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DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Christmas shopping isn’t easy! You’d think it might get easier if you’re a DIY enthusiast who can make all your loved ones something instead of tackling busy holiday mall crowds, but thinking of the perfect gift can still be hard, even for close family and friends. Then comes the problem of trying to figure out what to get for the other people in your life who are a little bit more casual, like coworkers! You might not be obligated to get them something big or expensive, but it’s nice to contribute to the holiday spirit in your office or workplace by giving each person a little token to show them you care. We always find that our DIY skills come in handy in a big way here.

Check out these 15 awesome DIY gift ideas that your coworkers will love this Christmas!

1. Easy DIY iPhone wallet

Easy diy iphone wallet

This awesomely handmade card and phone wallet by My 3 Monsters makes the perfect gift for coworkers who you know well, but still aren’t quite ready to knit a complicated, expensive sweater for! It’s created mostly by folding and gluing, so it’s a lot easier to make than you might think. Your colleagues will appreciate how easy it makes their lunch runs!

2. Homemade sweater iPad case

Homemade sweater ipad case

Maybe your coworker is, in fact, someone you’d love to make something nice for, rather than just getting them a candy bag or some little desk trinket from the dollar store, but you know they don’t need a wallet? Help them product their technology by making them a simple sliding tablet case instead! We love that this one is made from the fabric of an old sweater because it lets you turn something old that you don’t need into something new that they’ll actually use! Get the full tutorial on Design Love Fest.

3. Felt business card holder

Felt business card holder

Are you a freelance worker who depends on things like networking and referrals to build your client base and increase your workload? Perhaps you work for an umbrella company but you and your coworkers are responsible for handling cases on your own? Then you definitely know the importance of business cards! This Christmas, we suggest following in Style Me Pretty‘s footsteps and making your office mates adorable little felt business card holders. They’re perfect for DIY enthusiasts who just barely know how to sew but really want a simple way to practice.

4. Felt mug cozy

Felt mug cozy

Are your coworkers the kind who enjoy nothing more than a hot cup of coffee in the morning? Do you know that a quick caffeine fix is the biggest part of their morning routine when they come in each day and start settling in? Then give them something to brighten up their workday coffee break! We adore these bright, textured little felt coffee mug cozies by Not Martha.

5. Homemade coffee and sugar scrub

Homemade coffee and sugar scrub

Do you know your coworkers love coffee more than most things, but you’re just not sure they’re quite the coffee cozy type? Then make them something else coffee themed that they can still appreciate! Seven Clown Circus suggests getting all natural (and all relaxing) with your gift by making each person a homemade coffee and sugar scrub. Whether they use it as a lip scrub or a facial exfoliate, they’ll feel radiant each time! Just make sure they don’t have any allergies first.

6. Cookie recipe gift set

Cookie recipe gift set

Are your coworkers almost as hands-on as you are in their spare time, but you know their area of expertise is in the kitchen? Then you’ll love this easy cookie recipe gift from The Idea Room! They suggest painting a wooden mixing spoon in Christmas colours and then gathering, measuring, preparing, and packaging the ingredients in an adorable little gift bag. Next, tie the spoon on and attach a nice little print out of the recipe! They’ll have everything they need to make their own deliciously warm Christmas cookies thanks to you.

7. Mason jar candies

Mason jar candies

If your office very big, full of people that you know and respect enough to bring some Christmas cheer to, but that you don’t know that well? Then stick to something cute, easy, and seasonal! We love this little candy mason jar idea from Polka Dot Chair for more than one reason. The first reason is simple: we love candy. The second reason is the fact that it’s all dressed up to look like Santa! Mason jar crafts are just plain awesome, if you ask us.

