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40 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him to Truly Appreciate

DIY Valentine’s Day gifts are a fantastic way to show how much you love and appreciate him, but finding new gift ideas year after year can be mind-boggling. Read on to discover the best ideas for homemade Valentine’s Day presents for your boyfriend or husband.

Valentine's day gift for him

When it comes to gifting your husband or boyfriend something, you have two routes: DIY or store-bought presents. Deciding which route to take ultimately falls on personal preference and budget. If you’re pressed for time, store-bought gifts are the easier option. But a handmade gift is incredibly meaningful for putting a special touch on your Valentine’s Day surprise for your significant other. By taking the time to make something unique and special, you’re sure to create an unforgettable experience for him. Whether you’re looking for something creative, useful, or fun, there are plenty of ideas. Here is a list of the DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him described in this article:

  • Homemade Persian love cake
  • Homemade keto strawberry cheesecake fat bombs
  • DIY mason jar of mixed nuts
  • DIY bacon bouquet
  • Homemade hot sauce
  • Homemade bourbon balls
  • DIY booze bouquet
  • DIY beer box
  • DIY chalkboard mug
  • DIY etched whiskey glasses
  • DIY colorful concrete coasters
  • DIY wine cork coasters
  • DIY gold-dipped marble coasters
  • DIY photo coasters
  • DIY beard oil
  • DIY men’s grooming kit
  • DIY toiletries bag
  • Homemade soap bars
  • Homemade candles
  • DIY shoelace bracelet
  • DIY earflap hat
  • DIY heart blanket
  • DIY monogrammed clay keychain
  • DIY message in a bottle keychain
  • DIY paper airplane love notes
  • DIY mini notebook
  • DIY macrame-wrapped mason jar
  • Custom picture puzzle
  • Custom pop-up photo box
  • Custom tiny photo in a bottle
  • DIY playing cards
  • DIY wood slice picture frame
  • DIY framed love map
  • Custom you + me carved on a tree trunk
  • DIY wooden LOVE sign
  • DIY geometric Himmeli heart
  • DIY heart light bulb
  • Custom phone case
  • DIY mini pool table
  • DIY dollar hearts

Read on to discover more information about each DIY Valentine’s Day gift idea for men, including tutorial sources.

1. Homemade Persian love cake

Persian love cake

A homemade Persian love cake is an awesome Valentine’s Day gift for a man with a sweet tooth. It’s a unique cake with exotic flavors thanks to ingredients like cardamom, nutmeg, almonds, pistachios, and rosewater. You need a bit over an hour to bake the cake from start to finish. Check out our Persian love cake recipe for the measurements and directions.

2. Homemade keto strawberry cheesecake fat bombs

Strawberry cheesecake fat bombs

Homemade keto strawberry cheesecake fat bombs are a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for a sweet tooth lover who’s watching his weight. They combine the rich flavor of strawberries and the creamy texture of cheesecake in a low-carb form. Check out the recipe details at Green and Keto. Feel free to replace the strawberries with his favorite fruit, as long as it has low carbs.

3. DIY mason jar of mixed nuts

Nuts about you mason jar valentine's day gifts for him

A DIY mason jar with a mix of sweet and spicy nuts is a cute Valentine’s Day gift for a man who loves to snack while working, gaming or enjoying a movie. Combine popular nuts such as walnuts, almonds, cashews, and peanuts. Add oil and spices to enhance the flavor, and store the treats in a mason jar. Decorate the jar with ribbons or twine and attach a meaningful gift tag. Check out the full guide at It All Started with Paint.

4. DIY bacon bouquetBacon bouquet valentine ideas for husband

A bacon bouquet is a clever DIY  Valentine’s Day gift idea for men since it’s an alternative to the classical flower bouquet. Shape bacon strips like roses, cook them, and stick them on top of fake rose stems. Head over to Jess Pryles for guidance.

5. Homemade hot sauce

Homemade hot sauce

A bottle of homemade hot sauce is a cool Valentine’s Day gift idea for a man who loves to cook and grill. We found a recipe at Wholefully, which calls for sweet peppers, hot peppers, or both, garlic, apple cider vinegar, honey or maple syrup, xanthan gum, salt, and water. Ferment the hot sauce for 5-7 days to give it a complex, interesting flavor. Alternatively, use the quick-cooking version if you need a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift. Get a nice bottle for packaging and download Wholefully’s free printable template for a touch of class.

6. Homemade bourbon balls

No-Bake Bourbon Balls - Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Husband

Sweet snacks like these no-bake bourbon balls are always a great DIY Valentine’s day gift for him, especially if he has a bit of a sweet tooth. Visit Brit+Co for the complete recipe, which requires cinnamon graham crackers, walnuts, powdered sugar, natural or bittersweet cocoa powder, freshly grated ginger, honey, and bourbon. Top the balls with crushed Fruity Pebbles, crushed graham crackers, and sprinkles.

