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50 DIY Halloween Pumpkins To “Carve” This Season

Halloween is quickly approaching, and it’s time to start brainstorming what you’re going to do for the holiday! This year, we have 50 awesome ideas of things that can be done with Halloween pumpkins.

Diy halloween pumpkins

From painting to carving pumpkins, from making pumpkins out of paper to transforming them into air plant holders – there are so many possibilities.We hope this article gives you some inspiration and helps make your Halloween more memorable than ever before!

50 Best Halloween Pumpkin Ideas to Try in 2021

What are your favorite things about Halloween? Is it the costumes, pumpkins, or candy? If you’re looking to have a perfect time this year, check out our list of 50 best pumpkin ideas for Halloween. We’ve got everything from custom designs to carving tricks and treats. Bring on the spooky fun!

1. Black and White Halloween Pumpkin

Black and white halloween pumpkin

While pumpkins in their well-known orange hue are the most common choice to carve into, you might also consider a black-and-white Halloween pumpkin. It’s an excellent opportunity to show off your creativity and make a statement – the possibilities are endless!

The number one thing you need for this look is paint. Black, white, and a splash of color – it’s all up to the design that you want on your pumpkin! You can either use spray paint or just regular acrylic paint in cans. Just remember that once you start painting, there’s no turning back, so make sure you like the way your pumpkin looks before applying any paint.

Feel free to check out our complete tutorial that teaches you how to quickly put together a black-and-white Halloween pumpkin with a splash of blue.

2. Splatter Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

Splatter pumpkin decor indoor halloween decorations

It’s that time of the year when Halloween pumpkin ideas are at their best, especially if you’re looking for something fun to do with your kids. And since splattering is all the rage right now, it only makes sense to take a few steps back and try this technique on your pumpkins.

You can use regular acrylic paint in a can for this, but it’s even better to use a plastic bag filled with color. That way, you won’t have to worry about spilling or glopping around too much. And that’s important when you’re trying not to ruin your kitchen floor.

The best part about painting this way is that you get a nice, fine finish without dealing with a brush. You can use different colors for this Halloween pumpkin idea and make it as spooky, cartoonish, or colorful as you want!

Find out more about how to paint a Halloween pumpkin with a splattered pumpkin by reading our in-depth guide.

3. Mini Halloween Pumpkin Painting

Mini halloween pumpkin painting

Pumpkin decorating has taken on a new meaning this season with mini pumpkins, which are not only adorable but also versatile. Whether you’re painting them in fun patterns or adorning them with scary faces, there’s something for everyone!

And if you’d like to make your mini pumpkins stand out, try adding glitter to your acrylic paint. It’s a perfect way to give them that unique look without having to use any stencils or go through the hassle of drawing on the pumpkins with markers.

Take our tutorial, for example, where we show you how you can easily paint mini pumpkins with simple dots.

4. Air Plant Holders Halloween Pumpkin Faces

Air plant holders halloween pumpkin faces

Trick-or-treaters can be a handful, especially if you have a large house that they need to walk through. And while you’re busy trying to keep them entertained with candy and treats, it’s easy for the Halloween pumpkins in your yard to be forgotten!

This year, you can make a statement by turning your pumpkins into air plant holders. You can also carve faces on them. Besides, it’s a great way to put your air plants to use when they’re no longer in season, and it will make your porch or garden look unique.

It’s elementary to get started with this DIY project for Halloween pumpkin faces. All you need are some small pumpkins, succulents, and air plants. You don’t even need natural or artificial pumpkins since you can make them from clay. From there, it’s smooth sailing – just follow along with the step-by-step guide from Homedit!

5. Halloween Pumpkin Carving with Medical Mask

Halloween pumpkin carving with medical mask

Halloween is upon us, and that means it’s time to think about carving pumpkins. As fun as this tradition may seem, however, there’s always the risk of ending up with a carved pumpkin that looks too ordinary.

If you are looking for a simple carving idea for Halloween pumpkins that still brings a little extra to the table, just strap on a medical mask. You will make your pumpkin culturally accurate as well as remind trick-or-treaters about the importance of healthcare when they’re roaming the streets on Halloween and desperately looking for candy.

