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35 DIY Plant Stands to Organize the Jungle in Your Home

If you love plants, then you’re likely always looking for creative ways to make sure they have a cute place to stay. More specifically, we love some really cute DIY plant stands that help us put the flowers into their perfect spot around the house.

 DIY Plant Stands

Some are right for keeping your plants indoors, others are right for your garden, some are great for your desk. We’re going to find a bunch of cool DIY plant stands you can make your own with just a tiny bit of effort. In this way, you can be sure that the stand goes well with your home.

DIY Plant Stands

Be assured that we’re going to go over a multitude of plant stands here today, brining in corner plant shelves, window plant stands, outdoor plant shelves, and so on. We’ll make sure we have you covered no matter which design you like best.

1. Desk plant stand

Diy plant stand

Here’s a tiny, mid-century modern plant stand right from DIYS! We love this look and love how you could even add a dash of paint for some color.

2. Concrete Flower Stand

Concrete flower stand

Another really cute flower stand that you could create is made with concrete. It will serve as a cute way to highlight your favorite flowers. Read our tutorial on how to make one of these.

3. Concrete and Wood Flower Stand

Concrete and wood plant stand

We also have this wonderful concrete and wood flower stand you could make yourself so you can give such a stylish touch to your home. Learn all about it from Homedit.

4. Floating Window Plant Shelf

Floating window shelf

On Grillo Design, we found this really cool floating window plant shelf that we want to get done yesterday! It’s so cute and it allows quite a bit of light and we’re totally inspired!

5. The A-Frame Plant Stand

A frame plant stand

The cool project for an A-Frame plant stand can be obtained from Handmade Haven and it looks absolutely gorgeous! We are eager to get this one started on, so check it out yourself!

6. Drawer Plant Stand

Drawar plant stand

If you have any drawers you’re no longer using from some furniture you want to repurpose, we have a cool idea for you – turn a drawe into a plant stand. You can get the tutorial from Happy Together.

7. Corner Plant Shelf

Corner plant shelf

We also have a really cool corner plant shelf idea that you can definitely get into! check out how cute this project from Bob Vila is! It will look perfect in that empty corner you want to fill in.

8. Outdoor Plant Shelf

Outdoor plant shelf

If you want to place your plants out so they can receive more sun, then using an outdoor plant shelf will be just the right thing to do. You can make your own by following the tutorial on Hydrangea Treehouse.

9. Hanging Plant Shelf

Hanging plant shelf

We also know just how cool a hanging plant shelf can be for any space. These ones in particular, placed on an empty window, will look so great and offer the flowers plenty of natural light. Get the tutorial from Living the Gray Life.

10. Mounted Plant Shelves

Plant shelf

If you want to utilize a space even better, you can make yourself a cute mounted plant shelf where you can place quite a few pots. You can learn how to make your own by following the tutorial from Clever Bloom.

11. Ladder Plant Stand

Tiered plant stand plans

The How to Specialist has a cool project for you – a ladder plant stand. this is super cute and if placed outside it will allow all your plants to get some much-needed light. It also looks absolutely gorgeous!

12. Wooden Plant Stand


If you want another cool project, these cute wooden plant stands will help decorate your home quite well. You can make them in different heights so they are going to look nice even when you put them near each other. Get the tutorial from The Merry Thought.

13. Outdoor Plant Stand

Outdoor plant stand

Even when you place your plants outside, you may find that you not have enough space for them. So, let’s make a really cool outdoor plant stand to hold more of your pots. Get the tutorial (and some plans) from Handmade Weekly.

14. Round Plant Stand

Diy plant stand

Over at A Beautiful Mess you’ll find a beautiful mid-century modern DIY plant stand that’s both easy to make and easy to style around. Hop over and check it out!

15. Modern Plant Stand

Modern plant stand diy

Homey Oh My created this modern plant stand that works wonders for chic studio apartments or contemporary homes. And you can make a trio of them for all nooks.

