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50 DIY Mason Jar Centerpieces to Decorate Your Spring Table

Having a lot of guests over this spring could be great. After all this separation that’s driven us apart (physically), some bonding over dinner is nice. And you can make the place look festive without spending too much using DIY mason jar centerpieces.

diy mason jar centerpieces

A homemade table centerpiece will make your place look great without too many supplies. And it’s an excellent way to welcome spring into your home.

Besides, you don’t have to prepare everything yourself since you can have your family and friends join in. It’s a fantastic opportunity for family bonding time.

So if you’re looking for the best DIY mason jar centerpieces, keep on reading. We’ve got just what you need to help you find something beautiful and fun.

Stunning DIY Mason Jar Centerpieces to Set the Spring Mood

Take a peek at these centerpiece ideas that focus on mason jars, perfect for decorating your springtime table. Gather around the designs and enjoy a meal with friends or neighbors.

1. White Vintage Flower Vase – Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces

White vintage diy mason jar

These gorgeous mason jar centerpieces are the perfect addition to any wedding, engagement, or anniversary party. And the best part is that they’re straightforwardto make:

  • Get white paint or varnish and stencil paper.
  • Cut the desired shape in the stencil paper and paint the mason jar. Alternatively, you could mask the letters and smear everything around them.
  • Once done, remove the mask to reveal a nifty vintage-looking mason jar.
  • Then, take flowers or silk leaves and put them inside the jars.
  • Voila – your DIY mason jar centerpieces are ready.
  • You can also place some lace around the edge of the jar if you want to give it some extra pizzazz.

If you’re stuck, make sure to check our reference photo above. You’ll be able to make your mason jar centerpiece in no time.

2. DIY Mason Jar with Candles and Pinecones – Spring Centerpieces

DIY Mason Jar With Candles and Pinecones - Spring Centerpieces

DIY mason jars with candles and pinecones are easy to make. To decorate a jar this way, here’s what you need to do:

  • Take some wood slices or even branches if you have them available.
  • Cut all the pieces in half to stand up properly when placed on the table.
  • Take a small bunch of pinecones and place them inside the jar with some candles.
  • Then, take branches and put them into the jar as well.
  • You could even use branches as a wall that will separate the inside of the jar from everything else.

Check out our reference photo above to see what we’re talking about.

Unlike our example, you should refrain from using real candles inside your mason jar. You’re way better off using anLED light to achieve the same effect. Trust us; you don’t want a fire hazard on your table, no matter the occasion.

3. Rustic DIY Wedding Decor – Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces

Rustic DIY Mason Jar Wedding Decor - Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces

DIY mason jars are great for rustic weddings. All you need is some paint, some paper, and a lot of creativity.

  • Take all the jars you plan to use and clean them up thoroughly to prepare them for painting.
  • Next, print out cute messages or even letters with your wedding theme.
  • Use them as stencils to paint the jars or print out random messages that match your theme.
  • You can etch into the glass using a toothpick or another thin object for an added touch.

You can do something similar with our reference photo above if you want.

Another great idea is to paint a heart on the jars and write something sweet inside it. It’s a simple idea that will look great as your DIY mason jar centerpieces.

4. Rosemary – DIY Mason Jar Centerpieces

Rosemary in a Mason Jar - DIY Mason Jar Centerpieces

Rosemary is a lovely herb that can be used for more than cooking. For example, you can add it to your DIY mason jar centerpieces:

Start by filling the jar with water, and then put the rosemary inside it. This will instantly bring life to your table or even kitchen counters.

The great thing about this idea is that you can use it for any occasion. For instance, you can use winter rosemary and put some pinecones inside to get a Christmasy vibe going on.

One of the best things about this idea is that you can use the rosemary for cooking if you want a change of decor. However, make sure not to leave the rosemary in the water for too long. It could rot, and using it like that could ruin your dinner.

Check out our reference photo above if you need help with this idea.

5. Autumn Leaves – Fall Mason Jar Centerpieces

Autumn Leaves DIY Mason Jar - Fall Mason Jar Centerpieces

Mason jars have many uses. For example, you can use them as DIY autumn centerpieces for your table.