6. Halloween Movie Pumpkin

Halloween movie pumpkin

A scary movie marathon is one of the best ways to celebrate Halloween, and it’s even better when you have a big bowl of popcorn to enjoy as you watch!

This simple technique for painting a Halloween movie pumpkin will give you and your friends endless hours of fun as you draw a pumpkin face on a bowl filled with tasty snacks.

You just have to use a black Sharpie marker to draw the facial expressions of the pumpkin on the bowl, which you can fill with orange candies before adding the popcorn. This way, the bowl will look like a real Jack-O-Lantern!

7. Batman Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Batman halloween pumpkin carving ideas

Carving pumpkins is one of the most fun parts of Halloween, but it can be difficult to think outside of the box when coming up with Halloween pumpkin carving ideas.

This year, you should definitely try carving a Batman symbol instead! Not only will it look festive on your front porch or along your walkway, but you can also make it part of a reference to Batman Day (September 18).

You can do this by carving a bat or his symbol on the side of the pumpkin and removing the pulp inside. It will be perfect for holding some candy and other treats!

8. Vampire Halloween Pumpkin Stencils

Vampire halloween pumpkin stencils

Halloween is the time of year when people love all things related to vampires and dressing up as them for Halloween.

If you want to bring out your inner vampire this October 31, you should definitely try carving a vampire stencil on your pumpkin! Although there are many unique options for these Halloween pumpkin stencils, we like how most feature the famous vampire fangs.

You can carve your pumpkin using a black marker, but if you want it to look more attractive, you can also use orange and purple markers for different effects. Just be sure that when you are finished carving, all of the parts that have been removed are carefully placed in a large plastic bag so that they don’t rot on your porch.

Check out this cool YouTube tutorial made by Plaid Crafts to learn more about adding a stenciled vampire to a Halloween pumpkin.

9. Halloween Pumpkin Drawing on Cauldron

Halloween pumpkin drawing on cauldron

While most people are busy carving pumpkins, you can bring a little magic to your Halloween by drawing designs on the sides of a cauldron.

Halloween is all about enjoying yourself, so why not let loose and have some fun with this activity? First, find an old cauldron that you don’t mind ruining. Then, fill it with soil and add a green plant for decoration.

After the cauldron is filled with some greenery, you can start carving faces into the side of it! For example, you could cut a pumpkin face or draw something unique, like undead flowers on the side of this Halloween prop.

Once all of the designs are finished, place some pumpkins around the cauldron to give it a spooky ambiance. If you’re feeling creative, you can also paint dark designs on an old black cloak to wear with your great cauldron!

10. Glamorous Copper Halloween Pumpkin Decoration

Glamorous copper halloween pumpkin decoration

Halloween is all about having fun, which means that any pumpkin decoration you make should be exciting!

This year, you can transform a regular pumpkin into a stylish copper Halloween pumpkin decoration by adding beads to it. To do this project, you will need a large pumpkin, copper spray paint, copper beads, and a piece of cloth to remove the excess paint.

Take a look at our in-depth tutorial to find out the exact steps you need to take to turn this dream project into a reality! The fact that we used copper shouldn’t limit you since you can paint the pumpkin in any color you want, as long as it looks glamorous.

11. Tissue Paper Halloween Pumpkin Designs

Tissue paper halloween pumpkin designs

While carving pumpkins is fun, it can be challenging to create unique Halloween pumpkin designs that aren’t made of metal tools.

If you’re looking for a more creative approach to carving a Halloween pumpkin, you should try adding tissue paper. This technique is excellent because it doesn’t require many tools, and the leaves you create will last much longer than regular pumpkins!

To begin this project, choose a pumpkin that has an attractive shape. You also need a plastic cup, scissors, Elmer’s glue, and tissue paper. Next, check out our complete guide that takes a step-by-step approach toward creating a Halloween pumpkin out of tissue paper using the paper maché technique.

12. Scary Halloween Pumpkin

Scary halloween pumpkin

While other people are busy carving pumpkins, you can be having fun with alternative Halloween pumpkin designs that fit your unique style. If you don’t feel like creating another Frankenstein or vampire stencil on a pumpkin this year, there are hundreds of other options available to you.

