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13 DIY Mason Jar Centerpieces To Decorate Your Spring Table

These rustic bits are some of the most versatile around. Tons of projects utilize them and tons of inspiration has been brought from them. But today, we’re shining a light on their simplicity. Take a peek at these 13 DIY mason jar centerpieces that are perfect for decorating your springtime table. Gather around the designs and enjoy a meal with friends or neighbors.

1. Glitter

Large mason jar flower centerpiece

Mason Jar Breakfast starts us off with this super versatile glitter piece. Paint it the color of your choice and then get to dipping! You can use a trove of these to cover a large table or just one, bigger-sized jar to really set the scene.

2. Painted

Paint mason jars diy

To learn how to create mason jar centerpieces, you’ll need to learn how to paint them. Thankfully, there are tutorials to help that happen. Modern Mom Life will walk you through all the easy details.

3. Succulents

Diy succulent planter mason jar

Succulents are still on trend and a perfect way to set the table – all year round! At The Rustic Peach you can learn how to blend contemporary textures of these plants and the rustic flavor of a mason jar. Take the leap and see how it’s done.

4. Plaid

Easy how to paint buffalo plaid mason jar

We love a good print, and buffalo plaid one of our favs. Bust this project out some fall or wintertime to spruce up the table with a nod to the season’s best fashions. Hometalk will show, even the novice painted, how to get it done with ease.

5. Votives

Sweet diy mason jar votives