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25 DIY Christmas Gifts for Your Husband That Has Everything

Finding DIY Christmas gifts for your husband can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Put some time and thought into hand-making him something special this holiday season and check out this article with homemade Christmas present ideas for husbands.

Diy christmas gifts for husbands

One of the best ways to make your husband feel special this Christmas is by giving him a handcrafted gift. A handmade present is more thoughtful than something bought from the store, and you can tailor it to your man’s tastes. For instance, a custom set of golf tees with his name or initials is fantastic for golf fans, while a handmade electronic device holder is ideal for techies. Here is a list of the DIY Christmas gifts for husbands that you will find in this article:

  • DIY canvas print
  • DIY Jack Daniel’s hand soap dispenser
  • DIY coffee ground soap
  • DIY rosemary mint shaving cream
  • DIY rum spice aftershave
  • DIY LEGO Star Wars clock
  • DIY custom-printed mousepad
  • DIY rustic pencil holder
  • DIY comic book coasters
  • DIY monogram mug
  • DIY chalkboard mug
  • DIY wooden beer mug
  • DIY magnetic bottle opener
  • DIY license plate key hanger
  • DIY leather wallet
  • DIY push-pin travel map
  • DIY golf club covers
  • DIY paracord bracelet or watchband
  • DIY firewood tote
  • DIY canvas tool apron
  • DIY BBQ grill mitt and towel
  • DIY mini BBQ grill
  • DIY wooden slice serving board
  • DIY vinyl record fruit bowl
  • DIY coffee syrup

Learn more information about each DIY Christmas gift for husbands, including sources for tutorials.

1. DIY canvas print

A DIY canvas print is a creative Christmas gift for your husband since you can put his favorite picture on canvas. The crafting project is elementary since you must attach the picture to the canvas using Mod Podge. The printed paper will be soaked in glue, so it will gain the canvas’s texture, making the photograph look painted. For more details about this project, check out Popsugar.

2. DIY Jack Daniel’s hand soap dispenser

A DIY Jack Daniel’s hand soap dispenser is a great Christmas gift idea for husbands who would appreciate bathroom essentials that remind them of whiskey. This crafting project doesn’t require much effort since all you need is an empty Jack Daniel’s bottle and a soap dispenser head that fits the bottle. Check out the full tutorial on Curlybirds.

3. DIY coffee ground soap

Homemade coffee grounds soap is a great Christmas gift for husbands who love coffee as much as they enjoy pampering themselves with a good shower. Besides, the soap is black, which is the color of manliness. For this DIY project, you need used coffee grounds, glycerin soap, vanilla, and powdered milk. Check out the instructions at Popsugar.

4. DIY rosemary mint shaving cream

A jar of DIY rosemary mint shaving cream is a great Christmas gift for husbands who would appreciate homemade shaving tools. This rosemary mint shaving cream recipe is simple, combining classic ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil with essential oils. You will also need a mason jar with a lid to store the shaving cream. Get the full instructions from The DIY Adventures.

5. DIY rum spice aftershave

A bottle of DIY rum spice aftershave is a great Christmas gift idea for a husband who would appreciate homemade grooming supplies. The recipe calls for orange zest, witch hazel, bay leaves, cloves, cinnamon stick, fresh ginger, rosemary sprig, vanilla, and rum. Go to Popsugar for detailed instructions.

6. DIY LEGO Star Wars Clock

A DIY Star Wars LEGO clock is the go-to Christmas gift for husbands who love Star Wars and LEGO. This project is not complex, and you don’t need to spend lots of money to make it. The LEGO pieces won’t be damaged during the crafting process, so your husband can take apart the clock and use the LEGO pieces for any other Star Wars project. Go to Instructables and check out their step-by-step guide to learn more about this DIY design.

7. DIY custom-printed mousepad

A DIY custom-printed mousepad is a Christmas present idea for a husband with a desktop who would appreciate personalized items. For example, add pictures of your family to the mousepad, together with a motivational message to get him through the day. Visit A Piece of Rainbow for the details.

8. DIY rustic pencil holder

A DIY rustic pencil holder would make a thoughtful Christmas gift for an artistic husband to organize his pencils or paintbrushes. The secret to its farmhouse appeal is crafting the pencil holder from a single block of wood. You will need a hand saw, a drill, and sandpaper. Get the instructions from Strawberry Chic.

9. DIY comic book coasters

A set of comic book-themed coasters are a great Christmas gift for a husband with a nerdy side. The coasters are easy to make, and the only thing that should concern you is figuring out the comic book characters or scenes to put on the coasters. If you’re, take a peek at your husband’s collection of comic books or superhero movies. Then go to Mod Podge Rocks to learn how to transfer photos to coasters.

10. DIY monogram mug

A DIY monogram mug is a practical Christmas gift idea for a husband since he can use the mug for tea or coffee. For this design, you need a coffee mug, oil-based Sharpie markers, large scrapbooking letter stickers, and an oven. Head over to Instructables for the complete instructions.

11. DIY chalkboard mug

Diy chalkboard mug

A DIY chalkboard mug allows you to write messages on it, making it a thoughtful Christmas gift for husbands for love reading little notes every day. Coating the mug in black chalkboard paint is the secret to achieving the signature look. You will be able to write messages using a white chalk marker. Check out the complete instructions at A Beautiful Mess.