Even though all Halloween pumpkins have a spooky feel to them, some are scarier than others. If you’re wondering how to make a scary Halloween pumpkin, we’ve got the answer for you!

For example, you can carve a Jack-O-Lantern design on a pumpkin, remove the insides, and place a tea candle inside to light up your front porch just in time to greet trick-or-treaters. Feel free to use this photo as an inspiration.

13. Paper Maché Halloween Pumpkin

Paper maché halloween pumpkin

While the rest of the world is busy carving wooden or metal tools into pumpkins, you can be making your own Halloween pumpkin out of paper maché.

This technique is easy to learn and perfect for those who don’t have much talent for woodwork. The result is a unique Halloween pumpkin that gives off a spooky vibe with minimum effort.

To start this project, you need a large bowl, newspaper, jute twine, a foam brush, a fork, acrylic paints, a balloon, scissors, and flour. Check out our complete tutorial to discover all the steps necessary to turn this project into a reality!

14. Glamorous Beads – Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

Glamorous beads halloween pumpkin ideas

Halloween is the time of the year when everyone is busy carving pumpkins for decoration or turning them into Jack-O-Lanterns.

However, if you’re looking for something a little more unique to do with your Halloween pumpkin, you should consider adding beads to it. It’s simple to turn an ordinary pumpkin into a glamorous one by completely covering it in black beads. Or, you can use any other color that goes well with your Halloween party theme.

To make your beads decorated pumpkin, you need a fake pumpkin, silver craft paint, a paintbrush, thimble, black faceted beads, dressmaker pins, and tiny black seed beads. Our simple guide shows you every step of the way for this Halloween pumpkin idea, so be sure to check it out!

15. Square Wooden Halloween Pumpkin Painting

Square wooden halloween pumpkin painting

Most Halloween pumpkins are round, but this doesn’t mean you can only use them for Jack-O-Lanterns and decoration.

If you want to jazz up your front porch just in time for trick-or-treaters, try creating a square wooden pumpkin and painting it like a Halloween pumpkin, which is perfect for an alternative design for the spookiest night of the year.

To turn this square pumpkin into a functional Halloween decoration, paint it just like any other wooden item. Don’t forget to attach jute twine for hanging the square pumpkin on your front porch or another part of your home. Follow this intuitive tutorial from Homedit that shows complete instructions on how to make a square wooden pumpkin for Halloween.

16. Hanging Halloween Pumpkin Decor

Hanging halloween pumpkin decor

Instead of using a natural or artificial pumpkin for Halloween, you can create one out of paper. Keep in mind that we’re not talking about carving designs on it or painting them orange.

Try something new this year with this easy-to-make DIY paper pumpkin craft! It only requires four materials: a wooden frame, construction paper, glue, and scissors. You can also personalize your project by using any color of paper that matches your Halloween party theme.

To improve the results, it’s best to cut the wooden frame in the shape of a pumpkin. Then, you need to cut the construction paper, fold it into accordion shapes, and trace the contour of the wooden frame. The same technique should be used to design and cut the pumpkin stem and leaves.

Feel free to use this photo as inspiration for the paper Halloween pumpkin! Once you are pleased with the results, you can hang the wooden frame on your front door using a bit of twine to welcome your guests and trick-or-treaters.

17. Confetti Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

Confetti halloween pumpkin ideas

If you don’t have a lot of time to spare for decorating your home for Halloween, consider using a simple technique that only requires paper and paint.

You can make your front door stand out more than any other part of your home during trick-or-treat season by decorating your porch with a confetti Halloween pumpkin! Not only will it be easy to make, but it will also have a big impact.

To get started with this Halloween pumpkin idea, you need a craft pumpkin, matte black spray paint, scissors, a small plastic cover for the stem, painter’s tape, a drop cloth, and metallic tape in the colors of your choice.

Discover the complete instructions for this terrific project in this in-depth tutorial from Homedit. For an extra special touch, you can paint some details on the face to truly wow your guests!

