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25 Amazing Knitted Christmas Stockings to Keep Your Toes Warm

One of the most recognizable Christmas decorations is arguably the Christmas stocking, and if you want to bring a little tradition into this year’s Christmas holiday, you should try with a knitted Christmas stocking hanging above the fireplace just waiting to be filled with goodies by Santa.

Christmas stockings

Well, if you’re passionate about knitting, but don’t know what designs to follow, then you’ll be happy to know that we’ve put together a list of free patterns for you.

The following 25 Christmas stockings will give you some inspiration and show you how quick and easy it is to knit your own knitted Christmas stocking without spending hours on it:

What’s the Story of the Christmas Stocking?

What’s the story of the christmas stocking

There are different types of Christmas stockings – the knitted Christmas stocking, the felted Christmas stocking, and more – even though they all have one thing in common. They are basically large socks, designed to hold the presents placed under the Christmas tree by Santa Claus.

The history of Christmas stockings starts way back when St. Nicholas was alive since it is said that he placed coins in shoes left out for him by poor people at night or hung them up using his fireplace.

And although today’s designs vary from country to country, there are two main variations: The European style which is usually knitted with red wool and a tassel on top, and the American style which features elaborate embroidery work with colorful thread.

A knitted Christmas stocking can be decorated in many ways and it is a good tradition to sew the year onto each Christmas stocking as it hangs on the mantelpiece to keep track of how old your children are getting.

How to Choose a Good Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern

How to choose a good christmas stocking knitting pattern

When it comes to choosing a good Christmas stocking knitting pattern, things are actually pretty simple, and if you go ahead and do a bit of research yourself, you’ll notice that everyone is using the same ideas and motifs over and over:

Colorful Christmas stockings with Santa Claus, candy canes, snowflakes, holly leaves and berries, reindeer, or other motifs that are connected to the holidays.

Even though they are all pretty much alike, there are some details that you should take into account before starting knitting your own knitted Christmas stocking:

If you want to use your Christmas stocking as a decoration piece year after year, then choose classic colors like red and green for the main color of the pattern. The tassel doesn’t need to match though since it can be changed every year if necessary.

If on the other hand, you’re planning to fill your knitted Christmas stocking with small gifts inside, then opt for non-fading colors like black, blue, and purple. These colors are more difficult to notice if the knitted Christmas stocking gets dirty over time.

If you can’t decide whether you want a Santa Claus or an ordinary Christmas stocking design, then get your children involved in the process so they can tell you which type of motif they like best.

If there are younger children in the house, then choose a non-fading color for the base of the design so any stains won’t be too obvious after washing it.

Best Knit Christmas Stockings to Try in 2021

In our search for amazing knitted stocking designs, we went ahead and did some extensive research online to see exactly what everyone was trying out or at least discussing on forums and social media platforms.

In the end, we managed to compile this list of 25 knit Christmas stockings that you can go ahead and try out, while also providing you with instructions or links to extensive tutorials on how to make them.

That being said, here are 25 of the most popular knit Christmas stockings that you can make in the comfort of your own home:

1. Custom Christmas Stockings – Tenenbaum Stocking

Custom christmas stockings tenenbaum stocking

If you’re tired of seeing red stockings everywhere and want to try something that’s different, but still in keeping with the whole Christmas feel, one of the best custom Christmas stockings that you can make is the Tenenbaum stocking.

It’s made out of dark green and white yarn, and it features an amazing Christmas tree pattern designed by Alicia DeHart, and the design is also available for free to download from the Ravelry website.

To make such a design, you’ll need between 200 and 250 yards of yardage, the stocking is one-size-fits-all, and the actual knitting time won’t be more than a few hours of your time, depending on how fast you are knitting.

The design certainly looks fresh, and the stocking will be big enough to fit all sorts of goodies inside without making it look too small or unappealing.

All in all, it’s an amazing knitted Christmas tree stocking that you should try, but feel free to bring your own ideas to it as well, such as switching the dark green with some navy blue or some dark purple instead.

2. Knit Stockings – White Spruce Design

Knit stockings white spruce design

If you want your Christmas stocking to not look too much like it’s made for Christmas, but still want it to look amazing, you can switch up the Christmas tree motif for one with spruce trees instead, and as you can see it look just as good.

