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15 Amazing Knitted Christmas Stockings

Maybe we’re a little bit biased because we’re complete DIY lovers, but we think homemade Christmas stockings are so much more festive than store bought ones! We particularly love that the ones you make yourself can be customized. As avid knitters, we’re pretty big fans of knitting everyone we love homemade stockings that will show them how much we love them through time, effort, and skill.

Check out these 15 adorable knitting patterns for super cute stockings that will brighten up everyone’s Christmas morning!

1. And the Stockings Were Hung by Patricia Burrows

And the stockings were hung

The beauty of knitting is that, while you can certainly create projects that are eye catching in their colour work and varied yarn detail, you can also do intricate stitch work that shows off your skill simply in the yarn you started with. That’s what these stockings are great for! Pick each family member’s favourite colour and let the details in your handiwork speak for themselves.

2. Glamour Puss stocking by Elizabeth Jarvis

Glamour puss stocking

We all have that one family member who is particularly stylish and maybe even glamorous, and this is definitely the right stocking pattern for them. Besides being shaped like a hilarious little heeled show instead of a sock, this design amuses us a lot thanks to the sparkly fun fur around the top. Of course, that detail is option if fun fur isn’t really your thing, by we think it adds some great character!

3. Pet Cat Christmas stocking by Annie’s Woolens

Pet cat christmas stocking

Just in case it wasn’t obvious, when we said that we like to knit Chrismtas stockings for our whole family, we really meant our whole family- pets included! This pattern will make sure that even your cat feels loved while everyone opens their presents on Christmas morning. As long as you’re willing to be patient with colour working techniques, we don’t think you’ll have any trouble with this pattern at all.

4. Spotted Christmas stocking by Kirsten Hipsky

Spotted christmas stocking

Are you looking for a design that’s pretty classic and simple, but that still lets you make an interesting visual? Then try this easy polka dotted pattern! It’s not so hard that you’ll want to put it down half way, but it’s also not so easy that you’ll get bored. In fact, we think it would make the perfect introductory project for knitters who are looking to try colour work for the first time.

5. Snowflake Christmas stocking by Candide Yarns

Snowflake christmas stocking

Are you a little more experienced at things like colour work and Fair Isle knitting and your priority is finding something that really brings the holiday spirit into the design? Then this pattern has pretty much everything you might be looking for! Between the snowflakes, the holly, and the alternating traditional Christmas colours, we’re getting into the Christmas spirit just looking at it.

6. Dove Christmas stocking by Mary Maxim

Dove christmas stocking

Are your favourite types of home knit projects the ones that involve creating an actual image? That’s especially fun when you’re working with a theme, like you are when you knit your family members Christmas stockings! We adore this cute little dove design and can’t help but start thinking about holiday messages of peace and love when we see it.

7. Ragg Wool Christmas stocking by Annie’s Woolens

Ragg wool christmas stocking

Maybe your idea of a good, traditional Christmas stocking is one that actually looks like an old wool sock? Then this design might make you feel nostalgic, especially if you make it in the heathered gray! We love the tree-like detail along the top and the contrasting toes and heels, btu most of all we like the pattern shows you how to make letters so you can customize each family member’s name on theirs.

8. Evergreen Christmas stocking by Candide Yarns

Evergreen christmas stocking

If you’ve never tried Fair Isle style knitting, with lots of colour work and tiny images all across the piece in pattern, then you’re missing out! It might look like an intimidating concept, but knitting something as simple as a Christmas stocking is actually the perfect opportunity to try it for the first time. Your family will be so happy to get a loving, handmade thing for Christmas that they’re not going to notice any imperfections in your pattern. The final product is also totally adorable!

9. Fana Christmas stocking by Dale Design

Fana christmas stocking

Are you looking for something a little more eye catching and colourful than traditional doves and alternating Christmas colours in just red and green? Then this bright design is the one for you! We especially love that it even has a little bit of texture thanks to the beads that have been added along every second stripe. You can use any colour seed beads you’d like!

10. Starry Night Christmas Stocking by Anne Mende

Starry night christmas stocking

Speaking of unconventional Christmas stocking designs, check out this awesome star pattern made in veritable technicolour! Of course, you could do these little stars in more traditional Christmas colours and it would still look very cute, but we like the idea of something differently festive for kids.

11. Fireplace Christmas stocking by Mary Maxim

Fireplace christmas stocking

Did you like the idea of making an actual Christmas scene within the stocking itself but you’re not sure you feel like knitting a plain white dove like you saw above? Then try this awesome living room scene complete with a fireplace instead! As if that wasn’t enough, this design used green fun fur to make the wreath above the fireplace look real and we can’t stop staring at how cool it looks.

12. Ballet Pointe Christmas stocking by Elizabeth Jarvis

Ballet pointe christmas stocking

When it comes to knitting for our kids, we’re huge fans of making them things that incorporate their favourite hobbies in some way. For the little ballerina in your life, for example, this pointe shoe design is probably the best stocking they’ll ever own! Now they’ll be excited not only over Christmas and their stocking surprises, but over your thoughtfulness in what you’ve created for them as well.

13. Christmas Vacation stocking by Emilee Reynolds

Christmas vacation stocking

Have you always loved the way corcheted projects often have 3D elements and textured embellishments? Well, don’t despair, because you can totally created that awesome effect within knitting patterns as well! This pattern shows you how to knit little Christmas lights in all different colours that stand out from the background of the stocking in an adorable way and catch the eye of anyone who walks into the room. These stocking can also be personalized with names at the top!

14. Etoile de Noel Christmas Stocking by Karen Fletcher

Etoile de noel christmas stocking

We’re pretty sure that the thing we love most about this design is the fact that the detail is so thin and fine. The pattern is created in such subtly contrasting lines that, if you do it in blue like this designer has, it’ll look like the outline of snowflakes frosted onto a glass window on Christmas eve. We think it’s a gorgeous effect and we’re genuinely considering buying some blue wool so we can try it ourselves.

15. Endless Roses Christmas stocking by Denise Balvanz

Endless roses christmas stocking

Perhaps you like the effect that you just saw above but you feel like you’ve knitted enough snowflakes for this season? Then try this Christmas rose design instead! You’ll be doing the same colour working techniques and establishing much the same effect, but with softer lines and a warmer colour contrast than you saw previously. It’s all a matter of personal taste!

Do you know someone who absolutely loves knitting for their family every Christmas, but they’ve become bored with their usual stocking pattern? Share this post with them for a little bit of inspiration!

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