  • Start with a wide mouth jar – the opening needs to be big enough to fit multiple leaves inside.
  • Next, take some artificial leaves and stack them inside the jar.
  • Use a different color for each layer, or even create your pattern – the possibilities are endless.
  • Take out the leaves whenever you want to use them in another decor idea – they can be effortlessly reused for this project.

As you can see in our reference photo above, there are many ways you can arrange the leaves in a jar.

You could always skip stuffing the leaves in the jar and glue them on the sides. You could even create different arrangements for every season of the year.

6. DIY Placeholder – Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces

DIY Mason Jar Placeholder - Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces

What better way to welcome your guests than with mason jar centerpieces? You can even use them as placeholders for all the seats at your wedding table.

Start by gluing on flowers or leaves and adding some paper tags. The tags are optional, but they look great, so we recommend using them.

As you can see in our reference photo, tags are great for weddings. They’re easy to make and match your theme perfectly.

You could also add some decor to the jar itself if you want. This is more time-consuming, but it’s worth it when you think about how stunning the jars will look.

7. Flower Vase with Lace – Mason Jar Centerpieces DIY

DIY Mason Jar with Flowers and Lace - Mason Jar Centerpieces DIY

Want something simple yet beautiful? Add some flowers to your mason jar DIY centerpieces, and you’re good to go.

  • For example, you can start by putting roses inside.
  • Then, take some lace and glue it on the side of the jar. Just make sure not to use too much glue, or the flowers will stick to the lace.
  • Finally, place some fake cream on top of the jar for an elegant touch. And you’re done.

You can use all kinds of flowers, but make sure to keep it simple for this idea. For example, roses add a romantic vibe.

For more color, add some greenery to the mix. Too many colors or too much decoration will probably ruin your mason jar centerpiece.

8. Potpourri – Mason Jar Centerpieces DIY

DIY Mason Jar Potpourri - Mason Jar Centerpieces DIY

If you’re not really into DIY decorations but have a lot of mason jars laying around at home, you can turn them into potpourri holders:

  • Take some dry rose petals and put them inside the jar.
  • Put more rose petals on top to make it look nice.
  • Once you’re done, simply place your mason jar on your dinner table.

Trust us – it will make an awesome centerpiece if you’re out of ideas. Plus, it will smell amazing if you use the right potpourri blend.

If you have a wide mouth jar, this project is even easier. As you can see, this idea is simple yet elegant, and it’s a great way to use up all the spare mason jars in your home.

9. Cheap and Quick Flower Vase – Mason Jar Table Decorations

Flower Vase - Mason Jar Table Decorations

Who said you need flowers to make mason jar centerpieces was a genius. That’s right, just grab some tulips, and you’re good to go.

Take out the leaves so that more of the tulip can be seen – after all, this idea is about showing off your lovely flowers. You could also use roses for this DIY decoration idea.

Of course, you can use any other flower if you want to – but make sure it’s not too big, or it will take up the whole jar.

To make this idea even cheaper and more accessible, skip gluing on the flowers and purchase fake ones online. Then set them inside the jar, and you’re done. You can also add some candles to make the whole thing more romantic if you’re into that.

10. Pebbles – Rustic Mason Jar Centerpieces

Pebble-filled Mason Jar - Rustic Mason Jar Centerpieces

If you love the rustic look, add pebbles to create elegant and straightforward mason jar DIY centerpieces:

  • Take a glass jar and put the pebbles inside; make sure you have enough stones.
  • It’s essential to clean the pebbles; you can wash and add them to the jar, or use epoxy to give them a nice shine.
  • If you’re really into rustic decor, you could also use twigs or leaves. Just make sure that they don’t stick out or ruin your design.

Decorate its base with a contrasting element to give your mason jar centerpiece a final touch. For instance, you can wrap lace around the jar’s base or paint it white to highlight the pebbles.

Whatever floats your boat, just pick a design and stick with it. Don’t shy away from using our photo as a reference.

11. LED Light Lamp – DIY Mason Jar Table Centerpieces

Mason Jar Led Light Lamp - DIY Mason Jar Table Centerpieces

This is perfect if you’re looking for a more practical mason jar centerpiece idea. All you need is a mason jar (obviously), some LED lights, and a glue gun.

