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50 DIY Paper Christmas Ornaments To Create With The Kids Tonight!

There are so many different ways to make your own ornaments with the family. And there are so many different materials that work in their creation! But everyone has a bit of paper lying around right? Here are 50 DIY paper Christmas ornaments to create with the kids tonight and are perfect for novice crafters!

1. Paper Bows

Paper bow tree ornaments diy

Top your tree off like a present all on its own with help from Lia Griffith. We are in love with all these dainty bows.

2. Paper Scalloped Balls

Diy scalloped paper ornaments

Lia Griffith has some festive scalloped balls that you can make for your tree too. Just grab some fun paper and get started tonight!

3. Paper Diamonds

Origami paper gems

How About Orange makes some diamonds that can delight your tree as well. From glitter paper to neon tones, have some fun with this one.

4. Paper Flowers

Diy paper ornaments

You could round out your tree with some paper flowers as well. Just hop on over to How About Orange and learn how!

5. Paper Stacked Starburst

Diy paper christmas ornaments