16. Low Wooden Plant Stand

Diy wood plant stand

We’re absolutely in love with this low-riding, wooden plant stand that can hold a plethora of different bits of green. Check it out at Enjoy It.

17. Ladder Plant Stand

Diy ladder plant stand

Funky Junk made a super stylish and functional plant stand out of a ladder. We love the eclectic, vintage style that is infuses into the home.

18. Accordeon Plant Stand

Diy plant stand

This tiny, stepladder windowsill planter is just too adorable. Get inspired by visiting Gardenista and grabbing all of the details.

19. Geometric Plant Stand

Diy geometric painted planter craftmonthlove 17

Merriment Designs created this funky geometric DIY plant stand and it’s super easy to made right at home. Personalize, stylize and get inspired.

20. Simple Plant Stand

Diy plant stand

Hello Lidy made a super snazzy and super simple wooden plant stand that may be the most versatile of the bunch. Visit the blog and snag the instructions.

21. Rustic Plant Stand

Diy plant stand

Here’s another DIY plant stand but it’s one with a chunkier attitude and an easy, rustic vibe. Grab the details over at Shanty 2 Chic.

22. Marble and Copper Plant Stand


My personal favorite of the bunch, Foxtail & Moss created this chic marble and copper plant stand that I’m swooning over. It’s perfect for more modern and innovative homes.

23. Short Plant Stand

Diy plant stand

Now we have another mid-century modern style from A Beautiful Mess but it’s a bit shorter than what we’re used to. Create this unique little bunch and jazz up a corner.

24. Wired Plant Stand

Diy plant stand

The Merrythought used wire to make their snazzy and sweet DIY plant stand. We love the minimalistic style, don’t you?

25. Frame Plant Stand

Diy plant stand

Check out these elevated plant stands over at Apartment Therapy. They add a certain amount of zest to classic, indoor plants and make the look so much more stylish.

26. Stairway of Plants

Diy plant stand

Sugar & Cloth has a chic, stepping-stoned plant stand that has so much charm and elegance involved in its design! Check out the details after the jump.

27. Wash Tub Plant Stand

Diy wash tud plant stand

Liz Marie has one of the more unique stands on our list. Using a vintage wash tub, you can create this innovative look for your own home.

28. Piano Stool Plant Stand

Diy plant stand

Over at Nur Noch, you’ll find this piano stool stand that’s too full of charm and romanticism. Thankfully, they’ll show you all the ways in which to make it for yourself.

29. Cart Plant Stand

Diy plant stand

Check out this rolling cart makeover from SF Girl By Bay! How innovative and creative … and fun this would be to personalize!

30. Raw Plant Stand

Diy plant stand

The Honeycomb Home has this raw, rustic plant stand featured on their blog including a tutorial. Think about this for your covered porch or foyer.

31. Dipped in Paint Plant Stand

Sony dsc

This concrete-dipped plant stand is just another great idea in the world of easy home DIYs. Dwelling in Happiness has the tutorial, hop on over!

32. Hanging Plant Stand

Diy plant stabd

We also love this hanging piece from Homemade Modern. It’s chic, it’s a bit more intense in the crafting department … but so worth the finished product!

33. Ombre Plant Stand

Ombre herringbone plant stand

The Hatched Home made a colorful DIY plant stand with some ombre details. How charming and “happy” is this piece!?

34. Easy Plant Stand

Diy plant stand

The DIY Playbook made this affordable and easy DIY plant stand that we’re so excited about. It’s another versatile piece that gets dirt and water off the floor!

35. Concrete and Copper Plant Stand

Cement plant stand cz

Camille Styles made this super chic concrete and copper DIY plant stand that we’re swooning for. Visit the blog and check out the east tutorial.

Final Thoughts

Plant lovers always find a way to add more pots to their home, so stands like the ones we’ve gone over are essential. They’ll help you keep order among your plants and your house look better. We’d love to hear which ones are your favorites, so drop us a note in the comments section below.

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