You can skip the glue gun if you don’t plan on having your mason jar centerpiece on display for a long time. After all, you can always change the batteries and keep the LED lights running.

  • To build this mason jar decor idea from scratch, take some string LED lights and place them in your jar. Make sure they’re bright enough to light up the whole thing.
  • You can use the jar without glue if you’ve got enough LED lights and want to keep replacing their batteries.
  • However, if you want a more permanent decoration for your home, just apply some hot glue around the rim of the mason jar and stick it on.

This DIY mason jar centerpiece idea also works perfectly as a night light. Just make sure to either turn it off or change the batteries before going to bed.

12. Homemade Candle Holder – Mason Jar Centerpieces with Lights

Homemade Mason Jar Candle Holder - Mason Jar Centerpieces With Lights

Ditch the whole mason jar centerpiece idea if you love candle lighting and go for something more atmospheric. What better way to make your place smell great than with scented candles? Of course, you can never go wrong with Yankee Candles (our personal favorite).

But you can get creative and make your DIY mason jar candle holder effortlessly. All you need is a mason jar, hot glue or wire to make a hanger, and ribbon.

To create this mason jar centerpiece idea from scratch, simply take the materials above and, using your glue gun, attach them to the jar in any way you please. You can also wire the jar up to use it as a candle holder that doesn’t require candles.

This is perfect for those who want to enjoy the ambiance without accidentally burning their house down.

13. Seashells – Spring Centerpieces

Seashells in Mason Jars - Spring Centerpieces

If you entertain the idea of DIY mason jar centerpieces, add seashells to your jars for a fresh springtime twist. Just take a mason jar and put shells inside.

If you want, you can use a glue gun and ensure that all your shell decorations are secure. For example, you can put seashells on the top of your mason jar jars and use them to decorate the lid.

It’s an excellent idea for individuals and families since you can decorate your bedroom, living room, or dining room with seashell mason jars to make them look uniquely yours.

If you’re aiming for a unique centerpiece, you can always add a few lights to the mix; they will make your DIY mason jar centerpiece idea pop.

14. Autumn Decor – Fall Mason Jar Centerpieces

Mason Jar Autumn Decor - Fall Mason Jar Centerpieces

Autumn lovers will adore thisDIY mason jar centerpiece idea: a fall scenein which you can place your mason jar. Mason jars are perfect for this because they’re so versatile.

You can put them on top of pumpkins, leaves, pine cones, and all kinds of other things. This way, when people see your DIY mason jar centerpiece, they’ll admire it as part of the whole scene.

To create this mason jar centerpiece idea from scratch, just take a few autumnal objects and put them in your jar. You can even use LED lights to make it stand out.

For example, you can place a few pumpkins next to the mason jar and glue the pumpkin’s stem to the jar’s lid.

15. Mason Jar Fairy Lights Centerpiece

Fairy Light Centerpiece - Mason Jar Fairy Lights Centerpiece

If you need a last-minute DIY mason jar centerpiece, go for mason jars with fairy lights; you probably already have all the required materials in your home.

You need a mason jar, fairy lights, and hot glue. Firstly, ensure that the fairy lights are small enough to fit inside your jar. Then you can place them inside and glue them into place. Or don’t – depending on your preferences.

The best part is that you can create a bunch of mason jars this way and place them outdoors – ideal for throwing a party and adding a warm touch to create a cozy decor.

16. Planter – Mason Jar Centerpieces with Flowers

planter - Mason Jar Centerpieces with Flowers

If you love DIY mason jar centerpieces but want to try something slightly different, you might like this planter idea. What’s great about it is that you can place flowers and other small items inside the jars.

What you’ll need is a mason jar, rocks or pebbles, soil, and the flowers of your choice.

  • Start by filling your mason jar with rocks.
  • Next, add soil on top to create a growing environment for the flowers.
  • Finally, plant the flowers.

It’s best to use succulents instead of pretentious plants since they last longer and require minimum maintenance.

This is a great idea for the entire family since it’s versatile and goes with most interior designs. However, if you don’t like the idea of having soil on your table, just ditch it and use the mason jar as a vase.