Unfortunately, such an intricate design also means that you need to be familiar with several stitching techniques, including:

  • Chain
  • Round
  • Slip stitch
  • Single crochet
  • Single split crochet

More so, you’ll need plenty of yarn to work with (~375 yards), but if you practice your knitting beforehand, and follow the step-by-step tutorial provided by the designs, original author, Briana K, then you’ll be able to bring the beauty of a spruce tree forest to your living room in no time at all!

Unfortunately, because of the spruce design, there’s not much room for using other colors, especially since white is pretty much mandatory, although you could try using other dark colors instead of green, like navy blue, dark brown, maroon, or even black.

All in all, it looks great, and you can even use the intricate pattern to knit actual socks that you can wear since we’re sure they will catch everyone’s attention (in a good way).

3. Personalized Christmas Stockings – Up North

Personalized christmas stockings up north

If you’re great at knitting and you love intricate patterns and designs, then we’d like to recommend another design called Up North by Katie Nagorney and Ann Swanson, and as you can see, it makes extensive use of your ability to knit details.

Although the example above uses a mix of mustard and white or maroon and white, you can go ahead and use whatever colors you’d like, although we recommend that you use two colors that contrast off of each other so that the pattern can be highlighted.

To make these stockings, you can start with a corrugated rib cuff or Latvian Braid, and the original website gives detailed instructions for both styles.

The stockings are built using a firm gauge which makes them more elastic and able to maintain their shape throughout wear and tear, and it also allows them to stay in shape even when they’re full of goodies.

To make this design, you’ll need about 220 yards of each color, but if your gauge is looser than 6 sts/in, you’ll need some extra yarn for the heel and toe regions.

By following this design, you’ll end up with a stocking that has the following measurements:

  • 25-inch in height (toe to top)
  • 8-inch wide
  • 16-inch circumference

All in all, the stocking looks great, and everyone will have a hard time believing that you made it by yourself, but rest assured that it’s much easier to knit than it leads you to believe.

4. Monogrammed Christmas Stockings

Monogrammed christmas stockings

If you’re part of a larger family and you hate getting the stocking all mixed up (or if you’re the secret Santa and want to make sure you give everyone the right gifts), then you should consider using monogrammed Christmas stockings.

Sure enough, the idea of using such stockings isn’t a new one, but because the design is a classic is precisely why it is a must-have on any Christmas stocking design list, even if it’s from 2021.

As for a great example of monogrammed Christmas stockings, we’d like to recommend yet another design from Ravelry designed by Michelle Hunter.

The website will provide you access to a free PDF document that includes six charted designs that can be mixed and matched for endless combinations, and the pattern also contains detailed toe up and heel instructions along with an alphabet chart for customization.

Since they’re pretty much the most Christmasy monogrammed stockings that you’ll find on the Internet, mixing in the traditional Christmas colors of red, white, and green, popular pattern designs like snow, reindeer, snowmen, and trees, and of course the monograms.

The design looks great, the patterns are intricate without being too burdening on the eyes, and the fact that now everyone has their very own stocking will surely get you and your knitting skills your fair share of well-deserved praises!

5. Baby Christmas Stocking – Granny Christmas Stockings

Baby christmas stocking granny christmas stockings

A new baby in the family is probably the most precious gift that 2021 could have given to you, and if you want to celebrate their very first Christmas in style, we recommend that you already start knitting on their own baby Christmas stocking.

We found that few designs are as cute and as easy to follow as Granny’s Christmas Stockings by Mermaid Wiggle, and the pattern and knitting instructions are available for download in PDF format cor free, just like our previous entries.

This stocking’s design is based on the classic granny square knitting build, but there were a few improvements made to one edge to adjust the stocking’s shape.

In the PDF you’ll find detailed instructions on how to make traditional granny patterns, and it will give you detailed information on how to make double crochets, trebles, and double trebles which are the basics of knitting in this style.

