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DIY Gilded Candles

Gold foil is one of the best decorating trends right now. It seems like every decorative craft or home decor element has a copper or gold accent to it. It’s a great trend that is sure to stay around for a while. You can add gold leaf to almost any element in your home with the right supplies. If you want to create some unique candles either for yourself, or a loved one as a gift, try making these gilded candles. Gilding is a pretty easy process and we’ll show you how.

Diy gilded candles

For this DIY, you’ll need:

  • Pillar candles
  • Foil paper sheets
  • Gilding adhesive
  • Natural bristle brush
  • Painters tape

Diy gilded candles materials

Diy gilded candles paint

Step 1:

Make sure the surface of the candle is fairly clean. Tape off the section of candle you want to have the foil effect. I decided to tape a V-shape to the candle for a modern look.

Diy gilded candles clean surface

Step 2:

Using a natural bristle brush, paint a thin layer of gilding adhesive to the candle where you want the foil to show. Paint a pretty good amount in this step and set it aside for about 15 minutes.

Diy gilded candles brush