17. Valentine’s Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces

Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces

Valentine’s Day gives you the perfect opportunity to come up with a romantic DIY mason jar centerpiece idea.And this one is perfect for weddings or date nights: decorating jars withwrapping paper or painting them with love-celebrating symbols.

For instance, if you want to make this for your partner, you can decorate the jar with hearts. If you’re celebrating love in general, you can paint the mason jar red and then write LOVE on it in white or black.

This project requires a few minutes and a few supplies from the local supermarket.You can also add twine and ribbon to make it look even more festive.

Last but not least, add a candle inside the jar and light it up. You’ll set a mood for your significant other. Or, if you’re not a fan of open fires on the table, you can use LED lights instead.

18. Chandelier – Mason Jar Centerpieces with Lights

Chandelier - Mason Jar Centerpieces with Lights

Now hear us out: we’re pretty aware this isn’t a centerpiece. However, hanging this above your dinner table will steal the show. It will be so awesome that guests will find it unexpected.

What you will do here is turn a few mason jars into chandeliers using standard fairy lights.

However, make sure the fairy lights aren’t too heavy for your ceiling. Next, paint the jar’s body to contrast with the light color.

It’s a fantastic project for the entire familybecause the materials needed are accessible, and it’s not too complicated to do.

But you may have to spend hours recreating this masterpiece as there are many things to consider. Make sure to anchor everything tightly to prevent the chandelier from falling.

19. Boho-Style Decoration – Mason Jar Centerpiece Ideas

Boho Style Decoration - Mason Jar Centerpiece Ideas

Boho is a great decoration style for summer and springtime. It’s all about love and carefree times, so we think it’s the perfect home decoration style to use when you’re not at work or school.

You can add boho vibes to your rooms using mason jar centerpieces; this is one of the most accessible DIY mason jar centerpieces ideas you’ll ever come across.

It would help if you had flowers and yarn or twine. Boho style isn’t complete without a touch of tie-dye, so you can also paint your jar in bright colors.

Last but not least, don’t forget to use chalkboard paint and write something likeYou are special or Spring is finally here, depending on the occasion.

Another cool thing about this boho-style decoration is that you can use it as a tea party centerpiece.

20. Fairy Lights & Dried Maple Leaves – Mason Jar Centerpieces with Lights

Fairy Lights & Dried Maple Leaves - Mason Jar Centerpieces with Lights

This is one of the best DIY mason jar centerpieces since it uses fairy lights and dried leaves. Combining these two elements will make your room glow in an ethereal way.

Start by scoring dried leaves. If it’s not autumn, you might have to buy them. An excellent idea would be picking up leaves and drying them yourself, although it will take a while.

Make sure the leaves are big enough to cover most of the jar. Then, place the LED lights inside the jar. As satisfying as it might be, don’t crush the leaves in the process.

You can also paint the inside of the jar if you don’t want it to contrast with the color of the lights.

If you love this idea but don’t want to do it yourself, you can always ask your kids to help out with it. They will enjoy doing this project, and the result will be gratifying.

21. Cutlery Holder – Rustic Mason Jar Centerpieces

Cutlery Holder - Rustic Mason Jar Centerpieces

This next idea is elementary and will make your dining table look great. All you have to do is fill a mason jar with cutlery and place it at the center of your table.

We couldn’t find a table setting to go nicely with this DIY centerpiece, but you can do it. We just think that this idea is best suited for rustic-themed tables. But if you decide to use another table setting, make sure the colors match the jar’s color.

22. Dehydrated Fruit – Mason Jar Centerpieces DIY

Dehydrated Fruit - Mason Jar Centerpieces DIY

Another simple idea for decorating with jars is using dehydrated fruits.You only need two ingredients for this project: sliced fruit and a food dehydrator.

If you don’t have such a gadget, you can bake the fruit slices at about 165 degrees Fahrenheit (75 degrees Celsius). Then you just have to place the fruits in a mason jar.

This idea can be used as decoration or even for breakfast. You can eat these dried fruits with yogurt, granola, etc.

