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25 Creative Halloween Makeup Ideas

For those of us who love to experiment with makeup, Halloween may be the best day of the year… it gives us the excuse to go crazy with all kinds of colors and designs. So today we’re sharing 25 of our favorite creative halloween makeup ideas to get you inspired.

1. Spooky Skeleton

Skeleton creative halloween makeup

This amazing skeleton costume is done mostly with black and white makeup, by creating a large set of teeth and dark eye sockets to mimic a skull. Paint your hands white and you’ll have a makeup look that is sure to wow everyone on October 31st. Find out more here. 

2. Color Explosion

Color explosion creative halloween makeup

This colorful makeup look is quite a showstopper, with every color in the rainbow painted onto her neck and around her eyes. And black makeup drips highlight the color along her neck and cheeks, while black lipstick adds the perfect finishing touch. Found here. 

3. Gangster Clown

Gangster clown creative halloween makeup

This clever gangster clown has a unique look, thanks to the unusual combination of two different costume ideas. Black makeup is used to accent her eyes, nose, lips and chin, then red and white add dimension to her lips and cheekbones. See it right over here.

4. Cheshire Cat

Cheshire cat creative halloween makeup

This cheshire cat has a super colorful look, thanks to the addition of pink and purple ombre coloring throughout her cheeks, neck and even in her hair. The large black and white mouth helps viewers to identify her costume. Found at The Makeup Addict.

5. Pastel Clown

Pink and blue cosmic