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35 DIY Christmas Gifts for Her That Are Easy and Budget-Friendly

DIY Christmas gifts for her are a special way to honor a special lady in your life, whether it is your wife, mother, daughter, or best friend. This article rounds up the best handmade presents she will love for Christmas.

diy Christmas gifts for her

Instead of purchasing a store-bought gift, consider making something meaningful, thoughtful, creative, or unique that she will use throughout the holiday season. You do not have to be an expert crafter or artist to make a gift that she will love. With the right materials, patience, and guidance, you can create something special for any woman in your life. Whether it is an item she needs, wants, or something completely out of the box, there are plenty of DIY options to choose from this holiday season. Here is a list of easy and budget-friendly DIY Christmas gifts for her that you will find in this article:

  • DIY Christmas cards
  • DIY Christmas stockings
  • DIY painted glass ornaments
  • DIY snowflake embroidered heart ornaments
  • DIY modern cone Christmas tree
  • DIY Christmas tree table decoration
  • DIY clear Christmas table centerpiece vase
  • DIY Christmas JOY wreath
  • DIY twine-wrapped bottle
  • DIY  light-up Christmas marquee
  • DIY Christmas candy jar
  • DIY wintery salt candles
  • DIY gilded candles
  • DIY cinnamon stick candle holder
  • Fancy DIY coasters
  • DIY jewelry
  • DIY ring holder
  • DIY face scrub
  • DIY lip balm
  • DIY natural-scented soap
  • DIY perfume
  • DIY felt laptop case
  • DIY Christmas phone case
  • DIY Christmas tote bag
  • DIY wooden bead keychain
  • DIY crocheted toys
  • DIY knitted winter hat
  • DIY oodie
  • DIY pouf ottoman
  • Anything in homemade wrapping
  • DIY Christmas gift basket
  • DIY iced gingerbread cookies
  • DIY saltine cracker toffee
  • DIY holiday cocktail kit
  • DIY candy cane glasses

Read on to discover more about these DIY Christmas present ideas for women and an FAQs section for more helpful information.

1. DIY Christmas cards

Diy christmas cards

A DIY Christmas card is one of the more obvious gift choices you can give her. DIY Christmas cards are a great way to show your care and appreciation for someone special without breaking the bank. DIY Christmas cards come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to personalize them with a favorite photo or sweet message. Check out our tutorial for making a Christmas tree card.

2. DIY Christmas stockings

Diy christmas stockings

Homemade stockings are another popular gift choice for women, especially if they’re fans of Christmas traditions. Stockings come in all sorts of designs and colors, so you can find one to suit her style. Besides, filling up the stockings with her favorite goodies would make it even more special and enjoyable. Check out our list of DIY Christmas stocking ideas for inspiration.

3. DIY painted glass ornaments

Diy painted glass ornaments

Gifting her a set of homemade painted Christmas globes is a great idea and allows you to spend more time together while decorating the tree. It’s easy to paint a glass ornament, and you can make six or twelve pieces in less than an hour. Get clear glass globes and acrylic paint, and let your imagination run wild. Check out our full guide for making painted glass ornaments.

4. DIY snowflake embroidered heart ornaments

Diy snowflake embroidered heart ornaments

Show your love for her by gifting her this Christmas heart-shaped ornament with snowflake embroidery. Depending on her preferences, she will hang this ornament on a tree or use it as a wall décor piece. Check out our tutorial for creating your own snowflake embroidered heart ornament.

5. DIY modern cone Christmas tree

Diy modern cone christmas tree

This DIY cone Christmas tree is a nice gift for a woman who loves homemade, modern designs. Combine common crafting materials such as acetate paper, acrylic paint, and taper to make a Christmas tree this way. For more information about making this modern cone Christmas tree, check out our complete tutorial.

