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How to Make a Twine Wrapped Bottle

Lately, I’ve been on a total upcycled crafts kick. If I see a single thing around my house that I’m not currently using and that I know someone might throw out or just stash somewhere, chances are pretty good that I’ll have turned it into a creative new DIY decor piece by the end of the week. I’ve been particularly into the idea of upcycling glass bottles lately. They just look so neat embellished in all different ways for decor purposes! In fact, looking through my different crafting supplies and seeing what I had available and easily on hand on a rainy day where I didn’t feel like buying more things was how I came up with my latest decorative bottle idea!

Twine wrapped bottle

Diy twine wrapped bottle

Take a better look at these instructions to see how I made a pretty twin wrapped bottle with a dual colour scheme and a little bit of rustic chic glamour to it. If you’d rather following along to a video tutorial, you’ll find a full one at the end of this post!

For this project, you’ll need:

  • Bottle
  • Coloured jute twine
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pearls

Twine wrapped bottle craft

Step 1:

Gather your materials! Start the project out by applying a blob of glue near the very bottom of the bottle, on its outside surface. You don’t need too much; you’re going to thin the layer out anyways and twine sticks well when the glue isn’t too wet.

Twine wrapped bottle materials

Step 2:

Use your paintbrush to spread and thin that blob of glue so that it covers more surface area in a slightly more translucent layer. You don’t need to cover the bottle’s entire surface; this patch will hold your end and act as an anchor to keep things in place while you wrap, without making a gluey mess that slides across the glass and soaks your twine so it dries kind of gross later.

Twine wrapped bottle glue

Step 3:

Choose your first colour of twine and start your wrapping process by sticking the end down in the patch of glue. Start winding the twin around the bottle, lining it up with the bottom and going all the way around the base until you make it back to the start. Each time you go over that patch of glue again, it will hold your pieces in place, layered next to each other, so they don’t move around as you wrap.