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35 St. Patrick’s Day Crafts For Kids – Get Into The Festive Spirit

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner which means it’s time to start planning a green outfit and some crafts. Green and rainbow themed crafts are so fun and great for kids. They’re easy, festive, and allow kids to express themselves. 

St. Patrick's Day Crafts For Kids

In the list of crafts below, we have decor, accessories, t-shirts, and then simple fun crafts for kids. All of these crafts involve either rainbows, leprechauns, shamrocks, or maybe they’re just green. But, they’re perfect for St. Patrick’s Day

Many of these crafts involve the same supplies so if you need to replenish your craft supplies, head to our buying guide at the bottom of this post. 

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids 

Whatever your plans might be for St. Patrick’s Day, we have a craft for you. Whether you’re just looking for something fun to do with your kids or maybe you need a last minute green accessory, we have an easy craft for you. 

1. Rainbow Paper Sun 

Rainbow paper suhn

This Rainbow Paper Sun is so cute and it’s the perfect craft to do with kids. You probably have all of these supplies in your home so there is no need to buy extra. All you need is a short period of time, paper, streamers, glue, googly eyes, and a couple of other common materials. Find the directions here

2. Lucky Shamrocks St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

Lucky shamrocks st patrick’s day wreath

If you have some creative and crafty kids then this is the craft for them. It’s a beautiful and festive St. Patrick’s Day Wreath from Flaming0 Toes that would look wonderful hanging on your front door or a door in your home. Although this wreath looks intricate, you actually need less than 10 materials to make it. 

3. Shamrock Toilet Paper Roll Stamp

Shamrock toilet paper roll stamp

Toilet paper rolls always come in handy when it comes to kid’s crafts. They’re cheap, easy to use, and always lying around the house. This Shamrock Toilet Paper Roll Stamp is so cute and easy for kids to get creative with. After they make this stamp with only a few materials, they can paint on paper, canvas, decor, or anything else they want. Crafty Morning has the instructions for you. 

4. Shamrock Wand Craft

Shamrock wand craft

Having your kids make a craft that also doubles as a toy is such a great idea because they are entertained for so long. They make the craft and then get to play with it. It’s wonderful! This Shamrock Wand from Craft Morning is such an easy but practical craft. Your kids can use it to play games and express their creativity. 

5. Farmhouse Shamrock Garland

Farmhouse shamrock garland

If you’re looking for a way to upcycle some fabric scraps, this is the craft for you. This adorable Shamrock Garland from A Wonderful Thought is made using fabric, scissors, needle/thread, and a few other materials. You can use existing fabric or buy new to match any existing decor. 

6. Pot of Gold Hanging Mobile

Pot of gold hanging mobile

There’s nothing cuter than a festive mobile. This Pot of Gold Hanging Mobile from Country Living is so cute and easy to make. You’re going to need paper, glue, pom pom balls, and a few other supplies along with a short period of time. 

7. Irish Home Decor in a Green Jar

Irish home decor in a green jar

If you’re looking for a minimalist and not over-the-top St. Patrick’s Day decor, then this is the craft for you. It’s so simple and goes great with almost any existing decor. You’re going to need a mason jar and reindeer moss to make this cute home decor piece. Sadie Seasongood has all of the information you’re going to need. 

8. Shamrock and Lucky Four Leaf Clover Necklace

Shamrock and lucky four leaf clover necklace

Creating your jewelry with your kids is always such a fun way to pass the time. Your kids get to express their creativity while making the craft and then they get to show it off later. To make this Shamrock and Lucky Four Leaf Clover Necklace from Rhythms of Play, you’re going to need toilet paper rolls, paint, a paintbrush, and a few other common supplies. 

9. Shamrock Scrape Painting

Shamrock scrape painting

This Shamrock Scrape Painting from The Best Ideas For Kids is so cute and there are so many different versions you can make. You’re going to need paper, paint, scissors, and a few other common supplies. On their website, they also show you how to make a Rainbow Scrape Painting with the same supplies. 

10. St. Patrick’s Day Shadow Box

St patrick’s day shadow box

If you need a cute but also practical craft, then this is the one for you. This St. Patrick’s Day Shadow Box from Houseful Of Handmade is so easy to create and makes for a perfect decoration. It costs under $7.50 to make and you’re going to need Polystyrene sheets and some wood pieces along with a couple of of of of other materials. 

