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18 Ways To Craft With Concrete!

Using concrete within your crafts can be a lot easier than you may believe it to be. There are so many different, wonderful things you can make and use around the house. From decor to storage solutions, in fact, we have 18 different ways that you can craft with concrete!’

1. Candle holder

Concrete candle holder from a plastic bottle

Concrete candle holders are a thing and we’re loving it! All you need is a plastic bottle to get yourself started. And then, personalize it to your liking with paint, washi tape, glitter, or lace!

2. Card Holder

Card concrete holder

Create concrete card holders for a variety of events. Weddings, birthday parties, showers, and more – you could even use these to show off pictures of the family on the windowsill. And again, you can personalize these to your liking – we prefer lots of paint!

3. Ring Holder

Diy concrete ring holder step

Take a look at this concrete ring holder. Dipped in a bit of metallic, these small cones are the best way to declutter a countertop or dresser. Keep your ringers organized, displayed, and ready to grab at a moment’s notice.

4. Hair Clip Container

Concrete hair clip container

Do you need something to clean up your bobby pins off the countertop? If so, you’ll need to dive into this DIY immediately. Learn how to whip up a concrete hair clip container in afternoon after the jump.

5. Teddy Bear

Concrete teddy bear