18. Thankful Halloween Pumpkin Painting

Thankful halloween pumpkin painting

A Halloween pumpkin can be used not only for home decoration but also to express gratitude for your home or family! Thanks to this project, you will get the chance to fill your home with thankful pumpkins all over for the entire month of October.

Make your own DIY Halloween pumpkin and paint it any color you wish – just don’t forget to add a thankful message, such as simply Thankful.

To start, you’ll need a pumpkin, wooden letters, paint for wood, acrylic paint in any color of your choice, a foam brush, a hot glue gun with plenty of glue sticks, and scissors.

Simply follow the instructions outlined in this easy tutorial from Homedit, and you will be good to go! To personalize your thankful Halloween pumpkin, you can get creative with colors.

We recommend painting the Halloween pumpkin in a fun color, leaving just the Thankful message to stand out. You can even use metallic paint or glitter to make your project shine.

19. Terrarium Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

Terrarium halloween pumpkin ideas

If you’re looking for a way to decorate your home without spending too much time or money, consider this Halloween pumpkin terrarium idea.

A terrarium is an excellent way to add life to indoor spaces during the fall season. Plus, they are easy to make and can be done with a few simple materials.

To start this DIY project, you will need a clear glass cake stand and dome, pumpkin picks, moss, yellow leafy flowers, and tin snips. Effortlessly create a unique fall decor piece that will look great in your home by using the tutorial from Homedit that teaches you everything you need to know about this Halloween pumpkin idea!

20. Stripped Paper Halloween Pumpkin

Stripped paper halloween pumpkin

For a creative Halloween pumpkin idea, you could go for this festive stripped-paper craft. It is simple to do yet will definitely leave an impression on your guests.

To get started with this project, you will need construction paper in various colors, scissors, and glue sticks. You can use any color combination that you want, but we recommend keeping it orange and green to give the pumpkin a natural look.

However, you can choose to add some colors if you prefer! You will also need something round and flat, like a bowl or plate and a black marker. The technique for this Halloween pumpkin craft is effortless: cut strips and glue them to your circle.

You can either leave the pumpkin plain or decorate it with markers, pens, or other small objects for a more creative look. Your guests will be wowed when they see this cool paper pumpkin in your home!

21. Halloween Pumpkin Lanterns

Halloween pumpkin lanterns

If you seek a cheap and easy Halloween pumpkin idea, this craft could be perfect for your home: making Halloween pumpkins out of paper lanterns.

To start it off, gather some round paper lanterns in orange or yellow colors, black paint and brush, metallic gold tape, rope lights, screw hooks, orange felt sheet, and a needle.

Feel free to use this image as inspiration! You can hang your pumpkin lanterns anywhere you want since they make incredible Halloween decorations.

Simply place the paper lantern on top of a flat surface and paint it all around, leaving some space for the light to shine through. To film your project, place the light inside to get an excellent effect.

Also, make sure to decorate the pumpkin using metallic gold tape for more texture! You can also add color or other creative elements if you want. Last but not least, hang your lanterns by affixing screw hooks onto each side and hanging them with rope lights.

22. Multicolored Witch – Halloween Pumpkin Faces

Multicolored witch halloween pumpkin faces

Looking for a creative and straightforward Halloween pumpkin idea? Why don’t you try painting your pumpkins to create witch’s faces!

Start by gathering some colorful acrylic paints, brushes, and sponges. For painting the face of your Halloween pumpkin, you should choose bright hues instead of black and white since they tend to work better for this kind of art.

You will also need a couple of pumpkins in different sizes, a spray bottle filled with water, a stencil or pattern you want to use, and a black Sharpie marker. Before getting started with your project, give the pumpkins a good wash down so that they are clean and dry.

Once your pumpkins are ready, you can start painting! This Halloween pumpkin idea involves creating a face on each pumpkin by using stencils or freehand drawing. You should paint the size of the smaller pumpkin first to make sure that you like how it turns out before trying it with the bigger one.

To paint the faces, you can use sponges or brushes. Be sure to follow stencil lines shown in the image as closely as possible because it should enhance the overall look of the pumpkin. Afterward, leave them out in a safe place so that they can dry before using them for other projects!