11. Rainbow Pom Pom Headband

Rainbow pom pom necklace

This Rainbow Pom Pom Headband can also be turned into a necklace. You’re going to need multiple colors of yarn, thread and needle, scissors, and string or elastic depending on if you want a headband or necklace. Your kids can even do all green pom poms for St. Patrick’s Day if they want to. My Sister’s Suitcase has all of the directions. 

12. Shamrocks and gold nuggets

Shamrocks and gold nuggets

These ShamROCKS from Sustain My Craft Habit are absolutely adorable. They pair perfectly with the gold nuggets and make for a great decoration. You’re going to need some rocks, paint, paintbrush, and that’s it. Your kids are going to love making this craft. 

13. DIY Pot o’ Gold

Diy pot o’ gold

These Pot Of Gold Mason Jars from Polkadot Chair are so cute and especially great for kids. If you didn’t know, the gold coins used are actually chocolate candies. This is why your kids are going to love this craft. Not only that, but it’s super easy to make. You’re going to want to grab a mason jar, black paint, a tag, and twine to make this cute craft.

14. Leprechaun Stick Puppet

Leprechaun stick puppet

Paper plates have always been a staple in ‘kids’ crafts. They’re easy to work with, readily available, and inexpensive. It’s the perfect craft supply for kids. This Leprechaun Stick Puppet from I Hearts Crafty Things is such an adorable St. Patrick’s Day Craft for kids. It’s easy to make and your kids can play with it afterward. 

15. Pom Pom Leprechaun

Pom pom leprechaun

This charming little Leperchuan from Crafty Mornings is made out of paper, pom poms, googly eyes, and then decorated with markers. Your kids can go crazy with personalizing this craft by coloring however they want or placing pom-poms wherever they want. They’re going to love it. 

16. St. Patrick’s Day Cootie Catcher

St patrick’s day cootie catcher

This craft is so cute and you’re kids are going to love playing with it with their friends. It’s made out of a free pintable so there’s not much to it either. It’s so easy to make and also a great way to get your kids away from screen time and interacting with their friends. Craft’s by Amanda has all of the information you’re going to need. 

17. Marbled Shamrock Party Hats

Marbled shamrock party hats

If you’re having a St. Patrick’s Day party then this is the perfect craft for you. Party hats are a great way to add excitement and joy to a party. They’re such a conversation starter and especially great when you make them yourself. These Marbled Shamrock Party Hats from Lars are so charming and easy to make. 

18. Preschool Rainbow Necklace Craft

Preschool rainbow necklace

Here’s another craft that’s perfect for kids because it involves candy. This Rainbow Craft Necklace from Sight and Sound Reading is made out of colorful Twizzlers and string. That’s it. Your kids are going to love making this necklace and also love eating it later. 

19. Four Leaf Clover Hair Clips

Four leaf clover hair clips

There’s nothing better than when your kid gets to wear the craft they make. These Four Lead Clover Hair Clips from This Mom’s Confessions are so cute and so easy to make. You’re going to need some felt, glue, buttons, and alligator clips along with a short chunk of time. 

20. Paper Shamrock Wreath

Paper shamrock wreath

If you’re looking for an easy but charming St. Patrick’s Day home decor piece then this is the craft for you. This Shamrock Wreath from The Craft Patch is made using paper, ribbon, and hot glue. That’s all! To customize this wreath you can choose what color/design paper you’d like. 

21. Rainbow Rice in a Jar

Rainbow rice in a jar

This is such a cute and fun craft that your kids will be able to put on display. It would look great next to a window where it can reflect sunlight. To make this Rainbow Rice Jar from Edventures with Kids, you’re going to need a small chunk of time and some rice and/or rock salt, watercolors, a mason jar, and a spoon. 

22. Eraser Stamped St Patrick’s Day Shirt

Eraser stamped diy st patrick’s day shirt

Don’t forget to wear green this St. Patrick’s Day by making this Eraser-Stamped Clover T-Shirt from Cutesy Crafts. This DIY shirt can be made in no time so it’s the perfect last-minute craft for you and your kids. You’re going to need a white shirt, fabric paint, clover template, and a couple of other materials. 

23. Rainbow and Gold St Patrick’s Day Sign

Rainbow and gold st patrick's day sign

This Rainbow and Gold St. Patrick’s Day Plaque is so charming. To make this plaque, you’re going to need less than 10 materials which makes it the perfect craft to do with kids. Your kiddos will love being able to put this plaque on display too. Landeelu has all of the instructions you’re going to need. 