It’s an ideal stocking design for beginners, so even if you’re new to knitting, crocheting, and embroidery, you can look at it as the perfect opportunity to take baby steps (pun intended) towards knitting like a pro

Of course, what makes this design particularly cute is its petite size, and the large floral designs when compared to the overall size of the stockings themselves.

6. Cable Knit Christmas Stockings – Felted Sweater

Cable knit christmas stockings felted sweater

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the term, The term cable knitting refers to a form of knitting in which an overlapping fabric is created through the permutation of stitches.

Let’s say you have four stitches appearing on the needle in the order ABCD:

  • One might cross the first two, be it in front of or behind the next two
  • In subsequent rows, those stitches appear in the new order CDAB

Cable knit Christmas stockings certainly have a unique look, and the added pattern and texture make them look more rustic and professional, and that’s why many choose this knitting style.

One design that e certainly liked was the Felted Sweater stockings from Hilary Smith Callis, and even if it only uses just one color, the embossed knitting alone makes the entire stocking look amazing.

It’s worked from the top down with a short row heel, ribbed toe, and an Aran cable pattern twisting down both sides.

As for materials, you can use aran or bulky weight wool on large needles and felted when complete, and you can hand felt for the soft “felted sweater” appeal, or you can throw in the wash to make it smaller and tighter.

It looks amazing, and while it’s a bit more complicated to make than our other entries, the end result certainly looks like it’s worth it.

7. Personalized Knit Christmas Stockings

Personalized knit christmas stockings

When making a Christmas gift, there are two things that you can do to really impress someone:

  • Make the gift yourself – This shows them that you’re willing to put in some effort
  • Personalize the gift – This shows them that you truly know them

Well, when it comes to knitted Christmas stockings, you have the first one covered by default, but if you want your stockings to be even more appreciated, personalized knit Christmas Stockings are the way to go.

For example, these designs brought o you by Mare Allison mix together a wide range of colors, like red, blue, pink, dark green, white, and more, and as far as patterns are concerned, these designs have pretty much everything that looks even remotely Christmasy.

From candy cane stripes to Christmas trees and snowflakes, you’re sure to find a pattern that will look stunning on your knitted Christmas stocking, but the best part is that this particular knitting pattern doesn’t have any limitations, which means that you can use different designs for each stocking.

One thing worth mentioning about this pattern is that you’ll need to know something about knitting in the round with magic loop or DPNs, so it’s easy for anyone who has knit a top-down sock before.

However, don’t be discouraged, since the directions provided by the free PDF document are complete and clear.

8. Dog Christmas Stocking – Rover

Dog christmas stocking rover

Our pets deserve as much love like our other family members, and the same thing applies during Christmas as well, so if you want to show your beloved furball how much you love them, make them a dedicated Christmas stocking.

Just take a look at this amazing dog Christmas stocking called Rover from Annie Woolens and notice how wonderfully she managed to mix together classic Christmas motifs together with a dog and a monogram.

This Pet Dog stocking is just too cute to pass up, and all you need to do to make it is knit in the round on circular needles with a short row heel because it is a quick knit and makes the color stranding work easier.

Like our other entries, the pattern is available for download and it includes easy-to-read instructions for a personalized stocking, a commercially printed color graph of pattern, and even an alphabet chart for personalizing the stocking.

The resulting stocking is about 6.5-inch wide by 18-inch long, which is more than enough for you to fit a couple of goodies inside so that your furry friend can enjoy something to snack on or play with on Christmas morning.

9. Cat Christmas Stocking – Paws

Cat christmas stocking paws

This entry is a bit more extravagant compared to the others, primarily because it’s the only Christmas stocking design that doesn’t actually look like a stocking.

You see, while we previously talked about making a Christmas stocking for your dog, let’s not forget that cats are just as popular, so show your love to your precious ball of fuzz and razors with this amazing little cat Christmas stocking shaped like a paw.

Its shape is the same as a regular cat paw, and you also have red paw cushions, a decorative fish (so people know it’s for the cat), and you can even include a monogram if you want.

The pattern is available for free, but before you get started, you need to know that you’ll have to have all of the necessary materials, although you’re free to change up the colors if you don’t like the original ones.

