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18 Ways To Craft With Concrete!

Using concrete within your crafts can be a lot easier than you may believe it to be. There are so many different, wonderful things you can make and use around the house. From decor to storage solutions, in fact, we have 18 different ways that you can craft with concrete!’

1. Candle holder

Concrete candle holder from a plastic bottle

Concrete candle holders are a thing and we’re loving it! All you need is a plastic bottle to get yourself started. And then, personalize it to your liking with paint, washi tape, glitter, or lace!

2. Card Holder

Card concrete holder

Create concrete card holders for a variety of events. Weddings, birthday parties, showers, and more – you could even use these to show off pictures of the family on the windowsill. And again, you can personalize these to your liking – we prefer lots of paint!

3. Ring Holder

Diy concrete ring holder step

Take a look at this concrete ring holder. Dipped in a bit of metallic, these small cones are the best way to declutter a countertop or dresser. Keep your ringers organized, displayed, and ready to grab at a moment’s notice.

4. Hair Clip Container

Concrete hair clip container

Do you need something to clean up your bobby pins off the countertop? If so, you’ll need to dive into this DIY immediately. Learn how to whip up a concrete hair clip container in afternoon after the jump.

5. Teddy Bear

Concrete teddy bear

Who knew you could create a concrete teddy bear too? We imagine this being a fun doorstopper for the kids playroom. Just use a bit of spray paint to add some color to it.

6. Door Stopper

Diy concrete door stopper

Here’s another doorstopper idea. And this one has a bit of a nautical style with its rope handle and striped design – which is easy enough to recreate even for a novice crafter. Check out how to make your own concrete door stopper now!

7. Doily Pot

Diy simple concrete doily pot

Are you in need of some little bowls to organize your knick-knacks or maybe even a small pot or two? Create some concrete doily pots with our fun little tutorial. Just follow along and grab one of your old lace doilies to get started.

8. Heart Candle Holder

Diy concrete heart candle holder

There are multiple ways to utilize concrete and there are multiple ways to make candle holders. With a silicone mold, you can make a concrete heart candle holder with super ease. Make some in time for Valentine’s Day and use your creations as gifts for the friends and fam.

9. Heart & Star Necklace

Concrete heart and star necklace

You can whip up some jewelry pieces as well. And this too can be personalized to your liking – with paint, sharpie, or any other ideas you may have up your sleeve. Follow the jump and check out the tutorial for this concrete heart and star necklace now!

10. Unicorn Flower Pot

Concrete unicorn flower pot

How whimsical and sweet is this one? Unicorns are certainly trending so you should definitely be trying this DIY on for size. The tutorial for the concrete unicorn flower pot is super easy to follow, just make sure you have your decor materials from the start.

11. Lego Block Keychain

Concrete lego block keychain red color

Who doesn’t love Legos? Make some of your own that you can carry around. A concrete Lego block keychain is a great way to personalize your set of keys, backpack, purse, and more.

12. Star Candle Holder

Concrete star candle holder

Here’s another way to whip up a candle holder using a silicone mold. These can be used all year-round or specifically for the 4th of July or at Christmastime. A star candle holder like this could be dipped in fresh paints or glitter for a nice finishing touch.

13. Outdoor Christmas Tree

Concrete outdoor christmas tree decoration

A concrete outdoor Christmas tree can be used for so many different things. Dip these in metallic paint and use them as doorstoppers, stocking hooks, mantle decorations, outdoor additions, and more. You can even personalize these cuties and use them as gifts.

14. Advent Candle Holders

Concrete advent candle holders

Here’s some more Christmas-inspired projects to take a peek at. These concrete advent candle holders are great to celebrate the season with. But they can be used to other countdowns as well or just as a birthday celebration!

15. Reed Diffuser

Diy concrete reed diffuser

This may look like a candle holder at first, but it’s actually a concrete reed diffuser. What’s great about projects like these though is that you learn skills that take you into being able to create so many other things. And being able to handle one of these means you can essentially check any of fun bits off this list.

16. Eggs

Concrete egg decoration

Do you want to create some concrete eggs for Easter? Dip these in some pastel tones to really ignite and pay homage to the season. And then plant some mini succulents or flowers in each for a charming addition to the centerpiece.

17. Letters

Diy concrete letters

What about whipping up some concrete letters? Use these as foyer decor, mantle decor, additions to the playroom or guest bed. Use them in the office or on the bookshelves. And flex your creativity figuring out how you want these to sparkle, shine, or what colors to dip them in.

18. Hearts & Roses

Diy concrete heart and roses

And finally, how charming are these small trinkets? Perfect for Valentine’s Day or even Mother’s Day, these concrete hearts and roses are a wonderful keepsake that you can try your hand at making for your loved ones.

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