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40 DIY Christmas Gift Tags: Make Your Christmas Tags Extra Special

When you think of Christmas, one of the first things that pop into your mind is the image of a nice Christmas presents with a beautiful Christmas gift tag that has your name on it and ends with “…from Santa”.

Christmas gift tags

Well, if this year you plan on being the designated Santa Claus, one way to add a bit of extra magic to a gift besides wrapping it all nicely is by accompanying it with a nice Christmas gift tag.

Of course, the road to perfection is paved with details, and if you want to make some gifts that really look impressive, but are lacking in the inspiration department, there’s no need to worry because we’ve got you covered with 40 different Christmas gift tags ideas.

Christmas Gift Tag Template: The Basics

Gift tags aren’t a decorative element that needs to be overcomplicated, and neither should they be something that takes too much of your time, but there are a few guidelines that you can follow if you want them to turn out top-notch.

For starters, Christmas gifts tags should always be simple and beautiful, but never flashy.

They’re attached to gifts that people will inevitably open in front of others, so they’ll have to match the gift wrapping in some way or another while drawing a little bit of attention themselves.

If you want your gift tags to get noticed, all you have to do is choose a colorful and decorative design that also makes the name of the gift and some short message stand out.

If you want to add some sort of personalized touch, a nice idea is to include a small illustration or use different fonts for each one so they don’t look too uniform.

In fact, if you have a cool hand-drawn illustration you can use it as a Christmas gift tag template to help you create other ones at a faster pace.

Best Christmas Gift Tags to Add to Your Presents in 2021

When creating this list, we tried following the guidelines we’ve written earlier while also paying close attention to what’s trending on blogs and social media platforms, and in the end, we managed to compile these 40 gift tag designs, that look positively amazing.

Of course, the Internet is home to thousands of different designs, but we tried looking for those that are also easy to replicate using day-to-day home materials since this is a DIY list after all.

Without further ado, here are the best Christmas gift tags that you can try in 2021:

1. Christmas Tags – Cute Animals

Christmas tags cute animals

When you give someone a present, the end goal is to warm their heart and make them feel special, and if you want to put some extra emphasis on the heartwarming part, you could try making some Christmas tags featuring cute animal designs.

As you can see, the templates listed above look absolutely adorable, and the fact that all 6 of them are drawn using the same style makes it look like everyone receiving your gifts is treated equally, but still each in their own way.

Of course, each person has their own definition of “cute”, so if you don’t like the art style, you could try a different one, just as long as you’re happy with the end results.

For example, anime characters are very popular nowadays, and you can even go extra cute by drawing chibi characters.

If you want to make the tags feel a bit personalized, you can go ahead and ask your gift recipients what their favorite animal is, and then draw a cute version of it on the Christmas tag.

As for the writing, given the cute theme of these tags, we recommend that you write the names by hand, or use a funny font if you prefer printing everything out completely.

2. Christmas Name Tags – Minimalist Tags

Christmas name tags minimalist tags

If you want to make something look modern, regardless of what it is, there are three things that you can do:

  • Make it streamlined
  • Make it simple
  • All of the above

That being the case, if you want to create some elegant-looking Christmas name tags without too much effort or requiring any particular design skills, you could try some simple cardboard brown tags with white writing and designs.

They look sweet, they won’t distract your eyes from the actual present, and something about using white on a brown background makes the tags look somewhat like gingerbread cookies.

Because of that, we even recommend that you spray them with some gingerbread-scented fragrances if you happen to have any.

As for how you’ll tie the tags to the gift, we recommend that you use twine since it looks very rustic and vintage and goes well with the overall look of the tag.

3. Christmas Gift Labels – Bordered Tags

Christmas gift labels bordered tags

People love being the center of attention, and one way you can make them feel that way via Christmas gift labels is to design them in a way that makes their name seem like the most important part.

You can do that by using stages that look like bordered pictures, similar to the ones we illustrated above, but you don’t have to stick to any of the 8 variations illustrated above if you don’t like them too much.

