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50 Modern Christmas Trees To Serve As Inspiration!

If you’re the perfect host among your friends, then you’re probably on your toes knowing that Christmas is just around the corner. Not only do you have to prepare delicious courses of food and desserts and stock up on egg nog, but you also have to think about effective ways to decorate your house.

Modern christmas tree

During Christmas, a lot of places in your house need to be decorated, including but not limited to your walls, doors, windows, tables, and mantelpieces. However, there’s one thing that stands out in the crowd this season, and that’s your Christmas tree.

The old, faithful Christmas tree has been around forever to help us bring the Christmas spirit into our houses and souls. However, recently people started to feel like bringing an entire tree into their houses and disposing of it shortly after the holiday spirit sizzles is not exactly their idea of Christmas.

Modern Christmas Tree

As a result, people got creative and started bringing their own versions of Christmas trees to the table. While some are shy enough not to stray too far away from the original Christmas tree (for instance, plastic ones that resemble the real thing almost completely), others prefer a more modern version.

For instance, having a cone-shaped object in your living room that you get to decorate with shiny baubles, Christmas lights, and garlands seems to be a good replacement for Christmas trees, as more and more people adopt this trend.

However, there are several ideas out there that would fit better in your house than others (if you decided to take the leap to a modern Christmas tree, that is).

With that in mind, check out some of our best suggestions of modern Christmas trees you can use to decorate your house this season.

1. DIY Twig Christmas Tree – Artificial Christmas Tree

Diy twig christmas tree artificial christmas tree

This alternative to a real Christmas tree is not only extremely easy to make on your own, but it also looks great. Plus, you get to feel like you spent a lot of time on it (even though you didn’t) and that’s always a plus!

To make this modern version of the Christmas tree, pick up some twigs from your garden or purchase them from your local craft store. If they’re too big for what you have in mind, then simply chop them into smaller pieces.

In our opinion, the only real drawback of this project is that you can’t use it to replace your Christmas tree entirely because of its size. While a Christmas tree is usually just a tad smaller than the height of your room, this twig alternative is significantly smaller.

We suppose that you could adapt the tutorial and use larger twigs (even branches) to create a larger model, but we wouldn’t vouch for its safety, especially if you plan on adding other decorative elements to it, or you have pets or small children that could pull on the branches.

If you want to learn how to craft these tiny, adorable DIY twig Christmas trees, check out our tutorial. You’ll also find detailed instructions and helpful photos that will guide you step-by-step through the entire crafting process.

2. Scandinavian Christmas Tree Art – Christmas Tree Ideas

Scandinavian christmas tree art christmas tree ideas

If you don’t like the idea of replacing your Christmas tree with an object that looks almost exactly like it, but smaller, then this Scandinavian Christmas tree is perfect for you.

What sets it apart from any other alternative to a real Christmas tree is that when you’re done with the decorating process, you can pack it up in one piece (of paper) and store it in a box or bag until next year’s holiday season! You see? Totally modern!

Just like the previous project, this particular DIY Christmas decoration is extremely simple to make (even children will be able to do all of the work).

As before, there’s somewhat of a drawback about this project: it’s two-dimensional, meaning that you won’t be able to circle around it and admire it from various angles, mainly because it’s built on a piece of paper.

Furthermore, this modern Christmas tree project on our page describes a small version of the object, but you could scale it up and build one that’s closer in size to a real Christmas tree.

Additionally, you could also decorate it any way you see fit, but then it wouldn’t be as simple and “Scandinavian” as it should be, so it’s really your choice on how you want to go with it.

If you want to learn more about creating this simple, yet effective Scandinavian Christmas tree art for this season, make sure not to miss the tutorial we’ve linked above.

3. Simple String Art Christmas Tree – Modern Christmas Tree

Simple string art christmas tree modern christmas tree

Another alternative to a real Christmas tree that you could use this holiday season is a simple string art model. Not only does it take no time at all to craft, but it looks great.

To make your modern Christmas tree out of string art, you’ll need various simple materials, such as a large piece of paper or cardboard, a plastic file sleeve, some string, a pair of scissors, and some glue.

We bet that you already have most of these materials just laying around in your house, so why not put them to good use if you’re ready to take the step towards a modern Christmas tree replacement?

Like both our suggestions above, the string art Christmas tree is small, so you won’t be able to use it as a full-sized Christmas tree that you decorate and hide gifts beneath.

Furthermore, crafting a full-sized Christmas tree out of string may prove to be difficult, if not downright impossible, due to the fact that you’d have to use thick rope and glue is simply not strong enough to withhold the weight of the entire thing.

However, if you like the way this tiny string art modern Christmas tree looks, you could find more about it from our tutorial above. The tutorial includes not only detailed instructions but also several helpful photos that can guide you through the crafting process.

