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Delicuous Banana Split Popsicles

Banana splits make me think of the good times. Whenever I ordered a banana split, heavy on the chocolate sauce please, it always came out with a handful of spoons, ready to be shared with friends and family. Banana splits feel like lazy summer days, good people, and fighting with my sister for that precious last maraschino cherry.

Banana split popsicles

These popsicles are all the flavors of a good ol’ banana split in popsicle form. These pops are packed with fruits flavors, dipped in silky chocolate sauce, and scattered with crunchy nuts. Fruit, chocolate, and crunch? Check. Check. Check.

Best of all, these pops are secretly healthy. Real fruit and creamy coconut milk combine to make creamy layers that are so jam packed with flavor that no one would ever guess they aren’t an indulgent treat. They are refined sugar free, sweetened with only fruit and honey.

The most difficult part of this recipe is coating the popsicles with chocolate. Think about it. Frozen popsicles and warm chocolate. Without a little ingenuity and patience, this can easily turn into one big banana split puddle.

Summer banana split popsicles

Avoid the puddle in 3 easy steps:

First, once you get the popsicles out of the molds. Immediately transfer them to a cookie sheet, bowl, container, etc. and get them back into the freezer asap.

Second, allow the melted chocolate to cool down as much as possible. You want it lukewarm, not hot, and not so cold that it decides to solidify again. It is a delicate balance.

Third, dip one popsicle at a time, leaving the others in the container in the freezer. Place the dipped popsicle on a wax lined baking sheet, quickly sprinkle it with nuts and get it straight back into the freezer. Repeat with the other popsicles, removing only one from the freezer at a time, and placing them immediately on the tray and back in the freezer.

Delicious banana split popsicles