23. Artsy Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

Artsy halloween pumpkin ideas

If you are looking for some artsy Halloween pumpkin ideas, this craft could be perfect for your home!

To get started, gather some spray paint in colors you like and a variety of stencils. One option is to use the tape method for this project! To use the tape method, you should cover your pumpkins with masking tape to leave only the face exposed. Place a stencil and start spraying paint to get the desired pattern.

You also have the option of using a sponging technique for this project! Simply squeeze out colors and start sponging your way to a creative design! However, you should make sure that the pumpkins are clean before painting them or you might get messy hands.

Wondering where to find artsy Halloween pumpkin ideas? You can use this image as inspiration and check out your local art supply store for acrylic paints in various colors.

24. Gold Halloween Pumpkin Painting

Gold halloween pumpkin painting

If you are researching glamorous decoration ideas for Halloween pumpkins, you could try painting them golden metallic colors. Then, you can hang them as decors to welcome trick-or-treaters this year. It will indeed add an elegant touch to your home.

To get started on this Halloween pumpkin paintingproject, gather spray paint, tape, brushes, and a sponge. Start by using the tape method to add stripes or patterns to your pumpkin!

Simply use masking tape and wrap it around the pumpkin to create a pattern of choice while avoiding covering up part of the stem. Then, make sure to put a piece of paper underneath the pumpkin before spraying the paint on each side.

You can also try the sponging method for this process! Simply soak a sponge in metallic paint and start dabbing it on the pumpkin to get the desired pattern. For your reference, you should choose gold metallic spray paint since it looks more glamorous than other colors available at your local craft store.

Afterward, leave them out to dry and remove the tape and paper carefully. Then, hang them up as part of your Halloween decorations!

25. Watermelon Halloween Pumpkin

Watermelon halloween pumpkin

Here is a Halloween pumpkin idea that features a watermelon carved to look like a pumpkin. Although it is not applicable outdoors, this decoration is perfect for indoors.

To get started with your project, you will need three different sizes of pumpkins, watermelons in various sizes, black spray paint, tape or adhesive-backed stencils, an X-Acto knife, and string.

Start by carving out the largest pumpkin to look like a Jack-O’-Lantern! Then, cut both ends of smaller watermelons with your X- Acto knife, leaving the skin around it intact.

The next step is to cover up the small watermelons with the larger one to form a Jack-O-Lantern shape. Use string to hold them together tightly!

Afterward, cover the miniature watermelons with black spray paint and let them dry for several minutes before using other colors. You can use orange or yellow spray paint sticks for this part of the process.

To finish the project, cut the stem of watermelon Jack-O’-Lanterns and place two toothpicks in each pumpkin for a handle!

With these artsy Halloween pumpkin ideas, you can decorate your home or classroom with them. It looks fabulous since it’s food, so no one would imagine it isn’t a real pumpkin.

26. Goofy Faces – Halloween Pumpkin Painting

Goofy faces halloween pumpkin painting

Goofy and cartoon-like faces can add to the excitement of your Halloween party. So you can go with this Halloween pumpkin painting idea for the spookiest night of the year, especially if you want to design something fun for the young ones.

To get started with this project, you will need several pumpkins in various sizes. Then, choose a face you want to paint, such as a joker or monster, using an image search engine. Cut out the paper picture and place it on one of your pumpkins to trace it.

Afterward, get creative with the face by adding details to it! You can also change its expression for a more dramatic effect. For instance, you can make the joker smile or depict the monster with a shocked expression!

If you are wondering what to do about the stem of your pumpkin, just cut it off with an X-Acto knife and paste it on top of your painted face. Then, add some googly eyes to make it look lively. An alternative is to freely paint the fronts using a paintbrush, but this requires excellent painting skills.

By painting goofy faces on your Halloween pumpkins, you can make them more fun to look at! It will surely add excitement to your Halloween party or even some neighborhood events.

27. Day of the Dead Halloween Pumpkin

Day of the dead halloween pumpkin

Here is a Halloween pumpkin idea that features the traditional Mexican holiday, Dia de Los Muertos. It is also known as All Saint’s Day or the Day of the Dead.