8. Elf feet Oreo towers

Elf feet oreo towers

Do you love the idea of a great food based Christmas gimmick like the one above, but you want even more shtick than the mason jar gives you? Well, then we definitely think you’ll love these hilarious little elf feet by The Diary of Dave’s Wife! Make the cute little elf boots from craft or construction paper and embellish them how you please with gift wrap and ribbon. Next, slide some Oreo cookies into a plastic sleeve (bonus points if they’re mint flavoured) and stack them into the shoes so they stand up vertically like stocking clad elf legs. Go into the office a little bit early on the last day before the holidays and stand them on each person’s desk!

9. Holiday candy drum

Holiday candy drum

Maybe you’re not very into the idea of little elf feet but you still want something that involves candy and Christmas cheer? Then try these adorable little candy filled drums by Girl Loves Glam instead! Sure, they’re really just an empty coffee can or similar container filled with store bought chocolate, but you can transform the outside into a cute little instrument a la “The Little Drummer Boy” using construction paper, decorative card stock, gift wrap, or washi tape and some coloured markers!

10. Frozen cookie dough Christmas cracker

Frozen cookie dough christmas cracker

Did you love the idea from above for making your coworkers little packs of Christmas cookie ingredients that they can make themselves later, but you’d seen them get frustrated about workplace potluck lunches enough to know that the kitchen isn’t perhaps their favourite place? You can still help them enjoy gooey homemade Christmas cookies without having to really make them themselves! Follow in Design Dazzle’s lead and pre-make the dough yourself, rolling it into a log shape and wrapping it like a festive Christmas cracker. They’ll be able to pop the “cracker” into their own freezer after work and make the cookies (or secretly take bites right from the dough) whenever they want!

11. Hot chocolate on a stick

Hot chocolate on a stick

Is your absolute favourite treat in the winter a steaming mug of creamy, delicious hot chocolate? Share that joy with your coworkers! Sure, you could just give them the powder mix and a few marshmallows in a jar, but DIY projects are always more fun when there’s a bit of a novelty spin on things! That’s why we absolutely adore this idea from Makes and Takes for giving each person hot chocolate on a stick! They’ll get a kick out of how neat it looks, as well as how easy it is to make.

12. Reindeer root beer

Reindeer root beer

Sometimes you just have to admit that you don’t know all of your coworkers quite well enough to give them something thoughtful and personalized for Christmas. In that case, it’s always best to go for fun, themed, and seasonal! We’re completely crazy, for example, about the way Just Between Friends used pipe cleaner and little red pom poms to turn these packs of root beer into hilarious little reindeer. There’s a DIY element that shows people how you care to do something sweet, but it’s still a totally easy idea!

13. Homemade vanilla bean extract

Homemade vanilla bean extract

Perhaps you’re the one known for your work in the kitchen around the office, but you’ve already made all the good stuff in your Christmas repertoire for potlucks and luncheons leading up to the holidays? Then try making them something that combines your culinary skills but enables your coworkers to make something delicious of their own more easily! We love Flour on My Face‘s idea for giving everyone a tiny bottle or homemade vanilla extract. It’ll benefit their holiday baking process and it’s both easy and affordable for you!

14. S’more cake in a jar

S'more cake in a jar

When it comes to holiday celebrations at work, there’s nothing better than a good potluck. It’s easy, however, to way over cook or over bake when you have it in your mind that you’re catering to the entire office or staff. Instead of making one massive helping, try making individual servings in mason jars instead! Besides being adorable and better portioned, they’ll make great gifts if you choose to bake something decadent and full of effort like this S’more cake by Seven Clown Circus.

15. DIY herb fire starter

Diy herb fire starter

Do you know your coworkers well enough to know that they’re planning to spend their entire holiday from work at their cottage? Are they the kind of outdoorsy people that will have an impressive bonfire lit outside in the fire pit all day and then come inside to set a cozier one in the fireplace in the evening as well? Then these fantastic little fire starters are the perfect idea, especially since you can make them yourself! They’re made from herb filled coffee filters embroidered shut using fun coloured floss and they smell delicious when they burn! Get all the details at Henry Happened.

Do you have another great DIY idea for what you might be able to make your coworkers this holiday season? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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