. To get started, you need a lace ribbon, a wood block, scissors, a paper heart, thick jewelry wire, nails, a paintbrush, pink thread, a hammer, and a wood stain. Read our guide for step-by-step instructions on making a string art photo holder.

26. Framed silhouettes

Custom Couples' Silhouette - Valentine's Day Gift

Turn photos of you and your partner into silhouettes and frame them to create a unique gift, thanks to this innovative Valentine’s Day craft for couples. For this project, you need scissors, cardstock, a stapler, tracing paper or vellum, clear profile photographs, a pencil, and a glue stick. Make the background of the frame meaningful by adding a map of where you met. Go to Face Crafts for detailed instructions.

27. Sparkly candle

Diy sparkly candle

Candles are essential for Valentine’s Day, so you can make them unique and sparkly using this nice crafting project for adults. To decorate an otherwise plain candle, you will need silk and sheer ribbons, rhinestones, a glue gun, and a pair of scissors. Check out our simple tutorial for making a sparkly candle.

28. Romantic candle

Romantic candle valentine's day diy

Making romantic candles is a classic Valentine’s Day craft for adults. It doesn’t involve making the candle from scratch since you can use simple, plain candles. The goal is to decorate the candle. As far as supplies are concerned, you need yarn, a candle, hot glue, a pencil, red felt, a lighter, and scissors. For a dramatic effect, consider decorating several candles this way to fill up your bedroom. For more details on making a Valentine’s Day candle, check out our intuitive tutorial with pictures and a video.

29. Mason jar candle holder

Mason jar candle holder diy valentine crafts

A mason jar candle holder is a practical Valentine’s Day craft for adults who love decorating their houses with tea lights. For this project, you need scissors, a pencil, pink and red paper, a red ribbon, an empty jar, white liquid glue, a brush, and white vellum. Crafting a mason jar candle holder for Valentine’s Day is quite simple when following our detailed guide.

30. Concrete heart candle holder

Diy concrete heart candle holder

Crafting a concrete candle holder in the shape of a heart is a lovely Valentine’s Day project for adults interested in outdoor decorations. Place this candle holder on a table in your backyard to create a cozy atmosphere for you and your beau. For this project, you need a plate, water, tape, oil, a spoon, fine particle cement, a heart-shaped plastic bowl, glitter, a wooden stick, and a candle. See our tutorial for making a concrete heart candle holder.

31. Strawberry heart soap

Diy strawberry heart soap

Turn Valentine’s Day into a fun day for hobbies by making strawberry heart soap with your partner. It’s a great way to learn a new skill, create hygienic products for your home, and even prepare gifts for family and friends. This project comes from The Craft Train and asks for a melt-and-pour soap base, red liquid soap dye, strawberry soap fragrance, a small glass bowl, a spoon, and a small silicone heart mold. Go to The Craft Train for the complete step-by-step instructions.

32. Bath bombs

Diy bath bombs

Crafting bath bombs is a relaxing Valentine’s Day activity for adults to add a bit of aromatherapy to their bathing routines. Unlike store-bought products, homemade bath bombs are customizable. For example, add different colors, scents, and ingredients to create a unique experience in the tub. Check out our tutorial for making orange-scented bath bombs to learn more. You will need baking soda, cornstarch, citric acid, Epsom salt, water, melted coconut oil, orange essential oil, orange zest, food coloring, and a bath bomb mold.

33. Floral ice bowl

Diy floral ice bowl

A floral ice bowl is a practical Valentine’s Day craft for adults planing a romantic evening at home. Freeze flowers in bowl-shaped water to keep the wine or champagne chilled. For this project, you will need a large bucket that fits your freezer, a small bucket to fit inside the large one, rose petals or flowers, and something to weigh down the small bucket. Check out our easy tutorial on how to make a floral ice bowl.

34. Marbled love mugs

Diy marbled love mugs

Designing plain mugs with nail polish creates a marbled design that perfectly suits Valentine’s Day for adults and kids alike. It’s a fantastic opportunity to express your creativity and unwind after a hard day. To start working on this project, you will need nail polish or Pebeo Ceramic Paint, white mugs, distilled water, a large bowl, and wood skewers. Check out Mom Spark for the complete step-by-step instructions.

35. Roped cup cozy

Diy roped up cozy

Making roped cup cozies is a thoughtful Valentine’s Day craft for adults to safely enjoy hot coffee or tea. It’s a simple project for a lazy afternoon. To start working on this design, you need cardstock paper, thick craft twine, E-6000 glue or hot glue, a ruler, a pencil, scissors, and tape. Read our full guide for making a roped cup cozy to get all the details.