Since the Day of the Dead is associated with skulls, you can paint one on your pumpkin for this occasion. You can also add some flowers around it to make it look more festive!

To get started with your project, you will need a medium-sized pumpkin for the skull design. Then, gather black, white, green, blue, and pink paint.

Start by using white to paint a circle on one side of the pumpkin, representing the skull’s face. Fill it with white and then get black to draw the facial expressions just like the image displayed. Finally, use pink and blue paints to add more details before placing a bouquet of flowers on top of the pumpkin.

By painting a Day of the Dead face on your Halloween pumpkin, you can watch it bring delight to everyone who sees it! It is also fun to create, so you can try this project if you are looking for stress relief or want to craft something with your children.

28. Pirate Halloween Pumpkin

Pirate halloween pumpkin

You can also decorate your Halloween pumpkins with pirates. Since everyone loves pirates, you are sure to make them smile by painting one on your pumpkin.

To get started, choose a medium-sized pumpkin for this project and cut out an eye patch, earring, hook hand, etc. Trace the shapes onto the pumpkin using a black Sharpie marker and then cut them out using an X-Acto knife or a small saw.

When you are done cutting out the shapes, color them with blue and red permanent markers. You can finish up your pirate pumpkin by writing ARRR! on it, too. Alternatively, you can print a stencil with a pirate’s face and tape it to the pumpkin before adding a pirate’s hat. The choice is yours!

By decorating Halloween pumpkins with pirates, you will successfully make the neighborhood kids happy. Plus, this project does not take much time to complete, so you can paint several pumpkins in no time!

29. Funky Pattern – Halloween Pumpkin Decoration

Funky pattern halloween pumpkin decoration

If you are looking for a way to spruce up your Halloween pumpkins, try painting funky patterns on them. Since this Halloween pumpkin decoration project does not have any specific design that needs to be followed, you can use your imagination when decorating the pumpkin.

For instance, you may want to paint triangles or stars if it is in tune with the holiday theme. If you are hosting a party, get creative with the painting design and make it fun for everyone!

To get started, cut out an area around your pumpkin’s stem to make room for the painted pattern. Then, paint the surrounding area in white and let it dry before painting any funky designs.

When choosing colors for your design, you can use a combination of blue, yellow, green, and orange for a Halloween-inspired design. If you are hosting a party, choose some bright colors that will make everyone smile!

30. Smiley Face – Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

Smiley face halloween pumpkin ideas

If you are going for a simple yet fun Halloween pumpkin idea, try painting smiley faces on your pumpkins.

To get started with this project, it is vital to pick out the right size of pumpkins that will fit the smiley face template. Once you find the right size, trace the patterns onto your pumpkins and cut them out using an X-Acto knife or a small saw.

When your pumpkins are cut out, color them with black and white paint and use a marker to draw the smiley face’s facial features. You can finish up your design by writing something funny on it instead of using a sticker!

By painting smiley faces on Halloween pumpkins, you are sure to put smiles on everyone’s faces when they see them. And, if you are throwing a party for close friends and family, you can use this project as an activity for your guests to do together.

31. Halloween Pumpkins with Stickers

Halloween pumpkins with stickers

If you are looking for some quick and easy Halloween pumpkin ideas, try decorating your pumpkins with stickers like @winstercreations did on this Instagram post. Since many people have sticker collections, finding the perfect design for your pumpkins will be a cinch!

To get started with this project, pick out some pumpkins that are large enough to accommodate the stickers. Then, go through your sticker stash and pick out some of your favorite stickers. If you are having a party, invite your guests over early to let them decorate the pumpkins with their stickers!

When you have finished picking out all of your design ideas, place them carefully onto the pumpkin’s surface and press down firmly on each one. Finally, finish up your pumpkins by writing a funny message on the sticker!

By decorating Halloween pumpkins with stickers, this project is guaranteed to be quick and easy. Plus, you can use your creative juices for decorating the pumpkin, not searching for scary or spooky stickers.

32. Velvet Halloween Pumpkin

Velvet halloween pumpkin

If you are looking for a different way to make your Halloween pumpkins stand out, try decorating them with velvet. We found this fantastic idea on Instagram, courtesy of @byappointmento. Since this design option is not as common, people will definitely notice it when they see it.

