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15 Popsicle Stick Projects The Kids Will Love

We found you some of the most fun DIYs for the little ones of the house to dive into. These 15 popsicle projects will have the kiddos entertained all weekend long! We’ve scoured the Internet and found a handful of rainy day fun to be had, scroll through and take a peek at our favorites.

1. Glittering Earrings

Glitter popsicle stick earrings diy

A Bold Abode took popsicle sticks and turned them into some trendy earrings. With a bit of glitter, you can recreate them quite easily. You can even add some color and let the kids get extra creative.

2. Window Treatment

Popsicle stick window treatment diy

Gather the kiddos and have them create a brand new window treatment using their popsicle sticks. Pick out colors and turn your breakfast nook into a springtime art project. Jump on over to T Party for more info.

3. Dream Catchers

Popsicle stick dream catcher diy

Honestly WTF used popsicle sticks to make some incredible dreamcatchers. We love how creative and personalized that you can get with these. Follow along and see how to make some for yourself!

4. VDay Hearts

Popsicle stick hearts

These hearts are fun to make no matter what time of the year it is, but especially around Valentine’s Day. Make and Do Crew took those popsicle sticks and turned them into sweet hearts for loved ones. Add color and fun messages!

5. Snowflakes

Popsicle stick snowflake diy