6. DIY Christmas tree table decoration

Diy christmas tree table decoration

This DIY Christmas tree table decoration will make any holiday dinner look more festive, so consider it a viable gift idea for her. It’s simple to make and looks great in any living space since it uses natural elements like pinecones and pine branches. Check out our tutorial on how to make this DIY Christmas tree table decoration.

7. DIY clear Christmas table centerpiece vase

Diy clear christmas table centerpiece vase

A DIY clear Christmas table centerpiece vase would be a lovely gift for her, especially if she’s planning dinner for guests. This clear vase is winter-themed since it looks like a snow globe on a slab of ice. Check out our guide for making a clear Christmas ornament vase.

8. DIY Christmas JOY wreath

Diy christmas joy wreath

Show her that you’re into traditional Christmas décor by gifting her a DIY wreath. This DIY wreath tutorial is easy to follow, giving you a detailed guide on making a unique and festive wreath from scratch. Besides, many crafting materials come premade, and you can buy them from many DIY stores, so it’s mostly a matter of putting them together. For more information, check out our DIY tutorial on how to make this JOY holiday wreath.

9. DIY twine-wrapped bottle

Diy twine wrapped bottle

A DIY twine-wrapped bottle is a nice Christmas gift for a woman who loves the rustic farmhouse design. All you need is a bottle of wine, colored jute twine, decorative pearls, scissors, and glue. Check out the crafting instructions in this DIY twine-wrapped bottle tutorial. Make the gift Christmassy by using red and green twine or replacing the pearls with tiny decorative snowflakes.

10. DIY  light-up Christmas marquee

Diy  light up christmas marquee

A DIY Christmas light-up marquee is fantastic for a woman who loves over-the-top gifts and light shows. Make letter-shaped cut-outs to form words and tape the light strings on the letters. This DIY project requires minimal woodworking skills. Visit A Beautiful Mess for the complete instructions.

11. DIY Christmas candy jar

Diy christmas candy jar

A Christmas candy jar is ideal for a woman with a sweet tooth and a love for DIY crafts. It looks like an old-fashioned gumdrop dispenser and a snow globe. Make it using common household items like terracotta pots and glass jars, and watch her face light up as she sees it. Check out our article on how to make a Christmas candy jar for complete instructions.

12. DIY wintery salt candles

Diy wintery salt candles

A set of DIY wintery salt candles make a great DIY Christmas gift for a woman who loves homemade elegant home décor. Cover candles with salt to give them a snow-like texture and make them sparkle. Check out our tutorial for wintery salt candles to learn more.

13. DIY gilded candles

Diy gilded candles

A set of gilded candles adds luxury to her home and makes a great DIY Christmas gift. The craft is simple since you must decorate regular wax candles with gold-colored metal foil. The key is to create intricate designs and patterns using the foil. Check out our guide on how to make DIY gilded candles.

14. DIY cinnamon stick candle holder

Diy cinnamon stick candle holder

This cinnamon stick candle holder looks rustic and will also help make any house smell more festive, so gift her one for Christmas. The idea is simple: surround a regular glass candle holder with cinnamon sticks and tie them together with a ribbon. Once the candles get lit, the cinnamon sticks will release a delicious scent, thanks to the heat. Read our full DIY tutorial on how to make a cinnamon stick candle holder for more information.

15. Fancy DIY coasters

Fancy diy coasters

A set of fancy coasters made from agate slices would be a fashionable DIY Christmas gift for her, especially if she’s passionate about rare minerals. It’s an easy DIY project since agate slices are available at most craft stores. You also need gold paint to color the edges to achieve that gilded look. These agate coasters look amazing on the coffee table and don’t stain like regular coasters. Read Making Lemonade’s tutorial for full step-by-step instructions.

16. DIY jewelry

Diy jewelry

Gift her a piece of DIY jewelry this Christmas and watch her wear it the next year with pride. Finding a balance between tacky and elegant is the secret to successful homemade jewelry. Check out these DIY jewelry ideas.

