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Halloween Art: DIY Embroidery Hoop for Halloween

Can you believe Halloween is just behind the corner? Spooky home decor and splatter party elements must be prepared as soon as possible, to be ready for the most deadly evening of the year!Now, we know quite well some people are not big fans of transforming completely the look of their home, covering it all over with black and orange, that’s why this little wall art says Halloween without shouting it.

Halloween Art

If you have wood elements around the house these will complement well with the embroidery hoop’s texture. Also, the thread’s color can be changed to complement your home decor, or you can just keep it neutral-toned just like I did. Make it yours! Jump on board with us and make your cute bat Halloween decor!

Materials for this DIY Embroidery Hoop

  • embroidery hoop
  • thread
  • scissors
  • black glittery foam
  • needle

Halloween Art: Step by step guide

Cute bat halloween home decor display wreath supplies

Step 1: start with a knot

Start by making a knot around the inner ring of the embroidery hoop to secure the thread.

Cute bat halloween home decor display wreath knot

Step 2: back and forth to create a design

Now start making it go back and forth all around, trying to fill in all the gaps. Remember to keep the thread tight! If the rounded hoop is slippery, help yourself with the other hand to keep the thread in position. Once you’ve done many wrapping arounds, it will stay there on its own. Just as you did for the starting point, make a knot while keeping the thread pulled and close everything up with the second hoop, well tightened.

Cute bat halloween home decor display wreath thread

Step 3: drawing

On the backside of the black foam freehand draw some bat shapes. They’re quite easy to draw as you have to design the upper part as lips shape (or seagull shape? Name yours!), and then the bottom has exactly 3 bumps per side, slightly bigger towards the center. Remember to design 4-5 small bats and one or two bigger ones, then cut them out.

Cute bat halloween home decor display wreath draw

Step 4:thread each bath

Now, helping yourself with a needle, sew a piece of thread towards the center of each bat, leaving the thread popping out of their back quite long. You’ll need this to be able to make knots when tying the bats to your net.

Cute bat halloween home decor display wreath sew

That’s pretty much it! Quite cute for a Halloween themed decor isn’t it? Once Halloween has passed you can easily change the bats with foliage shapedfoam for fall season. and hang it to your door’s entrance.

Halloween themed crafts

DIY Embroidery Hoop for Halloween

Halloween Wall Art

Halloween Art and Crafts

Halloween Art and Crafts

Did you like our DIY Embroidery Hoop project? Is it “scary” enough for hanging it on the wall for this year’s Halloween? If you’re looking for more inspiration for a Halloween party or other spooky DIY decorations we’ve got you covered. Or maybe you’d like to carve some Halloween pumpkins this season?

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