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50 DIY Paper Christmas Ornaments To Create With The Kids Tonight!

There are so many different ways to make your own ornaments with the family. And there are so many different materials that work in their creation! But everyone has a bit of paper lying around right? Here are 50 DIY paper Christmas ornaments to create with the kids tonight and are perfect for novice crafters!

1. Paper Bows

Paper bow tree ornaments diy

Top your tree off like a present all on its own with help from Lia Griffith. We are in love with all these dainty bows.

2. Paper Scalloped Balls

Diy scalloped paper ornaments

Lia Griffith has some festive scalloped balls that you can make for your tree too. Just grab some fun paper and get started tonight!

3. Paper Diamonds

Origami paper gems

How About Orange makes some diamonds that can delight your tree as well. From glitter paper to neon tones, have some fun with this one.

4. Paper Flowers

Diy paper ornaments

You could round out your tree with some paper flowers as well. Just hop on over to How About Orange and learn how!

5. Paper Stacked Starburst

Diy paper christmas ornaments

DIY Inspired stacked some starburst designs for something extra festive. You could even use different colored and patterned paper throughout the project.

6. Paper Festive Balls

Diy scrapbook balls

The Crafty Sisters makes easy, festive ball ornaments that your tree will love. Visit the blog and grab all the simple details.

7. Paper 6-Point Stars

Strastruck at christmas master

Even these paper, 6-point stars could make for great Christmas tree ornaments. Kate’s Creative Space has the tutorial and know-how you need.

8. Paper Sphere Ball

Diy paper sphere ornament

This paper sphere ball could be a fun addition as well. Visit Remodelaholic and grab the kiddos for some extra hands.

9. Paper Folded Stars

Diy folded lucky stars

The Crafty Sisters made these small, folded stars out of paper as well. This is a great project for any leftover scrapbook paper and putting it to good use.

10. Paper Ballerinas

Diy paper ballerine ornaments

Remodelaholic featured these charming paper ballerinas and we instantly fell in love. You’ve got to add a bit of ballet, feminine detail to the family tree!

11. Paper Dictionary Flowers

Diy dictionary flowers

Over at From Dahlias to Doxies, you’ll learn how to make some more paper flowers. It’s the materials used, pages from a dictionary, that make it so special.

12. Paper Reindeer

Reindeer garland diy

Run quickly over to The Proper Blog and learn how to make some reindeer garland for the tree. Of course you can make just a few of Santa’s friends and make them into classic ornaments as well.

13. Paper Geo Designs

Geometric decorations ornaments diy

If you’re inspired by contemporary styles then you’ll want to learn how to make some of these geo designs. They’re decorate the tree quite nicely and give it a fashion-forward feel. (via)

14. Paper Tube Characters

Christmas paper tube characters

Hello Wonderful took some paper tubes and turned them into fun, wintery characters. The kids will love getting involved with this one.

15. Paper Scrap Balls

Easy paper scrap diy christmas ornaments

Here’s another great way to put all of your scrap paper to good use. Visit Mod Podge Rocks and follow the easy steps.

16. Paper Nutcrackers

Diy christmas nutcracker ornament

Nutcrackers are a quintessential part of the holidays. So why not have Art by Angeli help you make one for the tree?

17. Paper Geode

Ornaments diy paper geode

Lia Griffith has another gorgeous, paper ornament DIY that we’re loving. And dip them in some glitter while you’re at it!

18. Paper Glitter Cutouts

Diy paper cutout ornaments

Martha Stewart shows us how to make some paper cutouts for the tree as well. From classic to charming, there really are so many ways to get inspired with these kinds of projects.

19. Paper Spiral Trees

Diy spiral tree ornament


These paper spiral trees are fun too, don’t you think? We found them features at Parents and love how they’ll add a bit of whimsy to your Christmas tree this year.

20. Paper Candy Cones

diy paper candy cone

Parents also had these paper candy cones to inspire us. You can have a lot of fun with picking out the paper and embellishments with this one.

21. Paper Penguins

Origami penguin

How About Orange made some adorable paper penguins too! Just add a hook and cover the tree with their youthful charm.

22. Paper Book Stars

Diy star ornaments

We’re loving these paper stars from The Cheese Thief. Stars are always a great way to decorate for the season, especially on the tree.

23. Paper Wreaths

Diy paper wreath ornament

Some mini paper wreaths are just another fun little addition for your tree. Do them in colors or more classic of shades. (via)

24. Paper Geo Jewels

Diy geo paper ornaments

We Are Scout made some geo designs as well. Resembling jewels, adding some sparkly glitter to this one could be fun too.