17. DIY ring holder

Diy ring holder

Her rings need a place to rest, so give her a DIY air-dry clay ring holder for Christmas. It’s both functional and stylish since it’s a small piece of décor that looks like a decorated plate, so feel free to design it however you see fit. Plys, air-dry clay is incredibly easy to manipulate. Check out our guide for making a DIY ring holder using air-dry clay.

18. DIY face scrub

Diy face scrub

A jar of DIY face scrub is a great Christmas gift for a woman who appreciates homemade beauty products. This face scrub uses sugar as a gentle natural exfoliant. Check out our DIY grapefruit face scrub recipe, and feel free to replace the grapefruit scent with something more Christmasy, like peppermint or gingerbread essential oil.

19. DIY lip balm

Diy lip balm

Lips need protection during the cold winter, so gift her a DIY lip balm for Christmas. It will help keep her lips hydrated and nourished, and she won’t have to worry about unnatural ingredients like paraffin and petroleum-based ingredients. Besides, the right kind of lip balm will make kisses even sweeter. We’ve included some of the top DIY lip balm recipes with different flavors in our article, so take a look for inspiration and start crafting your own.

20. DIY natural-scented soap

Diy natural soap

Artisanal soap bars are lovely DIY Christmas gifts for her, regardless of her likes and dislikes. Homemade soaps don’t contain harsh chemicals, and they’re easily customizable. Besides, the crafting ingredients are easy to find. Check out these ideas for homemade scented soaps for inspiration.

21. DIY perfume

Diy perfume

A bottle of homemade perfume is an excellent DIY Christmas gift for her since it won’t cost you too much and adds a touch of sophistication. DIY perfume requires essential oils, readily available online or at your local health store. The hardest part is mixing various oils to create different fragrances. That is why we created a list of  DIY perfume ideas. Stick to classic Christmas scents like orange or peppermint.

22. DIY felt laptop case

Diy felt laptop case

Help protect her computer by giving her a DIY laptop case this Christmas. It’s useful and easy to craft with minimal sewing skills. You need extra-thick felt, waistband elastic, and measuring, cutting, and sewing tools. Check out our guide for this DIY felt laptop case.

23. DIY Christmas phone case

Diy christmas phone case

A DIY Christmas-themed phone case is a gift idea that she and her phone will appreciate. The best part is that it’s elementary to make since you need a regular clear phone case and decoration skills. For example, paint the case red, white or green, draw snowflakes, snowmen or gingerbread men, or add rhinestones, sequins, and glitter. Visit Hallmark Channel for an intuitive tutorial.

24. DIY Christmas tote bag

Diy christmas tote bag

A DIY tote bag with Christmas designs is a great gift for a woman with a sense of fashion. For example, draw Christmas trees, snowmen, candy canes, or snowflakes, and let the DIY tote bag do the rest. If you need help, check out this DIY gold-foil Christmas tote tutorial at Harlow & Thistle.

25. DIY wooden bead keychain

Diy wooden bead keychain

A DIY wooden bead keychain is a cheap, simple, and practical Christmas gift for a woman who constantly loses her keys. For this project, you need wooden beads, acrylic paint and macrame yarn in various colors, a split keychain ring, lace ribbon, and a wooden stick. Check out the full instructions for making this DIY wooden bead keychain.

26. DIY crocheted toys

Diy crocheted toys

Crocheting a tiny toy would be a cute and DIY Christmas gift for her, especially if she has a playful side. Although crocheting isn’t for everything, there are plenty of tutorials for beginners online. For instance, Repeat Crafter Me has a snowman pattern that pairs well with the holiday season.

27. DIY knitted winter hat

Diy knitted winter hat

Make sure she keeps warm and comfortable during the cold season by gifting her a DIY winter hat for Christmas. Like most DIY clothing articles, there are countless ways to design a knitted DIY winter hat, and you need crocheting skills. Check out these DIY winter hat ideas for inspiration.

