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50 Ways To Welcome Spring Into Your Home

If you aren’t a fan of cold weather, then you’re probably anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring. Although it has been a relatively easy winter up here in the northeast, the chilly temperatures and threat of snow storms can really take its toll. Which is why we’re celebrating spring here at DIYs.com! Keep reading to check out 50 of our favorite DIY projects that will help you usher spring into your home.

1. Hanging Mason Jar Bud Vase

4 hanging bud vase

Give your floral arrangements a little something special this spring… a hanging vase! Just grab a mason jar, some chain and a few other materials to create this lovely hanging bud vase for your home. Make your way over to For The Makers to find out exactly how to recreate this look.

2. Colorful Tufted Pillows

5 button tufted pillow

Add some brightly colored whimsey to a sofa, chair or bench by making a set of these lovely button tufted pillows. The more colors you use, the more it will remind you of springtime. Head over to Sugar & Cloth to find out exactly how to sew and assemble these fabulous pillows.

3. Air Plant Wreath

2 spring air plant wreath

Welcome guests right when they walk in the front door, with this simple spring wreath that is made out of branches, moss and a few ever-versatile air plants (also known as Tillandsia). Make your way over to the Calypte Collection blog to learn all the ins and outs of this simple project.

4. Magnetic Daffodil Planters

3 diy magnetic daffodil planter

What is more reminiscent of spring than daffodils? Those saturated colors and the cheery shape makes this bloom an exciting first sign of spring. So why not have a few inside your home? These magnetized containers will make the perfect planters for a few of spring’s most iconic flower. Check out the tutorial here.

5. Copper Succulent Planters

1 diy copper white succulent planters

Welcome the warm weather into your space with these happy-looking little succulent planters. All you’ll need for this one is a roll of copper foil, some vases and some spray paint if they’re not the color you want. Head over to Homey Oh My! to check out the full photo tutorial.

6. Painted Rocks

10 rock painting ideas

Just because you used to paint rocks when you were a kid doesn’t mean you can’t paint them now! These rocks are surprisingly simple to make, and you don’t need to be artist to paint them! Make your way over to Design Improvised to find out how to make a set of your own painted rocks.

7. Duct Tape Tray

9 spring floral lucite tray diy

Believe it or not, this tray is lined with fancy floral duct tape! It will add a pretty, spring-like pop of color to any coffee table or bookshelf. Just grab a lucite tray (or an acrylic box frame if you’re pinching pennies!) and duct tape in the pattern of your choice and follow these instructions from SwellMayde.

8. Botanical Wall Art

7 diy botanical wall

Bring (the appearance of) the outdoors in with this simple, clever little DIY. For this project, you will actually use faux flowers, but they look real from a distance. And they’ll last a lot longer that way! Check out all the instructions, along with additional photos, over at The Kipi Blog.

9. Spring Bud Vases

8 spring bud vases

Welcome the new season with a set of six bud vases that spell out the word “spring.” The flowers are kept in water-filled test tubes, available at many craft stores. And these letters were actually pre-made blocks, but you could make your own by gluing wooden letters to blocks. Get the full tutorial here.  

10. Backyard Flower Lights

6 flower light garland

This pretty garland is made using string lights and cupcake liners, believe it or not! Simply grab a pair of scissors and let the girls over at Inspired By This show you how to make your own set. It would look gorgeous on a back patio, deck or even inside to spice up your living space a bit.

11. Color Blocked Wooden Vases

14 color block wood vases

These color blocked vases can be customized with your favorite spring hues, and the stripes of color look especially pretty on the light wood (which is actually just a wooden sheet wrapped around a glass vase!). Make your way over to Sarah Hearts to find out exactly how to create one of these pretty vessels.

12. Watercolor Effect Curtains

13 marbled watercolor curtains

This gorgeous wavy watercolor-look curtain is a feast for the eyes, with its beautiful pastel colors and organic pattern. This is not store-bought fabric… it is handmade using regular latex paint and fabric medium. Head over to Cuckoo 4 Design to check out the full photo tutorial.