23. River Stones – Spring Table Centerpieces

River Stones Decoration - Spring Table Centerpieces

The following DIY mason jar centerpiece idea can be used for a spring table decoration: you need river stones and a glass of water. Place these two elements in a jar, and you’re done.

A great idea would also be placing artificial grass inside the jar. Thoroughly clean the stones, cut small pieces of grass to cover the bottom of your jar, and set the river stones on top.

After doing so, pour water over the stones toadd a nice touch to your centerpiece.We also think this idea would work great for a summer table decoration.

24. Mini Thank-You Bottles – Mason Jar Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Mini Thank You Bottles - Mason Jar Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Mini thank-you bottles are perfect for weddings and can also be used for regular events.You will need mini mason jars and labels.

Write small messages for your guests, such as Thanks for coming or Thanks for the help.You can also add small objects that symbolize how grateful you are.

For example, if the message is about love, you could put hearts on the label. Of course, if it’s appropriate for your wedding theme, then you should go with that.

You can go creative with this project since you are only limited by your imagination.

25. Zero-Waste Halloween Decoration – Fall Mason Jar Centerpieces

Zero Waste Halloween Decoration - Fall Mason Jar Centerpieces

Preparing a zero-waste Halloween decoration is another great DIY mason jar centerpiece idea for the dining table.

You will need red lentils and a mason jar – just pour some red lentils inside the jar, and that’s it.

This idea can be used for any type of decoration since you canhang these mason jars on your mantlepiece or around your dining table.

A fantastic idea would be creating small matching mason jars as votive holders. You can use tea candles or simply light up small candles on the dinner table; it will make a lovely ambiance.

26. Candy Corn – Fall Mason Jar Centerpieces

DIY Candy Corn Decoration - Fall Mason Jar Centerpieces

This idea can be used for a fall table decoration. You will need candy corn and a mason jar. Just place the candy in the jar and add other orange decorative elements (such as leaves).

Although candy corn is more specific to Halloween, it doesn’t have to be autumn for you to use this decoration. You can use it for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other occasion just as well.

27. Yarn Pompoms – Mason Jar Centerpiece Ideas

Yarn Pompoms - Mason Jar Centerpiece Ideas

Filling mason jars with pompoms is a cute idea for a fall wedding. You will need yarn pompoms, a mason jar, and a hot glue gun:

  • Start by removing the jar lids.
  • Then, add hot glue to the jar’s surface. Make sure you don’t add too much glue and that you spread it evenly.
  • After doing so, just add your yarn pompoms.

If the lids have metallic parts, we advise against using hot glue. You could also pop the lid off and keep it that way; it will give a friendlier vibe to your entire decoration.

28. Paint It Black – Mason Jar Centerpieces DIY

Paint It Black - Mason Jar Centerpieces DIY

If you’re looking for something simple yet beautiful, get a mason jar and black paint:

  • Start by painting the jar’s lid black.
  • Then, add water until it’s halfway full.
  • Add some gold glitter to make it even more beautiful.

The metallic element in the glitter should reflect enough light to create a nice ambiance. You can also add candles to give it a romantic vibe.

29. Cabbage Egg Dye – Rustic Mason Jar Centerpieces

Cabbage Egg Dye - Rustic Mason Jar Centerpieces

For a spring or summer table decoration, you can try this cabbage egg dye centerpiece:

  • Start by hard-boiling the eggs to prevent any accidents while decorating them.
  • Boil more water and add red cabbage to create the eggshell dye.
  • You can add different colors of cabbage for a more vibrant look.
  • Make sure to use non-metallic utensils when decorating the eggshells.

Once everything’s done, don’t throw away the mason jar. Keep the vegetable dye inside and use it as a centerpiece instead.

You can also write something nice on the side, but make sure to use bright paints.

30. Red Hearts – Mason Jar Centerpieces DIY

Red Hearts - Mason Jar Centerpieces DIY

This DIY idea is perfect for your wedding table decoration. You will need red paint, a mason jar, little plastic hearts, and red fabric:

  • Start by painting the entire lid of your jar with red color.
  • Then, pour some fabric paint into the empty part to fill up 1/3 of the pot.
  • Put the little plastic hearts inside.
  • Finally, cover the plastic hearts with red fabric.