28. DIY oodie

Diy oodie

Somewhere between a blanket and a hoodie, an oodie is the DIY Christmas gift she won’t stop talking about, especially if you make it from an extra-soft material. It’s a DIYer-friendly project since it only requires basic hand and machine sewing skills, and you can easily pick up the fabric from any store. The tutorial at Craft Gossip is the perfect resource to get you started on this DIY project.

29. DIY pouf ottoman

Diy pouf ottoman

A comfortable DIY pouf ottoman is a DIY Christmas gift she’ll love for relaxation. The secret to making this piece of furniture is ensuring you get the fabric measurements just right and that it’s filled up with the right amount of stuffing. Then it’s just a matter of choosing the right color and DIY pattern for the pouf. For more information, visit Better Homes and Gardens and check out their tutorial.

30. Anything in homemade wrapping

Anything in homemade wrapping

Presentation is just as important as the content, so consider wrapping her Christmas gift yourself for a simple yet effective DIY touch. Whether the gift box is small, big, rectangular, or round, use wrapping paper and ribbons. Check out these DIY gift wrapping ideas for inspiration. 

31. DIY Christmas gift basket

Diy christmas gift basket

A DIY gift basket is a good present for her and your first Christmas together if you don’t know her preferences yet. The great thing about Christmas baskets is that they contain lots of mini-surprises, so there’s bound to be something to catch her eye. For example, fill the basket with sweet and savory treats, natural self-care products, DIY crafts, and decorations. Check out these gift basket ideas for more inspiration.

32. DIY iced gingerbread cookies

Diy iced gingerbread cookies

Showcase your baking skills by gifting her a batch of iced gingerbread desserts for Christmas. Gingerbread is a traditional, tasty, and quite forgiving Christmas treat for beginner chefs. Check out our iced gingerbread cookie recipe for the ingredients and cooking directions.

33. DIY saltine cracker toffee

Diy saltine cracker toffee

Impress her with your cooking skills by gifting her a box full of saltine cracker toffee this Christmas. It’s the perfect mix of sweet and salty, creamy and crunchy, and it’s incredibly easy to make. It only takes 20 minutes of prep and four ingredients, so you won’t have to spend many hours in the kitchen. The Girl Who Ate Everything has a great tutorial to help turn anyone into an expert DIY confectioner. 

34. DIY holiday cocktail kit

Diy holiday cocktail kit

Cocktails and mocktails are a great way to celebrate Christmas, so a DIY cocktail kit would make a cool gift for her. Typical cocktail kits usually contain homemade syrups, small liquor bottles, sugars, salts, and other ingredients to make the drinking experience more enjoyable. Those who don’t know where to start should go to Mitten Girl and check out their DIY cocktail kits tutorial.

35. DIY candy cane glasses

Diy candy cane glasses

DIY candy cane shot glasses would make an original Christmas gift for her. The gift consists of shot glasses made from melting candy canes and rimmed with crushed-up candy canes. Visit Your Modern Family for more information.


Learn more about gifts for women:

What is a thoughtful gift for her?

A thoughtful gift for a woman proves you have been paying attention to her wants and needs. For example, a knitted blanket would be a thoughtful present for a mom with cold intolerance.

What is a meaningful gift for her?

A meaningful gift for a lady should have timeless value. It is the kind of present that she will deeply cherish now and in the future. For example, framing a handwritten family recipe passed down by her grandmother would be a meaningful present for a wife.

What is a sentimental gift for her?

A sentimental gift for a woman should reflect the deep connection between you two. For instance, a cutting board etched with a handwritten message would be a sentimental gift to mark the 5-year wedding anniversary.


No matter which DIY project you choose as a Christmas gift for her, adding personal touches will mean the most, whether handwriting a sweet message on the card or including inside jokes on the design elements. If you feel that DIY presents are unconvincing, check out these store-bought gift ideas for women.

What are your favorite DIY Christmas gifts for her? Share your thoughts below!

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