12. DIY wooden beer mug

A DIY wooden beer mug is the perfect Christmas gift for any beer-loving husband. It’s a unique object that requires woodworking skills. You will need lumber, clamps, a saw, a drill, and other essential tools. Check out Workshopedits for the full guide.

13. DIY magnetic bottle opener

Diy magnetic bottle opener

A DIY magnetic bottle opener is a great Christmas gift for any husband who likes popping open a cold one, and it will look good in the kitchen. The bottle opener will have a wall-mounted design and a bottle catcher. Check out Practically Functional for more information.

14. DIY license plate key hanger

A DIY license plate key hanger is a cool Christmas gift for a husband who loves his car or bike. For this project, you need a piece of plywood, an old license plate, and other supplies. After assembling the key hanger, finish the project with mounting hardware to attach it to the wall. Head over to Kojo Designs for more details.

15. DIY leather wallet

Diy leather wallet

A DIY leather wallet is a fancy Christmas gift for a husband who loves leather and would appreciate a handmade wallet, especially since the wallet is customizable. For example, stitch Merry Christmas! Love you! on the wallet. For this project, you need basic leatherworking skills, together with an awl, needles, thread, and genuine leather. Head over to Instructables for the complete guide.

16. DIY push-pin travel map

A DIY push-pin travel map is a great Christmas gift for an avid traveling husband. The map will be useful for marking all the places he has been or is planning to visit. For this project, you need a large poster map, an equally large corkboard, push pins, a frame to hold it all together, and Modge Podge. Check out Gimme Some Oven for step-by-step instructions.

17. DIY golf club covers

A set of DIY golf club covers might become your husband’s favorite Christmas gift, especially if he’s already a golf enthusiast. He’ll be able to mark his clubs and make them eye-catching. This crafting project isn’t beginner-friendly since you need leatherworking skills. Fortunately, the folks at Positively Splendid have easy instructions.

18. DIY paracord bracelet or watchband

A DIY bracelet or a watchband made of paracord is a fantastic Christmas gift for any outdoorsy husband. Paracord is a durable material that withstands wear and tear, and you can weave it to create beautiful accessories like a bracelet or watchband. Making this accessory isn’t too tricky. Head over to Instructables for the detailed instructions.

19. DIY firewood tote

A DIY firewood tote is a great Christmas gift for a husband with lumberjack blood running through his veins. He will use the tote to safely and comfortably bring wood from the backyard and get a fire going without getting dirty or scratched by the logs and twigs. The crafting project is simpler than it sounds since you need a woven rug, two wooden dowels, and less than 30 minutes of your time. Check out HGTV for further details.

20. DIY canvas tool apron

Diy canvas tool apron

A DIY canvas tool apron is a nice Christmas gift for the handyman husband who needs a convenient place to store all his tools while tinkering. The apron is durable since it’s made from sturdy waxed canvas. You’ll also need fabric, buckles, a sewing machine, and other supplies. Head to The Merry Thought for more information.

21. DIY BBQ grill mitt and towel

A set of DIY barbecue accessories comprised of a mitt and a towel is a great Christmas gift for husbands passionate about grilling. Head to A Spoonful of Sugar Designs for detailed instructions on crafting these accessories. With a little effort and some sewing skills, you can give him something unique that he’ll be able to use throughout the grilling season.

22. DIY mini BBQ grill

A mini BBQ grill is the ultimate Christmas gift for grillmaster husbands who can’t help but laugh at the size of this item. Despite its petite dimensions and decorative aspect, this barbecue grill is fully functional. For example, it grills small hotdogs or hamburger patties without any issues. For this cool DIY project, visit Instructables for the detailed tutorial.

23. DIY wooden slice serving board

Diy wooden slice serving board

A DIY wooden slice serving board is a rugged Christmas gift for any manly husband. For this crafting project, you need a large slice of wood, sandpaper, a brush, and mineral oil. Use wood slices of different shapes for a unique design. For example, an oval slice allows to comfortably lay various goodies on the serving board. Read the step-by-step instructions at Man Made DIY.

24. DIY vinyl record fruit bowl

A DIY vinyl record fruit bowl is a lovely Christmas gift for a husband who has a vinyl collection and would appreciate coordinating décor. For this project, you must heat up an old vinyl record in the oven to make it malleable and give it the shape of a fruit bowl. It results in a unique, eye-catching bowl for storing fruit or other items. Check out Instructables for more information.

25. DIY coffee syrup

A couple of bottles of homemade coffee syrup make an awesome Christmas gift for a husband with a sweet tooth who loves coffee. It’s undoubtedly one of the easiest crafts on this list since you must simmer water with a flavor for about 20 minutes. The folks at A Beautiful Mess wrote an entire article about preparing two types of coffee syrup (basic honey syrup and lavender and brown sugar syrup), so check it out.


Whether you create something entirely new from scratch or revamp existing items around the house with creative touches, the goal is always to show that you care with something unique and personalized for him. Check out more present ideas for men if you can’t find a good DIY Christmas idea for your husband in this article.

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