31. Candy Variety – Mason Jar Table Centerpieces

Candy Variety - Mason Jar Table Centerpieces

People usually use mason jars to show off their candy varieties at a candy bar. So it’s a greatdecoration idea for a wedding or birthday table.

You will need some small bags of hard candy and something to attach them with, such as tape:

  • Start by gently folding the top of the bag down and gluing it in place.
  • Then, just add your candy and tape over the two ends.
  • Not a fan of tape? Just pour various types of candy into the open mason jars.

32. Antique Toolbox – Mason Jar Centerpieces with Flowers

Antique Toolbox - Mason Jar Centerpieces with Flowers

For these mason jar rustic centerpieces, you’ll need an antique toolbox, fabric roses, and mason jars:

  • Start by getting the flowers ready, whether they are natural or artificial.
  • Then, put the flowers into the mason jars.
  • You should be able to fit about one bouquet per jar, depending on how good you are at organizing.
  • Lastly, fill up the bottom of your toolbox with sand and put the mason jars on top.

33. Spice & Candy Holder – Mason Jar Christmas Centerpieces

Spice and Candy Holder - Mason Jar Christmas Centerpieces

This Christmas table decoration is perfect for your party. You’ll only need candy canes, gingerbread men cookies, and cinnamon sticks.

Keep in mind that the mason jar shouldn’t be full of these ingredients:

  • Start by unwrapping and placing the gingerbread cookies on the candy cane layer in your mason jar.
  • Add cinnamon sticks to the jar.
  • You can also add tea bags on the side.
  • Decorate the jar with a ribbon bow and write something nice on it, such as Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

34. Edible Centerpiece – Christmas Mason Jar Table Decorations

Homemade Edible Centerpiece - Christmas Mason Jar Table Decorations

This idea is fantastic for a homemade Christmas gift if you want to use mason jars for centerpieces. You’ll need chocolate chips, a few maraschino cherries, marshmallows, hot chocolate, and mason jars:

  • Start by putting the chocolate chips into the jars.
  • Next, add a generous amount of cream on top to make a yummy mousse-like layer.
  • Instead of cream, you could use milk or melted chocolate.
  • Add the maraschino cherries on top and decorate the jars with ribbons.

You could drink your creation, but you’ll also want to use it as a DIY mason jar decor.

35. Doily Top – Christmas Decorations with Mason Jars

Doily Top Christmas Decoration - Rustic Mason Jar Centerpieces

This table decoration is perfect for setting a rustic and cozy Christmas scene using mason jars and doilies:

  • Start by adding the mason jars to the center of your table and placing doilies on top.
  • You can fill the mason jar with various items, depending on your inventory.
  • For example, you could fill it with Christmas lights, pine cones, and a little ribbon.
  • Add some red berries on top of your table decoration if you want.
  • Don’t use giant doilies since small and round ones work better.

36. Drinking Straws Holder – Fall Centerpieces with Mason Jars

Drinking Straws Holder - Fall Mason Jar Centerpieces

If you’re into setting up a cozy and budget-friendly fall scene, then this fall table decoration is perfect. You’ll need fabric, buttons, straws, autumn leaves, and mason jars:

  • Start by placing the jars at the center of your table.
  • Add autumn leaves on top of the jars.
  • Next, place a few small buttons around the jars.
  • If you want, add fabric on top of your table decoration to set the scene – just make sure it matches the season.
  • You could use an old shirt or an old pillowcase to complete this fall centerpiece.
  • Afterward, add a few straws to your jar.

37. Layered Beans – Mason Jar Centerpieces for Dining Room Table Decor

Layered Bean Decoration - Mason Jar Centerpieces DIY

This table decoration idea of using layered beans is can help you set up an amazing holiday scene. In total, you’ll need six layers:

  • The first one should be beans.
  • After that, add corn on top of the jar.
  • If you want, add a layer of wheat on top of it next.
  • The last two layers should be carrots and pumpkins.
  • Once you have the six layers, just add a bow and enjoy your creation.

