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20 Extra Easy DIY Halloween Decorations To Whip Up In A Pinch

If you’re looking some some super easy, festive decorating for a night of trick-or-treating, you’ve found the right spot. We’ve compiled 20 extra easy DIY halloween decorations to whip up in a pinch. Get the kids involved and decorate for this spooktacular holiday!

1. Glowing Eyes

Diy glowing eyeshalloween decor

The kids will love this one and they’re so easy to whip up. Get everyone in the mood for the holiday with this DIY from Rust & Sunshine.

2. Pumpkin Faces

Diy pumpkin faces

Country Living gives us an easy DIY that you can make in a quick afternoon. Check out these adorable pumpkin faces that dress up the mantle or the front porch!

3. Floating Witch Hats

Floating witch hat luminaries

We’re swooning for these floating witch hat luminaries and we’re swooning even more for how easy they are to whip up. Grab the details after the jump at Polkadot Chair.

4. Eyes in a Tree

Eyes in a tre halloween decor

Princess and the Frog Blog has all you need to know for creating these eyeballs in a tree. Greet all your trick-or-treaters its this little spook.

5. Eerie Living Room

Easy halloween decor idea

If you’re throwing a party and need a quick, eerie ambiance in a pinch, all you need to do is grab some white sheets. Throw them over your furniture and bam – haunted house feels! Thanks Country Living!

6. Spiderweb Wall

Diy spiderweb wall

The Art of Doing Stuff teaches us how to create a spiderweb wall. Use it as the focus of the party and be amazed at how easy it is.

7. Monster House

Halloween door decor diy

Create a monster face right on your house with the help from Nifty Thrifty and Thriving. Do just your door and utilize the entire front as your inspiration.

8. Lanterns

Lantern fireplace halloween decor

If you want to create an eerie theme, grab your lanterns. Use them to light the rooms and help give you that easy, spooky spirit. (via)

9. Pumpkin Hearth

Fireplace pumpkin decor idea

Good Housekeeping gives us some extra inspiration with this easy idea. Fill up your fireplace with pumpkins for an extra pop of Halloween inside the house.

10. Shrunken Heads

Dyi shruken heads

Grab some apples and start shrinking! With the help from eHow you’ll learn how to create a super spooky centerpiece for the dining table.

11. Bloody Hands

Blood handprint window clin diy

Fill up your windows with some bloody handprints. With help from Felt Magnet, you’ll grab all the details and making these by the afternoon.

12. Jack-o-Lantern Plate

Wicker rattan charger paper plate holder pumpkin jack o lantern door hanger halloween sadie seasongoods

Sadie Seasongoods took a wicker charger and turned it into the most precious jack-o-lantern decor. Check out the easy tutorial now.

13. Hanging Ghosts

Diy hanging ghosts

Decorate your porch with some of these simple hanging ghosts from Simply Designing. They were inspired by some Pottery Barn finds and we think they’re rather charming.

14. $5 Witch

Diy witch craft for five dollars

Not only is this witch easy to make but it’s also inexpensive too. Check out the details on this $5 investment over at So Festive!

15. Chic Skull

Chic glam halloween decor ideas 27

Add a  bit of femininity to the Halloween decor inside the house with this glam and chic skull. Digs Digs has the tutorial to make it happen.

16. Sugar Skull

Dollar store diy sugar skull 697x1024

Or you could add a door knocker to your home in the shape of a sugar skull. Twelve O Eight provides us with the beautiful inspiration and directions.

17. Bloody Candle

Deco halloween bougie ensanglantee

Sprinkle some of these all around the house for extra ambiance. This too is quite easy to make right at home! (via)

18. Black Wreath

Black wreath halloween diy

Country Living does it again with this bout of inspiration. Great your guests with this super easy and festive black, Halloween wreath.

19. Bat Lamp

Halloween2 bat lamp after

Visit Young House Love to add some easy Halloween decor to some unsuspecting places. Even your lamps could add a touch of the holiday.

20. Black Flowers

Black flower diy

And finally, visit Country Living just one more time and snag the tutorial for these black flowers. It’ll help enhance that haunted house theme!

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