4. Modern Cone Christmas Tree – Christmas Tree Ideas

Modern cone christmas tree christmas tree ideas

Another simple Christmas tree idea that you could use this holiday season is a modern cone-shaped model. Not only does it look amazing, but it’s also quite simple (and cheap) to make.

Like the string art Christmas decoration suggested above, the modern cone Christmas tree idea is extremely easy to craft and requires few materials.

However, while we’re talking about similarities with the previous project, we should also mention that just like both of our suggestions above, this object is quite small and won’t be able to hold all of your ornaments and gifts on its own.

Additionally, you may have to add some other features in order for it to stand out from the rest of your home décor.

But if you want something small yet stylish for this holiday season, why not give it a go?

We’re certain that you’ll like the results and we’ve included some helpful photos and instructions in our tutorial.

5. DIY Wine Cork Christmas Tree – Modern Christmas Tree

Diy wine cork christmas tree modern christmas tree

If you want to go with a modern Christmas tree idea that’s simply elegant and tasteful, this wine cork Christmas tree is just what you need.

To craft this model, you’ll have to use simple materials much like the string art decoration suggested above, so it won’t cost you anything to create one of these little gems besides time and effort.

However, if we’re comparing this project to both of our previous suggestions (the modern Scandinavian Christmas tree and simple string art), then there are several clear distinctions that separate all three projects from one another.

This DIY wine cork Christmas tree can be placed straight on your wall after you’re done crafting it, but you can also make sure that you build it sturdy enough so you can place it upright.

If you want to place it upright, you need to make sure that its base is thick enough, so you should use several corks for the trunk in this case.

As far as the instructions go, we’re including them above if you’d like to craft this project for yourself. We’ve included several helpful pictures as well as detailed steps that will guide you through the entire process of making this elegant modern Christmas tree decoration.

6. Glam White Christmas Tree – Christmas Tree Decorations

Glam white christmas tree christmas tree decorations

Last but not least, if you’re looking for a classy modern Christmas idea that just screams elegance and style, you might want to give this glam white Christmas tree a go.

First things first, this project requires you to have an artificial white Christmas tree ready to be decorated. However, merely having the tree isn’t enough to go through with this modern Christmas tree decoration.

To craft this model, you’ll have to use a whole lot of different materials from white paint to string lights and who knows what else.

The main difference here lies in the fact that if you want your modern Christmas tree decoration to stand out from the rest of your home décor items (if you happen to have any), then it’s going to take much more time and effort because this project requires even more resources than just string or corks or other similar materials.

Additionally, painting these tiny objects with special paints takes time and patience — but rest assured that the end result will be simply stunning!

We’ve included some helpful instructions in our tutorial along with several pictures that should guide you through the whole crafting process.

The crafting process is quite simple, despite that it could take you longer than the other projects. However, considering how simple this project is, you shouldn’t have any problems going through with it, as long as time is your ally.

7. Scandinavian Branch Tree – Artificial Christmas Tree

Scandinavian branch tree artificial christmas tree

This last modern Christmas tree idea is a bit different from the rest because it’s perfect for both outdoor and indoor use.

In other words, if you want to decorate your yard with one of these beautiful Scandinavian Branch Tree – Artificial Christmas Tree, then go ahead!

However, it’s important to note that this specific model requires a few additional materials such as a stand and decorations.

As you can see from the example photo we’ve used above, this project uses a slice of an actual tree and a small piece of thick(ish) trunk as a stand.

Obviously, you’ll still have to find a metal rod that’s thick and strong enough to support the weight of the entire tree, but that shouldn’t be too hard to do, especially if you have some hardware stores nearby.

Before you display your Scandinavian branch Christmas tree, make sure you give it a proper stress test, especially if you have pets or small children that would just love to tug on it.

After you’re done crafting this modern Christmas tree alternative, you can start decorating it with paint, baubles, Christmas lights, and garlands if you want to. If you’re bold enough, you can even place Christmas gifts underneath it.

8. Ornamental Branch Ladder – Christmas Tree

Ornamental branch ladder christmas tree

If you’re looking for a modern Christmas tree idea that will more or less stay out of sight, then this one might be perfect for you.

For starters, this ornamental branch ladder is super easy to make and it requires only a few branches (equally thick), some glue, nails (or screws), and some tools to put it all together.

Basically, what you’ll need to do is cut the branches in appropriate sizes so that you can build the ladder you can see in the example photo above.

You’ll need two long branches (remember, they need to be equally thick) for the frame of the ladder, and a few more shorter ones that will act as the steps of the ladder.

Once you have prepared the branches, assemble the ladder and make sure to secure the steps to it as tight as you can. You can use glue, nails, screws, and even rope if you want this decoration to be extra safe.

After you’ve assembled the ladder, you can use various spray paints to decorate it any way you see fit. If you decide to use paint, let it dry completely, then start using garlands, baubles, and lights to decorate your faux modern Christmas tree.

