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30 DIY Christmas Gifts for Coworkers to Prove You’re a Team Player

DIY Christmas gifts for coworkers are a great way to show appreciation for your colleagues’ hard work and dedication by going with handcrafted objects instead of store-bought items. This article describes some of the best handmade presents for your officemates, which also work for Secret Santa.

Diy christmas gifts for coworkers

Finding the right present for a coworker can be tricky since there are certain lines you do not want to cross. But it is also a matter of perspective since it depends on your relationship with each colleague. For example, hygienic products like homemade antibacterial soap may send the wrong message to a new coworker. But the same product might be deeply appreciated by an officemate who publicly identifies as a germaphobe. If you gift DIY antibacterial soap to all your coworkers, you will be seen as the colleague concerned about everyone’s welfare. Here is a list of the best DIY Christmas gift ideas for coworkers that you will find in this article:

  • DIY Christmas tree card
  • DIY painted ceramic mug
  • DIY roped cup cozy
  • DIY colorful concrete coasters
  • DIY wine cork pencil holder
  • DIY business card holder
  • DIY phone wallet
  • DIY iPad case
  • DIY antibacterial hand scrub
  • DIY scented soap bars
  • DIY orange-scented bath bombs
  • DIY coffee scrub
  • DIY face scrub
  • DIY face cream
  • DIY best coworker diploma
  • DIY Santa pants poinsettia flower pots
  • DIY twine-wrapped bottle
  • DIY wintery salt candles
  • DIY knitted Christmas stockings
  • DIY knitted cowls
  • DIY Christmas simmering spices
  • DIY Christmas candy jar
  • DIY iced gingerbread cookies
  • DIY gift basket
  • DIY elf feet treat bags
  • DIY Christmas candy drums
  • DIY hot chocolate on a stick
  • DIY reindeer rootbeer kit
  • DIY vanilla bean extract
  • DIY mistletoe cider

1. DIY Christmas tree card

Diy christmas tree card

A DIY Christmas tree card is a classic yet meaningful gift idea for coworkers since it’s an opportunity to express your appreciation. For this design, you need white cardstock, decor paper in three colors, scissors, a glue stick, Christmas stickers, and rhinestones. Check out the complete instructions for making a Christmas tree card on our website.

2. DIY painted ceramic mug

Diy painted ceramic mug

Gifting your coworkers a DIY painted ceramic mug for Christmas is a no-brainer since they will use it for coffee or tea at the office. Add funny elements like a mustache, write a silly message on the mug, include a heartfelt quote, or go the festive route by drawing snowflakes and writing Merry Christmas! Check out our guide for easily painting a ceramic mug.

3. DIY roped cup cozy

Diy roped cup cozy

A roped cup cozy is a considerate Christmas gift for coworkers to protect their hands while drinking hot coffee, tea, or cocoa on the go. A roped cup cozy is pretty easy to make, and the crafting twine gives it a distinctly rustic feel, ideal for the holiday season. Follow our tutorial for crafting a rope cup cozy in less than an hour.

4. DIY colorful concrete coasters

Diy colorful concrete coasters

DIY colorful concrete coasters are a simple Christmas gift for coworkers that makes room for creativity since you can design them any way you want. For example, write your coworker’s name or draw a Christmas tree. Since the coasters are concrete, they will last for years. This DIY project requires a fine particle cement mix, water, a plate, a spoon, a paintbrush, acrylic paint, and a plastic lid. Find out more about making colorful concrete coasters from our website.

5. DIY wine cork pencil holder

Diy wine cork pencil holder

A wine cork pencil holder is a practical Christmas gift for a worker who needs to declutter his desk by organizing his pens and pencils. Personalize it by writing your coworker’s initials on the wine corks. Check out our DIY wine cork pencil holder tutorial for more info.

6. DIY business card holder

Diy business card holder

A DIY business card holder would be a practical Christmas present for coworkers who need to organize their business cards on their desks. This DIY project is small, and the resulting card holder doesn’t take up too much space. Make it using common materials like clothespins, felt, silk ribbons, and glue. Use our tutorial for crafting a DIY felt card holder as a standing point and make it festive. For instance, paint the clothespins red and use green felt with a white silk ribbon.

7. DIY phone wallet

Diy phone wallet

A DIY phone wallet is a functional and chic Christmas gift for a coworker who needs a safe place to keep their smartphone. This DIY project requires basic sewing skills and makes room for customization. For example, choose a color and patterned fabric, or try different materials like denim or faux leather. Check out more details at Crazy Little Projects.