To get started with this project, pick out some pumpkins that are large enough to accommodate the velvet piece. Then, attach the velvet onto the pumpkin’s surface by gluing it down with fabric glue.

After attaching the velvet to your pumpkins, use some dark thread to sew designs on top of them. You can make some outlines or beautify your design with a permanent marker after the cord is dry. Then, finish up the project by placing a piece of felt over the back of your pumpkin’s stem!

By decorating Halloween pumpkins with velvet, this unique design idea is sure to turn heads. Not only does it give your pumpkin an elegant look, but it also makes for an exciting way to decorate them at your next party!

33. Fabric Halloween Pumpkin Decor

Fabric halloween pumpkin decor

If you are going for a simple but elegant look, try decorating your pumpkins with fabric. We found this great idea on Instagram, thanks to @tania_decorations. If you choose to go the fabric route, think about the different ways that you can use it to make your pumpkins stand out even more!

Get a piece of felt that’s large enough to turn into a Halloween pumpkin. Fill it with hollow fiber and then wrap it into the shape of a sphere, making sure to glue the ends together. Use some jute twine to wrap the orb and give it the natural shape of a pumpkin. Lastly, get some additional felt to create the stem and glue it on the top.

Be sure to use your imagination and get creative with how you want to present the pumpkin. You can use different colors of felt for the stem, add lace, and so on.

34. 3D Paper Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

3d paper halloween pumpkin ideas

If you are looking for some creative Halloween pumpkin ideas, try your hand at making 3D paper designs. We found this excellent idea on Instagram, thanks to @jennifer.maker. She used a cutting machine to carve the pumpkin designs seamlessly, but you can also do it freehand if you don’t have this device.

To get started with this project, pick out a design that you would like to make. It can be anything from a basic geometric shape to an origami design. Then, print it out onto a thin poster board and cut around its edges carefully. Do this for multiple designs until you have a collection of shapes that fit inside your pumpkin!

After gluing the shapes together into a pyramid shape, place it on top of your pumpkin. You can also decorate the surface by carefully gluing on pieces from the design that you chose! As a finishing touch, add some moss around the base of your pumpkin to keep it in place.

By decorating Halloween pumpkins with 3D paper designs, this project is sure to provide a lot of fun for you and your friends. Besides, there are plenty of designs to choose from.

35. Crochet Halloween Pumpkin

Crochet halloween pumpkin

If you are looking for a way to turn your Halloween pumpkins into works of art, why not crochet them something special? We found this great idea on Instagram, courtesy of @amii_latvia. She’s an artist who posts her work online, so be sure to check her out!

To get started with this project, pick out some pumpkins that are large enough for your crochet piece. Then, use a 3mm crochet hook to start making the design on top of the pumpkin! When you are finished with the design, carefully sew it onto your pumpkin’s surface using a golden-colored crochet thread so that it doesn’t fall off.

15 More Halloween Pumpkins to Make

We have even more ideas for this next Halloween so you can make some cute pumpkins.

36. Fox Halloween Pumpkin

Fox Halloween Pumpkin

Simple As That created an adorable fox out of their perfect pumpkin. With a little felt, you can take your own gourd to a new and charming level of woodland creature cuteness. Even the most novice of crafters can get this one done.

37. Drip Paint Halloween Pumpkin Decoration

Drip Paint Halloween Pumpkin Decoration

These drip paint designs are absolutely stunning. You can truly turn each and every one of your pumpkins into a special piece of art. And all you have to do to get started is visit MomDot for all the details and tutorial bits.

38. Halloween Pumpkin Decoration – Florals

Halloween Pumpkin Decoration - Florals

Who knew that some fresh or faux petals could be this beautiful on a pumpkin? Well, apparently the ladies over at A Beautiful Mess did and their finished product is as charming as the idea. Take the tutorial literally or use it to jumpstart your own ideas – carnations or some rose petals could be fun too!