36. Heart paper earrings

Diy heart paper earrings

Crafting heart-shaped earrings from paper is an adorable Valentine’s Day project for adults. Make them for that special lady in your life, whether she’s your wife, sister, or mother. As far as supplies are concerned, you need craft paper, Elmer’s craft glue, earring backs or clasps, a heart paper punch, and hot glue or E-6000 glue. Find out more in our tutorial for heart paper earrings.

37. Wire heart with beads

Wire heart with beads easy valentine crafts

A wire heart with beads is a cool Valentine’s Day crafting activity for adults who are into jewelry-making. It results in a necklace to proudly wear or gift to your friends. To start working on this project, you need thick and thin wire, beads, a chain, standard and round-nose pliers, and a jump ring. Check out our complete tutorial for making a wire heart with beads.

38. LOVE sequin shirt

Love sequin shirt valentine craft ideas

A sequin shirt that spells LOVE is an interesting Valentine’s Day project for fashionable crafters, especially for breathing life into an otherwise dull shirt. This design calls for a gold sequin ribbon, scissors, a simple grey shirt, a thread and needle, and chalk. Spelling LOVE is just a suggestion since you can decorate the shirt any way you like with sequins. For example, illustrate a heart or write your initial. Read our in-depth guide to discover more details about crafting a LOVE sequin shirt.

39. Embroidered boxers

Embroidered Boxers - DIY Valentine's Day Gift

Embroidering a pair of boxers with romantic motifs is a lovely Valentine’s Day craft for adults to surprise their partners. There are many ways to decorate embroidered briefs. For example, illustrate hearts or write meaningful messages like I Love You or You’re my favorite person. To start working on this project, you need plain or plain boxers or briefs, a FriXion pen or a water-soluble marker, embroidery floss, and a needle. Check out Creative Bug for the complete step-by-step instructions.

40. Heart tote canvas bag

Diy heart tote canvas bag

Decorate a tote canvas bag with hearts to make it stylish for Valentine’s Day with this simple craft for adults. It’s a great way to upgrade an old tote canvas bag for carrying books, groceries, or documents. For this project, you need a plain canvas tote bag, a pencil, paper, scissors, and paint. For more details, check out our guide for making a heart tote canvas bag.

41. Heart tea towels

Diy heart tea towels

Decorating plain tea towels with applique hearts to make them romantic is a cute Valentine’s Day craft for adults to embellish their kitchens. For this DIY project, you need plain tea towels (preferably white), red cotton fabric, white cotton embroidery floss, and iron-on adhesive. Head over to BrenDid to download the free printable pattern and start working on this design.

42. Heart iPad cover

Heart iPad Case - Valentine's Day DIY Gift

A custom iPad cover with an applique heart on the front is a cute Valentine’s Day craft for adults, especially for gifting. For this project, you need felt, scissors, a multi-needle tool, a needle felting foam, a sewing machine or a needle and thread, and a button. A tablet is only used as a model for measuring the felt cover; use a notebook or a smartphone instead. For a more complex design, cut and overlap several felt pieces for the applique. Check out Lil Blue Boo for more details.

43. Red heart crochet box of chocolates

Crocheted Chocolate Box - Valentine's Day Gift

Crocheting a box of chocolates shaped like a red heart is an awesome Valentine’s Day crafting idea for adults with knitting skills. Place it on the living room table to instantly add interest to the room, or gift it to a special person so that the chocolates last forever. This project requires intermediate crocheting skills and has a free pattern available for download at Yarnspirations.

44. A mason jar of chocolate hearts

Diy mason jar of chocolate hearts

Since chocolates are essential to Valentine’s Day, even for adults, present them in style by crafting a mason jar filled with chocolate hearts. It’s also a lovely gift idea. For this project, you need a mason jar, printable tags, a bamboo skewer, chocolate hearts, printed cardstock, a heavy-duty hole punch, and twine. Head over to Polka Dot Chair for the step-by-step instructions and free downloadable printables.

45. Love potion cinnamon whiskey

Diy love potion

Brew a love potion with cinnamon whiskey to enjoy Valentine’s Day in adult style, thanks to this easy craft. We found this quirky idea at Big Bear’s Wife, which uses whiskey, cinnamon sticks, red hot candies, a glass jar with a lid, and a thin round or triangular glass jar that resembles a witch’s love potion. Visit Big Bear’s Wife for the step-by-step instructions.


Crafting on Valentine’s Day doesn’t just guarantee a thoughtful gift; it gives you the opportunity for quality bonding time with your partner or friends. Start with simple homemade cards and move on to more challenging projects like creating jewelry from scratch. Have fun crafting this Valentine’s Day, and show your loved one how much they mean to you with a unique gift you made yourself.

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