13. Unique Flower Display

11 screen vase

This isn’t so much a tutorial as it is just a good idea. To give a bouquet of flowers a different vibe, place a piece of screen over the top of a bowl and insert each stem individually into different holes. There actually is a simple tutorial for cutting the screen… check it out at Atilio here.

14. Painted Paper Trays

12 painted trays

These colorful painted trays are the perfect receptacle for, well, just about anything! The lovely wide range of colors used give them an uplifting, spring-like sort of feel. Simply begin with a single color as the base coat, then apply your design on top. Check out the tutorial at The House That Lars Built.

15. Apothecary Jar Floral Display

15 apothecary centerpieces

This is another one of those non-tutorial tutorials… more of an idea than a how-to. But what a fantastic idea it is! Fill a couple of lidded apothecary jars with a couple of inches of water, and the trim your rose stems down to about two inches. Read all about it over at the Tikkido blog.

16. Ombré Glass Vase

16 diy vase ombre

Here’s another unique way to dress up a clear glass vase. All you’ll need for this one is a can of spray paint in a spring-like color and a steady spray painting hand. Make your way over to Rachel’s lovely blog The Crafted Life to check out the full photo tutorial and to see more images of the final piece.

17. Crepe Paper Flower Mirror

20 diy crepe tissue paper flower mirror

Dress up a plain old mirror with some colorful accessories! Craft a handful of brightly-colored paper flowers using crepe tissue paper, and then attach them to a fun round mirror. If the frame on your mirror isn’t very pretty, paint it a happy yellow color. Find out how to make your own here.

18. Geometric Wooden Planters

17 geometric wood centerpiece

There’s nothing more spring-like than fresh green succulents in colorful geometric planters! These are made using thin pieces of wood and a variety of acrylic paints. Make your way over to Tell Love and Party to find out how to construct a few of these stunning geometric planters yourself.

19. Floral Jewelry Dish

18 floral sharpie jewelry dish

This dainty little jewelry dish is made with Sharpie markers, if you can believe it… you wouldn’t have any idea if you glanced at it from afar! You’ll have to dust off your drawing skills for this one. Head over to Pitter & Glink to find out exactly how to create one of these pretty little plates.

20. Pressed Flower Coasters

19 dried flower coasters

These pretty coasters have a natural, botanical look to them, thanks to the pressed flowers and leaves which are adhered to thin slabs of wood. Make your way over to The Crafted Life to check out the photo tutorial. Resin might be your new best friend once you’ve used it for this project!

21. DIY Felt Flowers

23 felt flowers diy

Transform a bunch of felt into a bouquet of stunning flowers using this tutorial from Delia Creates, and then turn it into a gorgeous flower crown! It’s like something from a fairy tale. Simply collect a variety of pieces of felt in different colors along with some wire, and you’ll be well on your way.

22. Bright Macramé Hanging Planters

22 colorful hanging planters macrame

Turn some jersey fabric (or even an old t-shirt) into a fun, colorful macramé plant hanger by knotting a series of strips of fabric in a particular way. Head over to Brit + Co. to find out exactly how to make your own, and to learn how to mount it to the ceiling. Make a few for that serious wow-factor!

23. Paper Flower Garland

24 paper flower bee garlands

While this looks more 3-dimensional from far away, it is actually a series of cutouts from sheets of high-quality gift wrap! Just take a trip over to your local paper supply store and pick up a couple of thick sheets of floral paper and you’ll be ready to go. Get the full tutorial over here.

24. Flower Monogram

25 floral letter diy

Give your home a personalized feel by making one of these flower embellished monograms. Up close perhaps you can tell that the flowers are artificial, but odds are your guests won’t even be able to tell from far way. Make your way over to Raddest Mom to find out how to make one.