The best thing about this design is that you can become completely creative with the design of the borders, and you can even theme them around what that person likes.

For example, if that person is a big horror movie fan, you can make the tag border look like a window frame, and their name is in red with very shaky handwriting, kind of like blood.

However, the trickiest part about designing these tags is to make sure that the decorative borders aren’t too thick, or else you won’t be able to write the names too easily, especially the really long ones.

4. DIY Gift Tags – Elegant Black Tags

Diy gift tags elegant black tags

We talked earlier about how making something simple or streamlined can make it look modern. Well, if you want to make something look a lot more expensive than it actually is, another thing you should try is making it black.

That’s why we recommend that you try out these back Christmas tags since they certainly enhance the premium look of any gift you attach them to.

In fact, you could even go as far as to say that these tags look so sophisticated and elegant that they might be a little bit too much for a Christmas gift.

If that’s the case, you can of course use them for non-Christmas presents if you want to, but if not, you could still try using standard white tags instead.

For some added elegance, we recommend that you try making these DIY gift tags using black cardboard with a matte finish.

More so, if you have the extra time, you can also cover the tag in black velvet, and use a heat press for the writing and decorative designs, like the ones you use to make personalized T-shirts.

5. Christmas Gift Tags Printable – Las Vegas-Style Tags

Christmas gift tags printable las vegas style tags

When it comes to decorating the house on Christmas, bright lights, shiny surfaces, and vivid colors are what give the entire atmosphere its magic, and if you like to emphasize that feeling, you can do it even with the common gift tag.

For example, you can design them to look like those Las Vegas light signs so that the recipient will feel as if opening that gift from you will be like winning the jackpot.

Of course, there’s no way you can make the tags actually light up, but you could try making the illustrated lightbulbs shine by filling them up with glow-in-the-dark paint, which will probably make the kids stare at the tag more than they would the gift.

However, the most important part of this design is to make sure that you draw your inspiration from actual Las Vegas signs instead of making stuff up since these are truly beautiful.

That’s why we recommend that you try finding lots of photos online before picking one specific example to work on, and even if you don’t like it that much, you can always keep the idea in your back pocket for later.

6. Elegant Gift Tags – Leather Tags

Elegant gift tags leather tags

When you think of making Christmas gift tags, you’re probably thinking about using affordable materials that are also easy to dispense off, such as cardboard.

However, if you’re planning to gift some really expensive gifts and want the entire ensemble to look premium, the Christmas gift tag included, you could try something more sophisticated, such as leather.

Although leather is more expensive than cardboard, it’s very durable and lasts for a long time, which means that if you use these tags correctly, they’ll serve the recipient for several years before they need to be replaced.

As for how you can make them look rustic enough to go with the theme of Christmas while also making them look modern, the trick is to find leather that’s colored with deep browns, blacks, golds, and silvers.

Taking this concept one step further, you can even decorate these tags using metal elements without making them look too gaudy.

Admittedly, not everyone has access to tanned leather, and even if they do, even fewer have the necessary tools or even the skills to cut and emboss the leather to turn it into luxury gifts tags.

However, if you have both tools and skills, be prepared for loads of praise for your craftsmanship, because most of the time people see leather tags on items that they would normally buy from very expensive mall stores.

7. Classic Tags with Twisted Twine

Classic tags with twisted twine

If you’re in a hurry and have no time to make overly complicated Christmas tags like the ones described before, you can always use simple unprinted ones made out of cardboard, but you can still make them special by playing around with the string that attached it to the gift.

As you can see in the examples illustrated above, they sued several combinations like red and white, green and white, or yellow and white, and while the entire idea may seem a bit too basic, it’s more than enough to make a regular cardboard tag look more festive.

More Amazing Christmas Gift Tags to Try

If the previous 6 entries didn’t impress you, or simply weren’t your style, take a look at these other 34 entries, since these were very popular in 2020 and 2019 and, let’s face it, trends come and go, but not that fast.

