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DIY Christmas Pot: Make a Santa Claus Decoration in 4 Easy Steps

A DIY Christmas pot is a regular flower pot decorated with a festive theme. Read on to learn how to make a Christmas pot that reminds you of Santa Claus, which you can use to hold flowers, candies, ornaments, or anything else.

Christmas pot

A DIY Christmas pot is a great way to bring a personal touch to the holiday season. Use it as a decoration or make it a meaningful gift for family, friends, and colleagues. A festive-themed flower pot can be crafted from almost any material, including wood, clay, or even plastic. Paint the pot in holiday colors like red and green, or leave it plain to show off the material’s natural beauty. Then fill the pot with Christmas goodies like candy, nuts, treats, or inspirational messages for your loved ones. You could even use it as a fun holiday centerpiece filled with poinsettias or seasonal decorations.

This article lists everything you need to know about making a DIY Christmas pot, including supplies, step-by-step crafting instructions with images, a video tutorial, and additional tips and tricks.

Supplies for the DIY Christmas pot

Christmas pot materials

  • Plain terracotta pot
  • Red acrylic paint with a matte finish
  • Medium or wide paintbrush
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Fake fur
  • Black felt
  • Gold cardboard, gold glitter, or yellow cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Paper

How do I craft a DIY Christmas pot?

  1. Paint the terracotta pot: Apply a thick coat of red acrylic paint to the outside of the terracotta pot. Skip painting the inside. Let the paint dry for at least an hour before continuing.Diy christmas pot Diy christmas potDiy christmas pot
  2. Add the fake fur: Cut out a long strip of false fur about as wide as the pot’s rim. Apply hot glue along the edge of the rim and then press the false fur onto it. Make sure to cut away any excess fur.Diy christmas potDiy christmas potDiy christmas pot
  3. Make the belt: Cut a long strip of black felt about 1-inch wide and long enough to go around the pot, plus an extra inch. Sketch the belt buckle in the shape of two squares connected in the middle. Ensure that the inner squares are big enough to fit your strip of black felt. Cut out the belt buckle from a piece of cardboard and run the felt through the inner squares.Diy christmas potDiy christmas pot Diy christmas pot Diy christmas pot
  4. Assemble the Santa Claus pot: Apply hot glue along the middle of your pot and press the felt onto it. Cut away any excess felt in the back.Diy christmas potDiy christmas pot Diy christmas potDiy christmas pot

Video tutorial

Check out this video guide for making a DIY Christmas pot:

Tips and tricks

Check out additional tips and tricks when crafting a DIY Christmas pot:

  • Make precise measurements: When cutting felt for the belt, ensure it’s tight enough not to move around after assembling all pot elements.
  • Plastic flower pot: Use a plastic flower pot if you don’t have a terracotta version, but make sure to use a primer before applying the paint. The primer helps the paint stick better and last longer.
  • Use various colors: Try different pot colors and patterns that match the holiday theme, such as a combination of red, white, and green, or red and green horizontal stripes to mimic Christmas eld stockings.
  • Try different materials: Experiment with various materials for the pot elements, such as a leather or cloth belt, or cotton balls instead of false fur, depending on what you already have in your crafting stockpile.
  • Pick another theme: Instead of making a Santa-themed pot, pick other decorations that represent Christmas. For instance, glue small red and green stars, paint a snowman, or hang Christmas lights from the pot’s rim. Consider decorating a bundle of pots with various Christmas themes for an awesome effect.

Closing thoughts

We hope these instructions helped you craft your own DIY Christmas pot. With a bit of patience and creativity, your personalized Christmas pot will add a special touch to your winter decorations this holiday season and bring joy and laughter during get-togethers with friends and family. Check out more flowerpot decoration ideas.

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