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15 Easy Ways To Paint Flowers & Turn Them Into Art

Are you looking to increase your painting techniques? If so, we have an entire list of projects that you can add to your repertoire. There are 15 easy ways to paint flowers and turn them into art – so why not give them a try? Any one of these projects are a way to practice your skill and learn something new!

1. The Easy Way

How to paint flowers the easy way

Ruffled Daisy begins our adventures with an “easy way” to paint flowers. Grab your colors and create a combination of bit and small on your canvas. Display these beauties throughout the warmer months, in gallery walls, or in nurseries.

2. Lavender

How to paint lavender in acrylics

Feeling Nifty

3. Cotton Swabs

Paint flowers with cotton swabs

There are some videos you can find online that will walk you through a porject as well. And that includes this gorgeous floral piece that we found on YouTube. All you need is cotton swabs to make it happen.

4. On A Pumpkin

Hand painted floral pumpkin

We’re swooning for this magical pumpkin project from craftberrybush. Over there, you can learn how to recreate one of these beauties to display in your home throughout the fall. In the foyer, on the front porch, whatever the case, fall florals are always a good idea.

5. Bubble Hydrangeas

Make bubble paint flower hydrangea

Did you know you can paint using bubbles? Did you know that those bubbles can help you create hydrangeas? Check out A Piece of Rainbow to learn the step-by-step process.

6. Splatters

Let your paint splatters bloom into flower gardens

Splatter paint projects are fun too. Over at Cloth Paper Scissors, you’ll learn how to turn splatter paint into a field of florals. This would be a fun girls’ night project.

7. Scraping

Flower print scrape painting

“Scraping” is a trendy art technique that’s been taking the blogosphere by storm. Playful Learning took florals and mixed it with this new technique to create more florals. Again, this is a fun one for you and your pals to get together to experiement with.

8. Watercolor Rose

How to paint a realistic rose flower in watercolour

Anna Mason Art grabbed some watercolor and created a stunning rose. You can do it too, just hop on over and check out the tutorial. Watercolor may be our favorite – so delicate and romantic!

9. Five-Minute Patterns

Five minute floral pattern diy

This floral pattern will take only 5 minutes to create. Don’t believe us? Visit Cut Out + Keep and check out how to make it happen. To this on a canvas piece or fabric!

10. Peony

How to paint a peony

Skillshare knows that peonies are loved by all and made some easy piece to become inspired by. Even these florals can be recreated by novice artists. You’d be surprised by how some simple instruction can help.

11. Lilly Pulitzer’s

How to paint lilly pulitzer flowers

Lilly Pulitzer is known for her floral designs. You can recreate them on your walls or decor pieces with just a little help from YouTube. Hop on over now and make something new for your home office!

12. Beginner Petals

Watercolor floral diy

Burlap and Blue helps the beginngers. These petals are super easy to make and will be a great way to help a kiddo or two with a new, rainy day project. And then you’ll want to showcase them around the house!

13. One-Stroke Hydrangeas

Painting hydrangeas with one stroke

All you need to know is one stroke to make these hydrangeas. And that one stroke can be found at Lynda Makara. These are a bit more whimsical than its predecessors.

14. Swirly Flowers

Painting swirly flowers

We love these swirly flowers! They look like they were plucked right from a fairy-tale, don’t you think? Check out Make And Takes for more information.

15. Simple Daisy

Hand paint a simple daisy

Finally, learn how to whip up some simple daisies. You can use this technique for a multitude of projects afterward and on a multitude of materials. Grab the details at Flower Patch Farmhouse.

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