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20 Of Our Best DIY Crafts For Kids!

Are you looking for something to entertain the kiddos this weekend? Well, we’ve rounded up 20 of our best DIY crafts for kids. Nothing takes too much time, the materials are easy to manage, and they’re safe for little ones to enjoy without worry from Mom and Dad. Let’s have a scroll shall we?

1. 3D Paper Dog Puppet

3d paper dog puppet

What kid wouldn’t want to make one of these 3D paper dog puppet? Not only will they get to make it and personalize it to their liking, but they’ll get to play with them afterwards. Make sure they make more than one so they can participate in some imaginative play for a while after the project is finished.

2. Birthday Card

Diy birthday card

One of the best ways to get your kiddos’ busy using their creativity and check off one of your to-do lists? Have them create some DIY birthday cards, of course! We’ve got some easy ideas up our sleeves too spark their own ideas.

3. Candles

Paper candle on a star

You can make a paper candle on a star too and add it to the tablescape for the holidays. Every part of this project, from the creasing of the paper, to the glueing, a little one can handle.

4. Tree Art

Diy paper plate tree art

Paper plate tree art can be a fun for everyone! And what’s so great is that, in the end, everyone’s will look completely different. Give the kids the tools and the materials and watch the art unfold.

5. Pinecone Swan

Diy simple pinecone swan