Last, but not least, prop the ladder against a wall and you’re done! Your modern Christmas tree alternative is ready to be admired by your guests!

9. Hanger Christmas Tree – Christmas Tree ideas

Hanger christmas tree christmas tree ideas

Coming up next on this list of modern Christmas tree ideas is an ornament hanger tree – it’s perfect for anyone who loves the rustic feel but doesn’t want to get rid of their beloved ornaments.

As you can see from the example photo we’ve used above, this project requires parts of coat hangers and a pair of old-fashioned ornaments.

Of course, you can use any type of decoration you please, but in order to make the most out of the rustic vibe – go with some old-fashioned decorations.

For starters, find some coat hangers (several work best, especially if you’re not picky about colors). Coat hangers are not only perfect for hanging ornaments on, but they can also support them without breaking apart from all that extra weight.

After you’ve found your perfect hangers, take them apart and try to rebuild a large one using pieces from every disassembled one as in the picture above.

If you’re going for symmetry, you could consider buying the same model, so you don’t have to worry about one side looking different than the others.

Once you’ve assembled the modern Christmas tree replacement out of coat hangers, you can start decorating it with various items, such as garlands, stars, round ornaments, and Christmas lights.

Last, but not least, you should make sure to attach each branch securely to your tree, lest you want it to fall under the weight of the decorations. Merry Christmas, everyone!

10. Metal Frame Christmas Tree – Artificial Christmas Tree

Metal frame christmas tree artificial christmas tree

Finally, we’ve come to the metal frame modern Christmas tree on this list and it’s one that can be very useful for those who want to make a bigger statement.

As you probably guessed from the example photo above, these modern Christmas trees are perfect if you have a lot of free space in your house and you’re into blacksmithing.

In order to create something like the metal frame Christmas tree, you need a large metal frame and either paint or metallic wraps of any color. As far as the rest goes – just look at the example photo! It couldn’t be simpler!

Just grab a large cone-shaped metal frame with a flat surface and decorate it with either paint or metallic wraps that are available in any color of the rainbow.

You can also weld several smaller frames together if you have the skills. For instance, several triangle metal frames that are different in size should add up to an awesome-looking artificial Christmas tree!

Once you have your frame ready, just prop it against a wall or lean it on something to create the illusion of a modern Christmas tree idea. Now all you need is some shiny garlands and baubles so everyone can admire your Christmassy creation!

11. Hanging Globes Christmas Tree – Christmas Tree Ideas

Hanging globes christmas tree christmas tree ideas

If you’re into modern Christmas trees, but still want to keep the old-school feel for your decorations, then this hanging globe Christmas tree idea is just what you need!

As far as your skill level goes – pretty much anyone can make it, but you need a lot of dedication and acceptance that you’re gonna go through a lot of trial and error. The bottom line is that this project can’t be done as fast as you think!

All you need are some globes, some string or rope of any type, thread for sewing on some golden baubles where needed, and some colorful gift boxes.

For starters, you’ll need a frame to work on (it would make this simpler), such as a large cone shape. If you can freehand this, then you’re my personal hero, because I absolutely couldn’t.

Now start hanging globes to your ceiling and try to bring them to a height where it seems like they’re hanging from an actual Christmas tree. As you can see from the example photo, there’s no Christmas tree there, we’re just playing make-believe.

Although the example photo displays globes that have the same color, you can go ahead and use different colored ones. It’s your project, after all. As far as size is concerned, you could also use some variation there.

The drawback of this project is that even the slightest draft could disturb your creation, so make sure to take as many pictures as you can before your guests arrive. Merry Christmas!

12. Christmas Tree Made Of Pine Cones – Modern Christmas Tree

Christmas tree made of pine cones modern christmas tree

This is probably the easiest modern Christmas tree idea out there, but it’s also one of the most impressive ones. Just gather some pine cones and you’re done!

What you need are just pine cones of any color or size. You can even use bigger pine cones to create a more natural impression, but this will take more work than gathering smaller ones.

The secret behind this modern Christmas tree idea is in how you space your branches. Just prop them up against the wall all around the room with some string or thread – just like they were growing from an actual Christmas tree!

As far as how to display them, just gather them into a pile resembling the shape of a Christmas tree. That’s it!

Then push them into place to give the impression that they’re secure on their own. Now all you need are some decorative garlands and baubles that are long enough to hang on your pine cone Christmas tree.

You can even go ahead and paint or dye the smaller pine cones if you want them to fit in with your modern Christmas tree idea.

If you happen to have too many pine cones, don’t worry! There are always people who would like to buy more pine cones than they actually need for their own weird purposes (just ask anyone who has used one before).

13. Vase With Cotton Branches – Christmas Tree

Vase with cotton branches christmas tree

This is a great idea if you want to organize an unforgettable holiday party, but are running on a tight budget!

All you need is a vase that’s wide enough to accommodate various cotton branches, and, you guessed, some cotton branches.

