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15 Awesome Halloween Party Finger Food

Have we ever told you that we absolutely love finger foods? They might not be the classiest meal option and you might not choose to serve them at a fancy dinner planned to mark a very special occasion, but we think they’re just the perfect way to celebrate with your kids, friends, or family on holidays that are a lot more fun! We like their convenience, we like that you can get creative with them, and we liked that buffet style snack appetizers are so easy to add a bit of novelty charm to. These awesome factors make them the greatest option for fun parties, like the Halloween party we’ve been planning for our kids and their friends all month long! It’s amazing how simple it can be to combine a few snack foods and really create somethin spooky and fun for Halloween.

Have you been looking for fun finger food ideas that you can make with your kids for their own upcoming Halloween party too? Then check out this list of 15 awesome ideas we came across and liked so much that we could hardly choose!

1. Pretzel and hot dog witches brooms

Prestzel and hot dog witches brooms

Have you and your kids always been big fans of salty snacks that are simple but delicious? Then combining simple ingredients so that those very delicious salt snacks look like something novelty and seasonal is nothing but a great idea, right? That’s what we thought when we saw these funny little witches brooms from Whimsical Cookery! They show you how simple it is to cook some hot dogs, sticks some pretzels upright into the centre, and stand them on a plate so your kids can snack on their very own witch’s brooms at whim.

2. Hot dog roll spiders

Hot dog roll spiders

Do you love the hot dog theme here but you’d rather have them be a little more satisfying and more of a meal than the little pretzel snacks we showed you above? In that case, perhaps you’d prefer these deliciously pastry wrapped hot dog rolls from Recipe Shoebox instead! They guide you through the necessary steps to make the hot dog rolls look like creep crawlies using chips. We love the way they even went all out on the dipping sauce by marbling ketchup and sour cream together to look like a spider web!

3. Oreo and M&M spiders

Oreo and m&m spidersPerhaps you’re a big fan of the idea of making spider shaped foods, but your kids prefer sweet snacks when they’re on the go a lot more than they like actual appetizers? In that case, we have a feeling both you and they will get a kick out of these spooky Oreo cookie snacks from Have You Eaten? They show you how to stick dried noodles and M&Ms to miniature Oreos in order to make a sweet and salty snack that your kids won’t be able to resist! The miniature size is especially great because the kids can pop the little “bugs” into their mouths easily as they run from party game to party game.

4. Spooky witch finger almond cookies

Spooky witch finger almond cookies

Have you been scrolling through this list hoping to find a finger food idea that is a little more creepy and perhaps takes the concept of “finger food” a little more… literally? Then you’ll definitely get a kick out of these finger shaped almond cookies from Just A Pinch! They’ve rolled the dough into a long and skinny shape, made a few creases where knuckles would sit on a finger, and created “nails” from almonds. If you’ve ever tried almond sugar cookies before, then you can already guess that these are just as delicious as they are creepy!

5. Orange and candy pumpkins

Orange and candy pumpkins

Perhaps you’ve been scrolling through this list looking for a Halloween party finger food option that has at least a little bit of nutrition and vitamin content to it where others have a lot of sugar or salt, even if you still want to make it a delicious treat? In that case, we think you’ll get a kick out of these funny little pumpkin oranges from Milk and Cuddles! They suggest peeling the oranges and cutting a length of green sour candy to fit in the centre and look like the pumpkin’s stem.

6. Frankenstein nachos and guacamole

Frankenstein nachos and guacamole

When you set your mind on the idea of making finger foods that you can easily serve at a party, did you actually picture something that could be shared rather than just enjoyed one by one? In that case, we absolutely think you should check out this Frankentstein themed guacamole platter from Taste of Home! They show you how to mould your favourite guacamole dip into a squared off face shape and embellish it with sour cream, olives, and even some nacho chip hair. We’re particularly fond of the black olive “neck bolts” on either side!

7. Puking pumpkin guacamole

Puking pumpkin guacamole

Perhaps you’re a huge fan of the guacamole idea but you’d like something a little more novelty in the setup and a little less themed in the actual food elements that what we showed you above? Well, we do admit that we love a dramatic display, so we can’t say we blame you! That’s why we were such huge fans of this vomiting pumpkin idea from Amee’s Savory Dish. Besides the fact that your kids will have extra fun helping you prepare for this snack because they’ll get to carve a pumpkin, this finger food idea has that particular unique factor where gross things appeal in to kids in a way that they might not to you. In our opinion, that makes it the perfect Halloween party snack!