7. DIY booze bouquet

Booze bouquets gifts for boyfriend

A DIY booze bouquet is an awesome way to combine multiple types of alcohol and make him a funny-looking Valentine’s Day gift. Buy a bunch of mini alcohol bottles and glue them to the end of wooden dowels. Check out A Fish Who Likes Flowers for the remaining instructions.

8. DIY beer box

Beer box valentine's day ideas for him

A custom beer box is a cool DIY Valentine’s Day gift that will make him beam with joy. Test your carpentry skills for this project since you must build the box from scratch, which also comes with a beer opener on the side. Go to Brit + Co to check out the step-by-step instructions. Consider engraving Happy Valentine’s Day! or something equally festive on the front. For a complete package, download the free printables from Brit + Co and stick them to your S.O.’s favorite beers.

9. DIY chalkboard mug

Chalkboard mug valentine gift for husband

A DIY chalkboard mug is a lovely DIY Valentine’s gift for him since it’s black and lets you write daily love notes. Paint a plain ceramic mug with black chalkboard paint, ensuring the mug has a contrasting color – white works best. Wrap the mug in wrapping paper or simply add a cute bow to the handle, write Happy Valentine’s Day! in chalk, and insert the remaining chalk into the mug. Check out the step-by-step tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

10. DIY etched whiskey glasses

Personalized whiskey glasses

Etched whiskey glasses are a versatile DIY Valentine’s Day gift for him since you can write anything on them. For example, write his name, his favorite quote, a tiny poem, song lyrics, or simply Happy Valentine’s Day! For this DIY project, you need clear whiskey glasses, etching cream, a vinyl stencil with the text, transfer tape, a plastic knife, and paper towels. The easiest way to make a vinyl stencil is with a cutting machine. Alternatively, write the text by hand on vinyl paper and slowly cut out the letters with an X-ACTO knife. Check out Atta Girl Says for the full tutorial about etching whiskey glasses.

11. DIY colorful concrete coasters

Colorful concrete coasters

Colorful concrete coasters will add sparkle to his coffee table, so consider crafting a full set as a Valentine’s Day gift. The best thing about this project is that you only need basic materials, such as fine cement mix and acrylic paint. Since the coasters are made from cement, they are super durable. Check out our step-by-step guide for making colorful concrete coasters.

12. DIY wine cork coasters

Wine cork coasters

Wine cork coasters are a great way to make his home feel cozier, so consider crafting a set of these as a Valentine’s Day gift. Cork is excellent coaster material since it absorbs water. It’s also quite bouncy, so they won’t damage or make a noise when dropped on the floor. For this project, you need simple cork coasters as the base, wine corks, a ribbon, and other materials. Check out our in-depth tutorial for more information about making wine cork coasters.

13. DIY gold-dipped marble coasters

Gold dipped marble coasters

These gold-dipped marble coasters would be an inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift with a luxurious feel, so craft a set to make him feel like royalty. You need wooden coasters, marble-patterned contact paper, gold paint, and other materials. For more information about these gold-dipped marble coasters, read our DIY guide.

14. DIY photo coasters

Custom photo coasters

Anything with pictures of the two of you will be a meaningful Valentine’s Day gift for him, including coasters. Click It Up A Notch teaches you how to attach photos to white bathroom tiles and seal them with resin to make them withstand moisture, so check out their complete guide.

15. DIY beard oil

Homemade beard oil valentine gift ideas for him

Homemade beard oil is a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for him and proves that you pay attention to his grooming habits. Check out Retro Housewife Goes Green for a recipe that uses all-natural and safe ingredients: apricot oil and lime essential oil. Pack the beard oil in an amber bottle with a glass dropper and add a custom label. 

16. DIY men’s grooming kit

Diy grooming kit

Get a bunch of grooming tools and products, put them all in a mason jar, attach a Pamper yourself label, and present him with this DIY Valentine’s Day gift. As Miss Wish suggests, you just need his favorite grooming products: hand cream, nail clippers, lip balm, after-shave balm, cleansing foam, moisturizing emulsion, cologne, and razor with razor blades.

17. DIY toiletries bag

Toiletries Bag - Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

A custom toiletries bag is a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for a man who travels often and needs help organizing his toiletries. Sewing skills are necessary for this DIY project. A sewing machine delivers polished results, but you can also stick to a needle and thread. Use a durable fabric that withstands moist environments and add several pockets. Check out The Crafty Gentleman for more information.

18. Homemade soap bars

Homemade soap

Prepare homemade soap bars with his favorite scent as a Valentine’s Day gift. Manly soap scents include lime, bay rum, musk, bayberry, and spice. Consider making several soap bars with different scents if you’re undecided. Preparing your own soap is pretty easy, especially when using a soap-making kit. Check out our list of handpicked DIY soap recipes for more info.

