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19 Popsicle Stick Crafts To Complete On A Rainy Day

Grab the popsicle sticks – we’ve got a plethora of projects you can complete if you have this one, simple material at hand. If you’re bored, why not try flexing some of your creative muscles? Check out these 19 popsicle stick crafts to complete on a rainy day!

1. Bee Puppet

Paper plate bee puppet

How adorable is this bee puppet? Grab your markers, grab the kiddos, and although it won’t take too much time whipping this cutie up. The imaginative play that comes afterward will last all afternoon!

2. Spider Webs

How to make a spider web decoration for halloween 1

With your more slender sticks, you could create this spider web decoration for Halloween. In fact, whip up a few of these and cluster them together to make a larger decoration that pays homage to the season. And each of your spiders could be a different color.

3. Hedgehog Puppet

How to make a hedgehog puppet from autumn leaves

Send the kids outside to start this project. Have them gather some necessities and make one of these hedgehog puppets made from leaves! With a popsicle stick attached, it becomes a puppet and hours of fun play for the little ones.

4. Skiing Snowman

Pinecone skiing snowman

How adorable would this be on the mantle or the tree once the holidays come to call? A pinecone skiing snowman may be exactly what your kiddos will walk to make on their snow day off. And then they can decorate the family tree with their own creation. Just grab the glue gun!

5. Santa Candy Holder

Paper santa candy holder