8. DIY iPad case

Diy ipad case

A DIY iPad case is another practical  Christmas gift for colleagues who need a protective carrying case for their iPads or other brand tablets. This DIY project involves upcycling an old sweater. For example, use one of your old ugly Christmas sweaters to make the iPad case both festive and funny. Head to Design Love Fest to learn more.

9. DIY antibacterial hand scrub

Diy antibacterial hand scrub

DIY antibacterial hand scrub is a practical gift for colleagues who appreciate personal hygiene products that smell like Christmas. This antibacterial hand scrub is flavored with lemon and peppermint. It also uses fine sea salt, sweet almond oil, pure coconut oil, jojoba oil, liquid Castille soap, and tea tree oil. Head over to The Fresh Cooky to get the complete instructions.

10. DIY scented soap bars

Diy soap bars

DIY scented soap bars are a great DIY Christmas gift for coworkers who love to pamper themselves with homemade products. Add your coworker’s favorite essential oils to create irresistible soap bars, add colorful swirls, or even engrave your coworker’s initials. Check out these ideas for making scented soap bars.

11. DIY orange-scented bath bombs

Diy orange scented bath bombs

A handful of DIY orange-scented bath bombs will be the ideal Christmas gift for your coworkers to enjoy a nice and relaxing bath at the end of the day. And you don’t have to worry about customizing the items for each coworker since you can give them away in bulk. Orange is a classic Christmas scent, but feel free to experiment with other essential oil flavors, such as peppermint, cinnamon, or apples. Check out our full tutorial for crafting orange-scented bath bombs.

12. DIY coffee scrub

Diy coffee scrub

A DIY coffee scrub is a great Christmas gift for coworkers with busy schedules who could use a little pampering. The DIY project is easy and uses common kitchen ingredients like ground coffee, coconut oil, and vanilla extract to make a homemade scrub. For a festive touch, replace the vanilla extract with a wintery fragrance like peppermint or gingerbread. Check out our coffee scrub tutorial for the instructions.

13. DIY face scrub

Diy face scrub

A DIY face scrub is another great Christmas gift for coworkers who need a little me-time by indulging in homemade beauty products. This DIY project comes from our website and requires granulated sugar, coconut oil, lemon zest, grapefruit essential oil, and red food coloring. Check out our guide for making a face scrub for more info.

14. DIY face cream

Diy face cream

A DIY face cream is another Christmas gift for colleagues who would appreciate natural products for skin care. We found a tutorial at Vegan First for making a face cream from scratch that uses aloe vera gel, vegetable oil, essential oils, vitamin E oil, and vegetable glycerin. The resulting face scream is a 100% natural moisturizer that lasts about a month.

15. DIY best coworker diploma

Diy best coworker diploma

A DIY honorary diploma is a Christmas gift to show your coworker how they mean to the office. There are many ways to approach this project. For example, mention your colleague’s accomplishments and why you appreciate them, adding the Best Coworker title. Head to Canva, use the free DIY diploma templates to get started, and explore different fonts, layouts, images, and backgrounds.

16. DIY Santa pants poinsettia flower pots

Diy santa pants poinsettia flower pots

DIY Santa pants poinsettia flower pots make a creative Christmas gift for a coworker who needs desk plants to brighten their mood while working during the most festive time of the year. This DIY project involves decorating a couple of flower pots to look like Santa Claus’ pants and filling them with two poinsettia flowers. Or you can leave out the poinsettias and gift the empty Santa pants flower pots instead, which will be used to store candies, pencils, paperclips, tiny desk toys, and other small items. Head over to Chica Circle for more details.

17. DIY twine-wrapped bottle

Diy twine wrapped bottle

A DIY twine-wrapped bottle is a Christmas gift for coworkers who like rustic décor. This DIY project doesn’t require special crafting skills, and it results in an elegant-looking bottle that would go well on the Christmas table or the fireplace mantle. Check out our guide for crafting a twine-wrapped bottle and make it festive by using red, white, and green yarn.

18. DIY wintery salt candles

Diy wintery salt candles

DIY wintery salt candles would be a lovely Christmas gift for coworkers since they serve as festive décor. This DIY project comes from our website and shows you how to glue granular salt or sugar to candles, making them seem covered in snow. Mix salt or sugar with food coloring in a Ziploc bag for a more intricate design. 

19. DIY knitted Christmas stockings

Diy knitted christmas stockings

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without stockings, so DIY knitted stockings would be a great gift for coworkers. There are many colors to try if you’re not a fan of the classic red, green and white, together with various patterns and knitting styles. It all comes down to your preferences. Here are some of the most stunning DIY knitted Christmas stocking designs to make this holiday season.

