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35 DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas for Meaningful Presents

A unique DIY gift wrap can make all the difference when giving someone a Christmas present, even if the present is not that impressive. Read on to discover the most creative DIY Christmas gift wrapping ideas for crafters.

Christmas gift wrapping ideas

Christmas gift wrapping is a time-honored tradition steeped in cheerful nostalgia. It marks the start of the festive season when family and friends come together to express their love and appreciation by exchanging presents. From choosing the perfect paper to creating beautiful bows and decorations, gift wrapping provides hours of fun for family members of all ages.

Presentation is just as important as the contents, which also applies to presents. To give your Christmas presents that extra special touch this year, try new gift wrapping methods that you don’t find in the store. Here is a list of the gift wrapping ideas you will find in this article:

  • Festive wrapping paper
  • Coordinating theme
  • Tree branch and orange slice
  • Pine branch and pinecone
  • Eco burlap
  • Christmas tree stamps
  • Confetti filler
  • Reindeer
  • Bay leaves
  • Gumdrop garland
  • Muffin-tin snowflakes
  • 3D accents
  • Typographic
  • Paper straw snowflakes
  • Sparkly ribbon bows
  • Candy toppers
  • Snowflake ornaments
  • Wreath
  • Festive envelopes
  • Printable with a custom message
  • A cluster of Christmas tree ornaments
  • Santa’s belt with snowflakes
  • Chalkboard inspiration
  • Parcels
  • Confetti sprinkles
  • Embroidered
  • Colorful paper trees
  • Snowy tree
  • Paint and Sharpie trees
  • Interactive Christmas tree
  • Snowman tower gift decoy
  • Cookie box
  • Oversized letter
  • Miniature winter scene
  • Paper Christmas lights

Learn more about each DIY gift wrapping idea outlined in this article, including tutorials.

1. Festive wrapping paper

Christmas wrapping ideas festive colors

Festive paper, such as red, white, and green paper, is a classical way to wrap Christmas gifts. For example, wrap a present in simple green paper with a matte finish and tie a bow using red and white string. Stash the festive dressed gifts under the Christmas tree since it will be hard to tell them apart.

2. Coordinating theme

Christmas wrapping ideas same theme presents

Using a coordinating theme is an impactful way to wrap Christmas presents using colors aside from the classical red, white, and green, as long as they match. For example, use blue and silver for a modern feel, green and silver for a rustic feel, red and gold for a traditional feel, black and gold for a luxurious feel, or purple and gold for a royal feel.

3. Tree branch and orange slice

How to wrap a christmas gift with citruses

Using a tree branch and an orange slice is a fun way to wrap a Christmas gift since both elements add an unexpected visual element, a cozy sign of the winter holiday. The orange slice has an additional olfactory role since it makes the present smell like Christmas and reminds of the traditional oranges received in Christmas stockings. Visit This Healthy Table to learn how to dehydrate orange slices. To make the orange slices edible so that people have something to snack on while unwrapping the gifts, use candied orange slices instead of dehydrated orange slices and visit Baked by an Introvert to get the recipe.

4. Pine branch and pinecone

Christmas gifts rustic pinecone

Using a pine branch and pinecone is an easy way to wrap Christmas gifts if you are into rustic décor. Both elements stem from nature, and they pair well with other nature-themed items, such as tiny wood slices and cranberry twigs. The presents up for wrapping will be extra special if you happen to have a pine tree with pinecones in your backyard since the whole ensemble gives the gifts a personal touch. Since the pine branch and the pinecone are at the center of attention, there is no need to overshadow them by going for fancy wrapping paper. Standard brown wrapping paper and twine are enough to create thoughtful gift packaging.

5. Eco burlap

Christmas gift ideas eco burlap wrapping

Using eco burlap is another gift-wrapping idea for people who are into rustic design and recycling. This method works with eco burlap sacks in any shape or size, which are easily accessible in everyday home improvement stores. As for the wrapping technique, tie the eco burlap with twine or tie all corners in a single knot and add minor decorations like pinecones, acorns, or pine branches. Burlap is a forgiving material that does not try to look perfect, so the gifts are pleasing to the eye regardless of how they are wrapped, even when they look like a mini version of Santa’s sack.

6. Christmas tree stamps

Diy hand stamped gift wrap

A tree-stamped gift wrap is a simple way to pack Christmas presents using wrapping paper with homemade stencils. We have a tutorial that teaches you how to create a hand-stamped gift wrap using any shape, so be sure to go with the Christmas tree. The DIY project requires potatoes, a sharp knife, a cutting board, a pencil, acrylic craft paint, paper, and paper towels. 

