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How To Make Paper Flowers

In the world of crafting, sometimes the simplest concepts are the ones that make you feel the most accomplished. For example, we recently discovered the simple joy of creating beautiful flowers from paper, like we did when we were kids, and now we’re totally enamoured with the idea and can’t stop looking up new and different ways to make more kinds.

Just in case you love making pretty paper flowers just as much as we do, here are 15 fantastic and creative ideas, designs, and tutorials that we found in our recent search for inspiration!

1. Layered, pointed petals

Layered, pointed petals

Are you willing to make a flower that’s quite simple in its basic construction so long as you get to give it lots of volume and layers? Then we have a feeling you’ll be very interested indeed in the way Icing Designs created this wonderfully layered folded paper rose! We love the way they tapered the tips of their petals into a point for detail.

2. Origami lotus flower

Origami lotus flower

If you’ve actually already got a bit of experience in origami and the idea of working with two colours of paper in the same project doesn’t intimidate you too heavily, then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how iCreative Ideas made this fantastic lotus flower! This tutorial is simple enough that it makes a great first project for people trying to up their skills and learn to work with more than one piece of paper when they do origami.

3.  Easy paper punched flowers

Easy paper punched flowers

Origami isn’t the only kind of technique that you can use to create lovely things in paper! We’ve been a little bit obsessed with paper punching techniques as well. Damask Love guides you simply through the process of making all kinds of differently coloured and shaped flowers by punching out the shapes, layering them, and attaching them through the centre.

4. Spiral roses

Spray roses

Have you actually already tried folding and layering paper recently and quite enjoyed them but now you’re looking for another technique to keep things interesting? In that case, we’d definitely suggest trying your hand at this simple spiralling technique outlined step by step on Apartment Therapy. Curling and rolling your paper lets you make roses that spiral out from the centre!