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30 Inspiring Washi Tape Ideas to Try – How to Use Washi Tape

People were washi tape crazy when the trend first began a couple of years ago, but lately, there has been a noticeable upturn in washi-related projects again. And now people are getting super creative, using it for more than just labels. The Japanese tape is very versatile and can be used for anything from entertaining to home decor.

Cool Washi Tape Ideas to Try

Continue reading to check out 30 of our favorite washi tape ideas and projects; there are some genius ideas on this list!

1. Washi Tape Nail Art

Washi tape nail art

If you want to get creative with your nails, washi tape offers you a temporary solution. Plus, you can try out the pattern before you get it done with nail polish. Original tutorial by DIYS.com.

2. Washi Tape Bunting

washi tape bunting

Make an adorable bunting out of different types of washi tape. Find out how to make one overon Torie Jayne’sblog.

3. Washi Tape Wall Art – Frame Your Photos

Photos Framed In Washi Tape

Place washi tape on the wall surrounding photos, posters and artwork to create inexpensive, easy (and fun!) picture frames. Learn more about iton Design*Sponge.

4. Dress Up Your Keys

Washi Tape Keys

Do all of your keys look the same? Add a different type of washi to each one and you’ll never struggle with them again. This genius tip was found over onI Heart Organizing.

5. Washi Tape Craft – Birthday Card

Diy birthday card 768x432

Washi tape is also a cool idea if you want to make some personalized birthday cards for friends and family. You can check our original tutorial and learn how to make a birthday card with washi tape (original DIYS.com tutorial).

6. Make Art

washi tape art

Grab a canvas from the craftstore and cover it with washi tape… instant art! Learn more about this fun little project atSarah Hearts.

7. Make Your Door Pretty

washi tape door

Add interest to your doors by placing washi tape on them in a geometric pattern. {found on Coldwell Banker Blog}

8. Washi Tape Geometric Manicure

Geometric manicure

We also loved all the help we got from washi tape when doing our manicure, especially for some cool geometric patterns. Here’s how to do geometric manicure by yourself.

9. Organize Your Schedule

washi tape schedule

Organize your calendar by taping off days for different trips and events… and you can even color code themlikeJensie Jeandoes,

10. Drink Labels

washi tape straw drink

Label straws with names so you don’t accidentally pick up someone else’s drink. Check out the simple tutorial over atA Thoughtful Place.

11. Color Coded File Folders

washi file folders

Here’s another way to use washi to get organized… color code your file folders using different washi tape designs. Learn more over atChippaSunshine.

12. Washi Tape Popsicle Stick Bracelet

How to make a popsicle stick bracelet for girls

We love some stick bracelets in the summer, and we can do them with washi tape too. Thankfully, it’s all pretty easy to do and you can learn how. Here’s our original tutorial for stick bracelets.

13. Washi Phone Case

washi phone case

Place different colors of washi tape in a herringbone pattern to give your iPhone some personality. Get the full tutorial overon theChronicle Booksblog.

14. Make A Wall Calendar

washi wall calendar

Make a giant wall calendar out of washi and use post-its to designate different events and deadlines. Read more atOhhh…Hmmm…

15. Washi Tape Accent Wall

washi tape accent wall

Create a beautiful accent wall by creating criss-cross shapes out of small pieces ofwashi tape. This is a great non-permanent option for dorm rooms and rentals. Get the how-to atEverything Emily.

16. Magnetic Bookmarks

magnetic bookmark

Stop marking your page with a tissue, and make one of these adorable magnetic washi tape bookmarks. Get the tutorial over atLemon Squeezy Home.

17. Washi Tape Wall Art – Linear Art Tips

Washi tape linear art

We also have a lot of tips for you on how to make your own linear wall art with washi tape. It’s pretty simple and we’ll guide you step by step. Read our guide here.

18. Chevron Art

chevron art washi tape

Create a uniquepiece of art for your wall using gold washi tape and placing it in this fun chevron layout. Find out how to do it atSwoon Studio.

19. Washi Tape Tea Lights

washi tea light candle

Turn a boring old tea light candle into something pretty by wrapping washi tape around the outside. Found over atTrendenser.

20. Organize Chargers

washi tape chargers

Keep track of your phone and computer charger by adding washi tape to the ends… nobody will ever accidentally take yours home again! Read more about this clever project overon Shaken Together.

21. Washi Tape Crafts – Cards

washi card

Create a one-of-a-kind card for that special occasion using layered pieces of colorful washi tape. Find the tutorial over atWashi Tape Crafts.

22. Label Cords

washi cord labels

You’ll unplug the cord you want to unplug, once you label them with little washi tape flags. Genius! Find more about this overon The Chic Site.

23. Washi Price Tags

washi tags

Selling something? Don’t settle for those boring white price tags- make your own colorful ones using washi tape. Check out the tutorial overon 9000 Things.

24. Food Flags

food flags

Make a set of toothpick flags to label goodies at your next party or barbecue. Check out the tutorial over on theMokkasinblog.

25. Washi Gift Wrap

washi gift wrap

Wrap a gift with inexpensive brown kraft paper and then dress it up with colorful washi tape.Read more about it overon Oh Joy!

26. Washi Tape Coasters

washi coasters

Overlap pieces of washi on tile coasters to give your coffee table a pop of color. Get the full tutorial over atMerry Brides.

27. Washi Tape Refrigerator Magnets

washi magnets

Create a unique set of refrigerator magnets using your favorite washi tape. Get the how-to at theTwirling Bettyblog.

28. Colorful Twist Ties

washi twist ties

Make festive twist ties using thin wire and washi tape… perfect for tying up a bag of cookies to give asa gift. Found atCorinna Wraps.

29. Napkin Rings

washi napkin rings

Use wooden popsicle sticks and washi tape to create these fun napkin rings for your next party. Get the tutorial over atLove, Pomegranate House.

30. Washi Tape Mani and Pedi

washi pedicure

And last but certainly not least… give yourself a manicure or pedicure using washi tape! Word is that it will last a few hours, so it’s perfect for a night out! Read more atLebenslustiger.

Washi Tape FAQ

What is washi tape?

Washi tape comes from Japan and it is made from natural fibers like bamboo or hemp or even from the bark of trees native to Japan. You could compare the texture and feel of it to masking tape, but it is far better than that. Why? Because it comes in a million colors, it’s stronger and more versatile. Of course, it also maintains that quality we all want – it leaves no residue on your walls, your books, and so on.

What is washi tape used for?

There are so many things you can use washi tape for. Whether you want to get creative with your walls but do not want to commit to actually painting them, or you want to leave notes on your books without actually writing on them, washi tape can help you out. Whatever creative ideas you have, washi tape can probably help you.

How to use washi tape?

Using washi tape is really pretty simple. Using scotch tape is super easy and so is using this Japanese creation. In fact, it’s even easier because it’s not as sticky and you can fix whatever mistakes. You can stick it to your walls to create patterns, put it on your books and notebooks, on your mirror, or on your phone. Then, when you want something new, simply peel it away.

Parting Words

Washi tape has a million and one uses and you can definitely find something new to do with it. In fact, please let us know what you used washi tape for and let us enjoy the pictures of your work.

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