7. Confetti filler

Diy confetti filled gift wrap

Confetti-filled gift wrap is a great way to wrap Christmas gifts for kids excited about opening them. This is a DIY project from our own collection, which calls for a pre-wrapped gift, clear cellophane wrapper (for gift baskets), confetti or fake snow, card stock, hole punches, a pen, scissors, and tape. Kids will have to shake the box to see the name of the gift giver, so this idea only works for non-fragile presents. It is also worth noting that unwrapping a present wrapped in confetti will make a mess.

8. Reindeer

Diy reindeer gift wrap

Using reindeer gift wrap is another fantastic way to wrap Christmas presents for kids since they will remember Santa’s reindeer. This is a DIY project from our website, which requires red and brown paper, brown cardboard, red ribbon, two googly eyes, scissors, a glue stick, a pencil, a bell, wire crafting thread, and chocolate. The chocolate is only used as the demo gift that needs wrapping, so replace this item with the actual present.

Wrapping several presents in reindeer gift wrap would be a lovely way to honor Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Blitzen, Rudolph, and the other reindeer of Santa, especially if you pair these gifts with a makeshift sleigh, even a candy sleigh made from holiday favors.

9. Bay leaves

Bay Leaves Christmas Gift Wrap

Using bay leaves is a lovely way to wrap Christmas presents, especially for a cook or a gardener. In addition to looking beautiful, bay leaves will make the gift smell like herbs and flowers. Besides, bay leaves have several meanings that might be appreciated by the gift recipient. For example, ancient Greeks associated bay leaves with courage and strength, while ancient Romans wore bay leaves to represent their high status. This DIY project comes from Daisyley and requires fresh bay leaves, baker’s twine, and a needle, so visit the website for more information.

10. Gumdrop garland

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas - Gumdrop Garland

Making a gumdrop garland is a great way to pack Christmas gifts for kids or adults with a sweet tooth. The recipients can nibble on the gumdrops while opening their presents. This DIY project comes from HGTV and requires gumdrops, baker’s twine, and a large needle. Head over to HGTV to learn the complete instructions.

11. Muffin-tin snowflakes

Paper Flakes Christmas Gift Wrap

Using snowflakes fashioned from muffin tins is a clever way to wrap Christmas presents and make them look beautiful using items from your pantry. This DIY project comes from IHOB and requires paper muffin tins, scissors, standard wrapping paper, and twine. The trick to making snowflakes is to fold the muffin tins correctly and cut along the creases, in order to open the paper and reveal symmetrical paper snowflakes. Head over to IHOB and check out the pictures to get a better understanding of the sequence of events.

12. 3D accents

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas - 3-D Accents

Using 3D accents adds a nice touch when wrapping Christmas presents, as long as they match the festive theme. For example, glue a tree-shaped 3D placecard to a boxed gift to stand out in a sea of presents under the Christmas tree. This DIY idea belongs to Home Life.

13. Typographic

Christmas Gift Ideas - Typography

A typographic gift wrap is a novel way to pack Christmas presents, especially for writers or bookworms. The idea is to spell out words using book page cutouts. For example, it’s a fantastic way to spell out the name of the gift recipient. This DIY project comes from ManMadeDIY and requires brown craft paper or solid wrapping paper, a used book, utility knife, a pencil, scissors, alphabet templates, tracing set-up like a light source and a clear glass or plastic, and a glue stick. Head over to ManMadeDIY to check out the complete step-by-step instructions.

14. Paper straw snowflakes

Paper Straws Snowflake Christmas Gift Wrap

Decorating gifts with paper straw snowflakes is a lovely way to wrap Christmas presents using the snowflake winter motif. This DIY project idea belongs to Centsational Style and requires pipe cleaners, paper straws, beads, center embellishments, baker’s twine, and ribbon or strings. Head over to Centsational Style to check out the complete step-by-step instructions.

15. Sparkly ribbon bows

Christmas Gift Wrap with Bows

Using sparkly ribbon bows is a glamorous way to wrap Christmas presents, especially if the gifts are expensive. This DIY project belongs to The Sweetest Occasion and uses glitter ribbon in various colors, such as red, black, and champagne, together with kraft paper, tape, scissors, and hot glue. Head over to The Sweetest Occasion for the complete instructions.

16. Candy toppers

Candy Toppers Christmas Gift Wrap

Using candy toppers is a cute way to wrap Christmas presents for kids and any adults who love candy. They will be able to chew on something sweet while opening their gifts. This DIY idea comes from Good Housekeeping and does not have instructions. Wrap the gifts in the classical way and add a candy cane or a lollipop right before tying the bow. For a personal touch, include a tiny tree branch or a card.

