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15 Christmas Table Decorations To Center Your Holiday Family Dinners

The dining room is the center of all the formal dinners throughout the year and … even those fun seasonal game nights that seem to happen around the jollier of months. Make sure it’s dressed to impressed, and not in the same old bits that you’ve been using for the past five years. Let’s mix things up a bit! Below you’ll find 15 Christmas table decorations to center those holiday family dinners.

1. Edible Snowglobe

Diy edible snow globe

Just like you can gather the family and create an edible gingerbread house, you can do that same thing with a snowglobe! Hop on over to Brit + Co and grab the details. Then use it as a centerpiece for the table!

2. Star Tealights

Diy star tealights

These beauties are DIY-friendly and you can whip up several to cover a big dining room table. Hop on over to monsterscircus to grab the tutorial. You can personalize the colors too!

3. Holiday Vignettes

Diy holiday vignettes

You could even create some of your own scenes like they did at A Beautiful Mess – and then use them to decorate the tables. These can be a family project! What’s so great about this idea is how much you can personalize them.

4. Garland Layered Stand

Cake stand christmas centerpiece

Stone Gable Blog has some beautiful inspiration, especially for the holiday season. Layers of pinecones and garland wrapped around a cake stand. This is an easy DIY to accompalish with items you already have!

5. Candy Cane Hats

Candy santa hat centerpiece diy