20. DIY knitted cowls

Diy knitted cowls

DIY knitted cowls would be a stylish and practical Christmas gift that keeps your colleagues warm during the cold season. Find out the favorite colors of each coworker and start knitting. Or go the festive route and knit cowls in Christmasy colors like red, white, and green. The only problem is that knitting a bunch of cowls takes a pretty long time, so it’s best to start as early as possible. Check out these DIY cowl design ideas for more inspiration.

21. DIY Christmas simmering spices

Diy christmas simmering spices

A packet of DIY Christmas simmering spices is a gift idea to help your coworkers get into the holiday spirit by making their home smell like Christmas. This DIY project combines cinnamon, cloves, anise, orange peel, cranberries, allspice, and cedar, all of which are wintery spices. Place all ingredients into a bag and add a tag with simmering instructions. The Fresh Cooky has the cooking directions and a free downloadable printable for labels. Keep in mind this gift isn’t edible.

22. DIY Christmas candy jar

Diy christmas candy jar

Coworkers with a sweet tooth will enjoy receiving this DIY Christmas candy jar as a gift. It looks exactly like those old-fashioned candy jars that worked with quarters. Fill this candy jar with your coworkers’ favorite candies or traditional Christmas sweets like candy canes, peppermint bark, or gingerbread cookies. Check out the step-by-step instructions for crafting this DIY Christmas candy jar.

23. DIY iced gingerbread cookies

Diy iced gingerbread cookies

A batch of homemade iced gingerbread cookies is a delicious Christmas-themed gift that your coworkers will enjoy, especially if you’re a skilled baker. Compared to store-bought cookies, you don’t have to package home-baked cookies individually since you can serve them at the office during lunch break. For example, place the cookies in the DIY candy jar we discussed above. To personalize the cookies, write the initials of your coworkers in icing. Here’s our recipe for iced gingerbread cookies.

24. DIY gift basket

Diy christmas gift basket

A DIY gift basket is a decent Christmas gift for new colleagues when you have no idea what their preferences are. Get a wicker basket, fill it with goodies, wrap it in cellophane, and tie a festive-patterned bow. The goodies could be store-bought, homemade, or both. For example, add cookies, candies, chocolates, tiny bottles of alcohol, a coffee mug, coasters, bath bombs, soap, a card, face scrub, body scrub, or face cream. Check out these DIY gift basket ideas for more inspiration. 

25. DIY elf feet treat bags

Diy elf feet treat bags

DIY elf feet treat bags are a wacky Christmas gift idea for coworkers who enjoy treats and festive packaging. This DIY project is easy to follow and comes with a free printable for the elf feet. Visit The Diary of Dave’s Wife for the complete tutorial.

26. DIY Christmas candy drums

Diy christmas candy drums

DIY Christmas candy drums make a good-looking DIY Christmas present for coworkers who like munching and unconventional treat containers. This homemade project asks you to redecorate a paint can container, making it look like a fanfare drum. Use vivid colors like red, white, and green for a festive appeal. Check out the full tutorial at Girl Loves Glam.

27. DIY hot chocolate on a stick

Diy hot chocolate on a stick

Surprise your coworkers this Christmas by gifting them these DIY hot chocolates on sticks. These treats are the ideal combination of marshmallows and chocolate fudge, except that you eat it off a stick instead of sipping it from a cup. Any chocolate-loving colleague will enjoy this present, so consider baking a whole batch to serve the entire office. Go to Make and Takes for the recipe.

28. DIY reindeer rootbeer kit

Diy reindeer rootbeer kit

A DIY reindeer rootbeer kit is a funny Christmas gift for coworkers who love rootbeer and chocolate. This DIY project teaches you how to decorate a six-pack of rootbeer to make it look like a cute reindeer and how to label a jar of whoppers and milk duds as reindeer droppings. Check out Keeping it Simple Crafts for more info.

29. DIY vanilla bean extract

Diy vanilla bean extract

A bottle of DIY vanilla bean extract makes an excellent DIY Christmas gift for coworkers who love baking. Vanilla extract is a common ingredient that adds the signature vanilla flavor to baked goods. Flour on My Face has a simple tutorial that shows you how to make the extract from vanilla beans and vodka, together with a free printable template for the tags.

30. DIY mistletoe cider

Diy mistletoe cider

DIY mistletoe cider would be a yummy Christmas gift for any coworker who enjoys apple cider and festive spices like cinnamon, cloves, allspice, mace, and nutmeg. Head over to Design Dazzle to get the cooking ingredients and directions, together with a free printable for the bottle labels. You will also need bottles, a printer with adhesive-backed paper, and ribbons.


No matter the holiday present you choose to give your colleagues this season, the most important thing is that it comes from the heart. So take time selecting a unique DIY Christmas gift for your coworkers that will let them know how much they mean to you during this special time of year.

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