38. Glittery Mason Jar Flower Vase – Spring Centerpieces for Dining Room Table Decor

mason jar flower vase - Spring Centerpieces for Dining Room Table Decor

Mason Jar Breakfast starts us off with this super versatile glitter piece. Paint it the color of your choice and get to dipping. You can use a trove of these to cover a large table or just one, bigger-sized jar to set the scene.

39. Mute Colors – Ideas to Decorate Mason Jars

Paint mason jars diy - Ideas to Decorate Mason Jars

To learn how to create mason jar centerpieces, you’ll need to learn how to paint them. Thankfully, there are tutorials to help that happen. Modern Mom Lifewill walk you through all the easy details.

40. Succulents – What to Put in Glass Jars for Decoration

Succulents - what to put in glass jars for decoration

Succulents are still on-trend and a perfect way to set the table – all year round. At Life Storage, you can learn how to blend the contemporary textures of these plants and the rustic flavor of a mason jar. Take the leap and see how to get it done.

41. Buffalo Plaid Print – Centerpiece Ideas with Mason Jars

diy Buffalo plaid - centerpiece ideas with mason jars

We love a good print, and buffalo plaid is one of our favs. Bust this project out some fall or wintertime to spruce up the table with a nod to the season’s best fashions. Hometalk shows how to get it done with ease.

42. Mother’s Day Votives – Spring Mason Jars

votives - spring mason jars for mother's day

One of the most natural and classic ways to decorate a table is with votives. It adds a simplistic design and an inviting presence.

Use I Heart Arts N Crafts to guide you through turning some mason jars into those timeless pieces in time for Mother’s Day.

43. Polka-Dot Flower Vase – Mason Jar Centerpieces for Wedding

Polka dots - mason jar centerpieces for wedding

The Cards We Drewwent with something extra festive and sweet. Perfect for birthday parties or showers, learn how to polka-dot paint your mason jars. Stuff them with florals for a peppy tabletop decorative.

44. Moroccan Lanterns

moroccan glass jar lanterns

Momtastic has one of our favorite how-to guides up its sleeve. We love how regular mason jars can be turned into something completely different from their original styling. Who says they have to fit in with a farmhouse theme? They can be Morrocan too.

45. Rustic Wedding Centerpieces with Mason Jars

rustic wedding centerpieces with mason jars

If you’re looking for a quick and easy project, check out this 10-minute bit from Setting for Four. All you need are a few moments of your time to turn a jar into a quality piece of decoration for your dining room table. Oh, and grab some of your favorite, fresh florals.

46. Lace-Wrapped Flower Vase

diy Lace mason jar flower vase

Do you have a bit of lace in the craft room? Lace is a great way to decorate mason jars – of all kinds and for all seasons. Check out this idea at The Country Chic Cottage(original post by Crafts Unleashed).

47. Burlap-Wrapped Flower Vase – Sunflower Mason Jar Centerpieces

Fall decorating with jars - sunflower mason jar centerpieces

Crafting in the Rain went with a fall-inspired look: cotton, paint, sunflowers, and burlap – maybe even a little twine for extra bouts of personalization. Gather these supplies and check out the tutorial.

48. Snowy Mason Jars for Christmas

diy Snowy mason jar for christmas

A Piece of Rainbow has you covered throughout the holidays. This snowy centerpiece idea pays homage to the winter season so nicely. The bout of berries adds a nice pop of color and textural touch.

49. Colorful Flower Vases with Daisies

Painted daisy mason jar

Over at Mason Jar Crafts Love, you can learn how to turn your jars into a springtime fav. This teal foundation makes for a relaxed vibe, but you can spruce it up by adding a blush tone or even orange.

50. Watercolor Mason Jar Vases

Watercolor mason jar vases

The Country Chic Cottage leaves us with one of our favorite projects on the list. This watercolor look is so dreamy and whimsical. Turn them into votives or new floral vases after completing the paint job.

Mason Jar Centerpieces Are Fun to Make

All things considered, if you’re looking for a new decoration to add to your home, you should give DIY mason jar centerpieces a try.

They’re not only easy to make, but they’re also super fun and budget-friendly.

So next time you’re planning a party or event at your house, be sure to keep these suggestions in mind.

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