25. Pine Cone Zinnias

25a floral zinnias pine cones

This is a clever one…transform pine cones into faux zinnias! Just grab some paints and a handful of pine cones from your back yard, and you’ll be ready to get to work. Head over to A Fanciful Twist to find out exactly how to make a set of these gorgeous, colorful “zinnias.”

26. Painted Stair Risers

29 painted floor risers

Add a serious dose of color to your stairway by painting your stair risers! There are many different ways you can do it, but here, a variety of blue hues are combined to make a fresh, bright focal point. Find out how to achieve this look in your own home by heading over to This Old House. 

27. Multi Colored Chairs

30 painted multi color chairs

This DIY is easy to do, and it really packs a punch. Simply buy a few different colors of spray paint, and get to work transforming your kitchen into a colorful haven. Make your way over to the Design Files blog to check out the rest of this unique, colorful abode.

28. Giant Tissue Paper Flowers

27 tissue paper flowers

Here’s another way to add some serious wow-factor to any room in your home…. adorn your wall with several giant tissue paper flowers. Apparently you can buy them as a kit at Michaels. Make your way over to White House Black Shutters to check out the rest of this spring-y home office.

29. Free Printable

26 hello spring printable

Welcome spring literally with this “hello, spring!” wall art. And lucky for you, it is available as a free download over at Happiness is Homemade. Just print it out on cardstock (or have it printed at an office supply store) and frame it up for a colorful addition to your wall.

30. Rainbow Floor Mat

28 rainbow floor mat

Spring is also a time for rain and mud, so why not try to prevent some of it from coming inside with a colorful floor mat? This one is made out of wood and painted a variety of cheerful colors… and it can be cleaned by simply hosing it off. Head over to the Lowes blog to find out how to make one.

31. Cherry Blossom Centerpiece

31 cherry blossom bouquet

This beautiful cherry blossom centerpiece looks surprisingly real, however it is actually made of tissue paper and branches so it will last for quite some time. Make your way over to the InStyle Magazine blog to find out how to fashion these adorable little buds to create a stunning bouquet for your table.

32. DIY Ladder Shelf

32 ladder shelf

This ladder shelf would be perfect for holding potted herbs on the deck, or even houseplants inside. The thorough tutorial will show you how to create this piece from scratch, using a few power tools and some paint. Head over to Making It In The Mountains to check out the plans and instructions.

33. Lemon Beeswax Candle

33 diy lemon beeswax candle

Give your home a lemony-fresh scent with a few of these pretty yellow beeswax candles. They’re easy to make, and lend an oh-so-lovely aroma to any room in the house. Make your way over to A Pumpkin and A Princess to find out exactly how to mix up a batch of lemon beeswax.

34. DIY Robin’s Nest

34 robin egg bird nest

These gorgeous “robin’s eggs” are actually dyed hard boiled eggs with specks of gold paint. And the coolest part is that they’re dyed naturally using cabbage! Believe it or not, red cabbage will dye eggs blue. Head over to Honestly Yum to find out how to recreate this lovely robin’s nest yourself.

35. Spring Sign

35 spring flower sign

Here we have another project that uses faux flowers, this time as a backdrop for the word “spring” spelled out with large white letters. Talk about a showstopper, right?! Make your way over to A Beautiful Mess to find out how to make your own spring sign for your mantel or wall.

36. Forced Bulbs

39 forcing tulips in water

While your garden may not be blooming quite yet, you can force bulbs to grow inside in a vase of water. Simply grab some tulip bulbs (or any other common type of spring flower, really) and head over to Sand and Sisal to find out how to get them to grow and bloom right inside your home.

37. Fabric Bunting

37 fabric banner spring

This pretty spring-like fabric bunting doesn’t come with a tutorial, but it seems like it would be pretty easy to figure out how to do it yourself. Simply cut out a dozen or two of these flag shapes and sew the tops… then string them on a piece of yarn. See more images of this beauty right here.

