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These 15 DIY Group Halloween Costumes Are Perfect For The Squad!

Are you and the gals drawing a blank as to what to go for as Halloween this year? Do you and the guys want to cause a scene at this year’s costume party and light up the room with your coordinating outfits? If so, these 15 DIY Halloween costumes are perfect for your squad to rock. Check them out and see if one fits the bill!

1. Minions

Minions group costume

Who doesn’t love minions? Check out the details for this fun group costume idea over at Brit + Co! Men and women alike can get in on the fun here!

2. Disney Princess

Disney princess group costume

We’re loving this inspiration from Party Delights! Gather your group of gals and transform yourselves into your favorite princess. From Tiana to Merida, from Cinderella to Belle, pick your favorites and create an ensemble around their likeness.

3. Spice Girls

Spice girls group costume

Bring back a classic! A pack of 5 is all you need to turn yourselves into one of the best girl groups of all time. We found this idea on Pinterest and had to feature the perfect outfits that signify each of the “spices!”

4. Dominos

Dominos group halloween costume

Dominos could be a fun way to go. And it’s so easy because all you need are some black t-shirts to get yourself started. Hop on over to  The Merrythought and grab the rest of the details tonight.

5. Trolls

Trolls group costume idea