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Warm Knitted Cowls for Cold Days

The further into the fall season we get, the more we know that snow could come at any moment. We’re not quite ready to bundle all the way up to our eyeballs yet or we’ll overheat the second the sun comes out, but we’re certainly in need of a little extra insulation when we leave for work in the morning. That’s where cowls come in! They’re easy to wrap loosely on pleasant days and more tightly on days with chill and they’re stylish enough to let you rock endless colours, stitches, and styles. They’re also the perfect DIY project because you can make them for yourself or give them to family and friends as thoughtful gifts.

Check out these gorgeous knitted cowl patterns that are visually lovely, fun to make, and warm enough to get you through the fall (and probably most of the winter too)!

1. Emerald Isle cowl by Natural Suburbia

Emerald isle cowl

Sometimes the best cowl design is one that’s simple but cozy. The simpler the stitching pattern itself is, the bright a colour you can choose without having the two clash and look too busy. We love the thickness of this design because it keeps more than just your neck warm! It also goes down your chest and approaches your neck and face, making it easy to burrow into if you turn the corner into a gust of chilly wind.

2. The Barbara cowl by Very Shannon

The barbara cowl

Speaking of simple, visually pleasing knitting patterns, check out how neat and tidy this gorgeous ribbing is! We love ribbing when it comes to cowls and scarves because it gives the garment a little bit of stretch, meaning you can wrap it more tightly when necessary. This ribbing pattern also shows off the colour variegation if you choose a yarn that’s hand dyed.

3. Three-Turn cowl by Creating Laura

Three turn cowl

This gorgeously layered cowl features pretty yarn overs in a consistent pattern between solid seed stitch rows to create a pretty visual effect. Even better, however, is the fact that this cowl has added cord detail to make it look as though it ties all down one side. It gives the whole garment a Bohemian effect.

4. Burberry Inspired cowl by The Garter Girl

The garter girl cowl

Few things are as great in the DIY world as being able to recreate something from a store so that you can enjoy the style without paying designer label prices. That’s exactly what this knitting pattern lets you do! We love the neat, even way that solid stockinette sits and  we think you’ll love how thick the finished product here is.