Speaking of original, this design belongs to Michele Wilcox, and you can view the step-by-step guide on how to make this paw stocking by visiting its Yarnspiration page, as they provided you with a complete video tutorial, as well as a list of all the necessary supplies.

So what do you think? If you have a cat at home or want to make something for your kitty-loving friends, don’t wait anymore and check out this free pattern right away!

10. White Christmas Stockings – Farmhouse Stocking

White christmas stockings farmhouse stocking

If you’d like to decorate your house for Christmas with a stocking that you made yourself, but want to keep things simple, subtle, and elegant, then your best bet is with white Christmas stockings, like the Farmhouse design from Ashleigh Kiser.

It looks simple because it’s also very simple to make since you only need to use simple stitches and simple crochet patterns.

However, you will need to be familiar with the following techniques:

  • Double crochet
  • Single crochet
  • Chain stitch
  • Magic ring
  • Increases
  • Slip stitch

Finally, you’ll also need to know how to sew the resulting pieces together and work in the round.

The final result will be a white Christmas stocking that looks nice, is very spacious on the inside, and the crocheted patterns also let you peek inside of it to see what goodies might be hiding without having to actually touch the stocking.

For in-depth details on how to make these stockings, check out this design’s dedicated article from Sewrella!

More Amazing Knit Stockings That You Should Try Out

The previous 10 entries that e showcased in great detail were the most talked-about designs of 2021, but if none of them really seemed like something you’d like, you can go ahead and check out our other 15 entries which we’ve listed in the section below:

11. Knit Christmas Stockings in Red and Green

Knit Christmas Stockings in Red and Green

The beauty of knitting is that, while you can certainly create projects that are eye-catching in their colour work and varied yarn detail, you can also do intricate stitch work that shows off your skill simply in the yarn you started with.

That’s what these stockingsby Patricia Burrowsare great for! Pick each family member’s favorite color and let the details in your handiwork speak for themselves.

12. Glamorous Knit Stockings

Glamorous Knit Stockings

We all have that one family member who is particularly stylish and maybe even glamorous, and this is definitely the right stocking pattern for them.

Besides being shaped like a hilarious little heeled show instead of a sock, this designby Elizabeth Jarvisamuses us a lot thanks to the sparkly fun fur around the top. Of course, that detail is option if fun fur isn’t really your thing, by we think it adds some great character!

13. Cat Christmas Stockings

Cat Christmas Stockings

Just in case it wasn’t obvious when we said that we like to knit Christmas stockings for our whole family, we really meant our whole family- pets included!

This patternby Annie’s Woolenswill make sure that even your cat feels loved while everyone opens their presents on Christmas morning. As long as you’re willing to be patient with color working techniques, we don’t think you’ll have any trouble with this pattern at all.

14. Baby Christmas Stockings

Baby Christmas Stockings

Are you looking for a design that’s pretty classic and simple, but that still lets you make an interesting visual?

Then try this easy polka-dotted patternby Kirsten Hipsky! It’s not so hard that you’ll want to put it down half way, but it’s also not so easy that you’ll get bored. In fact, we think it would make the perfect introductory project for knitters who are looking to try colorwork for the first time.

15. Snowflake Knit Christmas Stockings

Snowflake Knit Christmas Stockings

Are you a little more experienced at things like color work and Fair Isle knitting and your priority is finding something that really brings the holiday spirit into the design?

Then this patternby Candide Yarnshas pretty much everything you might be looking for! Between the snowflakes, the holly, and the alternating traditional Christmas colors, we’re getting into the Christmas spirit just looking at it.

16. Knit Dove Christmas Stocking

Knit Dove Christmas Stocking

Are your favorite types of home knit projects the ones that involve creating an actual image? That’s especially fun when you’re working with a theme like you are when you knit your family members Christmas stockings!

We adore this cute little dove designby Mary Maximand can’t help but start thinking about holiday messages of peace and love when we see it.

17. Personalized Knit Christmas Stockings

Personalized Knit Christmas Stockings

Maybe your idea of a good, traditional Christmas stocking is one that actually looks like an old wool sock? Then this designby Annie’s Woolensmight make you feel nostalgic, especially if you make it in the heathered gray!