39. Gold Confetti – Halloween Pumpkin Design

Gold Confetti - Halloween Pumpkin Design

Here are some chic pumpkin designs that are fit to be left inside! For those with modern tastes and looking for a modern twist on their gourds this season, check out this golden confetti idea from Homey Oh My. Start with paint and end with gold foil.

40. Donut Halloween Pumpkin Idea

Donut Halloween Pumpkin Idea

The DIY Playbookturned their pumpkins into some sprinkle donuts! The kiddos will want in on this project and we instantly fell in love with it. All you need is paint with this one.

41. Glam Witch – Halloween Pumpkin Idea

Glam Witch - Halloween Pumpkin Idea

Of course you could always turn your pumpkin into a witch – complete with a hat. And with this design idea from A Pumpkin & A Princess, you get a glam one at that! We’re loving that sparkling “Boo” too, aren’t you?

42. Stained Glass – Halloween Pumpkin Painting

Stained Glass - Halloween Pumpkin Painting

Here’s another gorgeous and creative idea that we’re loving. Martha Stewart gives us the full details behind this stained glass masterpiece. Again, all you need is some paint and some inspiration to get yourself started.

43. Sequined Dots Halloween Pumpkin Decoration

Sequined Dots Halloween Pumpkin Decoration

Sugar & Cloth went with sequins! You can always do colored bits or silver, but this golden design is just as beautiful as its predecessors. Perfect for those that want a girlish charm or modern flair in their fall decor scheme.

44. Tissue Paper Halloween Pumpkin

Tissue Paper Halloween Pumpkin

Fresh American Stylejust used some tissue paper to decorate their pumpkins. It’s got a decoupage appeal and the color is stunning – especially for those that like to decorate with a Day of the Dead theme in mind. Just accent it with some sugar skulls to finish it off.

45. Bats Halloween Pumpkin Decoration

Bats Halloween Pumpkin Decoration

Bats are rather Halloween-like as well so why not use them as inspiration. That’s what It All Started With Paintdid and their finished design is stunning. We love both renditions as well, the black foundation with white bats is hiding in the background – and it’s beautiful!

46. Ombre Halloween Pumpkins

Ombre Halloween Pumpkins

Ombre anything is still quite trendy, so why not use that trend on your pumpkin design this autumn. Start taking a peek at the details over at I Spy DIY. There’s both yellow and pink examples that we’ve fallen in love with.

47. Kate Spade-Inspired Halloween Pumpkin

Kate Spade-Inspired Halloween Pumpkin

You can find inspiration in every nook and cranny – or designer that you love. 204 Park fashioned her pumpkins after some Kate Spade prints that inspired her. And now her home office is styled and ready for fall in a chicly festive way.

48. Typography Halloween Pumpkin Drawing

Typography Halloween Pumpkin Drawing

Take some festive words and turn them into art for your pumpkins. Linen Lace Love has all the inspiration you need to get started. You can always fashion your own gourds after the designs you see right here.

49. Word Find Halloween Pumpkin

Word Find Halloween Pumpkin

Thistle wood Farmswent with a chalkboard finish. But it’s that word search print that we really fell in love with. It’s innovative and you can add all the Halloween-y words you can into the mix!

50. Watercolor Halloween Pumpkin Painting

Watercolor Halloween Pumpkin Painting

And finally, Lines Across leaves us with a gorgeous watercolor pumpkin design that we absolutely fell head-over-heels in love with. Blue, pink or purple, anyone can make this art come to life right at home and onto their pumpkins. Let the kids have a go too – they can’t mess it up!

Final Thoughts on Halloween Pumpkins

The designs for these pumpkins are entertaining and easy to accomplish. Plus, it’s a great way to get your kids or friends involved in making their creations! You can use different colors of paint, fabric, or paper, as well as carve intriguing shapes to make your Jack-O-Lantern stand out.

Whatever you do, these Halloween pumpkins are sure to give your home a festive feel, so feel free to explore this list and choose an idea that you most feel comfortable with. Or, prefer you want to think outside the box this Halloween!

No matter which Halloween pumpkin idea you end up picking, be sure to return to this page and keep us informed by taking advantage of the comment section below. Share your photos and more ideas that you think deserve to be on this page!

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