25. Paper Origami Balls

Diy origami ball

Giochi di Carta did a bit of origami magic with their paper ornaments. Check out how to make these balls after the jump.

26. Paper German Stars

Diy paper german stars

Here’s another kind of star that can go on the tree too. Visit With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart for all the fun details.

27. Paper Angels

Diy paper angel ornament

The Craft Train made some paper angels that were hard not to fall in love with. They’re another classic way to decorate for Christmas but also easy to whip up too.

28. Paper Ying-Yang

Ying yang globe diy ornament

Instructables made some paper ying yangs that resemble peppermint candies!

29. Paper Modern Trees

Diy modern trees

If you want to make some paper trees with a more modern twist then these are the ones for you. Black, white, or other neutrals colors would wrok quite nicely. (via)

30. Paper Multi-Color Balls

Diy paper christmas ornament

Hello Yellow Blog made some multi-color balls that are fun and festive too. Take the leap and check out the tutorial.

31. Paper Cupcake Liner Garland

Diy cupcake liner garland

100 Layer Cake made some garland that could decorate your tree in a unique way as well. It may not be classic paper but these cupcake liners can add fun texture!

32. Paper Geo Trendies

Diy geometric ornaments

And here we have some more geo designs that we fell in love with too. They’re super trendy and you can learn all about these ones over at U Create.

33. Paper Striped Baubles

Diy striped paper tree ornaments

How About Orange created these funky striped baubles that you can make at home too. Baubles are always welcomed on the Christmas tree!

34. Paper Drops

Diy paper ornament

These dropped designs are charming too, don’t you think? Visit Think.Make.Share to gather up all the fun details.

35. Paper Punch Flower Ball

Paper punch ornament

Do you have any paper punches inside your craft room? If so, you can create something similar to this! (via)

36. Paper Houses

Diy paper houses ornament

All Things Paper whipped up these adorable little houses! Create some of your own and personalize to your liking before you place them onto the tree.

37. Paper Sculptures

Diy paper sculptures

All Things Paper also made these little sculptures. Embellish them to match your own style and has fun spreading them throughout the tree.

38. Paper Ball Garland

Woven paper ball ornament

We love this garland from How About Orange as well. You can even take the balls as singular decorative pieces and turn them into classic ornaments.

39. Paper Santas

Diy paper santa

What’s a tree without a Santa or two hidden throughout. Make some paper Santas and mayve even add a bit of glitter to his suit. (via)

40. Paper Whimsy Tree

Diy whimsy paper tree ornament


Parents also featured this whimsical Christmas tree. It’s just another way to get the kids involved and add a bit more of a magical element to the season.

41. Paper Minecraft Cubes

Diy minecraft ornament

Anyone or any of your kiddos fans of Minecraft? If so, you’ll want to check out this fun paper ornament DIY now! (via)

42. Paper Polyhedra

Diy colorful paper ornaments

Field Guide 35 made these chic paper polyhedral ornaments that we’re loving. This coincide with the geo trend making it’s way across all fashion and interior design pages.

43. Paper Baubles

Simple homemade christmas ornaments

We have some more paper baubles that you can whip up tonight too. Add handmade fun to the tree with these cuties. (via)

44. Paper Mini Presents

Oh Happy Day made some mini presents that will surely brighten up your tree. Check out the details after the jump!

45. Paper Poinsettias

Diy paper poinsettia

You’ll need to visit Lia Griffith to snag the tutorial for these paper poinsettias. It doesn’t get any more Christmasy than these winter florals.

46. Paper Pieced Balls

Diy paper layered ornaments

Remodelaholic made some paper balls that look a bit “pieced” together. It’s just another fun take on a classic Christmas ornament.

47. Paper Neutral Balls

Paper ball ornament diy

Nalle’s House made some neutral-colored balls for those with a more monochromatic or contemporary holiday style. Grab the details and inspiration after the jump.

48. Paper Quilled Snowflakes

Diy quilled paper snowflake

Run on over to Reece Dixon and follow along as you learn how to make these beautiful paper quilled snowflakes. You’ll want to make more than one of these for the tree.

49. Paper Pendants

Diy white tree ornaments

Design and Form shows us how to make these gorgeous paper pendants. These too can be dipped in a bit of glitter.

50. Paper Wheels

Diy paper wheels

And finally, follow along at Ruffled for the know-how behind these paper wheels. They sure are fun, don’t you think?

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