8. Classic Kraft Christmas Gift Tag

Classic Kraft Christmas Gift Tag

Angel In The Northmade these classic and easy gift tags out of Kraft luggage tags and we’re smitten with their chic, homey yet modern design. Check out the details after the jump!

9. Scrapbooking Scraps Christmas Gift Tags

Scrapbooking Scraps Christmas Gift Tags

Are you a scrapbooker? If so, check outSimply Kellyto find out how to turn your scraps into adorable, homemade Christmas gift tags for the family’s presents.

10. Cereal Boxes Christmas Tags

Cereal Boxes Christmas Tags

Offbeat and Inspiredshows us how to start with cereal boxes and mod podge and create something magical to style your precious presents with. This is such a great way to recycle and get creative!

11. Mini Wreath – Christmas Gift Labels

Mini Wreath - Christmas Gift Labels

Are these mini wreath tags fromFrolicnot the most adorable accent you could gift your family presents? We love their organic nature and creativity!

12. Christmas Gift Tags with Layers

DIY Christmas Gift Tags

We’re in love with all the ideas thatThings That Shinehave it store for us. Layers of creativity and scrapbook inspiration with 25 advent tags!

13. Polymer Clay Christmas Gift Tags

DIY Christmas Gift Tags

Using metal stamps, you can style some clay gift tags and create souvenir accents for your family and friends’ presents. Check out the details at Happy Hour Projects.

14. Easy Stamped Christmas Gift Tags

Easy Stamped Christmas Gift Tags

Calm Cradle shows off some simply gift tag ideas that utilize stamps you may have laying around the craft room. There are so many ways to get creative with something so easy to recreate.

15. Crisp Printables Christmas Gift Tags

Crisp Printables Christmas Gift Tags

We love these crisp free printables fromA Cup of Thuy. They’re modern and they’ll give a chic spin on your homemade Christmas presents!

16. Embossed Christmas Gift Tags

Embossed Christmas Gift Tags

Aren’t theseembossed gift tag from Oh So Beautiful Paper not stunning? Hop on over and learn how to replicate this gorgeous accessory now!

17. Movable Reindeer Christmas Gift Tags

Movable Reindeer Christmas Gift Tags

Eat Drink Chic created this movable reindeer as a topper for gifts, postcards or even greeting cards for the season. We love using it as a gift tags for the kids in the family, it’s so creative and charming!

18. Typography Christmas Tags

Typography Christmas Tags

Here are some more free gift tag ideas and actual freebies to grab too! Eat Drink Chic gives us even more wonderful inspiration on how to accessorize our Christmas.

19. Feathers – Christmas Gift Tags

Feathers - Christmas Gift Tags

Love vs Designhas some free printables for readers as well. And they’re these great feathers that give a boho style to your Christmastime.

20. Ugly Sweaters Christmas Gift Tags

Ugly Sweaters Christmas Gift Tags

Love vs Design always has great ideas and designs to choose from. And these ugly sweaters are free to download and print yourself!

21. Hot Cocoa Christmas Tags

Hot Cocoa Christmas Tags

Go straight to the source and download the free template here provided by the DIY Network. Give those presents a cozy feel with these cuties.

22. Sewn Up Christmas Gift Label

Sewn Up Christmas Gift Label

This Blog Is Not For You shows us how to make thicker, sewn-up gift tags full of classic, Christmas seasonality. Check it out after the jump!

23. Chevron Christmas Gift Tags

Chevron Christmas Gift Tags

Using some clay, you’ll create the foundation for these fashionable pieces. Parsimonia shows us how to make the most of all these fun ingredients.

24. Little Homes Christmas Gift Tags

Little Homes Christmas Gift Tags

Washi tape can really come in handy. At A Spoonful of Sugar you’ll see how to create some adorable little homes out of the useful craft supply!

25. Holly Sprigs DIY Christmas Gift Tags

Holly Sprigs DIY Christmas Gift Tags

One Dog Woofmade these holly sprig gift tags and we’re swooning for them. They’re so creative and unique in terms of gift tag crafting!