If you plan on using a large vase, then it’s obvious that you’ll need a larger vase. The cotton branches are usually sold in packages containing roughly the same amount of branches.

Before you go ahead and take your cotton branches, make sure to have some thread or string ready. You’ll need this for hanging your garlands on your modern Christmas tree idea! As far as colors are concerned – anything goes!

It’s up to you whether you want to use a large vase or a small one depending on how many people will be attending your holiday party, but it would probably be better to choose something that fits with the rest of your décor.

Now hang those cotton branches all around the room! They don’t even have to resemble an actual Christmas tree if you’re going for a more natural look. So what are you waiting for? Get those cotton branches and start organizing the most memorable holiday party of your life!

14. Christmas Tree Made Of Gift Boxes – Artificial Christmas Tree

Christmas tree made of gift boxes artificial christmas tree

This is another great idea for organizing a modern Christmas party, but it requires quite a lot of patience! So be prepared to spend some time working on this one.

First, you have to find enough Christmas gift boxes for this project. You might not believe it, but there are actually people who throw away perfectly good gift boxes or just give them away.

You can visit some local second-hand or thrift shops, or even ask people around you if they have any gift boxes for free. Just make sure to explain what you’re planning on doing with them.

Once you find enough Christmas gift boxes, the real fun part begins – decorating your modern Christmas tree idea! You’ll need a couple of hours for this step alone since each box has its own unique shape and size. For example, one with an oblong shape is going to be easier to decorate than one that’s square-shaped.

What kind of decorations are you going to use? Just use whatever fits the rest of your décor best! The sky is the limit! If you really want to go all out on your modern Christmas tree idea, you can even paint the boxes in some unique colors!

15. Christmas Tree Made Of Books – Christmas Tree Ideas

Christmas tree made of books christmas tree ideas

This kind of goes without saying, but just in case you’re still unsure about this one: it’s quite possible that not everyone will appreciate your modern Christmas tree idea! That is to say, if they happen to be very attached to their books or the idea of natural Christmas trees.

If you go ahead and make one though, all you need is a bunch of books (obviously!) and lots of colorful Christmas lights (again quite obvious) like the ones used for decorating interior Christmas trees.

Just make sure to use a book that’s not going to break easily and you’ll be fine. To show everyone how much you care, try creating a Christmas tree out of books from different authors!

Done with the decorating? Now you have a really cool modern Christmas tree idea for decorating your holiday party! In case someone asks you why there’s a Christmas tree made of books, just tell them it’s to show everyone how much they mean to you, and if they like books, this will make them happy. Probably.

16. Christmas Tree Made Of Wood Slices – Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas tree made of wood slices christmas tree decorations

A very original modern Christmas tree idea that’s going to make everyone green with envy!

This one is a bit more complicated, but still manageable if you have some patience. The main thing here is choosing the right wood slices. What exactly will those be? Well, it all depends on your budget and who you’re dealing with.

If you happen to know a forester or someone who works in forestry or forestry management, then great! You can ask them about what kinds of trees have the widest variety of wood types available for harvesting.

If not though, there are other ways to go about getting enough wood slices – just look out the window and see what trees are nearby your home!

In case you don’t find any suitable ones at home or in your backyard, try visiting one of the many Christmas tree farms around you (or again, ask someone who works there).

Once you have enough wood slices, just start arranging them into a modern Christmas tree design! Again, this will take some time and patience since you’re dealing with shapes that aren’t exactly rectangular.

The good news is that if something doesn’t fit quite right or is hard to arrange in an aesthetically pleasing way, you can always cut it off and rearrange it somewhere else!

You’ll need to go easy with the glue though so no one hurts themselves on sharp pieces of wood when they get too close to the modern Christmas tree idea.

Also, remember not to place anything breakable underneath or near it – you don’t want to deal with the consequences of a Christmas tree made of wood slices falling down!

17. Christmas Tree Made Of Globes – Modern Christmas Tree

Christmas tree made of globes modern christmas tree

By now you must be getting really lazy with all these modern Christmas tree ideas! I mean, who wouldn’t, right? It’s not like it takes any effort to find stuff around your house and just stick them together in a random way.

If you’re still up for an idea though – how about this one: turning the ‘tree’ into something that represents you? It could be anything, really. Maybe your passion is traveling or maybe you love numbers so much that they’ll always hold special meaning to you – why not turn your Christmas tree idea into something related to that?

The way I see it, the only thing this means is more decoration time because what kind of message would boring old Christmas decorations send? Some ideas include globes, marbles, and bubbles (those transparent ones you get in plastic bottles).

The list goes on and on so just pick whatever you think would match your personality best!

You can also add some lights to it, so the other party guests know what’s going on. If someone wants to know why there’s a Christmas tree made of globes, just tell them it’s because they’re special to you and that’s all the explanation they need.

See? Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Plus, minimal glue work was involved – this is truly one modern Christmas tree idea that will work out without any hassle.

18. Christmas Tree Covered With Fake Snow – Snowy Christmas Tree

Christmas tree covered with fake snow snowy christmas tree

The snow has fallen and the Christmas tree is still standing tall! There’s nothing wrong with that of course but if you’re one of those people who like to be out-of-the-box, why not try something completely different?

This modern Christmas tree idea is for all winter lovers. The basic concept here is decorating your trees or other holiday centerpieces with fake snow! You can get it from any craft store and use some hot glue along with it for stability.

What I suggest though is making some sort of light fixture on top – just a few light bulbs will do since we want to create a modern Christmas tree look that doesn’t take away from the fake snow itself.

This also means you need more string lights so stock up on them beforehand! I’d say white is the safest option but of course, you can go with blue or purple if that’s more your style.

For an even more interesting arrangement, learn to blend different colors together and create soothing hues of a winter wonderland.

If you’re good at it (and patient enough), who knows – maybe this modern Christmas tree idea will be picked up by interior designers everywhere?

19. Wood Cube Christmas Tree – Modern Christmas Tree

Wood cube christmas tree modern christmas tree

If you’ve ever liked the idea of having a Christmas tree but can’t have one due to reasons beyond your control, this modern Christmas tree idea is for you.

If I had to be completely honest here – it’s really not much different from making an ordinary Christmas decoration out of wood plans except that instead of using planks, you’ll be using wooden cubes!

You could leave this modern Christmas tree idea without any decorations at all and just put it right next to other things on display because that’s what makes the cutest sight.

Or, if you’re into ornaments, feel free to get creative! You can use paint, stains, glitter – anything goes when it comes to decorating things these days (isn’t that awesome?)

I suggest staying away from anything too intricate, though. Cubes are very versatile when it comes to decorating them but if we overdo it, the idea will be gone in just a few seconds.

So instead of using those glass balls that take forever to arrange properly, go with shiny metallic ones that look like they’re straight out of a fairytale! Plus, I think cubes look really nice paired with other cubes so why not give this modern Christmas tree idea a try?

The only way this modern Christmas tree idea won’t work is if you’re not willing to put in the effort. So get out there, grab some wood planks and start stacking them up!

20. Golden Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree – Artificial Christmas Tree

Golden pipe cleaner christmas tree artificial christmas tree

Ever since I was little, my granny told me to be careful of people who would try to make their Christmas trees look better than mine even though it’s completely pointless thanks to the magic of symmetrical beauty.

That said, I learned pretty early that golden Christmas trees were a thing and I was never ever going to get one. As you can imagine – I’m not the only little girl like that out there and if that’s how it is, why not use our creativity and come up with something that looks far prettier than a plain old golden Christmas tree?

For all of you who answered ‘yes’ (and for those who didn’t), here’s another modern Christmas tree idea: make an artificial Christmas tree out of pipe cleaners! The best part about this little project is that you can easily make it either way – kids or adult-friendly.

All we need is some green pipe cleaners, green felt, and gold spray paint. Spray the inside of each green pipe cleaner in several layers, stopping before it gets too dark and sticky, then use a bit of glue to stick the felt pieces on the inside parts of each pipe cleaner.

Thanks to this modern Christmas tree idea, you can look forward to decorating your own house and not just mindlessly looking at all the decorations other people made for you!

21. Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Forest – Christmas Tree Decorations

Pipe cleaner christmas tree forest christmas tree decorations

If you’re one of those people who’s always looking for new ways to add a personal touch to their home without having too much clutter, this modern Christmas tree idea is perfect for you!

By the way, you don’t even have to get out of bed to set up this little Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Forest I’m about to show you. The front half of it is made entirely out of pipe cleaners so all you need to do is wrap them around your bed’s posts and voila! You’ve got yourself a modern Christmas tree idea!

If that seems like too much work for you, however, here’s another super easy idea: just grab small pieces of either silver or gold pipe cleaners (pick whatever matches your house’s interior design the best) and glue in on top of each other in different ways till you get something similar to this picture above.

Don’t forget that you can also use this idea to decorate your Christmas presents! All you have to do is shape the pipe cleaners into small triangles, diamonds, or squares and stick them inside each other.

It might not look as cool but it’ll definitely serve its purpose and be a piece of decoration you’ll enjoy every single day.

Don’t forget to hang tiny ornaments on these little pieces of artwork! I assure you the effect will be spectacular!

22. Cone Wireframe Christmas Tree – Modern Christmas Tree

Cone wireframe christmas tree modern christmas tree

Everyone has that one friend who knows how to decorate their home perfectly, but when it comes to Christmas, they always end up with an ugly modern Christmas tree or with nothing at all!

It’s time for them to learn that there are things they can do in order not to end up with boring decorations. Here’s one of them I managed to come up with:

Take a bunch of metal cones out of your garage or buy some on the internet (they’re practically everywhere) and spray paint them green.

