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DIY Valentine’s Day Wooden Photo Frame – How to Make a Wooden Photo Frame for Your Loved One

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’re in a bit of a hurry to create some really cool and thoughtful gifts for our loved ones. So, a wooden photo frame that can remind you of the affection you share with one another while also displaying a wonderful picture of the two of you will do just fine.

Wooden photo frame pics (5)

When it comes to showing your love, perhaps something you can do on your own, in which you put your heart and soul, may be the best gift you can give. So, let’s see how we can do one of these cool photo frames!

Materials for wooden photo frame

  • cardboard picture frame
  • dry plants
  • moss
  • wood slices
  • rose, green, and white acrylic paint
  • thin paintbrush
  • pencil
  • glue gun

How to make a wooden photo frame

Creating your own cool wooden photo frame for a loved one starts with gathering up your materials. You should have them all on hand so you don’t run around looking for what you need.

Wooden photo frame material

Step 1: Draw the lettering

The first thing you’re going to do is to take four of thewood slices (which you can easily order online) and yourpencil and draw the letters. Since we’re doing this for a pretty project and a potential gift, you may want to work on your calligraphy skills beforehand so you can create some pretty letters.

Wooden photo frame (1)

Wooden photo frame (2)

Spell out L O V E on the fourwood slices. You can either do all of the capital letters, go with lower case, or just do the L as a capital and the others as lower case. Whatever works for you is how you should proceed here.

Wooden photo frame (3)

Wooden photo frame (4)

Step 2: Paint the letters

Now that you’ve written out the word, you should get the blue acrylic paintand the thinpaintbrush and start tracing out the letters you drew on the wood slices. Try to respect the lines you drew as best you can and paint the line as steady as possible.

Wooden photo frame (5)

Wooden photo frame (6)

We know that we’re using blue over the beige natural wood coloring, so it may be a bit hard to see if your paint layer is too thin, so make sure the color is solid, especially as you pass over the bumps and ridges of the wood.

Wooden photo frame (7)

Wooden photo frame (8)

Step 3: Build the photo frame

For the next step, you can either buy yourself some cardboard photo frames that are already assembled, or you can create your own. For this, you’ll need two pieces of cardboard – one full and one with a window cut out. Get the gluegunand apply hot glue on three of the sides of the solid cardboard piece. You’ll want to add the hot glue as close to the edge as possible.

Wooden photo frame (9)

Work fast because hot glue solidifies pretty quickly. Once you’ve traced all three sides, add the cardboard piece with a window. Make sure the two pieces line up perfectly.

Wooden photo frame (10)

Step 4: Spell Love

Now that the cardboard photo frame is all set up, you’ll want to take the wood slices with the painted letters. We added them to the left side of the frame. Then, we went and arranged the other wood slices anddry plantsto the frame to see how they’d look best. You want the letters to be close together, but you have free reign over how the rest of the pieces are arranged.

Wooden photo frame (11)

Wooden photo frame (12)

This mockup will help you place the pieces in the best spot possible so they all fit nicely together. Since each piece has its own size, you’ll really want to make this pre-arrangement.

Wooden photo frame (13)

Step 5: Glue the decors

Now that you know exactly where each piece needs to go, you should get theglue gun.Pick up each piece, add some hot glue to the back, and place it back again over the frame. You’ll want to press the piece for a few seconds so the glue sets well.

Wooden photo frame (14)

Wooden photo frame (15)

Make sure you also add a lot of hot glue to the back of the dried-up plants, especially since the surface is irregular, so it needs more support to stick to the frame.

Wooden photo frame (16)

For our design, we chose to place the dry plants in opposite corners of the frame, trying to give the whole thing some symmetry and balance.

Wooden photo frame (17)

Step 6: Paint the frame

There’s not much empty room on the frame and you want to make it pretty, so we suggest you paint the sides. So, get thepaintbrush and therose acrylic paintand start layering the color on the sides of the frame.

Wooden photo frame (18)

Make sure you cover both sides and the bottom of the frame. Also, be careful around the corners.

Wooden photo frame (19)

Step 7: Add the moss

Now you’re going to want to start adding some of the moss to the frame. So, grab themossand your trustyglue gun, and let’s get to work. Put some hot glue to the back of a tuft of moss and add it to the frame, in one of the empty spaces.

Wooden photo frame (20)

Wooden photo frame (21)

Alternatively, if you find it easier, you can also add hot glue directly to the frame and place some moss over the glue. Given the texture of the moss, this process might be easier and cleaner.

Wooden photo frame (22)

Wooden photo frame (23)

Make sure to add moss to all the spots between the wood slices and the dry plants. Pretty much any empty cardboard spot, should be covered with moss.

Wooden photo frame (24)

Step 8: Add the picture stand

Next, you’ll want to add the picture stand. If you bought the cardboard picture frame, then it’s quite likely that you already have this stand in the package. Otherwise, you can easily make your own by cutting a cardboard right triangle and folding it on one side. Add hot glue to the folded area and place it in the middle of the frame, in the bottom area. Make sure the 90 degrees angle lines up with the bottom of the frame.

Wooden photo frame (25)

Wooden photo frame (26)

Test it out and see if it stands up straight once the glue to the stand has dried up.

Wooden photo frame (27)

There you go! You have such a pretty frame now! You can gift it to someone you love or keep it for yourself to remind you of the good times, even in such difficult times like the ones we’re all living through today. The only thing left for you to do is to slide in a picture through the slot at the top.

Wooden photo frame (28)

Given the way the frame is built, you can always modify things a bit, whether by choosing different dried plants, putting in more moss, choosing a different paint color, or going for a horizontal design instead. Whatever changes you want to make, we’re sure you’ll find a way to achieve what you’re looking for. Drop us some photos with your projects when you’re done as we’re curious to see how they turned up!

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