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15 DIY Halloween Pumpkins To “Carve” This Season

If you want to ditch the knife this year and go with a more stylish or creative jack-o-lantern look, you’re in luck. There are so many wonderful ideas floating around the blogosphere and we’re sharing our favorites today. These are the perfect DIY Halloween pumpkins to gather around the table and “carve” this season. Just don’t forget your glue gun.

1. Fox

Diy fox pumpkin

Simple As That created an adorable fox out of their perfect pumpkin. With a little felt, you can take your own gourd to a new and charming level of woodland creature cuteness. Even the most novice of crafters can get this one done.

2. Drip Paint

Drip paint no carve pumpkin diy

These drip paint designs are absolutely stunning. You can truly turn each and every one of your pumpkins into a special piece of art. And all you have to do to get started is visit MomDot for all the details and tutorial bits.

3. Florals

Floral no cave pumpkin idea

Who knew that some fresh or faux petals could be this beautiful on a pumpkin? Well, apparently the ladies over at A Beautiful Mess did and their finished product is as charming as the idea. Take the tutorial literally or use it to jumpstart your own ideas – carnations or some rose petals could be fun too!

4. Gold Confetti

Diy gold confetti pumpkins

Here are some chic pumpkin designs that are fit to be left inside! For those with modern tastes and looking for a modern twist on their gourds this season, check out this golden confetti idea from Homey Oh My. Start with paint and end with gold foil.

5. Donut

Diy donut pumpkin

The DIY Playbook turned their pumpkins into some sprinkle donuts! The kiddos will want in on this project and we instantly fell in love with it. All you need is paint with this one.

6. Glam Witch

Glam black and white pumpkin

Of course you could always turn your pumpkin into a witch – complete with a hat. And with this design idea from A Pumpkin & A Princess, you get a glam one at that! We’re loving that sparkling “Boo” too, aren’t you?

7. Stained Glass

Stained glass pumpkin diy

Here’s another gorgeous and creative idea that we’re loving. Martha Stewart gives us the full details behind this stained glass masterpiece. Again, all you need is some paint and some inspiration to get yourself started.

8. Sequined Dots

Diy sequins dot pumpkins

Sugar & Cloth went with sequins! You can always do colored bits or silver, but this golden design is just as beautiful as its predecessors. Perfect for those that want a girlish charm or modern flair in their fall decor scheme.

9. Tissue Paper

Diy tissue paper pumpkin

Fresh American Style just used some tissue paper to decorate their pumpkins. It’s got a decoupage appeal and the color is stunning – especially for those that like to decorate with a Day of the Dead theme in mind. Just accent it with some sugar skulls to finish it off.

10. Bats

Bats on pumpkin no carve

Bats are rather Halloween-like as well so why not use them as inspiration. That’s what It All Started With Paint did and their finished design is stunning. We love both renditions as well, the black foundation with white bats is hiding in the background – and it’s beautiful!

11. Ombre

Diy ombre pumpkin

Ombre anything is still quite trendy, so why not use that trend on your pumpkin design this autumn. Start taking a peek at the details over at I Spy DIY. There’s both yellow and pink examples that we’ve fallen in love with.

12. Kate Spade-Inspired

Diy kate spade inspired pumpkins

You can find inspiration in every nook and cranny – or designer that you love. 204 Park fashioned her pumpkins after some Kate Spade prints that inspired her. And now her home office is styled and ready for fall in a chicly festive way.

13. Typography

Diy painted pumpkins

Take some festive words and turn them into art for your pumpkins. Linen Lace Love has all the inspiration you need to get started. You can always fashion your own gourds after the designs you see right here.

14. Word Find

Word find chalkboard pumpkin how to thumb

Thistle wood Farms went with a chalkboard finish. But it’s that word search print that we really fell in love with. It’s innovative and you can add all the Halloween-y words you can into the mix!

15. Watercolor

Diy watercolor pumpkins

And finally, Lines Across leaves us with a gorgeous watercolor pumpkin design that we absolutely fell head-over-heels in love with. Blue, pink or purple, anyone can make this art come to life right at home and onto their pumpkins. Let the kids have a go too – they can’t mess it up!

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