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DIY Teacher’s Gifts for Christmas

When we were young, we adored our teachers. We were the kinds of lucky kids who always had grade school teachers that cared a lot about their students and made learning fun. That’s why we were always set on showing our appreciation by giving them nice holiday presents. Being the craft kids we were, we naturally made them ourselves whenever we could. Now, we help our own kids do the same for their teachers!

Just in case the idea of making adorable, useful, and appropriate holiday gifts for school teachers appeals to you just as much as it did to us, if not more, here are 15 fantastic designs, ideas, and tutorials that we’ve bookmarked for consideration this holiday season.

1. Homemade Christmas treats box

Homemade christmas treats box

Are you also a huge fan of making homemade snacks and treats the moment the holidays arrive? Well, so long as you know their allergies and can account for those safely, we think you might get along well with this sectioned homemade treat box gift idea outlined step by step on One Creative Housewife!

2. Seasonal essential oils air freshener

Seasonal essential oils air freshener

Making your very own scents for natural air fresheners that are allergy and sensitivity friendly using essential oils is actually a lot easier than it sounds. Check out how Pet Scribbles made this homemade freshener that makes the classroom smell pleasant and Christmassy when it’s sprayed around the room! It’s a blend of gentle scents like cinnamon and fir trees.

3. “Thanks a Latte” coffee gift

Thanks a latte coffee gift

Maybe you’d rather buy something for your kids’ teachers that you know they’ll really appreciate and actually use but you’d still like to get crafty with how you present it? Well, if Teacher is a java lover, then maybe this adorable Starbucks gift card idea from Mandie Starkey, which features a cute play on words, will be right up your alley!

4. Reusable cup DIY gift pack

Reusable cup diy gift pack

Perhaps you’ve found a cute water tumbler or reusable water cup with a lid that would make the perfect gift to Teacher but you can’t help but feel that that’s not quite enough for the holidays? Then perhaps you’d do well following in Stretching a Buck‘s footsteps and filling the inside of the new cup with delicious Christmas goodies!