19. Homemade candles

Homemade candle

Homemade candles are another way to incorporate his favorite fragrance into his Valentine’s Day gift. Start working on this DIY project using candle wicks, wax flakes or chunks, a pot to melt the wax, dyes, and essential oil-based fragrance oils, such as patchouli, musk, sandalwood, and vetiver. To simplify your job, use a candle-making kit and mold. Check out our selection of handpicked homemade candle recipes for inspiration.

20. DIY shoelace bracelet

DIY Shoelace Bracelets - Valentine's Day Gifts For Boyfriend

A DIY shoelace bracelet is a cute Valentine’s Day gift for a boyfriend who loves wearing handcrafted jewelry. This crafting project is versatile since you can use almost any fabric to make a bracelet, including leather. Or you can combine multiple fabrics to create an interesting texture. Pick his favorite colors and start braiding. Then attach the braided shoelaces to a jump ring with a clasp on one end and a cap on the other. Go to Mama Is Dreaming for the full tutorial.

21. DIY earflap hat

Earflap hat what to get husband for valentine's day

Keep him warm for the remainder of February by gifting him a crocheted earflap hat on Valentine’s Day. Check out Gina Michele for the knitting directions.

22. DIY heart blanket

Diy heart blanket

A DIY heart blanket is a charming Valentine’s Day gift to keep him cozy while gaming or enjoying a movie. For this DIY project, you need a throw blanket, all-surface paint, a paintbrush, scissors, cardboard, and cork. Check out the instructions at A Beautiful Mess.

23. DIY monogrammed clay keychain

Monogrammed clay keychain

A monogrammed clay keychain is a small and versatile DIY Valentine’s Day gift for him since you can write anything and use clay in any shape and color. Polymer and sculpting clay are both great for this project. Check out our step-by-step guide to learn more about making a monogrammed clay keychain.

24. DIY message in a bottle keychain

Message in a Bottle - Valentine's Day Gift for Him

Craft a keychain with a tiny message in a bottle as a Valentine’s Day gift so he’ll carry it everywhere. This is a more complex project than others on this list, but it’s totally doable. You need a glass vial with a top, a brass disc with a hole, two jump rings, a key ring, two slips of paper cut to the vial’s height, a black permanent marker, a pen, metal letter stamps, a steel bench block, a hammer, E-6000 adhesive, and steel wool or fine-grit sandpaper. Check out Shrimp Salad Circus for instructions.

25. DIY paper airplane love notes

Paper airplane

A paper airplane seems childish, but it’s incredibly romantic as a DIY Valentine’s Day gift for a man that has everything. Make it festive by using the paper postal colors and patterns and adding a sweet message like You make my heart soar. Download the free printable template from No Biggie and fold a classic paper airplane. 

26. DIY mini notebook

Mini notebooks gifts to get your boyfriend

Craft a mini notebook from scratch as a Valentine’s Day gift for him to doodle and jot down ideas. This DIY project is quite versatile when approaching it as a present for February 14th. For example, fill the notebook pages with love notes, inside jokes, or your plans for the future. Make the tiny notebook using the Japanese stab bind technique, which doesn’t ask for any tools. You need paper, a hole punch, string, and colored cardstock for the cover. Check out the full tutorial at See Kate Sew.

27. DIY macrame-wrapped mason jar

Diy macrame wrapped mason jar

A DIY macrame-wrapped mason jar is a romantic Valentine’s Day gift for him when paired with love notes, date night ideas, or love coupons. Decorate a jar with macrame yarn, a pom-pom ribbon, and artificial glue. See our full guide for making a macrame-wrapped mason jar.

28. Custom picture puzzle

Custom photo puzzle

A custom puzzle with a picture of the two of you is a great Valentine’s Day gift for him. Have fun together assembling the puzzle. For this DIY project, you need a high-quality picture, puzzle pieces, a pencil to trace the outline, and adhesive to glue the picture to the puzzle pieces. Check out Reviewed for detailed instructions.

29. Custom pop-up photo box

Popup photo box

A DIY pop-up photo box is a surprising Valentine’s Day gift him since the box contents are unexpected. It’s a small, jewelry-sized wooden box that contains several pictures of the two of you placed on an accordion-like paper strip. When he opens the box, he’ll have to grab the first picture and keep pulling to view the remaining photos. Check out Brit + Co for the tutorial.

30. Custom tiny photo in a bottle

Tiny photo in a bottle

A DIY tiny photo in a bottle is a super-easy and incredibly romantic Valentine’s Day gift he’ll cherish as a keepsake. For this project, you need a transparent bottle, glue, glitter, and a tiny photo.  For example, use a picture of you or both of you. Crafting the gift shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes, so it’s a great last-minute solution for February 14th. Check out our dedicated guide for more details about crafting a tiny photo in a bottle.

