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Monogrammed Clay Keychains

Try your hand at these modern keychains made of polymer clay.  They make a great gift for a group of friends and are super easy to create!  With a simple monogram addition, you can personalize them for that special someone.

Monogrammed clay key chains

Monogrammed clay key chains supplies

For this DIY, you will need:

  • Polymer or Sculpting clay
  • A letter embossing set used with clay
  • Craft Knife or small cookie cutters
  • Wax Paper
  • Jump Rings
  • Key chain rings

Monogrammed clay key chains 1

I like to use the brand Sculptey for the polymer clay.  I find that it’s easier to mold and bakes well.  Take a small chuck of the clay and flatten it out to your desired thickness.  The thinner, the better as it’s easier to attach the jump rings in the end.  About 1/8″ thick or slightly thinner than that is good.  If the clay seems hard to flatten with your hands, use a rolling pin.  Lay it out on a sheet of wax paper to protect your surface and to keep the clay from sticking to the surface.

Monogrammed clay key chains craft

Use the craft knife to cut a geometric shape.  You can also use small cookie cutters to make other shapes.  Be sure, as best as you can, to create neat lines with the knife.  Also use the knife to create a small hole above the letters.  This is where you will attach the key ring.  Create the hole large and high enough to fit a jump ring.

Monogrammed clay key chains 2

Monogrammed clay key chains stamp

Use the clay embossing tool to add your monogram.  The great thing about the tool is that it makes it super easy to add any word you like with just the right amount of spacing between each letter.  Just be sure not to press too hard, as to not poke a hole through the clay.

Monogrammed clay key chains tray

Place the clay on a baking sheet.  Once you remove the clay from the wax paper, it may lose its shape a bit. Use the knife again to clean up the edges.

Bake according to your polymer clay’s manufacturer instructions.  I find that baking at 250 degrees for 15 minutes is just enough time for the clay to harden and not to burn.  It’s very hot when coming out of the oven, so let it cool for 5 to 10 minutes before removing.

Monogrammed clay key chains 4

Monogrammed clay key chains 5

Attach the jump ring inside the hole and then slide the key ring on after that.  It’s complete!  Use these modern key chains as gifts for your friends- a great favor to give away at any birthday party or social gathering!

Monogrammed clay key chains 6

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