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DIY Twig Monogram – Gift Your Valentine Their Initial

The most perfect gifts in the world are those created with love. Especially around Valentine’s Day, we have to think outside the box and try to find things that will make our loved ones feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Of course, this particular twig monogram that we have in mind is going to be a great gift, regardless of the season.

Twig monogram result (1)

We went with “L” for Love, but you can go with your loved one’s initials. You’ll have to be creative to adjust the design accordingly, but we’re sure you can make it work. You’ll need the same materials, but you’ll just have to arrange the twigs differently. Anyway, let’s proceed.

Materials for twig monogram

  • branches
  • glue gun
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • paintbrush
  • beige acrylic paint
  • hemp twine
  • lace ribbon
  • pompons
  • pink and green felt

How to make twig monogram

Creating your very own twig monogram is going to be an interesting journey, and you’ll have to make adjustments as you go, but we’re sure you’ll pull it off. Let’s get to work! Make sure you have all the materials on hand so you don’t go running around trying to find something right when you’ve reached a rhythm.

Twig monogram materials

Step 1: Paint the twigs

We’re going to start by painting the twigs. So, get the twigs prepared and the beige acrylic paint, as well as the paintbrush, and get to work. Make sure you turn the twig on all sides and paint it all over, including the ends.

Twig monogram steps (2)

Set each twig aside on a piece of paper, so you don’t get paint all over your table. The acrylic paint should dry up pretty fast, so you can add extra layers if you feel the need for more color.

Twig monogram steps (3)

Step 2: Cut the petal and leaf patters

Now that the twigs are drying, you can go on to the next step. Take a piece of paper and draw the shape of a petal and another shape for the leaf. You’ll want the bottom area of both of these to be straight. Take thescissors and cut out the paper patterns.

Twig monogram steps (4)

Twig monogram steps (5)

Twig monogram steps (6)

Step 3: Draw and cut the petals

Get the patterns and thepenciland start drawing them up on a piece of felt. We started with the petals, so we chose the pink felt.

Twig monogram steps (7)

Draw up over twenty of these petals. You’ll use four per flower, so make sure you have a multiple of four done up. You can always cut out more later on if you decide you need more flowers.

Twig monogram steps (8)

Once you’re done drawing the petals, get the scissors and start cutting them out.

Twig monogram steps (9)

Look how cute they look!

Twig monogram steps (10)

Step 4: Build the petals

Now, with the petals all done, take the scissors once more and make an incision in the lower area of the felt piece.

Twig monogram steps (11)

Fold the material just a tiny bit so you give it a bit of a shape.

Twig monogram steps (12)

Get the glue gun and add a bit of hot glue to one of the sides where you made the cut. Fold the petal so the two sides are glued together. You want them joined just a tiny bit and the hot glue will give the petal the curved shape you need.

Twig monogram steps (13)

Repeat the process for all the petals you’ve cut earlier.

Twig monogram steps (14)

Step 5: Build the flower

Now that all your petals are done, proceed to the next step. Keep using theglue gunand add more hot glue to the bottom center area of the petal. Add a yellow pompon to the glue and hold it for a second so the glue sets.

Twig monogram steps (15)

Twig monogram steps (16)

Then, get another petal, add hot glue to the little curved area and stick it to the flower, placing it on the pompon too.

Twig monogram steps (17)

Twig monogram steps (18)

Keep adding petals until your flower is done.

Twig monogram steps (19)

Now that all your flowers are done, we can move on to the next step.

Twig monogram steps (20)

Step 6: Draw and cut the leaves

Get the leaf pattern and draw some to thegreen felt. Keep drawing more and more leafs to the felt, depending on how many you want to add to your design.

Twig monogram steps (21)

Twig monogram steps (22)

Get the scissors and cut out the leaves. Make sure to follow the drawn pattern as much as possible so the crayon is not visible later on.

Twig monogram steps (23)

Twig monogram steps (24)

Step 7: Build the monogram

With the leaves done too, we can go ahead and build the actual twig monogram. You’ll want to get your paintedtwigsand the hemp twine.

Twig monogram steps (25)

Twig monogram steps (26)

Gather up a bunch of twigs and start wrapping twine around one of the ends. You want to make several passes here – it looks better with the twine and it also makes the twine bunch more secure.

Twig monogram steps (27)

Twig monogram steps (28)

Tie a few knots with the twine, to secure them all.

Twig monogram steps (29)

Twig monogram steps (30)

Cut off any excess twine.

Twig monogram steps (31)

Turn the twigs around and tie up the other end as well. Similarly, do the same for any other bunches of twigs you need for the monogram. Since we’re doing on L, we only need two of them, but you’ll need more for other letters.

Twig monogram steps (32)

Twig monogram steps (33)

Twig monogram steps (34)

Twig monogram steps (35)

Once each of the twig bunches is done, you can go ahead and tie them together. We placed the shorter twigs over the longer ones, got more hemp twine and started going over the two, changing directions in order to better secure them.

Twig monogram steps (36)

Twig monogram steps (37)

Once you’re done, tie a knot and cut off the excess twine.

Twig monogram steps (38)

Twig monogram steps (39)

Step 8: Build the leaves

Next, let’s start building the leaves. Get theglue gunand place some hot glue to the lower middle of a leaf. Then, fold the material in two and allow the hot glue to set.

Twig monogram steps (40)

Try to only glue together the bottom area in order to give the felt the nice shape of an actual leaf.

Twig monogram steps (41)

Step 9: Decorate the monogram with flowers and leaves

Now that all the elements are prepared, let’s add them up. The area where the branches are tied together looks a little rough, so let’s add some flowers to the area. Get the glue gun and add hot glue over the twine and place a flower.

Twig monogram steps (42)

Hold it for a few seconds so the glue sets, especially since you don’t want it to fall later on.

Twig monogram steps (43)

Add more flowers and a few leaves too. Make your own design!

Twig monogram steps (44)

We went with three flowers gathered close and a few leaves, in order to better cover the big area with hemp twine.

Twig monogram steps (45)

Twig monogram steps (46)

Since we have lots of leaves, let’s add more to the twigs as well. Add hot glue to the twigs directly, or just put some on the back of the leaf before placing it.

Twig monogram steps (47)

Twig monogram steps (48)

Step 10: Make a bow

Just a few more steps and we’re done! Cut a length of twine and get the lace ribbon too.

Twig monogram steps (49)

Fold the piece of ribbon in the shape of a bow and then get the piece of twine and tie it around the middle.

Twig monogram steps (50)

Twig monogram steps (51)

Tie a knot in the back and cut off the excess material.

Twig monogram steps (52)

Twig monogram steps (53)

Then, turn it around and add some hot glue to the bow. Place it on the monogram, right at the top of the branches.

Twig monogram steps (54)

Keep it pressed for a few seconds and wait for the glue to set. Given the difference in level, you’ll want to make sure there’s enough glue to keep the bow in place.

Twig monogram steps (55)

And there you go! Here’s our twig monogram! The pink, yellow and green look so nice with the beige twigs! If you want to create a different letter, take into consideration any extra materials you’ll need, extra flowers you can make to ‘hide’ junction areas, and how you can build the design you want.

Twig monogram steps (56)

Drop us a comment and show off your creations! We’re sure they’re just as lovely if not more so!

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