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25 Halloween Party Decor Ideas

If you’re planning to host a Halloween party this year, then it might be time to start looking for some fun decor ideas to step your party up a notch. And lucky for you, we’ve done all the work for you – here are 25 of our favorite Halloween-themed decorations for your next party.

1. Skull Vase

Halloween foam party decor

Transform a foam skill into a fun vase to hold a bouquet of white flowers at your next Halloween party. Just carve out the center of the skull, pop in a glass and fill it with the flower of your choice. Head over to Persia Lou’s blog to find out exactly how to recreate this fun vase.

2. Silly Ghost Balloons

Silly ghost balloons party decor

Instead of opting for creepy or gory this Halloween, decorate your party with these super fun silly balloon faces. Simply attach some tissue paper and add the silliest faces you can think of using a black permanent marker. Get the full tutorial at Balloon Time.

3. Halloween Bunting Flags

Halloween bunting flags party decor

Decorate your walls with one of these fun Halloween bunting flag garlands. Just grab some construction paper, a pair of scissors and your creativity and get started. Make your way over to the ever-creative blog Popcorn and Chocolate to check out the full tutorial.

4. Halloween Wreath

Halloween wreath party decor

This fun Halloween-themed wreath is a great way to set the tone for your party right when the guests walk up to the door. This is made with fabric and Poly-Fil stuffing, and then each little pillow is connected to a wreath form. Check out the full tutorial at Bugaboo City.

5. Candy Garland

Diy candy garland party decor

This candy wreath is a fun play on the typical Halloween style garland, using Seattle Chocolates truffle candies instead of paper or another crafting material. Then you can eat the candies once you take the garland down! Get the full how-to at The Sweetest Occasion. 

6. Black Lace Candles

Black lace candles halloween decor

If you’re looking for halloween decor that is a bit less in-your-face than others, this might be the perfect project for you. These black lace candle holders have an understated vibe that will set the tone for your party in a subtle way. Get the how-to at The Sweetest Occasion.

7. Spider Web Glassware

Spider web glassware halloween decor

These fun glasses are a great way to add some festive Halloween spirit without getting too crazy. And they’re so easy to make! Just grab some thin black graphic tape and get to work. Check out the tutorial and the drink recipe too at Sarah Hearts.

8. Silhouette Decorative Plates

Diy silhouette plates halloween decor

Black and white silhouettes of skulls and other creepy things are attached to plain white plates in this easy tutorial. Simply print out the freebies and glue them to plates with Mod Podge. Check out the full tutorial and get the free printables at Boxwood Avenue.

9. Bleeding Candles

Diy halloween bleeding candles

These “bleeding” candles are incredibly easy to make, and they will certainly make a big impact on your party guests. Just melt some red candle wax onto a white candle and voila! Make your way over to Revamperate to find out all the specifics about this project.

10. Raven Decorations

Ravens halloween decor party

Go a bit Edgar Allen Poe with this eerie Halloween decor idea… cut out ravens from black construction paper and tape them to the wall in a “flock” of sorts. Head on over to Jessica Andersdotter’s blog to find out how to recreate your own ravens out of paper.

11. Embroidery Hoop Spider’s Web

Spider web embroidery hoop halloween party decor

This fun spider’s web is made using an embroidery hoop, the perfect item to hold and frame the web. Make a whole slew of them and hang them all around the house for a serious wow-factor. Check out the full tutorial over at The Things She Makes. 

12. Skull Banner

Skull garland halloween party decor

If you don’t want to forgo color just because it’s Halloween, then you might consider hanging up a few of these brightly patterned skull banners. And here’s the best part – you can download them as free printable files… just head over to Dream A Little Bigger.

13. Gallery Wall

Gallery wall halloween party decor

Next up, we have a helpful tutorial that will walk you through the process of making a Halloween gallery wall for your home. Included are tips for how to create each piece and for assembling the wall itself. Check out all the details over at My Sister’s Suitcase.

14. Banner Wreath

Swarm of bats halloween party decor

Next we have another wreath, this time a spookier one filled with bats and a little “Happy Halloween” banner that spans across the middle. Make your way over to Whistle and Ivy to find out exactly how to make both the banner and the wreath itself.

15. Washi Tape Spider Web

Washi tape spider web halloween decor

This spider’s web is made out of washi tape, making it super easy to put up at the beginning of the Halloween season and then remove after in November. Just make your way over to Zakka Life to find out how to put up your own wall-sized spider’s web in your home.

16. Bottle Candle Holders

Bottle candles halloween decor

If you have lots of old clear glass bottles lying around, try using them as candle holders! When paired with a black tablecloth and tall white taper candles, they really look quite spooky. Make your way over to Style Me Pretty to find out more about this and other party ideas.

17. Simple Buffet Styling

Halloween buffet styling decor

If you have a buffet that you are setting for a Halloween party, here is a great tutorial on how to create a simple buffet setup that is both elegant and a bit spooky. Head over to The White Buffalo Styling Co. to find out how to recreate this look in your own home.

18. Pumpkin Balloon Backdrop

Playful pumpkin balloon backdrop

If you’re a fan of color, then this might be more your speed. This bright and cheery pumpkin made out of balloons makes the perfect backdrop for iPhone pictures or for a full photo booth. Make your way over to The House That Lars Built to find out how to do it.

19. Crow Centerpiece

Crow centerpiece halloween decor

Step up your table game with this super fun crow centerpiece from Jennifer Ciani. Simply spray paint some branches white and then secure them in a base. Finish with a couple of scary black crows, and you’re all set! Check out the tutorial over at Simply Ciani.

20. DIY Apothecary Bottles

Apothecary labels halloween decor

Create these super spooky apothecary bottles to add a unique look to your Halloween party. Just collect a handful of old bottles and jars, and then cut out the printable labels that Lia Griffith has designed for us. Download the free labels at World Label’s blog. 

21. Try Candelabras

Candelabras halloween decor

When in doubt, opt for candelabras. There is something so creepy about them… perhaps it’s their vintage vibe. Place two matching candelabras on an ornate table in your entryway, and it will set the tone for your Halloween party right away. Found here. 

22. Just Add Cobwebs

Cobweb sofa halloween decor

Spreading fake cobwebs all over your sofa (or any other surface) is a great way to give any space a spooky feel without spending very much money or time. This sofa looks like it has belongs in a haunted house, doesn’t it? Read all about this home’s Halloween decor here.

23. Wriggling Snakes Wreath

Snake wreath halloween decor party

Snakes are another great animal to use in your halloween decor (fake ones, of course). Wrap them around a wreath form to create this oh-so-scary decor for your door. Make your way over to Martha Stewart’s website to find out how to recreate this wreath.

24. Go For The Gold

Gold halloween party decor

For an especially glamorous take on the holiday, try decorating with all gold and neutral tones. It will be a memorable party for your guests, thanks to the super unique look. Head over to Thistlewood Farms to learn how KariAnne uses gold to decorate her home for Halloween.

25. Day of the Dead

Halloween party skull table

Day of the Dead, or Dia de los muertos, is a traditional Mexican holiday that is celebrated the day after Halloween… and it shares many decorative ideas in common with Halloween so it is a great way to add some color to your party. See lots more inspiration here.

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