38. Colorful Striped Vases

36 painted bottles diy

These pretty little clear glass jars are embellished with stripes in a variety of spring-like colors, using a combination of rubber bands, painters tape and aluminum foil (genius!) to mask off the parts that are to stay clear. Head over to the PBTeen blog to read about all the details.

39. DIY Orange Mint Candle

40 orange mint coconut wax candle

These easy candles are gorgeous in their simplicity, and they are easy to create as well. They are made with coconut wax and essential oils, making for a sweet smelling aroma that will freshen up your home after a long cold winter. Head over to Sprinkles in Springs to find out how to do it.

40. Yarn Wall Hangings

38 yarn tapestry wall hanging

Add some serious color to your walls with one (or six!) of these stunning wall hangings. In addition to beautifying your space, you’ll also be able to use up some of that leftover yarn you’ve been hoarding. Make your way over to Creative Bug Blog to find out all the details about this fun how-to.

41. Painted Bookshelves

42 green floating bookshelf

If you’re a big reader, odds are you have lots of bookshelves around your house. They are an easy type of furniture to paint, so why not give them a coat of a brightly colored paint to freshen up your space for spring? Head over to It’s Overflowing to check out this and a number of other book storage ideas.

42. Indoor Plant Trellis

44 indoor plant trellis wall diy

Houseplants are a great way to bring the outdoors in, and this indoor plant trellis is a unique way to display a number of plants all together. And it won’t use up any floor space either, so it’s great for small apartments. Make your way over to Vintage Revivals to find out exactly how to make one.

43. Produce Rack

41 diy produce rack

Now that spring is right around the corner, that means that produce is about to taste super delicious again too. Store it correctly by putting things like bananas, potatoes and tomatoes in wire racks on the wall. Find out how to make this adorable farmer’s market rack over at New Decorating Ideas.

44. Colorful Cabinets

43 painted cabinets inside

Add a secret pop of color to your kitchen by painting the insides of your cabinets a bright hue! It’s an unexpected way to add some pizzazz to your space without going overboard. There are lots of tutorials on how to do this, just Google “how to paint the inside of a cabinet.” See the rest of this kitchen here.

45. DIY Floating Shelf

45 hanging plant shelf

Here’s another great way to display houseplants without taking up any floor space. Simply buy a round piece of wood from your local home improvement store, along with some rope and you’ll be ready to make one of these pretty hanging plant shelves. Check out the instructions over at Place of My Taste.

46. Wall Mounted Mason Jar Vases

48 rustic mason jar sconce wall

These stunning wall mounted vases are easy to construct using mason jars, leather and wood. They make for a unique floral display on your wall, giving your friends something to ooh and ahh over when they stop by. Make your way over to Shelterness to find out how to make your own.

47. Paper Fan Garland

47 fan garland diy

Decorate your walls with a pretty paper fan garland, using lots of bright spring colors. You can customize them to coordinate with your home, too. Make your way over to Craftaholics Anonymous to find out all the details and to see more photos of this fun, whimsical garland.

48. DIY Paper Plants

50 diy paper plants

If you have a brown thumb, paper plants are another fun way to incorporate “greenery” into your home this spring. The great thing about these paper plants is that they will never die! Head over to The House That Lars Built to check out the simple tutorial for this colorful DIY project.

49. Tulip Wreath

46 spring tulip wreath diy

Dress up the front of your house by making one of these incredibly gorgeous tulip wreaths! Tulips, the quintessential spring time flower, are clustered around a wreath form to create a beautiful piece for your door. And don’t forget the contrasting striped ribbon! Check out the tutorial right here.

50. Wall Mounted Air Plant Holders

49 air plant trapeze hangers

These gorgeous air plant holders, called trapezes, are a different way to display your little plants… and they’re easy to make, too! You’ll need some scrap wood and suede or leather cord – and air plants of course! Make your way over to the Sunset blog to find out exactly how to make your own trapezes.

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