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DIY Cheap Christmas Wreath Ornament

Looking for a cheap and creative way to decorate your tree? Here is an easy tutorial on how to create a Christmas wreath ornament to keep your tree looking unique and festive. Each ornament takes about 5 minutes to make and this project only requires a couple items that you can find at your local arts&craft store.

 Christmas Wreath Ornament

Materials to create a Charm Wreath Ornament

Materials you’ll need for a Christmas wrath ornament:

  • Scissors
  • Tiny pine garland (wired)
  • 3″ Metal rings
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Charms
  • String or Fishing line
  • 7mm Gold jump rings

How to craft a Christmas wreath for Tree decor:

Charm Wreath Ornament Step 1

Step 1: Pine garland

Take the pine garland and cut about 8-10 inches. Starting with the end of the pine garland,wrap it around the metal hoop; leaving space in between to show parts of the metal hoop. Once you have wrapped the garland around the hoop, ensure that the garland stays put by tightly wrapping the end twice.

Charm Wreath Ornament Step 2

Charm Wreath Ornament Spot

Step 2: Attach gold ring

Find a spot in between the pine garland and attach one of the gold jump rings using your pliers to open and close the ring. Continue to add rings to create a chain until your satisfied with how low the charm hangs. Now attach the charm to the end of the chain and ensure that each jump ring is closed.

Charm Wreath Ornament Tree

Step 3: Cut string

Cut about 4 inches of the string/fishing line. Pull the string through the top jump ring, then make sure both ends meet and tie a knot.

Christmas wreath DIY

Now your ornament is all ready to hang and display. What I love about this project is that you can personalize it with your favorite charms, and if you really want your ornaments to stand out you can use different color garlands. Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial.

Happy crafting and happy holidays.

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