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How to Make Lollipop Spiders for Halloween

I’ve never really had trouble convincing my kids to craft with me, which is something I’m very grateful for, but I never thought it would be quite as easy to do as it is when there’s candy involved! Of course, I always teach my kids to enjoy things in moderation, but there’s obviously a lot more candy around the house in October and around Halloween than there is any other time. That’s why candy crafts are so popular in our house around this time of year. Recently, we made these funny spiders out of lollipops and I just found them too cute not to share with the readers who love to keep track of what we make and how we do it.

How to make lollipop spiders for halloween

Check out these steps and photos of our lollipop spider process! Just in case you’d rather follow along with a video tutorial rather than written words and stills, I’ve included a full one at the end of this post.

For this project, you’ll need:

  • Grey yarn
  • Black crepe paper
  • Red googly eyes (white will do if you don’t have red)
  • Scissors
  • A glue stick
  • Four black and grey pipe cleaners
  • A small black and grey crafting pom pom

How to make lollipop spiders for halloween diy

Step 1:

Gather your materials!

How to make lollipop spiders for halloween craft for kids

Step 2:

Cut a piece from your roll of black crepe paper. I cut a rectangular piece about three inches wide and about half the length of my roll.

How to make lollipop spiders for halloween cutting

Step 3:

Fold the piece of crepe paper you just cut in half and cut along the fold so you now have two piece of crepe paper that are exactly the same size.

How to make lollipop spiders for halloween prepare

Step 4:

Cut a piece of yarn about three inches long. Next, take your two pieces of black crepe paper, layered one on top of the other for opacity, and place the rounded top of the lollipop in the centre, wrapping the paper down and around the candy and pinching it inwards at the stick.

How to make lollipop spiders for halloween knot

Step 5:

Tie your yarn around the based of the lollipop, pinching the crepe paper further in towards the stick and holding it in place. I made sure to tie mine in a tight knot so it wouldn’t come loose and I trimmed the excess yarn off the ends once it was secured.

How to make lollipop spiders for halloween yarn

Step 6:

Use your scissors to trim your pipe cleaners down so they are about four inches long each.

How to make lollipop spiders for halloween top

Step 7:

Wrap your pipe cleaners around the lollipop stick to give your spider furry legs! I placed the centre of the first pipe cleaner up near the based of the rounded candy and wrapped each end around the stick. The I slightly angled the second one diagonally to the first, so the ends stuck out in a different direction, but placed and wrapped it in the same way. Do so for all four pipe cleaners until you have eight splayed spider legs. Feel free to bend, mould, and straighten them until they stick our, four on either side, in the way you want them to.

How to make lollipop spiders for halloween glue

How to make lollipop spiders for halloween kids craft

Step 8:

Apply glue to one side of your crafting pom pom and press it onto the top of your wrapped pipe cleaner legs. This will be your spider’s head, sitting right next to the lollipop, which is now the spider’s body. Once your head is in place, glue on your spider’s googly eyes.

Step 9:

Finish your spider off by bending the outer tips of your pipe cleaner legs downward to give it eight little feet.

How to make lollipop spiders for halloween use

You now officially have yourself a lollipop spider! It’s pretty simple, right? Just in case you’d like to try this project out for yourself, here’s a fantastic tutorial video to help you!

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