8. Vegetable platter skeleton

Vegetable platter skeleton

Are you intent on the idea of making an awesomely Halloween themed finger food dish that also has some nutritional value because you know your kids will be getting more than enough sugar at the end of the month when they Trick or Treat? Then perhaps a novelty vegetable platter is just the thing you’re looking for! We love the way Woman’s Day got creative with healthy snacks instead of just cookies and pretzels, arranging carrots, celery, peppers, cauliflower, and so on to look not just like a skull but like a whole skeleton that people can pick away at over the course of the night. What’s spookier than that?

9. Googly eye monster donuts

Googly eye monster donuts

Have you been looking for a finger food on our list that makes an entire handheld dessert, rather than serving a piece of cake or something else that needs to be cut up and eaten with cutlery? Then donuts are an awesome option that people of all ages will love! We’re particularly fond of these creepy little eyeball stacked chocolate donuts from Community Table that use coloured icing and sprinkles to look like something that might have crawled out of a toxic sludge filled drainpipe.

10. Shrimp cocktail brain

Shrimp cocktail brain

Perhaps your party guests are a little bit older than the children’s demographic that a lot of our spooky finger food ideas have aimed at so far, so you’re willing to work with more adult foods like seafood? Then making a shrimp cocktail might be just the idea for you! We love the way Martha Stewart arranged a sauce coated dome of shrimp that, with all the veins showing and the tails hidden under a lightly wrapped layer of gauze, looks a whole lot like a bared brain! Don’t let that stop your guests from digging in; they suggest a yummy homemade seafood dip for you to make to as well, to really top the dish off.

11. Worm pie

Worm pie

If we’re being honest with you, we’ve been eating worm pie recipes just like this one every since we were little kids. In fact, we remember making them around this time of year in preschool! Just because we’ve known about this idea for a long time doesn’t mean it’s not a total delicious idea for a kids’ Halloween party all these years later. Worm pies might not actually be a finger food in the sense that you should probably use a spoon rather than your actual fingers to eat them, but they way iKat Bag in individual cups here still makes the cut for easy “grab food”, if you ask us. Check out how they made them from chocolate pudding, crumbled Oreo cookies, and gummy worms!

12. Eyeball deviled eggs

Eyeball deviled eggs

Deviled eggs might not be the very first thing you think of when it comes to “kids’ party foods”, but that doesn’t mean they won’t make an awesomely creepy snack that your kids and their friends won’t be interested in if you set them up right! We know that our kids are tempted to try almost anything that looks a little bit unconventional and has a theme, even if it’s something that they wouldn’t normally choose right away in a regular day meal. That’s why we thought these creepy eyeball devilled eggs from Bowgie were such a good idea! Make your regular favourite regular devilled egg recipe and transform them with halved black olive and a little bit of mild hot sauce.

13. Pumpkin devilled eggs

Pumpkin devilled eggs

Are your kids actually huge fans of devilled eggs any time of year but you’re not really sure they’d enjoy eating something that looks like a slimy eyeball the way we showed you above? In that case, perhaps it’d be better to try an egg recipe that’s still definitely Halloween themed but is perhaps a little less gross? Then we think maybe you’d prefer these awesome little pumpkin eggs featured on Tadka Pasta! they show you how to use paprika and green onions to make the simple transformation happen.

 14. Bone shaped finger sandwiches

Bone shaped finger sandwiches

Have you been scrolling through our list hoping to find something very simple that you can make in a flavour you already know your kids will like, but that will still serve as lunch so everyone’s fed on the day of the party and no one gets grumpy? In that case, finger sandwiches are probably the best option for you! Make them in whatever kind you think everyone will like best- tuna salad, peanut butter and jelly, or Nutella are just some examples- and then follow Genius Kitchen‘s lead and cut the crusts off in the shape of a bone to give things that totally spooky finish.

15. Mummy hot dog crescent rolls

Mummy hot dog crescent rolls

Have you actually been scrolling through our list hoping to find yet another pastry wrapped hot dog idea, since you loved the basic idea as a snack but you weren’t sure about the Halloween theme ideas we showed you before? In that case, here’s an alternative idea that gets you the taste you want but with a different design! Holicoffee shows you how to wrap the pastry around the sausage pieces in a way that looks like bandages so that the finished product looks like an army of edible mummies ready to be dipped in mustard and ketchup.

Have you made your kids other kinds of awesomely spooky Halloween finger foods before that you don’t see on our list, but that they loved? Tell us all about it or link us to the recipe or pictures of your snacks in the comments section!

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