After you’ve done this, take some thin green string and tie it around each cone so they all become connected! You can also glue little beads or other ornaments on top so your tree will be even prettier than before!

Since this little wireframe Christmas tree looks amazing, don’t forget to put it in the center of attention! Nothing makes an ugly modern Christmas tree more beautiful than its surroundings.

If you live in an apartment – choose somewhere that has enough space for these cones to shine through; if you live in a castle – make sure that the color of your walls will not hide the green cones; if you live in a house surrounded by other houses – choose somewhere near large windows so people on the street can see how awesome your decor is!

Let this be a reminder to all you people out there! It doesn’t matter how big or small your home is, if you want it to look nice during Christmas, you need to have an amazing decoration in its center that catches everyone’s attention.

23. Plywood Christmas Tree – Christmas Tree Ideas

Plywood christmas tree christmas tree ideas

Sometimes the perfect modern Christmas tree idea can come from anywhere! Trees, paper snowflakes, whatever you like – they all make for great art pieces if they’re placed in the right place! That’s why our next idea is so special!

Take some plywood and cut out several triangle shapes. After you’ve done this, spray paint them in different colors (as many as you can) or even try to come up with your very own color scheme! If you do the latter, make sure it fits well with the rest of your decorations.

Once your triangles are completely dry, take them to a high place (preferably the roof of your apartment building) and hang them up! Be careful not to slip while you’re doing this.

As soon as everything is set, sit back and enjoy the amazing view of your new Christmas tree idea spreading over the horizon! You can also make sure that you post pictures of it on all of your social media accounts so people don’t forget about how awesome your decorations are year by year.

Alternatively, you could cut two flat Christmas tree shapes out of plywood, and then cut two holes that are precisely as wide as the thickness of the plywood.

One hole should be cut from the top of one tree shape to its very center (longitudinal, lengthwise, or lengthways), and the other one should be cut on the other shape, starting from the bottom to the center.

After cutting the holes, slide the two pieces into each other. Voila! You have a perfect modern Christmas tree for everyone to marvel at!

24. Mockup Christmas Tree Podium – Modern Christmas Tree

Mockup christmas tree podium modern christmas tree

Sometimes you can end up with a modern Christmas tree idea by pure accident, but that doesn’t mean it’s worse than the other ideas! In fact, if anything, it means that your creativity is going through the roof and even something as small as this can become a decoration worth showing to the world.

If you have a large house with a generous living room, then the idea of a mockup podium that could host a series of shows (singing, dancing, magic shows) shouldn’t be too absurd.

Take a podium and put it in the center of your living room. If you don’t have enough space there, then take a smaller version and place it on an interesting part of your room (near the fireplace is always nice).

Next to the podium, just take some foam (the one used for volumetric letters) and cut three large triangles (the first one at the base should match the width of the podium). Overlap the triangles as in the picture above so that it resembles a Christmas tree shape.

When done correctly, this extravagant craft should resemble a Christmas tree. You could also decorate it using various objects in your houses, such as globes, garlands, and wreaths, but make sure not to place anything too heavy on it.

After the show’s done (assuming there is one, else you wouldn’t just have a podium laying around), you can use the podium to place Christmas gifts for everyone to enjoy. Merry Christmas, everyone! And break a leg while showing your talents on that podium!

25. Paper Art Christmas Tree Forest – Christmas Tree Ideas

Paper art christmas tree forest christmas tree ideas

Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of patience to come up with the perfect modern Christmas tree idea.

We know that you’re probably tired from all the work that needs to be done before Christmas, but there are still some things that can help you out without being too extravagant. And this next Christmas tree idea is just what you need!

All you have to do is go on your computer and print out tons of small paper trees (in different colors or shades). If you don’t feel like doing this yourself, then ask someone to download them for you on their computer – they’d surely appreciate it if they knew how much effort it takes!

Alternatively, you could simply print everything in white (just the outlines) and cut them out neatly using an X-Acto knife. If you’re wondering why we didn’t recommend scissors, it’s because they’re not as precise, and you risk ruining the entire decor with scissors.

Once everything’s printed, take several strings of thread and tie the trees together in one big bunch. You can use glue to keep the trees in their places, but make sure not to overuse it because some of the string’s length should remain visible.

After this is done, you just have to take your paper Christmas tree forest and hang it somewhere in your house! It doesn’t even have to be extremely high up or extremely low down – it all depends on how tall you are! Try thinking of a place where it would fit perfectly instead of trying to determine its height.

Once you’re done, all that’s left is to admire your own handiwork! Make sure to place it in a place where people can easily appreciate this enchanted paper Christmas tree forest!

26. Triangle Metal Frame Christmas Tree – Modern Christmas Tree

Triangle metal frame christmas tree modern christmas tree

Some things are so abstract that you don’t even think of them as Christmas tree ideas.