We love the tree-like detail along the top and the contrasting toes and heels, but most of all we like the pattern shows you how to make letters so you can customize each family member’s name on theirs.

18. Knit Christmas Stocking

Knit Christmas Stocking

If you’ve never tried Fair Isle style knitting, with lots of color work and tiny images all across the piece in pattern, then you’re missing out! It might look like an intimidating concept, but knitting something as simple as a Christmas stocking is actually the perfect opportunity to try it for the first time.

Your family will be so happy to get a loving, handmade thing for Christmas that they’re not going to notice any imperfections in your pattern. The final product is also totally adorable, like this one by Candide Yarns!

19. Custom Christmas Stockings

Custom Christmas Stockings

Are you looking for something a little more eye-catching and colorful than traditional doves and alternating Christmas colors in just red and green? Then this bright designby Dale Designis the one for you!

We especially love that it even has a little bit of texture thanks to the beads that have been added along every second stripe. You can use any color seed beads you’d like!

20. Starry Night Knit Christmas Stocking

Starry Night Knit Christmas Stocking

Speaking of unconventional Christmas stocking designs, check out this awesome star pattern made in veritable technicolorby Anne Mende!

Of course, you could do these little stars in more traditional Christmas colors and it would still look very cute, but we like the idea of something differently festive for kids.

21. Fireplace Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern

Fireplace Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern

Did you like the idea of making an actual Christmas scene within the stocking itself but you’re not sure you feel like knitting a plain white dove like you saw above?

Then try this awesome living room scene complete with a fireplace instead! As if that wasn’t enough, this designby Mary Maximused green fun fur to make the wreath above the fireplace look real and we can’t stop staring at how cool it looks.

22. Custom Christmas Stocking for Ballerinas

Custom Christmas Stocking for Ballerinas

When it comes to knitting for our kids, we’re huge fans of making them things that incorporate their favorite hobbies in some way. For the little ballerina in your life, for example, this pointe shoe designby Elizabeth Jarvisis probably the best stocking they’ll ever own!

Now they’ll be excited not only over Christmas and their stocking surprises, but over your thoughtfulness in what you’ve created for them as well.

23. Knit Christmas Stockings with Ornaments

Knit Christmas Stockings with Ornaments

Have you always loved the way crocheted projects often have 3D elements and textured embellishments? Well, don’t despair, because you can totally create that awesome effect within knitting patterns as well!

This patternby Emilee Reynoldsshows you how to knit little Christmas lights in all different colors that stand out from the background of the stocking in an adorable way and catch the eye of anyone who walks into the room. These stockings can also be personalized with names at the top!

24. Etoile de Noel Knit Christmas Stocking

Etoile de Noel Knit Christmas Stocking

We’re pretty sure that the thing we love most about this design is the fact that the detail is so thin and fine. The pattern is createdby Karen Fletcher in such subtly contrasting lines that, if you do it in blue like this designer has, it’ll look like the outline of snowflakes frosted onto a glass window on Christmas eve.

We think it’s a gorgeous effect and we’re genuinely considering buying some blue wool so we can try it ourselves.

25. Endless Roses Knit Christmas Stocking

Endless Roses Knit Christmas Stocking

Perhaps you like the effect that you just saw above but you feel like you’ve knitted enough snowflakes for this season? Then try this Christmas rose designby Denise Balvanz instead!

You’ll be doing the same colour working techniques and establishing much the same effect, but with softer lines and a warmer colour contrast than you saw previously. It’s all a matter of personal taste!

Best DIY Christmas Stockings: Conclusion

We’ve reached the end of the article, but we hope that it has inspired you, and don’t forget – before jumping into the world of knitting holiday stockings, make sure that you have the time as well as the patience needed to complete such an endeavor (after all, they are supposed to last at least a few years)!

With this in mind, make sure that these small things won’t discourage you from knitting your very first (or another!) knitted Christmas stocking!

For more great articles that will surely give you the inspiration to make your Christmas a lot more magical, check out our other Christmas lists and guides.

We’ve covered everything you can imagine, from gift ideas for your spouse to step-by-step recipes for delicious Christmas dishes, and even useful tips on how to choose the perfect tree!

Happy Holidays everyone! Keep those needles clicking!

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