31. DIY playing cards

Playing cards

A set of handcrafted playing cards is an awesome Valentine’s Day gift if he loves playing card games like poker or blackjack. The best part about this project is that it’s completely customizable since you can print anything on the playing cards. For example, pick your favorite 52 pictures of the two of you or write 52 love quotes to create a full deck. The most challenging part is coming up with the design since you need image editing software. Making professional-looking playing cards from scratch is challenging since you must round the corners. It’s easier to print photos and glue them to the back of existing playing cards. Check out wikiHow for more detailed instructions.

32. DIY wood slice picture frame

Custom photo frame

A picture frame is a classic Valentine’s Day gift for men and women that never fails, so consider crafting one using wood slices, especially if he has a soft spot for rustic decor. This model uses cardboard as the base material. Decorate it with wood slices, moss, and dry plants. For a personal touch, write short messages on the wood slice, like conversation starters. See our full guide for making a wood slice picture frame.

33. DIY framed love map

Love map frame best valentine's gifts for him

A DIY framed love map is a charming Valentine’s Day gift for him, especially if you both love to travel. Use the love map to mark the places of your relationship milestones. Check out Peanut Butter Fingers for the complete guide.

34. Custom you + me carved on a tree trunk

You + me carved on a tree trunk romantic valentine's day ideas for him

Carve your initials on a tree stump and gift him this unique item for Valentine’s Day. It’s both romantic and funny, especially if you live in an apartment in the city. Find a tree stump, use a chisel or a knife to remove the bark in a heart shape around the initials, and use a pyrography tool to engrave your initials. Visit Three Scoops of Love for more info.

35. DIY wooden LOVE sign

Wooden love sign

A DIY wooden love sign is a simple Valentine’s Day gift he can use for home decor. There’s no woodworking necessary since you can buy all components and assemble them into a love sign. You need a wooden plaque, wooden cutouts with the LOVE letters, adhesive, and wood stain for a finished look. Displaying LOVE is just a suggestion since you can showcase anything, like FAMILY or LOVE YOU. Check out our instructions for crafting a wooden LOVE sign.

36. DIY geometric Himmeli heart

Geo Wall Hearts - Valentines Gifts for Him

A geometric Himmeli heart is a great Valentine’s Day gift for modern-minimal decor lovers. It’s romantic but not cheesy, so many guys would appreciate it. Use cocktail straws as the heart’s frame and wire them together. The heart is customizable since you can choose any color. Check out Vintage Revivals for more details.

37. DIY heart light bulb

Love Bulb Valentine's Day Gifts

Remind him that his love is what lights up your life by gifting him a heart lightbulb on Valentine’s Day. The lightbulb doesn’t have to be functional, so don’t worry about working with electricals. Instead, repurpose a regular incandescent lightbulb and replace the filament with a heart-shaped wire. Visit Created by Jess for instructions.

38. Custom phone case

Phone cases

A customized phone case is a common and customizable Valentine’s Day gift for him. For example, use his favorite colors, add a love poem, write his favorite song lyrics, or even include a photo of the two of you. Check out our list of handpicked DIY phone case ideas for more inspiration.

39. DIY mini pool table

Diy mini pool table

Show him you support his passion for pool by gifting him a DIY mini pool table on Valentine’s Day. All you need is a cardboard box, green felt, marbles, and a pair of wooden dowels to use as the pool cues. Check out the tutorial at Instructables.

40. DIY dollar hearts

Dollar Hearts - Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

Folding hearts out of dollars is a simple and funny way of saying you have no idea what to get him for Valentine’s Day, but you haven’t forgotten about it. Use a $1 bill if you prefer a symbolic gesture for the man who has everything. Alternatively, use a $20, $50, or $100 bill as a cute way of saying here’s a gift card to your favorite store. Go to Muslin and Merlot to learn how to fold heart-shaped dollars. It’s best to practice on regular paper to avoid ripping the dollar bills.


Whether or not men expect to receive presents on Valentine’s Day depends on the culture and relationship dynamics of those involved. Generally speaking, most men don’t expect to receive something expensive or elaborate. Besides, they are too focused on finding the perfect Valentine gift for her to worry about their own wants and needs. Nevertheless, your husband or boyfriend will always value meaningful and thoughtful gestures like DIY presents.

February 14th is not about spending lots of money but rather about being creative in expressing your feelings for him. Put some thought into it and make something meaningful he’ll treasure now and forever using the Valentine’s Day gift ideas on this list. If this selection is unconvincing, check out these gift ideas for men for more inspiration.

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