17. Snowflake ornaments

Glittered Snowflakes Christmas Gift Wrap

Using snowflake ornaments is a simple way to wrap Christmas gifts and make them special by using flat snowflakes from your collection of Christmas tree ornaments. This DIY project comes from Paperie Boutique and offers a great way to reuse old snowflakes with imperfections that you no longer hang up on the tree. In addition to flat snowflakes, the DIY project calls for small gable boxes, white boxes, stickers, and ribbons.

18. Wreath

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas - Add a Wreath

Using a wreath is a creative way to wrap a Christmas gift by introducing the greenery of spring leaves into winter décor. This DIY project comes from Craftberry Bush and teaches you how to decorate a present with a boxwood wreath bow. To make the boxwood wreath bow, you need green craft wire, springs of boxwood, floral wire, twine, various winter greens such as pine branches or cranberry twigs, cardstock, a Sharpie marker, and hot glue. The boxwood wreath bow pairs well with standard brown paper and burlap for a rustic design. Head over to Craftberry Bush for the full instructions.

19. Festive envelopes

Festive Envelopes - Christmas Wrapping ideas

Using festive envelope is an innovative way to wrap flat or foldable small Christmas gifts, such as books, vinyl records, paintings, or fabric items like a shawl. The idea for this DIY project comes from HGTV and does not include instructions, so you have to wing it. It is best to use a posterboard envelope since the material is sturdier than standard paper and withstands heavier items. Additionally, you need baker’s twine, ribbons, and a hole puncher.

20. Printable with a custom message

Printable Christmas Gift Wrap

A printable gift wrap with a custom message is an easy way to wrap a Christmas gift by opting for a ready design instead of crafting something from the ground up. DIY Candy offers a free printable template for a gift wrap, which says “Have a very Merry Christmas” on the front and “We wish you a Merry Christmas” on the back. The front side has additional room for writing the gift’s sender and recipient using a pen or marker. Head over to DIY Candy to get the free printable template.

21. A cluster of Christmas tree ornaments

Ornament Clusters - Christmas Gift Idea

Using a cluster of Christmas tree ornaments is a fun way to wrap a gift, which becomes extra special by adding ornaments from your own collection of winter decorations. Or use old ornaments that you no longer hang on the tree because they have imperfections or do not match your current Christmas theme. This DIY project comes from Oh Happy Days and requires a pre-wrapped gift, ribbon, ornaments, thin wire, and wire cutters. Head over to Oh Happy Days to get the full instructions.

22. Santa’s belt with snowflakes

Santa's belt with snowflakes

Decorating Santa’s belt with snowflakes on a gift box is a fun way to wrap presents for kids or adults engulfed in the spirit of Christmas. This DIY project comes from Craft Passion and requires plain red-and-brown gift wrapping paper, silver-colored paper, wrapping ribbons, aluminum foil or Christmas confetti, a Christmas-themed punch, craft glue, a craft knife, and a cutting mat. Head over to Craft Passion for the entire guide.

23. Chalkboard inspiration

Chalkboard Christmas Gift Wrap

Using chalkboard-inspired wrapping paper is a way to wrap Christmas gifts by mimicking a genuine chalkboard. This DIY project comes from 13 Acres and uses matte black wrapping paper and white paint pens to make it seem like writing on a chalkboard. It is a great idea for expressing creativity by writing or drawing anything, from standard Christmas messages and the recipient’s name to song lyrics, famous quotes, doodles, or inside jokes. Unlike authentic chalkboards, everything written or drawn on matte black wrapping paper is permanent since the white paint is not erasable.

24. Parcels

Christmas Wrapping Ideas - Parcels

Using parcels is a creative way to wrap Christmas gifts and make them look like they were mailed directly from Santa’s Workshop at The North Pole. This DIY project comes from lmnop and asks for red twine, mailing labels, vintage labels, holiday stamps, love mail stickers, Christmas stamps, colored twine, ink pad, air mail gift tags, postal stamp tags, and brown paper. Head over to lmnop to learn more about this DIY project.

25. Confetti sprinkles

Confetti sprinkled wrapping paper

Sprinkling confetti over gift wrapping paper is a joyous idea to celebrate Christmas in style. This DIY project comes from Mod Podge Rocks and requires Mod Podge Satin, brown kraft paper, a paintbrush, confetti, coordinating ribbon, scissors, and scotch tape. Head over to Mod Podge Rocks to get the full instructions.