26. Stockings DIY Gift Tags

Stockings DIY Gift Tags

Inking Idahomade some 3-D stocking that are cute too. This is a great project for paper lovers and for the kids to help with too!

27. Metallic Christmas Gift Tags

Metallic Christmas Gift Tags

A personal favorite of the bunch these metallic embossed tags fromPaper Craveare simple, yet beautiful, don’t you think?

28. Christmas Gift Tags – Cupcake Liners

Christmas Gift Tags - Cupcake Liners

Using cupcake liners, you can create adorable, layered trees just like Molly Mell. We love the youthfulness and festivity of these cuties.

29. Mittens Christmas Gift Tags

Mittens Christmas Gift Tags

DIY Network did it again with these charming mitten tags. Download the template here and get to work printing, cutting and styling those gifts!

30. Monogrammed Christmas Name Tags

Monogrammed Christmas Name Tags

Making It Lovelycreated these monogrammed gift tags and they’re free for readers to snag and help with their Christmas wrapping! Or you can just get inspired by the design!

31. Knitted Christmas Gift Tags

Knitted Christmas Gift Tags

Once again, Eat Drink Chic, is giving us all ideas and styles to swoon for. These knitted-fashion tags are free to download too!

32. Chalkboard Christmas Gift Labels

Chalkboard Christmas Gift Labels

Poppytalkfeatures these adorable chalkboard gift tags and they’re free to snatch up and use for your own Christmastime presents. We love how cozy and sweet the designs are.

33. Free Hugs Christmas Gift Tags

Free Hugs Christmas Gift Tags

Hop back over toEat Drink Chicand check out these free reindeer hug tags! They’re so adorable but also uniquely stylish for the season.

34. Tea Dyed Christmas Tags

Tea Dyed Christmas Tags

If you’re looking for a vintage style then this idea fromPops de Milkcould be the right one for you! Learn how to tea dye paper to get that antique finish!

35. Christmas Gift Labels with Buttons

Christmas Gift Labels with Buttons

Button crafts are so much fun and this idea fromHamburger Liebeis no exclusion. Turn those buttons into snowmen or ornaments like you see here!

36. Snowflakes Christmas Name Tags

Snowflakes Christmas Name Tags

Here’s a simple project even the kiddos can get involved with.The Novice Chefmade these charming snowflake gift tags with such ease!

37. Trees & Hearts Christmas Gift Tags
Trees & Hearts Christmas Gift Tags

Go check out how to make these cozy tags atCurious and Catcat. You’ll just need the right kind of scrapbook paper to make it happen.

38. Washi Tape Christmas Tags

Washi Tape Christmas Tags

We love these funky gift tags fromThinking Closet. They’re a bit outside-the-box in Christmas style – with the color choices – but still very seasonally festive!

39. DIY Gift Tags – Cookies

DIY Gift Tags - Cookies

Pixel Whisk did something completely unexpected. She made gift tags out of cookies! So you’re not only highlighting the present but you’re giving your family and friends an edible treat too!

40. Varied Christmas Tags

Varied Christmas Tags

Over at Clumsy Chicyou’ll find some adorable gift tags made from some everyday craft supplies. You’ll get a variety of great ideas from sparkle and washi tape to stamps too!

Best Christmas Gift Tags: Closing Thoughts

We’ve reached the end of our list, and we hope that at least one of our 40 entries managed to spark your imagination just enough for you to know exactly how to start designing your out gift tags.

Remember though that these are just gift tags, so don’t stress too much about not being able to find something that’s truly amazing and unique, since the people receiving your gifts will already be impressed that you thought about giving them something in the first place.

If you need more help with your Christmas preparations, you should know that our website is filled with helpful Christmas articles, from tutorials on how to wrap your gifts in unique ways to step-by-step guides on how to make your own Christmas wreaths.

Not only that, but you too can help us make the article even better by leaving your feedback in the comments section below, and you can even give us more ideas to add to our lists as well!

That being said, don’t waste time thinking about how you can design some tags, instead, use them to spend more time with your loved ones because that’s what’s truly important.

Have fun crafting and Merry Christmas!

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