These types of objects can be quite unexpected and surprising, but we’re sure that they’ll fit perfectly in your house! Just look at this triangle metal frame – just like we said, it’s hard to tell what is and isn’t a Christmas tree idea when something’s completely abstract.

But, anyways, with just a bunch of screws and some nails, you’d be able to make this triangle metal frame into an astonishing modern X-mas decoration!

It might seem too simple for such an extraordinary effect, but the trick here is the perspective (we assume). And perspective requires having items or structures of various different sizes.

Although it seems like the faux Christmas tree in our example photo is made out of metal, you could also trick the human eye into believing that it’s metal. For instance, you could use some foil and sticks to that same effect.

Just take some long, straight sticks (or plastic ones if you want to) and cover them in tin foil. Now try to recreate the triangle shape in our example photo while also paying attention to the little triangles inside the big frame.

The downside to using sticks and tinfoil is that it could be more difficult to paint. However, it’s far easier than finding a triangle frame with tiny triangles inside of it that’s entirely made out of metal.

After finishing the frame, all you have to do is hang it on your wall and place some decorative elements on it, such as pictures, baubles, and Christmas lights. Merry Christmas, everyone!

27. Full-size Plywood Christmas Tree – Christmas Tree Ideas

Full size plywood christmas tree christmas tree ideas

If you’re looking for a modern Christmas tree idea yet still don’t want to go out and buy one, then consider this full-size plywood Christmas tree! It’s probably the easiest item on this list – even your mom could make it without any prerequisites!

You’ll need two walls of plywood (24″ high or so) that are all cut into large Christmas tree shapes. If you have no idea how a Christmas tree shape looks like, you can download a stencil and apply it to your plywood for reference.

For this, you’ll need a handsaw or a Dremel tool, whichever you have or find most comfortable to work with. Make sure to cut two identical Christmas tree shapes, since you’ll also need to prop it, and one plank won’t stand up on its own.

After you’ve cut the two Christmas tree shapes, all you have to do is cut some small connection bits that are approximately as long as your hand and as wide as half of it. You’ll use these bits to connect the two trees together so they support each other.

The way you connect the bits to the trees is entirely up to you – you can either drill holes and secure them with glue, or use only glue, screws, or nails, the possibilities are endless!

Once you’ve got a Christmas tree that stands up on its own, use some lacquer to cover everything up with a nice protective coat. That way you can use this decoration for longer and it will also look nicer.

After you’ve built your Christmas tree, then comes the fun part – decorating it! If you’re interested and don’t want to leave it just like that, you could use lights to make your modern Christmas tree shine bright during the night.

Additionally, you can use Christmas ornaments to decorate your tree. Some of the most common decorations include ball ornaments that are usually made out of glass or plastic.

28. Macrame Christmas Tree – Christmas Tree Decorations

Macrame christmas tree christmas tree decorations

Macrame is a very traditional craft that’s been used globally for thousands of years to create all sorts of products. However, we’re going to focus on macrame Christmas tree ideas and how you can use this craft in order to achieve your goal.

Macrame is most commonly associated with jewelry and accessories made out of cotton thread or yarn, but that doesn’t mean this particular type is guaranteed – it’s just the most common one. Using leather, linen thread, plastic cord/rope, etc is also possible!

What do you need to make a macrame Christmas tree? We’ll list the necessary materials below:

– Material (cotton rope or another material). You can choose any color depending on your preference; we suggest white, but feel free to experiment!

– Decoration (optional; you can use either baubles or lights). You better get your hands on some LED Christmas lights if you decide to get yourself a macrame Christmas tree.

Well, we can’t teach you how to create macrame knots or any other intricate techniques. In fact, this macrame Christmas tree is merely here to give you a nudge in the right direction, and if that direction is creating this craft then it’s all for the best!

Seriously now, if you’re not comfortable with macrame techniques or you’re not willing to start learning a new skill, then you may want to leave this one out. After all, we have plenty of modern Christmas tree alternatives you could check out!

More Modern Christmas Trees

Although the ideas we’ve included in our guide above are awesome enough to try this Christmas, they’re by no means the only modern Christmas trees you could think of!

For example, you could create a single ornament that’s as tall as your other hand and glue it to a thick piece of plywood. This way, you’ll have an ornament that’s actually sturdy enough to hold other ornaments and decorate your Christmas tree.

There are plenty of other crafts and activities you can do in order to build yourself one of those modern Christmas trees we’ve heard so much about – which is why we included some more below.

So if you’re not exactly satisfied with the ideas we’ve presented above, don’t leave this page just yet, because you still have a bit of scrolling-down to do. However, you may find that the ideas below are not as descriptive or trendy as the ones above. Just saying!

29. Wall Hanging Modern Christmas Tree

Wall Hanging Modern Christmas Tree

Hank & Hunthung their Christmas tree right on the wall. With a bit of color and minimal styling, you can have a festive yet modern look for your living room too!