26. Embroidered

Embroidered gift wrap

Making an embroidered gift wrap is a thoughtful way to prepare a Christmas present, especially for embroidery fans. This DIY idea comes from Lines Across and leaves room for customization since you can embroider any message, such as Merry Christmas or the gift recipient’s name. For this DIY project, you need embroidery thread, a needle, a thumb tack, tiny wood spools, Mod Podge or glue, paint, a paintbrush, tape, a pencil, an eraser, and ribbon or fabric. Visit Lines Across for the full details.

27. Colorful paper trees

Colorful paper trees gift wrap

Using colorful paper trees is a lovely way to wrap Christmas presents and spread holiday joy, especially since kids can make them. This DIY idea comes from The Paper Mama and asks for white wrapping paper, colorful craft paper, double-sided tape, Pilot Pen pens, and scissors. Head over to The Paper Mama for the complete step-by-step instructions.

28. Snowy tree

Snowy tree gift wrap

Placing a snowy tree on top of gift wrap is an inventive way of packing a small Christmas present and getting into the holiday spirit. This DIY idea comes from A Piece of Rainbow and uses brown paper and cuttings from a conifer tree, such as cypress or juniper, together with white paint and a toothbrush to easily create the snow flurry effect. Stick the cutting to the gift box using glue, twine, or even a stapler gun. Head over to A Piece of Rainbow for additional instructions.

29. Paint and Sharpie trees

Paint and sharpie tree gift wrap

Using paint and Sharpie trees is an inexpensive way of wrapping Christmas presents while still adding interest to an otherwise boring-looking gift wrap. This DIY idea comes from Splash of Something and uses low-cost supplies: brown craft paper, paint in your favorite colors, matching yarn, a black Sharpie marker, and glue. Visit Splash of Something for the complete instructions.

30. Interactive Christmas tree

Interactive christmas tree gift wrap

An interactive Christmas tree is a fantastic idea to wrap gifts and get kids involved by giving them room to express their creativity. This DIY idea comes from Lines Across and requires simple green kraft paper, scissors, glue, stickers, tape, and a Sharpie marker. Check out Lines Across for additional information.

31. Snowman tower gift decoy

Snowman tower gift decoy

Putting together a snowman tower out of three large gift boxes is a clever, unique way to wrap and conceal Christmas presents, making them a surprise. This DIY idea comes from Bigger Than The Three Of Us and calls for cardboard boxes, white wrapping paper or white art paper by the roll, striped wrapping paper, tape, scissors, a utility knife, colored construction paper, a scarf, a marker, and tree sticks. Head over to Bigger Than The Three Of Us for the complete instructions.

32. Cookie box

Cookie box gift wrap

A cookie box is a great way to wrap a Christmas gift and recycle old objects from your house. This DIY idea comes from Ice Cream and Neon Dreams and asks for an old cookie tin, spray paint in gold or any other color, gold star confetti, glue, ribbon, and parchment paper. The tutorial focuses on wrapping store-bought or homemade cookies, but the cookie box is helpful for any other present as long as it fits. Head over to Ice Cream and Neon Dreams for the complete tutorial.

33. Oversized letter

Oversized letter gift wrap

An oversized letter is a thoughtful way to wrap a Christmas present and make it out to someone by using the first initial of their name. This DIY idea comes from Sizzix and asks for wrapping paper, sparkly twine, a wood effect card, gold bells, winter foliage, PVA glue, gold craft foil, a mixed media mask, and a stamping sponge. Head over to Sizzix to learn more.

34. Miniature winter scene

Miniature winter scene gift wrap

A miniature winter scene is an artistic and elegant way of wrapping a Christmas gift by staging a frosty weather landscape. This DIY idea comes from Lovely Indeed and uses tiny presents, a park bench, a mailbox, a bicycle, sisal trees and wreaths, True Snow, fine iridescent glitter, a small paintbrush, a glue gun, white felt, scissors, wrapping paper, and ribbon. Any miniature winter décor pieces are suitable for this homemade project as long as they tell a story together. Head over to Lovely Indeed to learn more information.

35. Paper Christmas lights

Christmas lights gift wrap

Using paper Christmas lights is a festive way to dress up presents and hide them under the tree. This DIY idea comes from Boxwood Avenue and uses Cricut Explore Air, twine, white card stock, kraft paper, tape, scissors, and glue pen. Head over to Boxwood Avenue for the complete step-by-step instructions.


Meaningful, creative, or thoughtful packaging can be just as important as what’s inside the box. So take time to ensure each present looks its best by using one of the gift wrapping ideas outlined in this article. With simple supplies like tape, scissors and ribbon, transform plain boxes into delightful presents – guaranteed to bring smiles all round! And don’t forget to include a Christmas gift tag to convey a traditional, classy, funny, or sentimental message.

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