24. Leprechaun Corner Bookmark

Leprechaun corner bookmark

There’s nothing better than making a craft that encourages your kids to read. This cute little Leprechaun bookmark is so easy to make but also very easy to customize. Your kids can switch up the design of the hat, facial expressions, and colors. Red Ted Art has all of the instructions you’ll need. 

25. DIY Paper Origami Shamrock Craft

Diy paper origami shamrock craft

The best thing about making origami crafts is that you need a minimal amount of materials. These adorable Paper Origami Shamrock Pots would make such a cute centerpiece or decoration for St. Patrick’s Day. They’re also easy to make which makes them a great craft to do with kids. Head to Design Improvised to snag the directions. 

26. Shamrock wreath

Shamrock wreath

This Fabric Shamrock Wreath from A Mom’s Impression is a great way to reuse old fabric scraps that you have lying around the house. Recycling is great for crafts and the environment. If you don’t have any fabric lying around the house to use, you’re going to need green fabric, scissors, measuring tape, and a couple of other materials. 

27. Fingerprint Shamrock Craft

Fingerprint shamrock craft

Finger Painting is such a classic kids craft.It’s so easy to do because there are minimal materials involved and kids love to get messy. For this Fingerprint Shamrock from Easy Peasy and Fun, you’re going to need paper, paint, scissors, a black marker, and tape. That’s it. 

28. Paper Roll Rainbow Butterfly Craft

Paper roll rainbow butterfly craft

Toilet paper rolls are commonly used in kid’s crafts because they are cheap, easily accessible, and are very versatile. To make this Rainbow Butterfly Craft from Non-Toy Gifts, you’re going to need a toilet paper roll, paint, markers, pipecleaners, and a couple of other common materials. 

29. Handprint Leprechaun

Handprint leprechaun

Handprint crafts are the perfect craft for toddlers or preschoolers because they’re so easy and fun to make. The kiddos also love to get messy. This Handprint Leprechaun from Messy Little Monster only requires a small chunk of time and a few materials to make. 

30. Pom Pom Rainbow Collage

Pom pom rainbow collage

This Pom Pom Rainbow from Danya Banya is absolutely adorable and so easy for kids to personalize. Kid’s are able to color, draw, and glue pom poms wherever they please on this craft. They can even add a leprechaun if they’re feeling extra creative. To make this craft, you’re going to need glue, markers, pom poms, and a sheet of paper. 

31. Rainbow Necklace Craft

Rainbow necklace

If you or your kid need a last minute piece of jewelry for St. Patricks Day, then this is the craft for you. This sweet and simple necklace from Little Worlds is made from buttons, embroidery floss, and a clasp. To put all of those supplies together, you’re going to need scissors and a thread and needle. 

32. Paper Shamrock Headband

Paper shamrock headband

A creative and fun headband is the perfect way to spice up any St. Patrick’s Day outfit. And, this craft from Lia Griffith even includes directions for a St. Patrick’s Day pin. The headband and the pin require most of the same materials which include ribbon, felt, and scissors. 

33. DIY Rainbow Fascinator

Diy rainbow fascinator

Here’s another adorable headband craft for kids. This one from Studio DIY involves tissue paper of all colors, a headband, scissors, hot glue, and tape. That’s it. Your kids will love being able to go to school and show off the craft they made. 

34. Leprechaun Photo Props

Leprechaun photo props

These Leprechaun Photo Props from The Crafting Chicks are so charming and fun. They would truly make any St. Patrick’s Day picture much more lively and admirable. To make them, you’re going to need tape, paper straws, and printed pictures of hats, mustaches, or whatever else you want. 

35. St Patrick’s Day Hat

St patrick’s day hat

This fun and cute St. Patricks Day DIY Hat is made from a paper cup and a couple of other materials. It’s eye-catching and is definitely a conversation piece as well. Your kids are going to want to wear this hat to school after they make it. To snag the instructions, head to Red Ted Art


Buying Guide

There was a lot of repeated supplies in this list of DIY St. Patrick’s day crafts for kids. Pom poms, green ribbon, pipe cleaners, hot glue, emrbiodery thread, and felt were needed in many of these crafts. 

To make things easier for you, we’ve compiles a small list of common and affordable materials that you can buy. There’s nothing worse than running out of your craft supply staples!

See list below. 

If you didn’t see what you were looking for on this list you can always head to Amazon for more. 

We hope you enjoyed this list of St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for kids and if you end up creating one, make sure you leave a comment. We love hearing from you guys! 

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

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