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Easy DIY 3D Paper Flower

If you ask me, there’s something special about paper crafts that transcends age. Whether you’re a little kid doing simple cut and paste projects or an adult doing advanced origami, you’re bound to have an enjoyable time creating something you can put in display when you’re finished! I’m neither a little kid nor an advanced origami master, of course, but I do love making lovely things from simple paper, so I’m always experimenting with folding, curling, cutting, and gluing different shapes to see what I can come up with. Recently I made a pretty little 3D paper flower and I was so happy with it that I ended up making about five more of them before the week was out.

Diy 3d paper flower

I’m the kind of sharing crafter who loves keeping track of how I’ve made certain things just in case another DIY enthusiast wants to try that project out for themselves, so I doubt you’ll be surprised to learn that I documented my whole paper flower process. Check out these step by step instructions complete with photos! If you’d rather follow along with a video tutorial instead of written words, scroll to the bottom of this post to find just what you’re looking for.

For this project, you’ll need:

  • Pink paper (light and dark)
  • Scissors
  • A glue stick
  • A wooden skewer
  • Pink pipe cleaner
  • Green crepe paper

Step 1:

Gather your materials!

Diy 3d paper flower materials

Step 2:

Cut your two pieces of pin paper, light and dark, into eight evenly sized little squares; four of each shade. To do this with the right sizing, turn the dark pink paper sideways to sit horizontally or landscape. Fold the bottom long edge upwards to meet the top long edge and crease the fold. Place your scissors about two inches from the righthand short side and cut upwards (from the creased edge to the one across from it) to give you a folded piece. Line this piece up on top of your longer dark pink piece, lining its edge up with that righthand side again, and use it as a template to cut another piece the same width. Set the remainder aside (you won’t need it) and cut along the crease of each folded dark pink piece in order to cut the two shapes into four even squares. Make sure the edges are even by piling all for pieces on top of each other, tapping the bottom edge on the tabletop to line that side up perfectly, and trimming any excess around the edge off carefully so the squares line up neatly on all sides. Next, turn the light pink page horizontally or landscape, fold its bottom long edge up to meet its top edge, and crease the fold the same way as before. Use your dark pink squares as a template to cut two light pink sections the same size, then cut those two pieces along their crease until you have four light pink squares that are the same size as each other and the dark pink ones. Feel free to put them together and trim the edges again to make things neater.

Diy 3d paper flower paper

Diy 3d paper flower cutting pape

Diy 3d paper flower start cutting

Diy 3d paper flower paper craft

Diy 3d paper flower square