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How to Craft a Yarn-Wrapped Paper Heart for Valentine’s Day in 5 Easy Steps

A DIY yarn-wrapped paper heart is a great way to bring romance and cheer into your home decor, especially around Valentine’s Day. Read on to discover how to make a yarn-wrapped paper heart in five easy steps.

Diy yarn wrapped paper heart

A yarn-wrapped paper heart is a hanging decoration that consists of heart-shaped cardboard wrapped with colorful yarn that adds texture. It’s a simple DIY papercraft project for creating home decor with a romantic motif for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, 1-year anniversary (paper), and other special events. You can also make party favors out of these paper hearts. Kids only enough to safely handle scissors can participate, too.  

This guide describes the supplies and step-by-step instructions for making a yarn-wrapped paper heart. It features images and a video guide. You shouldn’t need more than 15 minutes to complete the decoration. Check out additional tips and tricks for improving or changing this design.


Diy yarn wrapped paper heart materials

  • Standard or corrugated cardboard
  • Red paper
  • Yarn in various colors. We used red, two shades of pink, and yellow
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • X-ACTO knife (not illustrated)
  • Glue stick

How do I craft a yarn-wrapped paper heart?

Follow these step-by-step instructions to craft a yarn-wrapped paper heart:

  1. Sketch the heart: Draw a large heart on cardboard sheet and a small one inside, leaving about 2 in (5 cm) of space between the two hearts.Diy yarn wrapped paper heart drawDiy yarn wrapped paper heart drawing
  2. Make the cutout: Tracing the outline, cut out the heart using the scissors and X-ACTO knife. Next, use the heart as a stencil to cut two hearts from red paper.Diy yarn wrapped paper heart step 3
  3. Bind the paper and cardboard: Apply glue to both sides of the cardboard heart frame and stick the two pieces of red paper, sandwiching the cardboard.Diy yarn wrapped paper heart step 4Diy yarn wrapped paper heart step 4aDiy yarn wrapped paper heart step 4b
  4. Wrap the yarn: Cut about 2 yards (2 meters) of the yarn colors. Next, begin wrapping the yarn across the heart-shaped frame, overlapping the colors to create a colorful design. Trim any excess strings of yarn that might be sticking out from the edges.Diy yarn wrapped paper heart step 5Diy yarn wrapped paper heart step 6Diy yarn wrapped paper heart step 6a
  5. Make a hanger: Cut a piece of yarn, fold it in half, tie a loop through the space inside the heart frame, and make a knot to secure the hanger. Your yarn-wrapped paper heart is ready!Diy yarn wrapped paper heart step 7aDiy yarn wrapped paper heart step bDiy yarn wrapped paper heart step 7b

Video tutorial

Watch this video guide to better understand the process behind making a yarn-wrapped paper heart.

More tips and tricks

Check out the following tips and tricks for improving or changing the yarn-wrapped paper heart:

  • Make sure things stick: Put weight on the cardboard heart while the glue is drying to ensure the red paper attaches firmly.
  • Evenly distribute yarn colors: When wrapping yarn around the frame, overlap different colors to create new shades.
  • Wrap it up completely: The red paper remains visible in our design, but you can completely cover it and make it fluffy by using more yarn.
  • Use sturdier materials: Consider using a wire frame or foam frame instead of cardboard since it’s sturdier.
  • Make it personal: Add decorative elements to make a meaningful gift. For example, write LOVE or ALWAYS or attach a tiny photo.

Closing thoughts

A DIY yarn-wrapped paper heart is an easy project requiring school-grade crafting supplies, which is ideal for kids. Adults can also make it to decorate their home. For more projects with a similar theme, check out these romantic decorations.

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