30. Mini Circles Christmas Tree Idea

Mini Circles Christmas Tree Idea

Spoon Fork Baconmakes some mini Christmas trees in a lightly abstract way. Color them as you wish!

31. Tabletop Modern Christmas Tree

Tabletop Modern Christmas Tree

Curblyshows us how to make these beautiful tabletop Christmas trees. Add a bit of sparkle to these ones!

32. Modern Christmas Tree with Wood Blocks

Modern Christmas Tree with Wood Blocks

Curblyshows us how to make another kind of tabletop Christmas tree. It’ll look great on the side tables, foyer buffet or even your home office desk.

33. Modern Christmas Tree – String Art

Modern Christmas Tree - String Art

My Poppetcreated a Christmas card display with the help of a modern Christmas tree design. Just grab the string to get started!

34. Paint Chips Modern Christmas Tree

Paint Chips Modern Christmas Tree

You could even use some paint chips in your modern Christmas tree design. Check it out over atWe Are Scout.

35. Hanging Mobile Christmas Tree

Hanging Mobile Christmas Tree

Check out this hanging mobile tree fromCurbly. It doubles as festive decor and unique art for the home!

36. Balsa Wood Christmas Tree

Balsa Wood Christmas Tree

Lia Griffithused some balsam for her DIY too. These will be fun to get creative with – even the kids can help out a bit!

37. Ombre Christmas Tree

Ombre Christmas Tree

Check out this trendy look over atLittle Inspiration. Even your Christmas tree can use a bit of ombre effect.

38. Red & White Christmas Tree Decorations

Red & White Christmas Tree Decorations

We found this luxurious beauty atStyle Me Pretty. You can decorate your Christmas tree in a modern way without trying too hard. Just pick a contrasting color combination and run with it!

39. Black Christmas Tree

Black Christmas Tree

Twinkle Twinkly Little Partyshowed off this black, Charlie Brown tree and we’re loving it. It’s unique, it’s chic and it will fill in any corner of the house with style.

40. Minimalistic Modern Christmas Tree

Minimalistic Modern Christmas Tree

The Merry Thoughttook a classic tree and decorated it in a simple, minimalistic way that fits the mold of contemporary beauty. We love the creams and golds and how they beautifully compliment the green.

41. Chic & Light Real Christmas Tree

Modern holiday tree

Here’s another version of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree that’s still quite stylish and sleek. It really pops in this space too! (via)

42. Tiny Dipped Christmas Tree

Tiny Dipped Christmas Tree

Sugar & Clothmakes these little beauties that we’re swooning for. We love that they’re dipped in gold and we love the white and mint color combination.

43. PVC Pipe Christmas Tree

PVC Pipe Christmas Tree

You can even use some PVC pipe to make your own modern Christmas tree. Grab the tutorial over atMake.

44. Garland Teepee Modern Christmas Tree

Garland Teepee Modern Christmas Tree

Wedding Chicksfeatured this Christmas tree teepee and covered it with garland for something extra special and fun. We love its uniqueness!

45. Chalkboard Modern Christmas Tree

Chalkboard Modern Christmas Tree

The kids will love this one too. Get them involved in its creation and personalize to your delight. Grab the details atMr. Kate.

46. Plywood Christmas Tree

Plywood Christmas Tree

We found this plywood beauty over atWedding Chicksand instantly fell in love. The edging and all work for the season and the vision!

47. Abstract Christmas Tree

Abstract Christmas Tree

We’re loving this abstract hanging tree fromAlmost Makes Perfect. It’s festive but works with those who have a simpler, chicer style.

48. Easy Modern Christmas Tree

Easy Modern Christmas Tree

The Merry Thoughtmade a tree out of plywood too that’s such as chic and modern. It’s much easier than you think to personalize too!

49. 3D Paper Modern Christmas Tree

3D Paper Modern Christmas Tree

Check out this adorable little geo tree that your furry friends or little ones will love to have around. Grab the details atPoppytalk. Of course, you can use this as inspiration for a bigger tree as well!

50. Honeycomb Christmas Tree

Honeycomb Christmas Tree

Studio DIYmakes this honeycomb-inspired tree that the kiddos will love! It’s quite the festive bit of fun for any nook of the house.


All things considered, if you’ve had enough of buying real Christmas trees and using them for a week or two as decoration in your home, then throwing them out, maybe it’s time for a change!

In our guide above you should find a lot of alternatives you could use this Christmas so that you don’t have to deal with the hassle of finding the perfect tree and cleaning up the huge amount of needles left behind when you throw it out.

We’ve offered a lot of help and insight to you so that you can create modern Christmas trees with ease – but there’s still a long way to go.

Use our advice above, experiment on your own with different materials and techniques, and don’t limit yourself when it comes to creating something fun for Halloween or any other holiday out there. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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